• Ria posted an update 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hello there,
    I have couple of questions regarding my acc trans which I got 2 days ago,, can u help me with those doubts which are bugging me please ..
    I was waiting for my refund once I get it I am going to donate some good to this page..

    • Hey there! sorry I stepped away for a day. What questions to you have?

    • Hey,
      Good Morning
      It’s ok no worries.
      Ok my questions are I saw you got your refund right, so you might have got your recent acc trans, on that do you see :::
      Return due date or return received date (whichever is later) and it gives a date next to that, what does that date mean?
      And underneath that there is,
      Processing date and next to it is another date, what does this mean??
      And and on my recent account trans what I have got on 3/29
      On one of the 1-10 pages I saw where there are cycle codes and all
      On that sheet I saw
      Identity theft personal ID number and next to it it says 000000
      Do you have the same on yours.., I mean identity theft if so what does this mean?
      Can you please help me with these