IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart for 2015

2015 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart with Direct Deposit and Check dates

This has not been and will not be published by the IRS.  They have adopted a standard of issuing refunds for the most part within 21 days of your return being accepted.  However, many sites now try to estimate dates when refunds will be sent and the IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart for 2015 with Direct Deposit and Check dates are only estimates.

Here are the latest dates published:

Feb 2 – Feb 7, 2015 Feb 20, 2015 Feb 23, 2015
Feb 8 – 14, 2015 Feb 27, 2015 Mar 2, 2015
Feb 15 – 21, 2015 Mar 6, 2015 Mar 13, 2015
Feb 22 – 28, 2015 Mar 13, 2015 Mar 20, 2015
Mar 1 – 7, 2015 Mar 20, 2015 Mar 27, 2015
Mar 8 – 14, 2015 Mar 27, 2015 Apr 3, 2015
Mar 15 – 21, 2015 Apr 3, 2015 Apr 10, 2015
Mar 22 – 28, 2015 Apr 10, 2015 Apr 17, 2015
Mar 29 – Apr 4, 2015 Apr 17, 2015 Apr 24, 2015
Apr 5 – Apr 11, 2015 Apr 24, 2015 May 1, 2015
Apr 12 – Apr 15, 2015 May 1, 2015 May 8, 2015
Apr 16 – Apr 25, 2015 May 8, 2015 May 15, 2015
Apr 26 – May 2, 2015 May 15, 2015 May 22, 2015

UPDATE:  2015 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart
The estimated 2015 IRS Refund Cycle Chart will be published soon and can be found at various websites for the 2015 tax season.  Be wary though, it’s not “official”.  From your local tax preparers website, to even some of the big box tax preparers like H&R Block and Turbo Tax, you will find different charts scattered across the web that aim to help tax refund hunters at tracking down that magic date.  Prediction as to when you will get your tax refund can be difficult; and, now the IRS sticks pretty tight to a general statement “21 days” wherein they ask you to wait this timeframe before checking the status of your refund.  But the dates you will find will not all be the same.  Why?  The official Refund Cycle Chart published by the IRS is no more.  While we near the end of the year and approach the next tax filing season, many people start to pop the big question, “When will I get my tax refund in 2015?” and with this we will find more and more of these best guess date charts.  Some of the “estimated refund cycle charts” are based on guesses, some educated; and other refund charts you might find are just from prior years with dates that have been slightly adjusted.  Since an official IRS refund calendar is a thing of the past, when taxpayers can expect to receive their tax refund in 2015 remains a mystic idea; and as always there will be glitches with one process or another at the IRS which could delay your refund.  As always, we stress to you that pre-spending those beloved refunds is playing with fire, wait for that direct deposit to hit in 2015! IGMR will post any estimated tax refund charts here that we find credible or to have plausible timeframes.

2014 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart

We have said goodbye to the former refund cycle chart in replacement of a standard “21 days” response from the IRS.

Remember this?  The IRS Refund Cycle Chart was eliminated in 2012 and replaced with an IRS Information Guidelines for the Tax Preparation Community publication.  We likely will not see a 2014 IRS e-file refund cycle chart and be forced to depend upon the data that the Where’s My Refund (WMR) tool decides to spit out. There are several sites that seem to have generated their own refund cycle chart based on assumption of processing schedules; but as we have learned, it’s hard to predict. Below are links to some of those sites and their predictions.  Please remember, these are predictions and you should never rely upon such as definite availability of your tax refund. IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart for 2014 with Direct Deposit and Check dates provided below are based on filing and transmitting as early as January 10, 2014 with some tax preparers, but with respect to IRS opening delay and it’s announcement here that it could begin ACCEPTING returns on January 28, 2014, but as late as February 4, 2014.

When to Expect My Refund by the College Investor

Estimated Refund Cycle Chart by Hot Springs Tax Services

Jan 28 and Feb 3, 2014 Feb 13, 2014 Feb 21, 2014
Feb 4 and Feb 10, 2014 Feb 21, 2014 Feb 24, 2014
Feb 11 and Feb 17, 2014 Feb 28, 2014 Mar 3, 2014
Feb 18 and Feb 24, 2014 Mar 7, 2014 Mar 10, 2014
Feb 25 and Mar 3, 2014 Mar 14, 2014 Mar 17, 2014
Mar 4 and Mar 10, 2014 Mar 21, 2014 Mar 24, 2014
Mar 11 and Mar 17, 2014 Mar 28, 2014 Mar 31, 2014
Mar 18 and Mar 24, 2014 Apr 4, 2014 Apr 7, 2014
Mar 25 and Mar 31, 2014 Apr 11, 2014 Apr 14, 2014
Apr 1 and Apr 7, 2014 Apr 18, 2014 Apr 21, 2014
Apr 8 and Apr 14, 2014 Apr 25, 2014 Apr 28, 2014
Apr 15 and Apr 21, 2014 May 2, 2014 May 5, 2014
Apr 22 and Apr 28, 2014 May 9, 2014 May 12, 2014

2013 IRS e-file Refund Cycle Chart

 January 1 January 30, 2013 2/6/2013 2/8/2013
January 31 and February 6, 2013 2/13/2013 2/15/2013
February 9 and February 15, 2013 2/20/2013 2/22/2013
February 16 and February 20, 2013 2/27/2013 3/1/2013
February 23 and February 27, 2013 3/6/2013 3/8/2013
March 1 and March 6, 2013 3/13/2013 3/15/2013
March 8 and March 13, 2013 3/20/2013 3/22/2013
March 15 and March 20, 2013 3/27/2013 3/29/2013
March 22 and March 27, 2013 4/3/2013 4/5/2013
March 29 and April 3, 2013 4/10/2013 4/12/2013
April 5 and April 10, 2013 4/17/2013 4/19/2013
April 12 and April 17, 2013 4/24/2013 4/26/2013
April 19 and April 24, 2013 5/1/2013 5/3/2013
April 26 and May 1, 2013 5/8/2013 5/10/2013
May 3 and May 8, 2013 5/15/2013 5/17/2013
May 10 and May 15, 2013 5/22/2013 5/24/2013
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What Others Are Saying

  1. Roger Marple

    Refund charts are good, but you can’t always predict when you’ll get your refund by them, since each return is different.

  2. Bal1

    “we have received your tax return and it is being reviewed” is the status in WMR. The returns was accepted on May 2nd….

  3. Roxana

    We recevieced a letter from irs stating we are getting a refund that they made some corrects and what the refund amount wAs that was on May 31 when we got the letter it was to be deposit in me bank and nothing and the status as not changed say still processing what is going on.

  4. Help me!!

    Ok my e file was deleted..had to fax my return was told through mail that something went wrong with the direct deposit and my check will be mailed out on 5/9/14..checked my status on 5/9 and it said my check is mailed.. its 5/20/14 still no check????? They said it was mailed from PA and I live in Las Vegas…how long??

  5. Your Name

    @Lihau: Try contacting the Bureau of Fiscal services. They are with the U.S. Treasury department. 202-622-2000
    That’s who I called when I had a similar problem this year.

  6. Lihau

    Filed 2-17-2014 and received an email from my tax prepare that IRS received my documents on Feb 21.2014. Later after 63 days has gone by I contacted IRS on 4/25/214 and they would put in a referral for whatever that means. Again I contacted IRS on 5/1/2014 and they would put in another referral. Finally I went to our Local IRS office on 5/5/2014 just for them to say it’s still in process, which they were absolutely useless. You would think they could tell something I didn’t know. OK, who can tell me what else can I do. It now about 78 days since the IRS accepted my documents. Still no letter or correspondence of any kind.

  7. DRW

    @[email protected]: Why in the world would you put your social security number on a public website? You really should delete that asap!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    @ShereeRee: I have a code 20140805 and don’t know what that means. I can tell you that I filed end of January and still nothing. I call on a regular basis, contact the Tax Payor Advocacy Office and have sat in the local IRS office for hours. Still nothing. I am wondering if that is the date they plan on sending our refunds out??!!!

  9. Jose T. Vere Fontanez

    I e-mail my tax on January 29, 2014. I still not get my refund, it is some thing wrong. Please advised me soon as possible. Thank you.

  10. Shawna

    I efiled and was accepted march 25th . Refunds usually take 3 weeks ? Does irs do direct deposits everyday or just on certain days?

  11. latia

    I filed and my returnwas accepted march 11. When will i recieve my return? Did anyone else file on March 11?

  12. Trish

    @Antwaun Bell: i have the same issue snd filed 1/22/14. Cant even get a person on the phone

  13. Anonymous

    @Ryan Threlkeld: i was wondering the samething i recieved my state but not my federal i filed march 13th have you recieved your yet?

  14. Ryan Threlkeld

    I was wondering why I haven’t received my refund yet and don’t have a date to receive it either. Thank you I got my state but not my federal just want to know if its a problem with it .

  15. Robby b

    @Ugh: I efiled on march 12th and I tried to check status. Nothing at all yet. Anyone else have this problem?

  16. Donna

    @londa: please give an update of your situation. Just found out today that I am under review.

  17. Antwaun Bell

    I filed my taxes on Feb. 26th. H&R BLOCK told me that my funds would be available in 21 days today is the 21st. day. Why is it that I still haven’t received my return, what could possibly be making a delay

  18. Mike Thompson

    We submitted our tax returns on efile on 2/4, it was accepted and have yet to receive our refund. What could problem be?

  19. KD@refundhell

    I was accepted on 1/27 still processing got my transcript in the mail I don’t see no codes no holds but it says received date 4/15/2014 wtf does that mean?

  20. marissayahoomichigan

    Follow up to 2/12 post: DD refund completed this morning, 3/14, done and done!

  21. What a MESS!!

    Filed 2/03 accepted & got ddd of 2/12. Well BIGG problem. My husband got an American Express Blue prepaid card & since we were goin to give the refund to our son to lend the helping hand my husband thought it’d be a good idea to get it DD on it. Only to find out American Express does not accept refund deposits. Whick ok I get it, thought I did anyway. Figured they’d mail us a check. So I called today, the IRS & btw very rude woman said a check was issued to the bank on 2/12. So I have no clue what’s goin on. My local IRS office is closed so will call tomorrow. I have not heard anything from American Express, the website I filed through which is the same sitd I’ve used for over 5yrs, or the IRS.. Any advise on here??? ThanX.

  22. anthony

    I filed on the feb28 and was received the next day… today it says approved and will have on or before march 14th call by the 24th… bank said it pending when I just called… I have the income and children credits also I have a small business and have over 40k in write offs and every year I get around th same over 7k with no problems

  23. marissayahoomichigan

    IRS accepted on 2/27 via HRB online, WMR finally updated this morning with acceptance and approval of refund (two bars) and scheduling of DD for Friday 3/14. We’ll see if they come through with the goods.

  24. Joy

    I filed my taxes on 2/14 IRS accepted my return on 2/17 it’s now 3/11 and i’ve been told APRIL 10TH !!! Whats the hold up !!! I had bars but none now … Each time I called it was a different story … Is anyone else have problems like me ??

  25. londa

    @Anonymous I called 18008291040 and push 1214 th enter social push 1 then 2 and wait…i alwas act like i hv to make a payment n gets thru quicker…

  26. laila

    I filed on 1/31 and I’m still in being processed. They told me wait to 6-8 weeks as well. I called them yesterday and it’s the same story. IT’S A WAITING GAME.

  27. tiredofwaiting

    @notsure….im with you wat happened, i was accepted 2/1 wmr says still processing called 2 weks ago , was told umder review wait 6-8 weeks from 2/18. Wmr still says processing so nothin yet.
    whats your situation

  28. Jennifer

    My taxes were accepted on Feb 23 (Sunday) but I figured I would go by the 24th when looking at the charts. My fiancé filed the 22nd. He was Single with no dependents and I have EIC and CTC with additional CTC for a non dependent child. He has already received his Fed & State refund and mine still says processing……..If I had to guess the ones having trouble are the one that have EIC and CTC. I also have mine being DD and was supposed o be today according to the charts and yet my fiancé got his 2 days ago and I still am stuck on “processing” I think its all a load of bs! I haven’t had to file since 2008 and this is the firs year I have had to file again and in the past NEVER had a hold up but this year seems NOTHING is being updated at all.

  29. Shawn

    I filed on 21 st of Feb and it says mine hasn’t been accepted yet do i wait or call? #itsmymoneyandineeditnow lol

  30. Vanessa

    I filed on 2/19 and IRS website (Wheres my refund) is still at first bar. Anyone else file on the 19th or around the 19th?

  31. Christian's Mommy

    I filed/accepted 2/18/2014. I have codes:
    971 03/17/2014
    570 03/17/2014

    I pulled my trans and see that I claimed the Addtnl Child Tax Credit in error (I only have one child). The IRS already took the 630 off of my expected refund amount and it is updated in the AT’s. Under where it shows ‘Tax Return Filed’ on the AT, I have a Cycle Code of 20140905. I got curious about this and called the IRS yesterday. I got a very young sounding girl who did not seem to know much more than I did from the AT’s. She put me on hold and came back to say that ‘bc I filed MFS they are reviewing my Child and Dependant Care Expenses which could take 60days’. She also said there was a letter sent to me last week but that she didn’t know what the letter said or what it meant. I explained about the ACTC and she confirmed what I was seeing. I asked if that was in fact the issue that she was referring to and she said it could be. That led me to ask her if she could see the letter and she said no… I asked if she could see anything besides my transcript and she said basically, no. Then, I asked if it was possible that the ACTC was the issue and, since the IRS alrdy dealt with it, it was possible my refund could already be in process of release/DD and that the system/AT was just not updated yet… and she said that was possible. It seems to me the IRS reps just do not know what is going on outside of the recent AT’s which, to my understanding, are not updated more than once a week.

    Has anyone else had this type of issue? I am trying to be patient and wait and I know the letter is on its way but I just cannot stand the mismanaged way this is handled every year.

    Any thoughts and shared experiences are greatly appreciated :-)

  32. green.erica

    @laila: calling them does not prolong anything. Some folks truly need to hear that there’s nothing wrong, it’s just a glitch. Others are ok with waiting. Those call center reps are only paid to answer calls. That’s their assigned job. Computers handle our returns.

  33. laila

    I filed on 1/31 accepted 2/2 and I haven’t received nothing. They told me that there was a glitch in the system and it was fixed on 2/10 and to wait 6-8 weeks after 2/10. Since they put a referral on it when I called back… they said its an extra 30days. I suggest to just wait… Calling the IRS can sometimes prolong it more.

  34. Civil Servant

    Jackson, you are a Dumba$$…..

    JacksonFebruary 25, 2014 at 7:44 am

    After that they monitor your taxes for 3yrs or more to make sure u only receive what’s due to u…this year I filed a lull later than others,I filed 2\5 excepted on the 5th updated on the 22nd and ddd is the 26th with the grace of god I will never try to get a large tax return ever again I new it wasn’t what I was suppose to get but I followed my friends cause they were all doing it n they got there $$ n just so happened I was the one that got audited….

  35. Daddy Tim

    Update: I too received a letter from the IRS stating that due to ‘Additional Processing’ this year that DD (which I have always used in the past) will not be possible this year. Letter states check to be mailed today, February 28th, yet should allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. 3-4 weeks fir delivery? ‘Where’s my Refund’ shows the total amount approved to be correct, so we will see. Original post below.

    Hi everybody. Filed 2/4, accepted 2/6. ‘Return Received’ bar and ‘In Process’ with 152 code since 2/6. My tax preparer stated two things: I should have a DDD of 2/14 or 2/21 (he has always been on the money with this, no pun intended), and, because of the amount, may be in the form of a refund check. Last night (2/21), bars disappeared, and this morning reappeared with a check mailing date of 2/28. I know it is difficult (it was for me), but try to be patient. Good luck everyone, and have a good day!

  36. Angelica

    whats wmr? and i called and they said to be patient, that no one is tracking their refund this year…..i know thats bs. a bill collector told me it was supposed to come in today but it didnt. what number do i call for the irs?

  37. tamara mallery

    your not alone all this week it’s been the same info…they are sending out a check. ppl say like you all info correct done it for years with dd and now a check? what gives?

  38. AngryAmerican

    Hey America! Guess what? After 4 weeks of waiting, I get a letter from the IRs saying they tried to deposit my refund but it came back, so I get a check mailed, which will take 3-4 more weeks. Not only do I double check the bank account information, I have it stored on TurboTax, and guess what, it was correct! So kudos to our INCOMPETENT IRS and we all appreciate their budget being cut 2 billion dollars right before refunds were issued this year. That was to pay for the (cough, cough) AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT.

  39. Angelica

    I did my taxes on 2/12 and i check on the irs site and it says they cant provide any info. like they never recieved it. whats uup with that?

  40. claudia

    @kd mines stoll isnt :( i still havent got my state either idk whats going on and i cant call until friday

  41. Michele

    Ray’s updated Cycle Date Calendar:
    20140702= monday 2/10
    20140703= tuesday 2/11
    20140704= wednesday 2/12
    20140705= thursday 2/13
    20140801= friday 2/14

    20140802= monday 2/17
    20140803= tuesday 2/18
    20140804= wednesday 2/19
    20140805= thursday 2/20
    20140901= friday 2/21

    20140902= monday 2/24
    20140903= tuesday 2/25
    20140904= wednesday 2/26
    20140905= thursday 2/27
    20141001= friday 2/28

    20141002= monday 3/3
    20141003= tuesday 3/4
    20141004= wednesday 3/5
    20141005= thursday 3/6
    20141101= friday 3/7

    20141102= monday 3/10
    20141103= tuesday 3/11
    20141104= wednesday 3/12
    20141105= thursday 3/13
    20141201= friday 3/14

  42. claufia

    @kd No i still havent got mines yet either when I go on the federal website to track it it was proccessing for the longest and wasnt approved until 2/22 but still doesnt say its been sent yet hut gave me a ddd for 126 but still nothing