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    So, here we ‘20140605’ers can speculate on what our status is, provide updates as they become available as well as an explanation about what it means. From searching the comments, here’s what I have gathered:

    20140605 means that the IRS processed and approved your return.

    Most of us as of today (Friday, Feb 7) do not see any updates on WMR or IRS2GO app. It is anticipated that the IRS should update overnight

    Speculation is that we should be getting DDDs of 2/12 or 2/13

    Let the games begin….

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    Jessicao –

    I have this same situation. what did you ever find out about your refund?



    I have code 846 1040EZ, it just updated on transcript this am, how long does it usually take to go to direct deposit?



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    O K, so after reading some other sites forums, I think this is what has happened. The IRS will probably never admit to this, but apparently for all 2 Million plus early filers, like us, the new system decided to disburse all of those returns before the IRS began processing any returns on the 01/31/2014 date that they publicly announced. Therefore, the IRS had to pull all of those disbursed returns back in order for them to “manually” process them because their system is flawed. That would explain the double dates for return issued and return cancelled on transcripts #’s 846 & 841. So now I wonder if that means that we will receive our returns on the future dates on our transcripts…



    I have read every response in this post, I have very similar codes:
    150 20140601 (cycle) 02-24-2014 $0.00
    806 04-15-2014 $**.**
    766 04-15-2014 $**.**
    768 04-15-2014 $**.**
    846 02-24-2014 $**.**
    841 02-24-2014 $**.**
    846 03-10-2014 $**.**
    841 03-10-2014 $**.**
    570 03-10-2014 $0.00

    I have been reading post after post on forum after forum and I think I have an idea of what this all means, but still not sure. Have any of you who posted previously gotten your returns yet? And/or, does anybody at all have any clue as to what this means? Please help, we are awaiting this return so we can get into our own home and time is running out. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and for what you all have already posted, it has helped a lot already.



    so I checked my transcripts and right next to the 20140705 cycle date was a 03/03/14 date. I don’t understand all of this I filed February 6th was received the 7th and has been processing since. I have had no word to this day (03/02/14) I checked WMR and it just gave me the still processing page with no bars. was wondering if anyone could help me generate a possible return date



    I received a letter in the mail stating my 2013 refund was being held because I never filed my 2009 taxes
    (for which I was collecting unemployment). I was told to complete my 1040 for that year and fax it over to them when I was ready. Which I did and an IRS employee stayed on the phone with me until he received it. That was 3 weeks ago My transcript has a cycle #20140605


    silvia cruz

    i have cycle of 20140805 and I filed feb 4 I got mytranscript this past sunday on 2-10-2014 and it only has codes 150 tax return 3-10-2014 0.00and 806 w2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 (-1,864.00) 766 credit to your account 04-15-2014 -1942.00 570 additional amount action pending 0.00 03-10-2014 and 768 earned income credit 04-15-2014 in the -5734what does this mean and this is all I havbe



    I also have a cycle date of 20140605. Used TurboTax which still shows “Expected Deposit Date” of 02/21/14. Was able to get into my transcript but haven’t been able to reach anyone at IRS yet. Refund was accepted 1/24/14, so my 21 days is up. Has ANYONE with the 20140605 received their return yet? I am tired of trying to match codes with varying information online. If it was the IRS wanting money, the system would be perfect. But the second they have to pay you money, suddenly nothing seems to work… Ugh!


    tired of waiting

    My cycle code is 20140805






    How long after the 846 code did it take for you get your refund, I have 3/10/14 date with the 846 code?



    DDD 02/18

    150 tax return filed cycle 20140703 03-03-2014 $0.00
    806 w-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 -$4,572.00
    846 refund issued 03-03-2014 $4,572.00
    841 refund cancelled 03-03-2014 -$4,572.00
    971 notice issued 03-10-2014 $0.00
    846 refund issued 03-10-2014 $4,572.00

    no money in my account….nothing pending



    You are not alone…

    Return Recieved 02/03/14
    DDD 02/12/14
    WMR Status: Refund sent. “Your refund was sent to your bank on February 12, 2014 for direct deposit.”

    “Cycle Posted 20140605″ on transcripts
    846 Refund Issued 2/24/14

    I called the IRS and spoke with an agent. He told me I needed to wait 21 days after the return was received before he could help.






    Am I the only one left that has cycle 20140605 but no money?

    I don’t know whats going on but tomorrow it hits my 21 days and this stinks. I have a vacation planned and this holdup makes it very scary.

    CMON IRS… I cant tell my kids we cant go because the government is holding my money!!!


    Nichole S

    To unclenerve:

    Here is the fax number I have 1-855-892-1583. However, I do think that you have to actually be on the line with the agent for them to receive it. I faxed mine yesterday, but when I called today, they hadn’t received it. The agent had me fax it directly to him and he confirmed and entered it while I was on the phone with him.

    Now…the waiting continues…sigh.



    Just got transcripts and it says cycle 20140605 date 2/24/14. What does this mean?



    Update guys:

    I got a letter from the IRS. It says my refund is being held because I didn’t file taxes for 2012 or 2009.

    I filed taxes for 2012 but they don’t have the copies in the transcript site.

    I didn’t file taxes in 2009, didn’t make enough money, so I filed and mailing them off today.

    Hopefully they find the 2012 taxes but as for this year, looks like I won’t be getting a refund for a very long time.

    Take care everyone and best of luck.



    Hey @nicole…would you happen to have that fax number that they told you to fax your 2011 to? I am in the same boat…570 with 971 and realized I didn’t file in 2011 so I’m thinking that may be it. From what I was told….I thought prior yrs had to be mailed in? I still have the 152 tax topic



    soooo, i have had the same cycle date of 20140605 on my acct transcript…however WMR still shows processing & i have no 846 – refund issued on my script. Im also able to pull my return script…but no DDD given as of today! … ………..
    Filed TT on 2/1
    Accepted 2/1…supposedly, im guessing it may have really been accepted on 2/3
    & no DDD as of yet…no offdset, no nothing. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0(


    Nichole S

    Update from my earlier post a week or two ago.

    E-Filed on 1/31 HRB, ‘accepted’ per HRB on 2/2. Transcript had normal codes, but the 971 and 570.

    WMR says still processing with no updates, so I called them last week…pressed buttons until I finally got a live person. :)

    Apparently I forgot to file for 2011, so the very nice rep offered to fax me my transcript from that year, and even provided a fax number for me to return it. She also told me I had no liability, but that was the only issue. I asked if my refund (for this year) would be held until 2011 was processed. She said no, but until they actually received it- they would hold it.

    I faxed my 2011 return yesterday morning and will try to call again today to find out if they have received it and will take take the hold off my 2013 refund. I actually have a refund coming from 2011 as well, but think that will take a while longer to process.

    Hopefully it won’t be much longer for me!



    Same deal with me I filed on 1/24 DDD of 2/6/14
    I had three bars up to 2/7 until super early morning. Around 8am bars disappeared and the code 1121 appeared on WMR.
    Status bar is gone completely now and it just says, ” we got your refund and it is being processed”……. I’m so shocked to see that people tha filed on the 31st are having these problems. I know on the fb page the irs had some peoples were pulled from the first batch because we filed early. Are they just putting a few other people in the loop to say we are really reviewing certain people, this way they never had to fess up and say they messed up? Anyways hopefully we see some DD in the morning or Friday. I have a refund issued 2/24/14 and canceled notice sent.
    The new DD date is 3/10/14 and 4/15/14? Is that just saying we gave it to you before tax season was over? I’m confused .






    I have been keeping an eye on mine also and made several phone calls to the IRS. I have no bars on the WMR, only states being processed….Transcript cycle is 20140605 with date of 02/24/2014. The call into the IRS today the lady said she couldn’t give me any information but did place me on hold to research my account. She came back on and said all she can say is that I should have it Monday which is the 24th and if not then call back. I thought it was kind of strange that she would tell me the 24th especially since WMR is not saying that. However, the pay date on the transcript has coincided with the date of DD for the last 7 years. So hopefully that is the day.


    Willie Washington


    My Federal and State return were both accepted on 1/31. On Turbo Tax, it stated my expected refund delivery is before 02/21.

    Upon checking on the IRS transcripts, I noticed some several codes indicated and here’s what it looks like :



    150 Tax return filed 20140705 03-03-2014 $0.00


    806 W-2 Withholding 04-15-2014 $******

    766 Credit to your Account 04-15-2014 $******

    971 Notice Issued 03-03-2014 $0.00

    971 Notice Issued 03-03-2014 $0.00

    570 Additional account action pending 03-03-2014 $0.00

    Can somebody please give input and any information you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thank you!



    Ya’ll are not alone. Filed 1/26/2014 accepted 1/28/2014. Only 1 bar and then no bars for the last 2 weeks. transcripts look normal. hopefully a DDD this week. Cycle 20140605



    Still waiting for a DDD. no error codes on the transcript.



    POST UPDATES! Keep them coming. A lot of people are reading this who are seeking answers but may not post anything.



    im confused by this whole thing on my transcript its says refund issued 3/3/2014 is that when my refund will be sent??…..ive called and talked with a live person they told me it looks like it would be issued on the 19th.. but she said that not for sure…. this is the number i called to get a hold of someone… 800*829*4933.. if anyone know about the 3/3/2014 refund issued question please help



    I am in the same boat as Katy. Filed 1/24, accepted 1/27, no bars on WMR. I have date of 20140605. Its now the 18th and no DD or update on WMR.

    What the heck? So irritated.



    Filed 1/13.. Accepted 1/26 with TT.. Had a DDD of 2/6.. Got to 3 bars saying sent to bank. Bars disappeared 2/8 and generic processing message appeared. Transcripts say:

    846 Refund Issued 2/24/2014
    841 Refund Cancelled 2/24/2014
    971 Notice Issued 3/3/2014
    846 Refund Issued 3/3/2014

    Bank never had anything pending so just gotta wait until Friday I guess for the 21 days.






    Yes I did






    Still nothing.



    Filed Jan 27th, accepted Feb 4th and wmr still says processing…



    @shameka , my original DDD and codes are all the same as yours are. Originally had transcript with code 846 for 2/24 then code 841. And now it is showing code 846 with date of 3/10. My question is did you speak with someone at the IRS who said yours would be deposited on 2/21? Just wondering cause wmr kept showing that code 1211 mess for the longest & today that is gone & says “we have received your return & it is being processed.” Any info you can give me would be awesome. Thanks!



    I ha e mt ddd and it is 2/21 so I called and got it bc wmr still say processing and my transcript said 846 3/10/14


    Where is it?!

    Ok so I filed the 31st accepted the 2nd
    I was able to order my transcripts as of 1 week ago
    Cycle 20140605
    There are 570 and 971 codes at the bottom
    No update on wmr and no 1121 code

    So my husband called the irs today and spoke to rep who told him the return is still processing and he just needs to wait and also said we weren’t accepted until the 4th! Wmr says something different. When we asked about the codes she said there was nothing on her end just still processing! Wtf!!!!!



    Once again no change, and it appears the second page here is harder to load now.



    At nicole I have the same exact codes and cycle date as you. I calculated that if or original dd was 2/6 and we have code 846 and date 2/24/14 then 841 and date 2/24/14 that mean they issued the refund and took it back. Then another code 846 and date 3/10/2014 I believe our new dd will be 2/20/2014 . I came up with this because the 3/10/2014 is exactly 14 days from 2/24/2014. So that mean 14 days from the 2/6/2014 which is the 2/20/2014.



    No change here.



    I have a cycle code of 20140801… Am I looking at February 21st or the 28th?



    Cycle 20140605 direct deposit date 2/12 but my transcript say refund issued 2/24.



    …I chose walmart money card. Do I have to wait till the 24th or later to get my money????



    Sorry Cycle date correction 20140601



    My original DD was 2/6, then had code 1121. Transcript says something along:

    Code 150 Tax Return Filed, Cycle 20140616, Date 02-24-2014
    Code 806 W-2 or 1099 withholding, Date 04-15-2014
    Code 766 Credit to your account, Date 04-15-2014
    Code 768 Earned Income credit, Date 04-15-2014
    Code 846 Refund issued, Date 02-24-2014
    Code 841 Refund cancelled, Date 02-24-2014
    Code 846 Refund issued, Date 03-10-2014

    Any idea if this means they have given another date although site still says 1121 reference number?



    filed 30th accepted feb.3 and still stuck with 1 bar , no ddd
    Im hoping for tonights update.



    @ Katy – still nothing so annoyed -.-



    tried the theft number, they told me wait 21 days. So that doesnt work for all cases either.



    No change to WMR, or transcripts, no DD.



    Here is an update!!! I just found that my bar has changed, it now says approved. HOWEVER, they say that they had to make changes to my refund and gave a different amount. So I am guessing those of us that have been waiting must have some type of issue..Mine was a home buyers tax credit that is a portion of a repayment



    The Cycle Code means:

    01 Friday
    02 Monday
    03 Tuesday
    04 Weds
    05 Thursday

    So those of you with 20140705 mean:
    2014 year
    07 cycle week (7th week of year)
    05 Thursday

    then add four days for DD or six days to be placed in mail

    so your estimated DDD will be Feb. 13th plus (whatever your day is for return…direct deposit of mail…..) Being Monday is a holiday it does not count, so the 19th will be DDD…. that is if there are no more system problems. Many have reported system glitches last week, which could be why the last cycle returns have been delayed.



    Patty- i am in the same exact boat. same cycle number, no bars on WMR…getting annoyed!!!



    20140701 no ddd, still one bar on WMR



    Transcripts say 20140605 still processing on irs refund status page help when will i get it



    Someone Help!

    Cycle date of 20140605, no deposit as of today. WMR still says”refund is still being processed” No direct deposit yet. Anyone with same status?



    Oh it also shows the processing date of 2/24/14 how can that be?



    So l looked at my transcript and it shows refund issued 3/3/14 how can it show issued if it is not even march yet? It shows that there was a home-buyers credit repayment of 250.00 which changed the amount of my refund…The tax place that did this did not tell me this..Should they have not known?



    WMR site full bars as of 2/12/2014…..called hr block emerald card rep said irs has not released funds…sooooo…i pulled my transcript and it says funds sent 2/24/2014




    01= THURSDAY
    02= FRIDAY
    03= MONDAY
    04= TUESDAY



    I don’t know if it helps any but I mailed my previous year’s taxes in 2 weeks before I efiled, way late I know.

    Still the previous year’s taxes aren’t showing up in the transcripts.



    I filed on the 31st and still have one bar. I was able to check transcript and provided a cycle code of 20140605 and then these codes:

    570 Additional account action pending 02-24-2014 $0.00
    971 Notice issued

    I am aware that I do owe IRS because I received a letter stating that I did owe some money, not a lot. Could the 570 code mean that they are holding the refund until they take their cut? I did owe some money last year as well and they took their cut but I have never had a 570 code until this year. Any insight would be appreciated.



    I filed on Feb 5th, Still no changes on WMR. I am able to order all transcripts electronically as of today. (not sure what significance that has? anyone know?)



    I was an early filer and accepted on 1/26 and on the WMR its STILL saying “processing” I was able to view my transcripts 2 days ago but Ive yet to receive a refund or a DD.

    Ive been reading and researcing all day the last 2 days and from what it seems like (from my own opinion) people who filed before the 31st are all having issues. I did my boyfriends taxes the 1st of Feb and he received his return on the 10th and then my co worker also filed the 1st of feb and received hers on the 6th. Ugh how annoying is this.

    I just wish I had an IDEA of how long this “glitch” is putting of my return. Blah!



    No change for me either at 6:38 a.m. cst



    Update: No change to WMR, or transcripts, no DD.

    I might try that theft number today.



    As of 9:31 pm CST there is no change “still processing”



    Just and FYI if anyone is looking for answers. Had posted this on a previous thread:

    PLEASE READ: “20140605 cycle; Filed 1/28 with TurboTax, Accepted on 1/31; One bar on “Where is my refund”, Codes 150, 766, 806, 570 and 971. ”

    Sooooo….. after trying for weeks with the numbers listed throughout these forum in hopes of getting someone Live to speak to about my refund, I tried a method that I have yet seen happen. I called the Theft Hot Line…that’s right…THEFT:1-800-908-4490. Got someone IMMEDIATELY! Less than 25 seconds of wait time. Explained to the rep that I had concerns of “theft due to the apparent codes listed on my transcript”. He stated that it was nothing to be concerned about as far as theft, but there was an issue of my 2011 taxes not being filed, resulting in me not already receiving my refund. He then stated that a ” Notice Issue” AKA 971, is suppose to come out next week to notify me of the problems at hand, but since he had me on the line, he could mail me the information I needed to file my 2011, so that my 2013 return could be processed. He explained that the codes such as 570 and 971 could mean ANYTHING! There is no way of one finding out what those issues are until they receive notice from the IRS by mail or if they call to speak to someone, (and not ask, “Where’s my Refund? or, What is my DDD.) Approach the situation, if possible, as if you do have concern, not of how come your money isn’t deposited yet, but of what exactly is going on and the possible issues that surrounds your refund. I know MANY of us are stressing and feel its a war that can’t be won. Stay positive. There are some great reps out there who truly want to help; Its in the matter of just dialing the right number. Although it will be a while before I get my 2013 refund, the best action we can all take is being proactive and not waiting for the IRS to contact us. P.S…..”Where’s my refund” is a joke! Blessing to all!



    EVERYONE, YES THAT MEANS YOU! Please post stats so we can all remain informed.



    Same numbers…no money, bar hasn’t moved to approved? I used turbotax.



    i filed the 30th as well and had gotten both account and return transcripts with 20140701. The WMR is still stuck on the first bar with code 152. I called IRS twice this morning and both CSR said my return is fine but its not done processing. I’m really annoyed how desperate I’m getting with this whole thing. I feel like i’m getting left behind especially when i see people get theirs.



    Shelly, i too have codes 150 and 806- we should be looking for 846 which means the refund has been sent. which i do not have yet either!



    I am the exact same boat as Erica…cycle number 20140605…codes 150, 806, 766, 768. Filed Jan 31st, accepted Feb. 1st…I have no bars on WMR site, just says it is being processed. I am getting very frustrated as people around me that filed way after me are getting their money!



    Erica it looks like your in the same boat as me, apparently the early filers are the ones that are getting screwed. please keep updated so if you get yours i have some hope for mine! lol



    Update: No change to WMR, or transcripts, no DD.



    I am still waiting. According to WMR I am still in processing. And I have pulled another account transcript only to find that I still have no 846 code on it and that it also still has account cycle 20140605 on it. So all I can do is wait at this point. I am becoming nerved up. I know several people whom filed well after me, that have their refund as I type. I filed on 1/30 and accepted on 1/31. I will keep this site updated as I am updated. Good luck everyone.



    what does it mean when you look at your account transcript and you see under transactions on the far right it say amount 0.00



    just wanted to let you all know cycle dates are not true for some. Mine was also 20140605 and it is now the 13th and i have nothing. (i bank with USAA) the WMR tracking bar has been gone since last friday and all its been saying is “we have received your refund and it is processing”- i am getting super annoyed. we filed the 28th and accepted the 29th. Very frustrated now.



    Hey I have a ?? Me nd my husband filed this year but he owed taxes he did have an installment agrrement with the irs nd has been paying. I’m jus wondering if we will get a refund he still owes 4000 nd our refund was 2400 I got code 826 credit transferred out to 1040 for 2415 and then a code 971 notice issued for 0$ I am so confused right now will I be gettin a refund?



    Not sure what is going on. My daughter filed the same day as I and she received her dd as of last Thursday. I too have been doing research and I have to say that this seems to be the only site that is being updated. So thanks and I will post with any changes that I get.



    I filed on the jan. 25



    I am in the exact boat as you Erica, I have been wasting my time researching what is happening. I have gotten no where. I also lost my status bar about 5 days ago. It only shows my refund amounts and says its processing. Other than that I have exact codes as you and same cycle which unfortunately was supposed to be today? But nada… I’m a bit stressed and worried.



    I have cycle 20140605 as well but no code 846 also no deposit pending. I have codes 150,806,766, and 768. I am able to order my account transcript as well as my return transcript. WMR says it’s still processing with no status bar. Please help me understand what is going on.



    I have the same thing as you. I used a Walmart card and the changed banks on my also changing my routing number. I am hoping that is what is causing issues



    Everyone here please post updates, if you receive your refund, especially, please post an update. We’re all wondering what’s going on here.



    No status change, no deposit.



    MINE HAS CODE 150 2-24-14
    806 4-15-14
    766 4-15-14
    768 4-15-14
    846 2-24-14
    841 2-24-14
    CYCLE DATE 20140601 2-24-14




    i filed on the 1st got approved on the 2nd and i have a cycle code of 20140605. when do you think i should be expecting my refund? plus Wmr isnt even showing my info but i am able to print all my transcripts? help me please



    when did you file



    As of 6:52 a.m.CST my dd has not hit nor has my status changed on Where is my Refund. It still says “still processing” UHGGG



    Not in this case. I’m the only money maker, 4 kids, 1 of them turned 18 mid year and had to file his own taxes (didn’t have a job so just a formality).

    Married, joint, 3 dependants, that’s it.

    Business taxes with expenses, wife is a homemaker.



    They want proof that your brother lived with you and you provided his support.



    Mine looks like:

    150 Tax return filed 20140605 02-24-2014 $x
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2014 -$x
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2014 -$x
    570 Additional account action pending 02-24-2014 $0.00
    971 Notice issued 02-24-2014 $0.00



    i have something similar. does anyone know what it means?

    150 Tax return filed 20140601 02-24-2014 xxxx.xx
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 -xxxx.xx
    846 Refund issued 02-24-2014 xxxx.xx
    841 Refund cancelled 02-24-2014 -xxxx-xx
    570 Additional account action pending 03-03-2014 $0.00

    ive never had this problem before. i had a ddd of 2/6/14 and then an error code 1121 and now i see a 570 on my transcript. please help



    My bar disappeared last week and my status just shows still processing. If I understand correctly by the 20140605 I should have a dd of tomorrow 2/12/14, but without confirmation from the site or does that matter. Looks like the site is way behind. (where’s my refund status site)



    I called the irs because when i tried to order my transcript it didnt have an updated address so i updated and she ordered my 2013 transcript said i will get my transcript in 5-10 days but i go online again and it still says thay the address doesnt match their records… i dont know what else to do



    Ok, so i have codes 150, 806, 570, & 971… My 20140605 means tomorrow. The 846 means delay, in case yall weren’t aware. Im really hoping to at LEAST see a pending deposit tomorrow. Would be nice considering valentines day.

    Good Luck to you all!



    Same here.

    570 code with a date of 02-24-2014 and a 971 code as well.

    Married filed jointly, 3 dependants, eic.

    Please post back here with any updates. From what I’ve read it’s a freeze code and could delay the refund for quite some time.


    Nichole S

    I filed HRB on 1/31, receive an email on 2/2 saying it was accepted. WMR says still processing, and has not changed. It does show topic 152. My sister also filed the same day and has a DDD of 2/14.

    Printed my transcript today, it shows cycle code 20140605, the standard codes, then code 570 and 971. I have not received anything in the mail. I do not owe any back taxes- they took them out of last years refund. I did file HOH this year instead of married (status change), and received the EIC so wondering if this caused a ‘flag’ on my account?

    According to some above, I should receive my refund tomorrow?

    Any advice would be appreciated!



    If I understand it correctly, it will be the 7th week and on Monday



    It was my understanding that the cycle code represents the year, week, and day of the week that the deposit will be delivered.
    That unfortunately means that it will be a while before the monies are delivered.



    I was only able to order account transcripts but not return, im stuck on one bar still whats going on ? I was approved 2/2


    Housewife 1019

    I have cycle code 20140605 but do not have code 843 and wrm did not update to give me my ddd. Not looking good for me



    Worried, dont be!

    your transcript giving the 20140701 code means that your return was processed and approved! Your refund dd date is (I believe) Thursday!



    What date will 2014701 get deposits?



    I have 20140605 with codes 810, 811,971,and 846..As I researched I believe 810 is for EIC..what information will they ask for. I am so nervous….I need my money….. I claimed my two kids and my brother who I take care of… I think the problem may be my brother….Is it a way that I can take him off if he is the reason….

    please help



    Everyone with 20140605 gets money 2/12, hope this helps



    Good morning everyone!

    I filed on January 31st and got accepted on February 1st. I just checked WMR this morning and it says that my refund will be sent to my bank on February 12th. I have the funds direct deposited to my RushCard so I may see it as early as Monday. (With the RushCard you get deposits 2 days sooner so our payday is always Wednesday rather than Friday) I hope everyone gets their money soon. Have a great day! :-)



    I got ddd of 2/12 today. I wonder if it will be here early cause people who had ddd of 2/10 are showing funds in their accounts this morning. We’ll anyways after seeing one bar for bout 2 weeks I’m pleased with that date.



    And dont be alarmed by that 2/24/14 date on the transcript. You will receive your refund well before then.
    The 20140XXX cycle codes are the most important



    OK let me break down the transcript cycle codes.
    For example, I have 20140605 on my refund transcript.
    The number is not a date, but a code.

    This year is (2014) Next week is Cycle week (06) Deposit Date Code is (05),which falls on Wednesday.
    So if you have 20140605 on YOUR transcript, you can expect your refund next week (Cycle week 06) on WEDNESDAY (Cycle day 05 see below) the 12th of February.

    In short, 20140605 = 2/12/14

    If you have a 201407XX code, see below and match the last two numbers with the date code below but expect YOUR refund Week AFTER next, which is cycle week 07.

    01= Thursday
    02= Friday
    03= Monday
    04= Tuesday
    05= Wednesday

    Hope this helps.
    pistoltwin at gmail dot com



    So my prediction was right! I got a dd of 2/12:)



    I ordered my return transcripts today and it has and 20140605, What does this mean? I filed on 1/21/2014 and was accepted on 01/26/2014. Any help will be greatly appreciated!



    I went online and had to pull many of these codes today because I unfortunately came home to two certified letter notification cards from the IRS which freaked me out!!! So the 150 code is the tax assessment code. If you look in your return account transcript this number should match the number on the bottom line under tax and credits labeled “Income Tax After Credits Per Computer”

    Code 766 & 768 are the Refundable Tax Allowance & Earned Income Credit Amounts

    Code 806 is your total W2 & 1099 Tax withholdings

    Code 846 is refund issued and the amount shown there is the amount you will receive. If you had an offset you should see a code 826 the amount shown is the offset withheld from your return.

    If you see code 971 that means Notice Issued and that will be that little heart attack surprise I got today waiting in the mail just letting you know they withheld part of your refund to satisfy whatever offset you had. In my case a relocation expense they said that couldn’t be claimed from a prior years return. Hope that helps :)



    Mine says 20140701 as well. I would like to know as well. New to the transcript readings.



    I have all the codes you guys have. What’s the next step? ddd or dd?



    my transcript said 20140701 when would that be?



    My Account Transcript is showing:
    Code 150 Tax Return Filed 20140605 2-24-2014 Amount $xxx
    Code 806 4-15-2014 — $xxxx
    Code 766 4-15-2014 -$xxxx
    Code 768 4-15-2014 -$xxx
    Code 846 2-24-2014 $xxxx

    My questions are why is code 150 showing a small amount compared to my refund and not have a minus symbol next to it like the other codes except my refund code 846.

    Am I still getting my total refund even if it isn’t showing a minus symbol before the total amount?



    Mine says
    150 20140605 2/24/2014 XXX.XX
    846 Refund issued 2/24/2014 XXXX.XX

    I do owe them, so am I right in assuming they’re taking that portion out in the 150 line?


    Matt Arnold

    Yes mine has the 2-24-2014 on it too. What exactly does that date mean?



    If you have prior IRS debt, they will take what you owe and refund the remaining amount UNLESS you have established a payment arrangement with them or have spoken with a TAX Advocate to apply for a hardship afterwhich your full amount would be refunded.



    @lowill – I had an offset in 2010 and it showed on my account transcript before the 846 refund issued code…they took it out before releasing my refund…There is an offset number to call and see if you have one on the contacts page of this website :)



    I have cycle posted: 20140605 but unsure if I owe the IRS if they will take out after this or will it show on here. If so where? Also where do I check what I am getting back?



    Mine reads as such 20140605, 150 and 846 with full amount of my refund. I am feeling hopeful!



    Hey Mine do not have a code just cycle number 20140605



    I. just came.over i ordered my.tran from 2013&2013 on to compare them on the 2013 it goes
    Code. Expl. of tran. Cycle Date. Amoun
    150 Tax return filed. 20140605 2-24-14. $0.00
    846. 2.24.14 $****.00
    On the 2012 it goes
    150. Tax Return filed 20130505. 2.18.2013 $0.00
    846. 2.18.2013$****
    But last year i got my refund dd on the 6th so does thatbmean the 24th is the lastest we can receive it or the date were going to get it thanks



    I. just came.over i ordered my.tran from 2013&2013 on to compare them on the 2013 it goes
    Code. Expl. of tran. Cycle Date. Amoun
    150 Tax return filed. 20140605 2-24-14. $0.00
    846. 2.24.14 $****.00
    On the 2012 it goes
    150. Tax Return filed 20130505. 2.18.2013 $0.0



    You will be fine, tomorrow we all should have a DD:)


    ms. minnie

    I’m in this cycle, have code 846 for my refund, but only my account transcript was available. The return transcript, as of 7 AM CST, was not. Since then, I get error messages each time I log in. And, before I locked myself out of WMR :-), I still only had one bar. I’m so confused.



    I was not able to view my return transcripts but I was able to finally order them to be mailed today. SO I am HOPING I would be in this batch with everyone else who was able to see transcripts today! RIGHT???



    Anyone know what it means when I try to view my trans online I get an error saying a technical problem has occurred, I get all the way through filling in my information and then get that? I can still order both transcripts by mail.

    Filed 1/15 accepted 1/25 with TT



    @waiting2013 – at the bottom of your account transcript page, it shows the following columns for your transactions:


    Here is what I have:

    150 Tax return filed 20140605 02-24-2014 $0.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2014 -$xxxx.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2014 -$xxxx.00
    846 Refund issued 02-24-2014 $xxxx.00

    So the dates are puzzling. I filed thru TT on 1/20, accepted on 1/27



    I have a code 150 does that just mean filed? I have code 846 with refund issued at the bottom.



    So glad to finally see that stupid little * gone. I am fine with a DD of next week just glad to see progress, I was getting so stressed about it!



    I haven’t been able to SEE my tanscript yet because I keep getting the -9900 technical problem error…but I WAS able to order my account transcript to be mailed to me….Can I assume quietly, that I may be in this batch?



    my transcript has all 000, where would a cycle number be. has mine been processed yet



    I am speculating on Wednesday for our deposits:)



    Hello, same boat, filed and accepted 01/26. I too can see my account transcript. Code 846 is the IRS refund transaction code according to google. Hope that helps



    What does the 846 mean I also have it



    Just glad to see progress



    This is great – thank you! Now we don’t need to scroll through all of the other comments.

    I filed 1/28, accepted “early” 1/29. Today I could finally see my account transcripts! No update on WMR.

    Can’t wait until this is all over – too much stress this year!



    Same for me but code 846 before the date

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