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    If you have a code 570 update what you find out here. IRS told me that it could be April 15th before I get my money and won’t explain why they are reviewing

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    I was just told that I have to allow 45 days from 2/14 to allow for additional processing. No letters have or will be issued. I just have to wait. She would give me no further explanation!!!!!

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    I have 1541 “your tax return has been delayed” in WMR since 2/6.
    Transcript gives me a 570 with 2-26-2018 with $0.00
    No 971 or notices sent or received.

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    I have 2 570 codes. Filed on 1/27, accepted 1/30 and got the code on 2/2 and a second one with a date of 2/19. Anyone from last year care to provide feedback on what happened with them?

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    What does the date next to code 570 mean? Today is Feb 9 and that date is Feb 19th. Thanks for any info

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    I have the 570 code but we filed an injured spouse form with ours.

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    donna jaber

    I have the 570 code with 03/20/2017 next to it. Does that mean mine will update on the 20th? Pray for me guys…I need this refund!

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    UPDATE!!!! I Got A DDD! Code 570 had 3/6/17 beside it. Now my 571 has same date got DDD of march 15th. I did have an offset but that was not the hold up. I called on the 5th and basically raised hell and the next day they released the hold. Could be a coincidence but I don’t really care. As long as I get my money! Good luck all!!

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    Same here !

    570 code with date 03/06/17, Waiting for tomorrow to see what’s new !!

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    I filed 1/23, accepted same day, waitied out the PATH mess, was able to view transcripts online since beginning of February. 570 code with a date of 2-27-2017 beside it. Still no updates. WMR says “we received your return and it is being processed.” Cycle code 20170605 – Anyone update yet with similar situation?

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    Just got off the phone with IRS. She said the code (for mine anyways) is for a tax processing delay. The reason for the delay is a random selection for further review. Now they are saying that I should receive something in the mail about it soon and if I don’t by March 31st to call back. This is stupid. The one year that I desperately need this money they are gonna take their sweet time.

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    I have a 570 code additional account action pending with date 2-27-17 amount $0.00

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    I updated on 2/18 with code 570 next to a date of 3/6/2017. I don’t have any offsets, all my student loans are current. I wonder if it’s possible that we are just waiting to be assigned a DDD. Guess we’ll see….please try to update if you can. I’ll let you know if I see any movement this coming Friday.

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    Just got 570 code but there is a date on the same line, for 3/7/2017.

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    I have the 570 code. No explanation.

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