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    My 2014 transcripts are not available yet, but I did notice that on 1/24/15, on my 2013 transcript, they added 922 – Review unreported income. I worry that it’s going to cause a delay for this year. Does anybody have any experience with this?
    I did get a response on the main feed yesterday that this will not cause a delay in this year’s refund, but of course I am still unsure since I’ve seen no changes. Filed and accepted 1/28/14. No 2014 transcripts, 1 bar on WMR with topic 152. It’s hard not to obsess!
    Thanks for any responses!

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    Same situation here. 922 code on my 2013 transcripts. I think I owe $2000 …. for unreported income that year.

    Filed and accepted on 2/3. One bar.
    No 2014 transcript info yet.

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    I have code 922 on 2013 with date of 2/17/15, and 0.00. I am having a panic attack, I have no idea what this could mean.

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    I just filed and was accepted yesterday on 2/3, but I went back to look at my 2013 transcript and it has a 922 on it that says this:

    922 Review of unreported income – 11-10-2014 $0.00

    Does this mean they reviewed it and there is no unreported income?

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    I am also having this same issue. I am really frustrated about this and very worried that my refund will be delayed. This has never happen before and this year I really need my money asap :(

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    I am in the same situation.. Filed and accepted on 1/28 and still have not received an approval yet. I cannot see 2014 transcripts but I did just check the 2013 and I also have code 922.

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