570 code with date 03/06/17

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    I know 570 code is a freeze in refund but what is the date next to it means? Will it be lifted that date?

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    I just received my transcripts and it goes a little something like this:

    I filed 1-21-17
    Accepted 1-23-17
    bars went missing, WMR message still processing
    received 4464c letter on 2-8, dated 2-2
    received path message on 2-11-17
    WMR message says: we’ve received your refund and it’s being processed and it has not changed from this and no other letters have been sent

    Cycle 20170605 Date 02-27-2017

    150 04-15-2017 -x,xxx.00

    806 04-15-2017 -x,xxx.00

    766 04-15-2017 -x,xxx.00

    768 04-15-2017 -x,xxx.00

    570 02-27-2017 $0.00

    What does this mean? I know that 570 means there’s a hold on it and the IRS Manual says that 570 codes with a 0.00 should expect a refund. But when is it going to release? because according to that cycle date 20170605 = 2/9/17 but because of the PATH ACT it has a hold on it, so why the hell is it in stuck status? and their not asking me for any additional information and my 60 days isn’t up yet so I’m not able to get any answers from the IRS. This is so damn frustrating!

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    USPS sent me a notification yesterday that a certified letter was sent to my address. The only 2 reasons that I can come up with for the letter is either IRS modified my return and they are letting me know or I’m getting audit.

    I’ll find out tomorrow when i get the letter.

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    Same here as of 3/6/17…looks like there’s several of us on this boat. Hope someone has an update.

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    I’m in the same boat, 570 code with date 3/6/17, as of today , im still the same

    Any update ?


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