2017 Cycle Date Breakdown

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    Add four business days to the cycle date (day you posted to the Master File) for anticipated direct deposit date.
    ******NOTE: 846 Refund Release code must be present at the time of posting and without any other hold/freezes on the account for the DDD to be accurate.********


    20170402 = Mon 1/23/17
    20170403 = Tue 1/24/17
    20170404 = Wed 1/25/17
    20170405 = Thur 1/26/17

    20170501 = Fri 1/27/17
    20170502 = Mon 1/30/17
    20170503 = Tue 1/31/17
    20170504= Wed 2/1/7
    20170505 = Thu 2/2/17

    20170601 = Fri 2/3/17
    20170602 = Mon 2/6/17
    20170603 = Tue 2/7/17
    20170604 = Wed 2/8/17
    20170605 = Thu 2/9/17

    20170701 = Fri 2/10/17
    20170702 = Mon 2/13/17
    20170703 = Tue 2/14/17
    20170704 = Wed 2/15/17
    20170705 = Thu 2/16/17

    20170801 = Fri 2/17/17
    20170802 = Mon 2/20/17
    20170803 = Tue 2/21/17
    20170804 = Wed 2/22/17
    20170805 = Thu 2/23/17

    20170901 = Fri 2/24/17
    20170902 = Mon 2/27/17
    20170903 = Tue 2/28/17
    20170904 = Wed 3/1/17
    20170905 = Thu 3/2/17

    20171001 = Fri 3/3/17
    20171002 = Mon 3/6/17
    20171003 = Tue 3/7/17
    20171004 = Wed 3/8/17
    20171005 = Thu 3/9/17

    20171101 = Fri 3/10/17
    20171102 = Mon 3/13/17
    20171103 = Tue 3/14/17
    20171104 = Wed 3/15/17
    20171105 = Thu 3/16/17

    20171201 = Fri 3/17/17
    20171202 = Mon 3/20/17
    20171203 = Tue 3/21/17
    20171204 = Wed 3/22/17
    20171205 = Thu 3/23/17

    20171301 = Fri 3/24/17
    20171302 = Mon 3/27/17
    20171303 = Tue 3/28/17
    20171304 = Wed 3/29/17
    20171305 = Thu 3/30/17

    20171401 = Fri 3/31/17
    20171402 = Mon 4/3/17
    20171403 = Tue 4/4/17
    20171404 = Wed 4/5/17
    20171405 = Thu 4/6/17

    20171501 = Fri 4/7/17
    20171502 = Mon 4/10/17
    20171503 = Tue 4/11/17
    20171504 = Wed 4/12/17
    20171505 = Thu 4/13/17

    20171601 = Fri 4/14/17
    20171602 = Mon 4/17/17
    20171603 = Tue 4/18/17
    20171604 = Wed 4/19/17
    20171605 = Thu 4/20/17

    20171701 = Fri 4/21/17
    20171702 = Mon 4/24/17
    20171703 = Tue 4/25/17
    20171704 = Wed 4/26/17
    20171705 = Thu 4/28/17

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    This is incorrect.
    Thursday is 01, Friday is 02, Monday is 03, Tuesday is 04, and Wednesday is 05.

    The IRS week begins on Thursday and ends on Wednesday.

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    I have a 570 code with a date of March 6, 2017 and a 150 code with date of 2/27/17 someone please explain what this means…..

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    @e meister

    Instead of adding 4 days to your cycle date to get the DDD, you add 6 days to your cycle date to get your mailed by date, which I believe is 2/27/2017.

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    I see how to calculate the DDD, however, what if you’re getting a paper check? When would they mail the check out? (mine was switched from DD to paper for whatever reason) – my code is 20170803

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    another advice, also if you call the number, and then instead of wanting to get an update on your refund, I would listen for the option to check if you have any offsets.. once you enter your info the automated service system will tell you whether you have any debts or offsets, and if you don’t, theres nothing wrong with your refund and you should get an update within a day.

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    p.s. I was not able to order or see my transcripts at all this whole time, but already have a ddd date for the 24th..

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    hey guys, so I filed on 1/31 and accepted 1/31… I thought I would get my ddd on the 15th of feb, but never happened, but wanted to let everyone know the whole time I was waiting for updates, I never got them especially on wheres my refund website. but I noticed when I downloaded the actual app onto my phone I was getting updates right away. the first day I downloaded the app it stated received and still in process, literally 12 hours later it sated accepted and my ddd is the 24th… so if people are still having a hard time not getting answers, I would recommend downloading the app.

    I am set to receive my refund on the 24th of feb.. which isn’t bad considering IRS didn’t process any applications who claimed children until the 15th, so I received the best update on the 18th so it only took them 3 days really to go through a lot of applications that were filed early in three days.. good luck hope my info helped!!

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    Teresa Canaday

    I was just able to order my transcripts, does this mean my DDD will be soon?

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    updating that just as i hoped my ddd is 2/23. wmr updated overnight yay!

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    Might be an offset….maybe you can call and see, or atlease eliminate that as an option. Good luck :)

    or TDD 866-297-0517. The available hours are Monday through Friday
    7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

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    Can someone please help me??!!! Where do you see the code??? I see a cycle posted 20170605 and its says remittance 0.00? The refund amount has a – sign before the amount??? What does this mean ??? Please help !!! 😭

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    I called the IRS and talked to a very helpful man. I was told of a DDD on 02/23. I am cycle code 20170605. Filed as HOH and claimed both credits and account transcript does have 846 code with a date of 03-06-2017. I’m hoping DD hits tonight! *fingers crossed*

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    I’m not sure if i’m looking at the transcript stuff right. I looked at both return transcript (shows cycle 20170505) and the record of account transcript. on that one i do see 846 as a code but with a date of march 6th. does that mean i actually won’t get it until the 6th??? I filed for a friend 3 days AFTER i did ours. literally the only difference is his is head of household and ours was married filing jointly. both have 2 kids claimed and eitc. he has bars with a ddd of 2/23 (i haven’t asked what his transcript says yet) and when i check ours i get the generic message of its processing. no bars. am i reading the date on the transcript right or should i pray for an update on the wmr tomorrow? thanks to all who help out!

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    PATH Act W/ 0405 and Code 846

    On my account transcript, what does the date next to the amount mean next to code 846 Refund Issued line? Is that the DDD Date?

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    Codes are listed on your Account Transcript. I just pulled mines today!!!!

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    I have cycle date of 20170505 with 846 issue code and 3/6 date…when should I receive dd?

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    Angelina Salerno

    I got my account transcript in the mail today. Filed and accepted 2/2. My cycle date is 20170602 but processing date says Feb. 27th 2017?? I clearly don’t have my money.
    Had path act until Wednesday now just says processing. So annoying

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    Where will the codes be at on your tax return transcripts

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    Dani Goree

    I filed Jan 9th was accepted Jan 15th went from path act to processing Feb 16th and got ddd Feb 17th for Feb 22ND filed with Jackson Hewitt and they say up to two days faster so hoping I’ll see my money on the 20th of Feb

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    I am finally able to see our transcript, but where do we see the code?

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    Plz tell me why would I have code 810 which means a freeze and 811 meaning freeze removed the same day?

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    I have the 846 code now but on the return statement it says any minus signs signifies a credit.. I had a minus sign and an amount before the code 846 showed up now i have code 846 refund released on 03.06.17, and the exact amount before code 846 showed up just no minus signs? Is that what I will receive on my return?

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    I filed 2/4, accepted 2/4, updated to PATH then to return received and being processed. I checked my transcript just now and I have the 846 code with a date of 03-06-2017.. When do you guys think we’ll start seeing refunds? Why will take 2 weeks if the refund was already issued?

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    I have a code 846 on transcript with date march 6, 2017, BUT filed and approved January 19th. Cycle code 20170402, WMR processing message today from PATH. Why would I have to wait until March to get refund when I filed early?

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    If my cycle is 20170603 (with 846 code) when will my DD be?

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    @Margaret Hyder: 810 was a refund freeze and 811 reversed the freeze

    @bonnie S Knight: That is the day you posted to the master file. You need 846 for your refund to be released.

    @samantha5947: 570 is a freeze code. The 571 code reverses that freeze

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    For those questioning the validity of this:

    IRS Manual
    Part 3. Submission Processing
    Chapter 30. Work Planning and Control
    Section 123. Processing Timeliness: Cycles, Criteria and Critical Dates
    IMF Daily Processing (updated 01-01-2017)

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    I have cycle code 20170605, but no 846 i do have codes 570 and 971 notice sent. Last week I did receive a notice of deliquency tax form in the mail and am working on correcting that tax return. However, will this issue keep my taxes from 2016 from being released. Also I have never gotten the PATH message wmr still says processing

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    Bonnie S Knight

    what does this mean 20170402 = Mon 1/23/17

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    Margaret Hyder

    I had the 810 code that was dated for 2-13-2017 and the 811 that’s dated for 2-13-2017 what does this mean?

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    The I.R.S said that they are not going by the cycle codes. They are going by the Transcripts.

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    I.R.S started sending Refunds at 7: am this morning. Check your Bank account.

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    amber russell it is NOT from Jan 23rd. It states in broad daylight in the IRS Manual that the cycle week starts from the beginning of the year. Kimaze did this correctly. Site your source.

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    @angela marie

    If you don’t have the 846 code your not done being processed, regardless if you have a cycle code or not.

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    Ok doc I have asked this ten times someone please help me . I got my refund transcript is says cycle posted 20170505 no other codes no processing date what does this mean ????

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    Please help have cycle posted date of 20170505 but no process date what does this mean on my refund transcript ??? Thank you so much ???

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    @jle517: If you have that magical 846 then yes. You should update tomorrow with a DDD for the 17th! Congrats!

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    So, I have a code of 20170702 which I take as yesterday, and the other transcript showed the 846 code, but also had a date of March 7 on there. Should WMR update by tomorrow to show Friday deposit?

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    Cristian Lopez

    I filed taxes on this day Tue 1/24/17 I claimed my two yr old and before fees I’m getting back about 5200, when do I actually get my tax return. Last year did it a few days earlier and received my tax return on 2/10/16. My question is how do I know there is a hold on my tax return

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    I have codes 150, 766, and 768 please tell me what it means?

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    i dont think this is true my cycle date is 20170405 i filled the 20th and still no DD i have the EIC and gettign the PATH message

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    I have path and received my return transcripts today. I have a cycle code and know no one with path is getting 846 until after the 15th.

    My question is, if I have no codes at all and expecting a refund, is there still a chance an offset could take a portion or all of my refund? (Ex-husband filed incorrectly years ago and attached me to a 15k debt and wondering if i have time to do paperwork if no offset or do it asap if I still have a possibility of offset) offset line says no debt, but they always do and always have an offset for small things.

    Yes, I have asked different places, but that’s because I’m trying to get an answer

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    You are being audited 424. Then the other code to freeze your refund. 971 notice issued through the mail. Terrible news I’m sorry.

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    Cycle date 20170505
    Codes I got
    806 w-2 withholding then amount
    766 credit to your account then amount
    424 Examination request with the amount of $0.00
    768 EIC then amount
    810 refund freeze with the amount of $0.00
    811 remove refund freeze with the amount of $0.00
    971 Notice issued with the amount $0.00

    can somebody please help me understand this? I’m new to all this

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    @veronica: Without the 846 then the cycle date won’t give you a DDD.

    @casey: They probably had CTC which is not held. No one on PATH has received a DDD yet. Those that have claimed they have, have been disproven as mistaking the credits.

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    I was able to get transcripts on line this morning and it has cycle 20170605 but I have a code to the left that says 150 no 846 code but has processing date of 2/27/2017. Please help😉

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    Ryan Williams

    Finally a update. Refund approved and DD of the 15th. Thank God

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    I had two friends that woke up today with refunds deposited. Both had EIC, and I’m not lying about it. I too am waiting for my return so getting anyone’s hopes up isn’t what I’m into. They were shocked as well. Both sitting on one bar but, boom, refund hit.

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    Ryan Williams

    I mean, if I had any freeze code it would say in the same place as the refund code right. I have red through everything and did not find anything that seem to indicate I would not get it or it froze.

    #4167033 Reply


    So where is the procssing date on the transcripts

    #4167026 Reply


    I ordered my transcripts and received it in the mail today but it does t show a cycle date. The letter with it says in this letter we will report the status of the request we received. The request we received. We enclose the transcript for transcripts that you requested on said date. A tax return transcript is generally available for the current processing year and for three years prior. It contains most of the information from your original return, along with information from the forms and at requested on said date. A tax return transcript is generally available for the current processing year and for three years prior. It contains most of the information from your original return, along with information from the forms and schedules you filed with it. The transcript however does not contain changes made to the return by either you or us, after you file the return. Sex changes could include your filing an amended return, and corrections to be made to the return because we discovered a map mistake, or a payment credited after you file the return. The transcript also does not show refunds. Information for current tax years is available immediately on our computer systems, delivery times to you depends on how you submit your request and then delivery method used to like to receive the information.

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    @wow just child tax credit. No eic or actc

    #4166986 Reply


    @jillian: The 846 is how the refund is released. No one on PATH has it at this time and I don’t really expect that to happen until the CAN be release (at least 2/15).

    @shinesta: Nope. No IRS/tax professionals here. Just using information provided by the IRS as well as experiences from over the years.

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    Does someone who is giving these replies work at irs? Or is everyone just giving input? Or is somebody a tax preparer?

    #4166964 Reply


    I have a cycle date of 20170605…and my refund was deposited a couple hours ago! (netspend) Netspend deposits funds as soon as they are received. I’m thinking traditional banks will show up Monday or Tuesday…

    #4166963 Reply


    @ Mari did you claim any credits?!?

    #4166962 Reply



    Thank you for being so helpful! Sadly, I merely have a list of codes that itemize each particular credit/refund. I’m wondering why no 846, aside from the obvious big update this evening and the PATH situation. Is there anyone with an 846 or DDD with these credits I wonder?

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    Help please

    My cycle is 20170405 and I claimed EIC and child credit. Should I expect DDD on 2/15???

    #4166864 Reply


    @Question & Theory: I guess I don’t really understand what you are asking. The DDD for 2/15 has a cycle date of 20170605 WITH the 846 refund release code also on the transcript (and no refund freeze/hold codes). Here is how it is figured out:

    #4166828 Reply


    UPDATE: I was checking my bank account through the phone app and my bank shows me scheduled transactions.

    I saw my federal tax returned scheduled to be deposited 2/15/2017!

    My cycle code is 0605.

    #4166841 Reply


    The cycle date ONLY works with 846 refund release code. Those delayed by PATH do not have that and cannot use their cycle date to determine DDD.

    @Ryan Williams Since you have the 846 (assuming you don’t have any other freeze codes) your DDD will be 2/15- Congrats!!

    #4166833 Reply


    Why is my comment awaiting moderation?

    Anywho – checked scheduled transactions on my bank app. I’m getting my refund on 2/15. Cycle code 0605

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    The cycle codes mean NOTHING if you have the EIC or ACTC.

    Just got my transcripts in the mail a few moments ago. My cycle is 20170505 which would give me a date of 2/2 (DDD of 2/8).

    The transcripts list 2/20/2017 as the “processing date” and leaves me with a prospective DDD of 2/24

    Not a happy camper to wait a month for money due to me. Filed/accepted 1/26

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    Question & Theory

    So looking over this year… [#date, day of the week]
    1 wed ddd for 3 fri
    2 thur ddd for 6 mon
    3 fri ddd for 8 wed

    8 wed ddd for 10 fri
    9 thur ddd for 13 mon

    Did today spit out a ddd for 14 tue?
    Will tomorrow be a dd for 15 wed?

    If yes the next set of ddd should drop on 15 wed for 17 fri. And continue the pattern of wed-sat ddds and dd on fri-wed.

    #4166766 Reply

    Ryan Williams

    Ok, here is a question. My Cycle code is 20170605

    I did get the 846 code, but the date next to the code says 02/27/17. But that also says that is the date the return was filed, which is not the case since I filed and was accepted on 1/31st. So should I still expect the refund on the 15th or does that date above inform the refund date,

    #4166730 Reply


    I filed 1/20 got accepted 1/23
    Path act message 1/26
    Ordered transcripts 2/4
    Cycle code 20170405
    Processing date 02/13
    I really don’t what all these means lol hope it means the 15th or 16th

    #4166727 Reply


    OK quick question. My cycle code is 20170405 and a processing date of 02/13/2017
    I have EIC and ACTC so what would my deposit date be???

    #4166694 Reply


    @jillian: It would be below the cycle date to the left of the page. It should say Code – Explanation of Transaction above any codes you have listed.

    #4166691 Reply


    @kimikaze I am able to view my return transcript and see a cycle code (20170605) but do not see an 846 code… where would that be listed within the document?

    #4166680 Reply


    @kristen: Since you have the 846 refund release code-
    20170605 = 2/9/17 + 4 business days = 2/15/17 (which will your DDD). You can verify this tomorrow when WMR updates.

    #4166669 Reply


    Im so confused!

    My cycles says 20170605

    i have code 846: says refund issued 2-27-2017

    Will it be delayed that long? I dont have EIC or ACTC

    #4166640 Reply


    Very nice, thanks. Because mama needs a new pair of shoes…lol.

    #4166628 Reply


    @MinaMina: If you have 846 then you have to add 4 business dates to the cycle date. Your DDD will be for 2/15. WMR should update tomorrow morning showing that :)

    #4166592 Reply


    Also my sons code was 20170402 and he has a ddd of the 13th which lines up with what I’m saying.

    #4166605 Reply


    @Della: The source is there for you to check. If your son had a cycle date of 20170402 with the 846 code (with no freeze codes) then his DDD would have been on 1/27 which was the very first DD of the year.

    #4166601 Reply


    No freezes or anything, either. And I have netspend, so if the money was released it would be in my account by now

    #4166597 Reply


    The 846 message is there. Is says 846 Refund Issued 02-27-2017

    #4166593 Reply


    @MinaMina: That is because your refund was not released (846). Please see the note attached at the top.

    #4166589 Reply


    Let me rephrase… The dates start from the opening of filing season. I could always be wrong however, I have never had a cycle code not post to that day using that method. Anyone else know? I’m dang near posative.

    #4166582 Reply


    My cycle date is 20170605…and no money today…lol. Thanks though

    #4166579 Reply


    @Della: The weeks are based off the Julian calendar and start at the beginning of the year (not from when you filed). This information comes directly from the IRS manual which can be found right on their website.
    IRS Manual
    Part 3. Submission Processing
    Chapter 30. Work Planning and Control
    Section 123. Processing Timeliness: Cycles, Criteria and Critical Dates
    IMF Daily Processing (updated 01-01-2017)

    #4166571 Reply


    This is not accurate information. The codes start from the day of filing. So… 20170404 is the 4th week after the 23rd and the 4th day so is actually 2/15/2017. It’s always been the number of weeks after filing. I don’t know if this will pan out like years prior. I have never had a cycle code be wrong though.

    #4166567 Reply


    @james: So long as the 846 Refund Release code is present. If you fall under PATH or have a freeze code then, no.

    #4166564 Reply


    @kimikaze thanks. Ugh I feel like I have been waiting forever. Hoping we get an update next week to WMR!

    #4166559 Reply


    So am I correct if the cycle date on the return transcript is 20170605, we should have a deposit around Wednesday?

    #4166532 Reply

    Tax Payer

    I filed w/TT on 1/23 was accepted same day. Got 4883 letter on 2/6 , verified my identity on 2/7. I was told my IRS agent that it would take 9 wks to complete processing. I was finally able to get my transcripts today ! Cycle date of 20170605. I am hoping this is a step in the right direction straight to my bank account finally ! Is this good news ? Someone please give me insight.


    #4166512 Reply


    @BDLotsoM: The cycle date code is when you posted to the master file (which is it’s original purpose). The processing date does not correlate with a DDD. Unfortunately, all of us on PATH will need to wait until the refund is released (846) and update on WMR after 2/15.

    #4166501 Reply


    So if my cycle is 20170405 but i’m stuck in this path junk, what does this mean for my code? It says the processing date is Feb 13. Not sure if that’s relevant.

    #4166488 Reply


    Your right the 846 code was not on there. So this means transcripts are not good this year with people with the PATH message. That’s means I have to wait till the 15/16 for an update

    #4166474 Reply


    @john: The 2/20 is the processing. With PATH the cycle date cannot help because a refund has not been issued yet (846 code).

    #4166469 Reply


    My cycle date is 20170502 from my transcript and the date on there is 2/20/17

    #4166450 Reply


    Very helpful :)

    #4166378 Reply


    @Daniellek: Please see the note at the top.

    #4166369 Reply


    This is not true
    People with tax act
    Won’t get there’s till the 15
    My code was 0404

    #4166335 Reply


    Thank you, this is very helpful and confirms my thinking that the processing date given on the transcript is not the same as the actual DD date.

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