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WMR says possible offset but TOP says no debts

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    Just as the title states, WMR updated today to show my deposit date and all that but is also giving me an offset message.

    When I call the tax offset phone number i type in my social and all that it says i have no debts? So confused…

    My state refund is pending to my account about $280 less than it should be, but if state already got their taxes owed from my state refund, why would i be getting a federal offset…i have no other debts i can think of.

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    I received the 203. It states my DD will be in 3 days. However, last year I was in default on my student loans. They have now been rehabilitated and in process of consolidation but I am no longer in default. Called the 800 about offsets, it doesn’t list anything.

    So, I don’t know what to expect.

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    Mine is saying the same thing I’m suppose to have my DD on 2/28 which is tomorrow. Hotline is saying no debt owed. Has anyone revived their money who was said to been offset. Plus I never received a letter

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    My husband had an offset due to student loans, I didn’t have any. They took his student loans out of our refund on the 22nd, and the rest of my return hasn’t not been deposited yet. Idk why it’s taking this long. You would figure it would have went on the 22nd since that was the deposit date.

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    My refund says to be deposited on 22nd. Also got the topic203. Called the hotline says call department of education my refund is offset for the whole amount, yet still shows its being deposited on 22nd. Looking at other forums looks like some ppl still got there refund thru direct deposit even with offset due to they need a judgment to hokd funds on your bank account. Needeless to say if the money is in my account i will be withdrawing it all..damn those student loans lol

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    My WMR is also showing as refund approved, check to be mailed by 2/26/18 (my account was hacked and i didn’t do the DD :( )
    I have a tax topic 203, TOP does not have any debts listed for my social.
    My WMR is actually showing a refund amount of $28 MORE than what I had on my tax return….
    I have had my return offset in the past, last year when I called the 800 number it listed out several items and took my whole refund. I am cautiously optimistic that I may receive at least part of my refund since the TOP has nothing listed. I’ll update when I know more. Has anyone else received their $$$?

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    I am being told by TOP that I have an offset for unemployment. But WMR is showing a direct deposit date with NO code 203. Will I be garnished or no?

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    @tina they already paid it so it says no debt owed

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    Funkmonk, I have the same issue as you. As a matter of fact my state was also intercepted and that debt paid off. I have no other debts that I know of and when I call the TOP line it says that I dont have any debts. Could it be showing us that because we had our state intercepted? I also have a DD of 2/22 . My refund amount is still the same as before. Did your refund amount change?

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    I have a question for all the people that got the tax topic 203. I got the same message. My question is, On your WMR refund does it now show the refund amount difdferent as what you were supposed to get? For instance if you were supposed to get 7k but owe 1k , does it now show a refund of 6k?

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    You won’t know until you get the notice in the mail which probably won’t be until after you already have your money. Although it is strange that the offset hotline won’t say you owe anything… My offset is for debt I didn’t know I had and that has to be at least 9 years old. According the offset hotline it is for an unemployment overpayment. I haven’t filed for unemployment benefits for 9 years now. The amount of my offset is for about one month of benefits plus whatever fees they tacked on to it. But this is something I would have paid, I don’t know maybe 9 years ago had I known about the debt! Its ridiculous. There is no statute of limitations on any type of federal debt so it could literally be anything. Maybe something you had no idea you even owed.

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    same here lol

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    I know kinda what I was thinking too. Sounds about right. Mine says not to contact them until after the 28th bc that’s the date my $ is due to be deposited. Got news for them. I will be calling Tues at 8a.m.😠

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    yeah good luck to you as well, kind of crappy they update on a saturday and with presidents day coming up, i think the earliest we can actually talk to a real person and figure out whats going on is tuesday!

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    I’m pretty livid to say the least! I have never had any issues with my taxes. I pray this is a mistake on their part. That is a significant amount of money and if I had owed something I would have known. Good luck to you!

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    Yeah i have no debts as well except for the couple hundred i owed to state which state already took, so im confused

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    I just checked WMR and mine is stating the same. I already received my state return and my federal is showing $7k less than what it’s supposed to be due to “offset” When I call and enter your SS# it says no debt owed. I have never had to pay in and I have never had student loans or had to pay child support so what exactly is going on? Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Thanks in advance for the help!

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