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Offset message, but none on transcript?

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    My WMR updated to show a DDD of 02/23, but it also shows the “possible offset” message. My transcripts show no offsets and still show the full amount. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, did you end up having an offset?

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    @DammitLana!! No, it doesn’t. If you have a balance after the offset, you will get the remaining balance on the day of your DDD on WMR. Call the offset hotline and see how much was taken from your refund, if you haven’t yet because it shouldn’t delay it.

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    Does offset delay refund? Had a ddd for 2/23 with BoA but no refund…

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    So I just did a little research and it looks like some have received their refund even with the Topic 203 and offset hotline says that they’ve applied refund to the offset.

    I’ve also read many who didn’t get the updated offset code on their transcript until the day before or the day of DDD.

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    I’m in the same boat as you! I just checked my transcript and still shows no offset code but am now thinking it probably won’t show until Friday since we’re weekly and transcript will only update Fridays. My WMR still has the whole amount refund with the offset topic and my DDD is for 2/23.

    I am probably still going to have offset but won’t update on my transcript until this coming Friday. Bleh

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    Yes, same here. Back when I ordered both of my transcripts, there were no offset codes. But when WMR finally updated from the PATH Message for me, I had topic 203 attached to my DDD date. I don’t think they crosscheck your return for offsets until after its already processed. That must be the last step before they finally release it for deposit. Remember its not the IRS who determines the offsets, its the BFS who double checks the refund after the IRS is done with it and then finally it goes the the Department of Treasurery for DD or to have a check issued. Those are three separate agency’s it goes through before any of us see our money.

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