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Offset Hotline Unable To Assist

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    Kiara Norris

    What does it mean if I just called the offset hotline & it said “Cannot assist at this time, please wait while your call is transferred” but they closed 😒

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    I get the same message. I can not for the life of me think of anything we’d owe. We don’t owe child support, we don’t owe taxes…I am not defaulted in student loans… What could this be?! And how long will it take before we see anything?? Whether it be any sort of refund or a reason why it’s being offset.

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    I received the same 203 topic called the number they said the amount to be offset called a second time they just kept sending me to the social security number process am I getting my refund

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    back in November or December maybe January I received a letter for notice to intent to offset on the notice it’s says how much. I found out yesterday from my ex according to the website I owe this amount as of today. Okay so I guess I’m wondering r they gna take more since I owe more now or are they gna take what says on my notice? I believe before when they offset and have gotten that. Notice of intent they have always take what the amount is on the notice and not more or less. Btw the offset is child support.and when I call the offset phone number it says there no debts/offsets under my ssn number as of today.

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    I’ve been trying this number all morning and it tells me “it appears you’re having trouble, call back and make a valid selection ” or something like that. .. As if it can’t read my selection. I think the system is messed up.. Idk
    And I can’t get thru to a human this year…like they made it impossible. Wtf

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    @confusedinmidwest I called the state and they said that they are not currently showing an offset and I’m still showing on their side to get the whole refund back. They also said processing could take 6-8 weeks. UGH!!!! I’m hoping I have it next week!

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    I’m getting this message too… does anyone have an alternate contact number, email, etc?

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    It doesn’t seem to matter if they’re open or not because when it says it is transferring it just routes back to the beginning prompts. I can’t get it to send me to an actual person.

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    I also
    Got this message. 29 times in 12 hours. I tried from different numbers. So what’s happeneing? Irs told
    Me to call this number and it’s not functional??

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    Sorry, my phone tends to autocorrect lol

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    I called and got the EXACT same message(can’t not assist) and then was transferred but they close at 5, to speak to a lovebug person so I am assuming that there’s a technical error going on.

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