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Offset but still got refund?

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    I have an offset and website says they are taking my entire refund this year BUT the entire refund got deposited into my bank account this morning….? Will they take it back?

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    Sbbt has my refund to send to my bank for ddd of 2-20. I had an offset but my refund cover it. Never showed on my transcripts but wmr had tt203 and full amount to be deposited. Glad to finally get it over with. Already anticipating next years refund. Hahaha good luck ppl!

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    Ok so on my transcripts it has an 846 Refund issued date of 03-03-2014 And a 150 code of 20140705 cycle number. Does this mean I will get my refund. the 849 code reflects full refund amount but the 150 code reads 0.00?!?!?!? I am so confuses!!!

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    Where on the Transcripts would it give my the offset amount

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    Did you check your transcripts? Usually they will tell you. It took mine a couple days to update to “refund applied to debts” and my WMR didn’t update to the adjusted amount until my DDD. Also my STILL hasnt updated with the amount they took from my refund.

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    Does anyone know if WMR reflects the adjusted amount for the offset? Mine still has a DDD and the full amount of the return?!? The offset number says all my refund to be taken for student loans. Would they take what is past due or the full amount of the loans. Also when i got to it can’t find any of my inf for being past due or defaulted. (specific government student loan site) HELP I needed my return to move home and don’t want to be homeless.

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    red bird

    I am in a similiar situation this is the first year I had a tax topic 203 for AAFES star card….I just found out I was sent to collections March 2013 and now all of my refund was applied to the debt that I couldnt pay but now really wont be able to pay cause I will loose my job and car bc my whole refund was offset…..does anybody know if I can still get my refund if I call AAFES and make arrangements or wil I be wasting my time….Have anyone received a offset from aafes got their return applied to debt for the first year but still received there refund?

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    Hi Let me help some of you out.
    If you have received this notice on the bottom of your taxes (203) offset, and its to IRS, forget about your refund. If you have received this notice and its to AAFES pay close attention;…. THAT is your warning.

    Your refund will be deposited if this is the first year you’ve seen it, but get in touch with the Army and Air Force Exchange and make a payment arrangement quickly. Pay this amount BEFORE you file next year or don’t be prepared to use it.
    The notice you say was not mailed, has indeed been mailed. Its on the bottom of the MWR website. You owe, call the number, fix it. I am truly not wanting to be condescending but I called AAFES 2009 told me my balance, I laughed at them , and I got my refund, 2010 the same, 2011, the same….2012 biggest refund ever and guess what, yep, garnished…..I’m trying to assist you in not making my mistake.
    oh lastly, if money is in your bank, spend it….. the IRS is not coming, they would have taken theirs before you saw a dime, other state agency’s like I mentioned, you may get away with it this year, but they are coming with 18% interest and set penalties.
    sincerely, Former Jackson Hewitt Employee……yep, after all I knew I tested hurt, needed that money…

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    @shay we are in the same boat! AAFES never sent a single solitary thing stating their intent to offset…but when we called AAFES they said oh no we haven’t requested offset, just pay the collection agency and gave us their info, which was indeed a commercial collection agency. Did you guys get your refund by any chance? I filed for injured spouse…probably won’t see my half until May but here’s to wishful thinking!

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    Transcripts don’t mean too much.
    Filed & accepted 2/6
    DDD 2/13

    From 2-8 to 2-10 the offset line said “you have 2 offsets, your refund MAY be reduced” . My transcript was also perfect with my refund approved. WMR showed TT203 but listed my full refund amount, with no money reduced.

    2-11 I called the offset line again, it said the whole amount was offset by the dept of education (my husband owes student loans). But my transcripts still showed nothing different or offset, and WMR never changed my refund amount.

    2-13 My direct deposit day: Transcripts changed showing offset, WMR changed saying the offset occurred and my adjusted refund amount was $0.

    Today (2-15) MyEdDebt still shows i owe them $4500 even though they intercepted my return and got 99.9 % of that money, ( we still owe them $100).

    Re-check those transcripts the a day or so before your DDD, also check the offset hotline on your DDD, you’ll know then. There was a glitch earlier this tax season, but they have fixed it :(

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    being that you have a netspend card and you had DD set for 2/12/14 how quick did it take for you to get

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    I got a DDD of 2/20 and was flagged for offset between the time I filed 2/3 and was approved 2/15.. I called the hotline and it said the full amount would be taken and credited to the student loan debt. Anyone get lucky and not have that happen? I find it strange I was only in default since april of last year and never recieved any warning whatsoever from the DOE or IRS. The last letter I recieved was January 15 from DFC services stating that they were trying to validate the debt. I know I owe the money, but find it a bit ridiculous that they are coming after me after 8 months.. :/

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    Well I never received a tax topic my wmr just told me my refund was sent to my bank account on 2/12 and to give 1-5 daus to receive I check wmr today and it say my refund was offsetted and sent to unemployment anyone have this message and still received their refund im hoping its a mistake i thought they take your state not your federal

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    Can anyone update on their situation? My husband has not received a letter notifying him of intent to offset or anything but when called the TOP hotline it said our refund “may” be offset…well WMR updated last night to show TT203 BUT our transcripts show nothing at all. We have a DDD of 2/20. Could anyone who was in a similiar situation please update and let me know if the IRS did end up taking back their refund after deposit? Thanks!

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    correction ddd 2/18

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    my dd is 2/17 i have a offset. wmr says topic 203 but full amount for refund. my transcripts say that they have got there money already. WMR!!!!!! I know it’s not the 17th yet but geez if other people get my money before me… i mean kinda crazy!!!!! btw no fees dd with my bank and they dont hold money!

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    mine didnt tell me the amount that i owed or nething and i still got my full refund

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    i got a date of 2-14 but wmr said the 203 thing so i just got off the phone with a gentelman and he looked up my account and said it was mailed today with no offset and mine also said i had something when i called the hotline for stay positive! and transcript says no offset but i read that it might not show up on there so the best bet is to call and see..if u get a nice rep cuz i called earlier and had a lady who told me nothing..depends who u get..i wont be 100% relieved until i see it come in my mail

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    My transcripts are showing no offset but when I called the Dept of Education, they said that they will be taking my return. SO bummed :(

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    This was my situation if this helps anyone. I filed my taxes early and was approved on 2/6 with a DD of 2/10. WMR never changed and had my full refund amount to be deposited on 2/10 but I had the tax topic 203 attached. I never could check my transcripts so I am not sure what it said. The offset line said my full refund was being applied to my student loan debt. I waited and waited in hopes I would be included in the glitch and would get my money, but unfortunately it never came! Today WMR says my refund was sent to my bank, but it’s not there, and I received a letter from the Dept of Treasury yesterday about the offset. We have filed an injured spouse form now because my husband did not owe the debt. Hopefully, we will receive the majority of it back and soon! I hope this may answer any questions some of you may have if your situation is the same. The waiting is the hardest part and not knowing for sure! I hope you guys have better luck than us!

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    I had a DDD of 2/12 offset line said wife had a debt and the whole amount was being taken but now WMR shows refund was sent to my bank for DD. Will it still show that even if it was taken?

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    So, my situation is that my WMR states that our DD was 2/12 and that there may be an offset. It still showed (shows) my same original amount. I called the offset line and it says my husband does have an offset from AAFES and it sounds like the entire amount is going to be taken and applied to the debt. If thats the case, then we have no choice but to contact AAFES to confirm it. But, Im just wondering a) why does it still show my original amount and say it was sent to my bank. b) Why did I not receive anything from the Offset Department with any details. c) Im sure its wishful thinking, but Is there any chance I may still receive my refund based on others experience? Any insight is appreciated.

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    My transcript is showing 846 full amount issued, and my deposit date was yesterday, but nothing is in my bank account.

    WMR is showing 203, but still showing full amount.

    I am so confused! Any insight? Anyone in the same situation gotten their refund?

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    ok so WMR shows code 203 which means offset called the 1-800 says hubby has one. But transcript is not showing offset code? just showing 846 which means refund sent and the full amount. what does this mean? will they not be taking the offset? thanks!

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    MT that was like mine and I still got it.

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    Had 203 on WMR nothing on my transcript stating an offset, hotline stated they taking the funds, today is my DD nothing in my account, they took it all

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    For those that had the offset taken, did it show on your WMR or transcript? If so, what codes?

    Mine still shows nothing on the transcript other than refund issued (full amt) but if I call the hotline it says I may have an offset and the WMR has tax topic 203 but shows the full amount.

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    2/12 @ 11pm EST Refund posted,,minus the amount the offset showed on my transcripts…Oh well, still grateful for small miracles!! Have a great tax season!! See yall Next year!!

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    i have a pending deposit but my bank told me the amount and it is less than the original. looks like they took it.

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    I didn’t check my transcripts… And I never had an amount on the offset line just that it may be offset and by who.

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    Did you have an offset code on your transcript or code 846 full amount issued? Did you have an amount applied from the offset line?

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    Yes, full amount minus the fees from h & r. I had a dd of 2/12 with tax topic 203 and the offset hotline said “may be offset”. My husband called today and it still said the same thing. I hope they can’t reverse it lol and I hope all of you get it too!!

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    Please help me

    @ lb where did you do taxes thru

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    Full amount? @LB

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    Woo hoo! There is hope!

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    Guys I have my refund pending in my account. I hope they don’t take it back!!

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    I’m wondering as well. I had an offset last year and my transcript shows the offset immediately following the refund. I expect to pay it, but that would be a nice surprise to have it.

    I’m thinking the offset doesn’t show on WMR or on the transcript until the funds are sent by the IRS. I remember last year it showed the full amount until the DDD, then it went to $0 :(

    This may only be for non-IRS debt though.

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    Please help me

    Ok people who have had tax offset taken does it show on wyr the refund minus offset amount or was it full refund amount that showed up and they only took some for offset. Mine still shows full amount on wmr but am sopose to be getting offset for full amount.

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    Nevermind lol

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    Oh no, they took it back!?

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    I don’t know the code but my refund was reduced to $0

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    My situation is the same. DDD of 2/12…WMR says offset and shows reduced amount, transcripts show offset code 201 and shows refund reduced…sigggghhhhh…So I’m pretty sure they are going to take the offset amount (majority of my refund). But I just got a text tho that said remaining amount of my refund was sent to Republic Bank. Says should be available within 1-5 days (I have Netspend). Im grateful for the small amount just mad at myself that I didnt check for offsets deep enough….Federal offsets do not show up on offset hotline, but if I wouldve called IRS directly I could have gotten it straightened out before filing. My issue is from 2011 tax returns inaccuracy of income, Im hoping I still have time to fix and at least receive the amount of my EIC that year minus the penalties….What do you think??

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    Did your transcripts show the offset code of 201 or 203 and show your refund was reduced?

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    I say spend it and find out who you owe and make a payment arrangement with them. I wouldn’t send them a large sum back either, I would live life with my refund and handle it later.

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    Malishka – same except I have no reduced amount. I’m still showing full return I’m 2/12 I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

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    WMR is showing tax topic 203. But shows a DDD 2/12/14. My original refund amount is still showing. Transcript is complete and showing 846 hotline is still saying this $ xxxx has been deducted. It so confusing

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    Same thing here.. Had the tax topic203 andon the hotline it “may” be offset….dd of 2/12. My question, if they do to through with the offset, do they take state too??

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    Online on the irs site it said the deposit date was 2/6
    On 2/6 i checked again and it said my money was used towards offset. However, it appeared job my bank when I checked it later that day. I have since moved the money into another account until I am
    Instructed on what to do. I am getting mixed info from all the different numbers. Who knows, for now I’m sitting on it.
    My bank did tell me that the irs can reverse the wire within 30 days.

    Still no answers :/

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    Everyone post what happens on 2/12!

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    @Vanessa – you have nothing to worry about from what I have read from other postings! Good luck :-)

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    @Malishka – I have heard that your transcript will tell you if an offset has been paid or not. I do not know this first hand as I have not been able to order mine, but from what I have read you should see an offset line right below wherever it shows 846. Hope that helps & I hope that we all get our refunds :-)

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