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Offset but still got refund?

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    I have an offset and website says they are taking my entire refund this year BUT the entire refund got deposited into my bank account this morning….? Will they take it back?

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    Ok got audit for 2018 return for eitc credit sent all the information in approved me for 4000. Couple days later my statues change to refund being process but nothing bout code 203 yesterday got a letter in the mail that my reins was going to be offset for 300 for state tax and department of economic (unemployment benefits that I have being paying ) but refund status still show being process anybody know what’s going on

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    I have student loans that are in forbarence until August while I work on a discharge due to terminal illnesses. Will the IRS take my refund if it is in a forbarence state?

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    Mary Seebach

    Everyone is asking questions but nobody is updating! So I will update if nobody answers my question. On WMR, it says my direct deposit was 4/2. Today is 4/4 (after midnight) and it still isn’t in my account. I have a code 203 but nothing has changed. I did have an offset 3 years ago and it never said that my money was sent to me via direct deposit. It said the money was sent to offset and listed my return as $0.0 and my offset as my whole refund $5.475. This time it says money was sent direct deposit with a code 203. I call the BFS TOP number and it says “sorry we can not assist you at this time” so I can’t get any answers! I have my money deposited onto a green dot card and it can take 24-72 hours after the deposit to post to my account. Can someone give me answers?

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    Michael Stinchcomb

    My refund status says sent to my bank but at the bottom it says topic 201 will I still get my refund

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    I received a topic 203 when I checked the IRS2Go app. Stated my refund was approved. So I looked up the code. Seen it was for an offset for dept of ed. It was supposed to go to my bank today and didn’t. Offsetting my entire refund. Funny thing is that 2 months ago I set up a payment plan with the collection agency handling my student loan debt. Can they actually take your refund when you’ve been paying on your debt?

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    Hello I have a tax topic 201 for back taxes took my whole refund wmr shows refund sent to pay past tax obligations. I been working with a tax advocate to file hardship sent all bills no other offsets. Just wondering if anyone had this experience and received any money back from ta help?

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    My taxes were offset for an unemployment debt on a claim opened by someone who stole my identity in 2013 I didn’t know until recently when my return was offset I disputed it twice filed a form for identity theft and was just wondering if and when my taxes are given back to me how will i be. Paid back by the unemployment agency check or will the funds go to he block and on the emerald card I set up before the offset

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    I called irs said I have no offsets & yet still sent a small percentage of what I was suppose to get.. help please lol

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    Wmr states refund sent to bank on 3/7, not in bank. I was approved and processed in just under 2 weeks. Now im seeing refund sent with 203 code. Call top to find out its department of education, I’ve never received anything from DOE, or anyone else indicating the debt was owed (I do have an outstanding loan), or that they would offset. Is it really offset? Can they do that without any form of notification prior?

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    To everyone asking. If topic 203 pops up due to student loans. They will take your refund away. They usually mail a Paper over the summer stating that your refund will be taken away. It will say send and all but you will not receive it. Best thing to do is get in a repayment program to avoid this next year.

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    If you still haven’t received your money even though it says send already, they took your money. It will show on IRS after the date it says to contact back if it hasn’t been deposit yet. I know by experience

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    Woodrow Mcafee

    Will wmr show a reduced refund due to offset?

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    Woodrow Mcafee

    Will it show on wmr if ur refund was reduced due to offset? Mine was dd 2/28 n says refund was same as was supposed to be. But 2 days later and still no money

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    So if refund is taken for offset will the refund amount on wmr be $0? Says my direct deposit refund was sent 2/28 refund amount is what I was supposed to get. But 2 days later and no money yet. So if they took it would wmr show the refund amount reduced? Really freaking out not knowing for sure

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    Jennifer Harrison

    My transcripts show an off set for $379 which is for an amended income from last year. That is the only things showing on it. It says remaining amount will be deposited on 3/7. But the offset line says I owe to state of nc. Is it possible they are not taking the offset out since the transcript doesn’t show it?

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    So i checked wmr about 4am..i supposed to get dd today but i got a notice on wmr that majority of my refund will be seized, i don’t owe anything, i called the number provided ot saids no debt owed, would still receive my entire refund, what’s going on ?, has anybody had similar situation but still recieve their entire refund?

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    Okay So It Says That I Have An Offset For Department Of Education It Says It’s Taking My Whole Refund It Stated On Feb 26 I guess if I don’t get a letter in 2 weeks call I Never Went to Collage So I’m Wondering How I got A Balance That’s Not Mine But I Wonder If i get my deposit before they take my money off my card and it’s on there should I take the whole thang off also how do I fight it seeing how I feel it’s an identity thief because how do I have a balance for education and never got an ged or high school diploma need anwsers helpppp

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    Checked on – stated that my refund was to be sent 02/22 via direct deposit, that day came and went with no deposit made into my account. I checked it every day there after and it showed Code 203. I contacted BFS and it stated I had one off set (which I paid in full 11/2017). I contacted that agency and they stated that I paid in full 11/2017 and they have nothing on their end that I owe anymore money to them.

    It is 02/26 and still not have received my refund. Is there another contact number for BFS that you can actually speak to someone?? This is very stressful..

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    Opposite problem here. Our whole refund was seized last year. This year I called the line because we had that topic 203 thing and it said we just had one offset to the state in the amount of $200 something. Our refund was supposed to be $4266. Our DDD was Feb 22nd. That came and went. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I checked the “where is my refund” site again today and it said my refund was offset and the adjusted refund amount is 0.00. I called the line again and again it just said that one offset. I don’t understand. The other day it said our refund was sent to our bank. Obviously not.

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    So the off set phone number says no offsets, BuT I’m afraid it’s not accurate. We are about to presss file and I don’t know if I should do the injured spouse just Incase. If the hotline says no off sets, am I good or can something pop up after I file???

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    Mine is saying the same as everyone’s, tax code 203. It was for student loans. The offset line says it is taking my whole entire return. However on WMR it doesn’t say the refund has been sent yet.. When I called the IRS this morning they said that the money was released but they couldn’t tell me exactly where it was released to. I also called the department of education and they said that no funds have been applied to my account. This is the first time that I have ever had this happen. I’m hoping and praying that I get the money!

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    They have to certify the debt and notify you by a certain date. If you received your refund, you’re lucky. But next year you won’t be. If you owe student loans, call them now and ask for a $5/month payment plan to avoid losing your refund next year. I imagine it works the same with any debt. Payment plans should allow you to keep your refund if they are in effect BEFORE you file.

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    They have to file notice of intent and notify you by a certain date, plus certify the debt with th

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    I am in the samw boat,my ddd was for today but called the offset line says there is an offset for back state taxes and says WV state debt owed,,but no money was in my account,I am sooo hoping they give me my money….but I doubt it,you are lucky

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    Tax refund says approved but under says tax 203 and then I call offset hotline says no debt under ssn and I did not receive intent letter either but today I received some of my refund but most was taken has that ever happened to anyone and if so do you know why??

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    Did you end up getting it
    im hopeful that will happen to me

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    I got the same top203 notice after checking my refund status. I called the hotline says my whole amount is being offset. So I called department of education and they confirmed and I set up a payment plan. My refund still says direct deposit..Im assuming itll go to the account and i guess we can hurry and get it out lol. Hotline says allow 4 weeks for offset to post to your account. Have you been able to spend yoirs since youve gotten it

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    Janee wal

    Called the offset line says they will take my full refund but I’m in a repayment program says it’s schedule to take out feb 22nd I’m freaking out does anybody know information on this subject

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    Heather Dabbs

    I too received tt 203… Offset hotline says full amount is being taken…. Dd of Feb 22… I’m not even going to get my hopes up…ugh

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    I had the same question ???? Same issue been years missed on renewing my deferral thats all.. I never had to make any payments… I dont think so… In prior years people have gotten even with the code but. Not looking good this year…

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    Angela Jacobs

    I looked at wmr and it says approved. Then underneath says topic 203. I called and it says they are taking full refund for us department of education. They haven’t touched my refund in over 7 years and I’m going through student dept relief. My dd is Feb 22 on my card, will I get my refund our not. This is stressful…..

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    Hi I called the offset line and it says my refund may be offset and wmr says its still processing and no date for offset or refund ,is there a chance the IRS will still deposit my refund in my bank

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    My question is to Drew.. Mine is saying the same… Do you have any news or still waiting?

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    Was it ACTUALLY deposited or did it just say they sent it and you still waiting to recieve it? I just called the offset line it says they took it all but the irs site says mine was sent feb 10??

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    Im interested also

    My loans were transferred to a new collection agency 1/03/16. They were transferred to government agency..
    They are still open and it says no missed payments on the transfer

    I found all that on my credit report.. They did not inform me of this debt being transferred or about establishing a payment.

    Worried it may affect refund.. I was going to call Monday to set up payment plan..

    Called offset line and it says nothing.. No offsets.. Still worried they might show up..

    Still 1 bar and tax topic 152
    Under review after ID verify

    Any advice or experience would be great..

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    Says I have an offset of 3,699… Topic 203. First year filing , by chance is there any way they can mistakenly not take it out?

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    Well, I called the Offset line and it says that they “MAY” offset but doesn’t give me an amount or anything, just a number for the state of Oregon. This last year I had court with my ex, where the judge ordered me to pay half of the child care for the last 3 months (which she had originally agreed with me to pay in full) and so it went retroactive. Well I have been paying on it, and I still owe $300 bucks. HOWEVER, everywhere I look, it says that unless she is on, A.) TANF or B.) The balance is more than $500; then it doesn’t meet the requirements to offset.

    So I am kinda of in a bind wondering if they are actually going to or not??? It would be nice to know, so I know what to expect and how much I am getting.. 300 bucks is 300 bucks (especially when in mediation she agreed to pay the full amount and then 6 mos. later in court went back on it and played helpless)..
    When I call the offset line, it says it may be offset, but EVERYWHERE I have looked online it says it doesn’t meet the requirements for federal refund offset. SO, my fingers are crossed and I am hoping that it doesn’t offset.. Anybody know anything about this situation? Thanks.

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    Toya, are you sure that the letter came from the IRS and that it is not a scam? Call the IRS, not the number listed on any letter you got in the mail. They will tell you what you need to know. As everyone’s tax situation is different, it is impossible to gauge whether they will be amicable or not. If it is a legitimate offset, the IRS can and will seize your return. If your return was direct deposited, they can debit or freeze your bank account to satisfy the outstanding balance. As I stated earlier, it would be best to contact the IRS as it is impossible to determine or guess as to what the outcome may be.

    Best of luck

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    I have not received a letter saying they was taking my refund but I call TOP….. AND THEY SAY MY REFUND MAY BE TAKEN. WILL THIS REALLY HAPPEN ESPECIALLY IF I’M IN A REHABILITATION PROGRAM

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    Got ddd for the 20th with code 203….hoping an praying I don’t get offset…definately need $$$ right now..

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    So, what’s the verdict with those who got the refund? Did the IRS take it back out of your accounts???

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    Snail Mail in NV

    I was declared to have over $1K returned but I, too, am hit with the DAMNED Topic 203…I had the return mailed to my house instead of direct deposited. Any luck on that direction, anyone know?

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    I called my bank they told me my refund was pending in my account for the 17th could it be available be fore then

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    I am starting this website based in recent information I have obtained throughout my own investigation of AAFES collection procedures. I am not going to lie I owed AAFES 3500 dollars when I exited the military on June 30th 2009 there is no shame that I understood that I owed them money. I could not pay AAFES anything because I did not have a job and my only income is disability I originally did not know how to pay them so I knew that they would garnish my tax returns until the amount was paid off. This year 2014 is when something smelled wrong to me since I have paid off my balance of 3500 dollars over the past 4 years with interest , I was surprised when I received another letter from the IRS telling me they are taking my tax reruns again. I started researching what was going on after I spoke to AAFES and the third party collection company that AAFES uses called NCO collections. AAFES told me my balance was still 3900 dollars I was floored, I thought maybe they were not updated on what I have paid over 4 years. I called AAFES two times because I thought there had to be some mistake AAFES told me no there was no mistake, I asked aafes how can this be possible they informed me that I was accruing 10.4% interest then I asked how much interest is this every month I was told 48 dollars and this included fee and penalties. When you add this up it only totaled 576 interest that i owed them so this made sense for the extra 450 that was added on I assumed again they did not have anything updated on what I have paid them again i was told no I still owe ALL of the money and the extra 450 dollars. I was given the number to NCO Collections I called this company and I was told that AAFES fee is not 10.4% AAFEs actually charges 19% interest upon talking to a representative I asked ” how much do I owe?” I was told that I owed AAFES $4900 I was absolutely SHOCKED. How can AAFES charge over a 1000 dollars a year in interest, the number don’t add up..I am here trying to collect stories about what happened to you I have been reading websites and I am not the only one, one story this guy said he owed 3000 dollars and AAFEs has taken his taxes for 6 years and now he owes 10000 dollars. There are basically two open balances one for 3900 from safes and one from NCO collection for 4900 yet i get latters saying they are collecting on behalf of AAFES despite i have paid AAFES over 4000 dollars over the 4 years.

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    can you guys give me the numbers and the websites you are finding this info on, please? like the exact amounts of offsets and where are you guys seeing the “topic 203” i know i’ll have an offset but i dont see any of that.

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    I just realized I had an offset. I either didn’t notice top 203 on wheres my refund page or they just put up tonight(2/21 night)Dd was 2/21. Wheres My Refund site showed refund sent 2/22 right after midnight. Called number in Topic 203 description even though it said 9-5 m-f. Automated line said full amount sent to department of education yesterday. Transcript does not show offset yet, and neither does w.m.refund site. No money in bank. Looks like they got it. If a miracle of some sort happen like it did to some members of this thread i will be sure to post. I too had arranged a hardship payment an with the us Dept. of Ed., so i am super frustrated.

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    I just realized I had an offset. I either didn’t notice top 203 on wheres my refund page or they just put up tonight(2/21 night)Dd was 2/21. Wheres My Refund site showed refund sent 2/22 right after midnight. Called number in Topic 203 description even though it said 9-5 m-f. Automated line said full amount sent to department of education yesterday. Transcript does not show offset yet, and neither does w.m.refund site. No money in bank. Looks like they got it. If a miracle of some sort happen like it did to some members of this thread i will be sure to post. I too had arranged a hardship payment an with the us Dept. of Ed., so i am super frustrated.

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    @hopefulmom3 I’m afraid it doesn’t look good. My husband and I are in the same situation. We had NO idea we were sent to the TOP. My husband called the hotline, the lady said to call our debtors and set up a payment plan and that could possibly stop it…it didn’t. Everything on WMR looked great right until the return was processed, then TT203 came up…however our transcripts still looked great. Our DDD was yesterday, nothing showed. Our transcripts show now that an offset took place and the TOP hotline gives specific amounts that were applied to the debt. I’m so sorry, the government is surely slow to give and quick to take! I’m out of work myself and we surely could have used our return. Best of luck to you.

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    Can anyone update PLEASE? I’ve called every # I can find to possibly stop the offset which I did not know I had because I’ve been paying my payments. I do not have a job anymore, have 3 kids & no help. I’m honest on my taxes and do not have any assistance thus far, could they still depo my refund as shown on WMR site? My DDD is 2/24/14 and I’m really worried! Help!!! Any1 still receive their refund with a topic 203 possible status?

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