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HRB Accepted 1/30 Text on 2/1…Still Processing

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    I filed on the 28th and got a message from HRB online that it could not be submitted until the 30th. I got an email at 9:30am that the IRS had accepted my return. I then got a text message on 2/1 from HRB that the IRS had accepted my return.

    I cannot order any type of transcript and I have been processing with the 21day message since I started checking WFM.

    Anyone else in this situation? Anyone get a DD yet that was/is in this situation?

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    I had the same thing happen to me. I ordered both transcripts yesterday and spoke with a very nice IRS agent in which she told me my DDD is 2/12. I checked WMR site around 1am and it reflected my DDD on the 2/12

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    Still no update for me. I really wish I had been one of the lucky ones to get my refund quick and early. Too bad, so sad. I guess no Vegas for me. . .

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    Finally updated! Return accepted 1/30 now this am finally DD of 2/14. At least the progress bar even advanced.

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    Hey all you HRB 30ers…there is hope!! Still no DDD but I was just able to order both transcripts!!!

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    I’ve had the message: We are still processing your return..a refund date will be provided..had this message since Monday Feb 4th
    an IRS rep told me my return is at the service center
    I just called HR Block..held for 30 minutes and they were no help..gave me same generic reply as the IRS..I need to allow 21 days
    I think our returns were pulled for a “test batch” of some sort
    I am in Ohio
    wonder if I should re-file?

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    I got it too, submitted somewhere around the 24th, accepted on the 30th. Got a text from HRB just like randomly in the middle of the day on 2/1 saying “Congratulations! The IRS has accepted your federal tax return.”

    At the time, I assumed they were just behind on things. But I suspect now that that was when they “really” accepted it. Have been processing with 1 bar since it was “first” accepted on the 30th, but today it switched to the still being processed, a refund date will be provided when it is available message with no bar. Rumor has it that means I should have a ddd tomorrow morning? Got my fingers crossed.

    No offsets, no fees, no education credit, no message so far that I am being reviewed or any other reason to believe I might be delayed, mfj, eic, 2 children (1 born in 2012), dd to a regular bank account. Am I missing anything? :)

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    Same exact problem here!
    I have called IRS 3 times
    I have absolutely no offsets or debts whatsoever…IRS will not tell me what the delay is
    Good luck getting HRBlock on the phone
    I cannot order transcripts either
    I was worried why the text came on 2/1.after I was accepted 1/30…I just figured it was delayed
    I am starting to see a pattern here..maybe if we hear from more HRB customers with this same problem..we can figure it out

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    Yep, me too. I was accepted (received) on the 31st. I am still on processing bar. I talked with a man at IRS finally. He said they have it and there is a garnishment for back taxes. I asked, does that hold it up .. he said NOT AT ALL.. it takes the money right off and a check is cut. I am getting annoyed with not even having the bar move to accepted. This happened two years ago. I fell into what they called a bad batch, and it kept kicking our returns back through… IT TOOK almost two months to get my dd. RIDICULOUS! I haven’t been able to order transcripts either. I will update when I get any new news! UGH.

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    I filed and was accepted on the 29th. Still Processing. It’s so aggravating to keep seeing the same message every damn day. . .SIGH.

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    Yea me to but i was accepted on the 1/31 and got a text on the 1st a text one the 2nd say accepted what they world

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    same boat here too. Its getting old!!!!

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    Same boat, Accepted on the 1st. Nothing yet.

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