The 1/28 Club?

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    Anyone else here file and get accepted yesterday? I can’t be the only one. No DDD as of yet, but I’m hoping for one soon. I have one bar on WMR, and Topic 152 immediately popped up, so my fingers are crossed. Any thoughts as to when you guys think we’ll get ours?

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    Still nothing…


    Ryan M

    I too filed with form 1095 and still haven’t recieved anything. I filed 1/30 not exactly 1/28 but pretty close. The past three years it has taken forever for me to get my refund. I’m guessing I’m in the same boat and probably recieved a letter asking to fax form 1095. I don’t even call because I’ve learned they usually feed you some bs. You just pretty much have to give up checking on the status and forget about it for a couple days. That’s the only way that keeps me from going crazy lol. Good luck



    update.. called back yesterday.. Was told that since I had surpassed day 40 that thye could now tell me the truth… wtf… She said 1 out of every 5 returns with 1095 forms were being held for review. And if you didnt have the official form as opposed to the info being entered by your tax preparer then your return was sent to the reject room. But they have been informed not to do anything with those returns until the 40 day mark. Then they will send out a letter instructing you what to send in and where to send it too. She said until that point you are stuck in limbo. She told me all they needed is a copy of the original 1095 form faxed to them and that it would be up to two weeks before I see a change in the wheres my refund. She said not to bother to call to see if they recieved the fax because they wont tell you ( that part really annoys me and seems really fishy) and then she said and don’t bother calling back for 4 weeks because worst case scenario is it might take them that much longer. grrrrrr I will tell you this.. I might be able to put off calling for a week or two but I’m not giving them another month with no checking up on them!



    still waiting.. ive called three times technically 4 .. I tried for a ta but was told no. Anyway still no answers just keep waiting. I’m getting highly annoyed at least send a letter or something! geez this is getting old.



    I got my state but no federal after over a month.

    3 hours trying to dial in, finally got through to an IRS rep…

    Apparently, because I moved and there were “address changes” between the last time i filed and this time, they suspected identity theft/fraud… so they decided to send a letter to the address that I no longer live at to verify my identity, and when they got no response assumed that identity theft was indeed the problem.

    During the call i answered about 25-30 questions to verify my identity, and apparently now they will send a letter via snail mail to my new apartment which holds the instructions to help me finalize that I certainly am myself so I may finally have access to my stupid refund.

    CALL THEM DILIGENTLY… many of you may not know that their phone lines are open until 7pm… i started calling in around 4:30pm… make sure you hit the right numbers to get to a rep… Have your previous years tax info & weird random stuff like your mother’s maiden name/ your last 10 addresses/etc/ etc



    @jen J

    Glad to hear you got movement. Just checked transcripts….blank n/a still. WMR is saying it is currently unavailable and to try again later…. Horraay


    Jen J

    Good news for me and hopefully everyone else who filed/accepted January 28th….

    My WMR FINALLY updated just now…..I filed January 26th….Accepted January 28th…February 5th I was pulled for a “Random ID Fraud Review”….I was told not to expect anything until at least March 19th…so I freaked out, but remained patient….

    Last night my status changed and my bars came back. About an hour ago my DDD appeared with a date of March 4th, but I expect it March 2nd as last year it was two to three days early because I use NetSpend.

    Hopefully everyone else gets good news from the overnight update!



    We seem to be in the same boat .. Filed with HRblock on the 28th and accepted same night. Feb 13th we had two bars but no deposit date. The 15th we had no bars just the still processing message. no codes. I called IRS and got through, Was told it was a complex system error that the returns were kicked out of the system and returned to it on the 1st of Feb. To call back on the 21st. So on the 21st I called back and was told same story but to call back if we didnt have it by the 1st as they is a backlog of returns and they are trying to get through them I suggested maybe they would make headway if they did those first instead of proccessing the newer returns first. He said the irs doesnt work that way. Now that its almost the first I try calling and each time I am put on hold for 30 minutes or so and them a message comes accross the line.. basically sorry too many calls goodbye and it hangs up. I am so not happy right now!



    I filed on 1/28 but i’m not really sure when i was accepted. Got my state refund back on 2/24 but it’s day 30 and still no federal. Called this IRS this morning and managed to get thru to someone after about 40 mins. 10 mins later the rep tells me to call back in 6-8 weeks starting from 2/06??? I’m a little confused. Anybody else having this problem?




    Day 30….nothing as well. Right there with you champ. Was hoping the 1/28 club would be all done for the year by now…



    Update for the 1/28 club:

    HRB sent email around 1am last night notifying they were in receipt of my RAC.
    It hit my bank (BB&T) as an ACH deposit around 5am. My DDD was 2/25. They flag approvals on Fridays to send out funds on Tuesday & your bank can hold the funds if they want but I would read up on your banks policies for the account type you may have to see what the individual stipulations are.

    My WMR bars still say Approved & almost always update LATE ( 1 x weekly on Wednesday night after deposits hit that morning apparently )

    Don’t let the anticipation consume you. I waited about 28 days for my taxes this year [all the while being unemployed]…..better than the 2.5 months last year due to Education Credit glitch.

    Good Luck until next year.



    Day 28…still nothing.



    Oh yeah and filed MFJ. Husband lost bars 1/31 and I lost bars 2/15.



    So update:
    Filed and Accepted 1/27
    Tried to access transcripts 2/12- told to call IPSU.
    Called IPSU and was told that even if I did have an identity flag on my account they cannot open my account until the 21st day.
    Called back on 2/17- was told that it actually is the 22nd day.
    Called back on 2/18- was told that they have until the 22nd business day.
    Lost my ish. Went into local IRS office on 2/20 at noon and was faced with a sign that said, “Sorry due to a high number of tax payers seeking services we can only assist those who already have a number.” And they weren’t giving out anymore numbers.
    Been playing phone tag with local Tax Advocate office and finally got a hold of them today. Given a case and case number. Was warned that usually it’s 75 days from first contact (2/12) and even if they step in it’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY I will have a return within 3 weeks even with them pushing my return through.

    I am a squid of anger.



    My return is in the same situation. I had to call a tax advocate and was told she will do her best that the irs has a glitch in their system and not enough people. so without her help I would be looking at 6 to 8 weeks otherwise at least two weeks…… I filed 1/29 and 1 bar…



    Howdy all. I filed and was accpted on 1/21. Just got off phone with IRS. My return was not actually processed til 2/3. They stated I had a fraud flag on my account which was not true. After answering many questions…verifying past returns..and rep researching…stated it will be sent to another department for processing AGAIN. It is now released but who would have thought all this BS. Has to be a system glitch…I have read many others in same situation. So I would suggest that if you have not yet received return to call them. Number I used was 8008290582…ext 652. She could not truly explain to me why I was stated had to be the new system being faulty. Oh well…atleast I can now expect it within 21 days again…lol. Hope this helps all :)



    Has anyone been able to speak with someone live? Filed and accepted on 1/28 and WMR is still showing its being processed with no bars




    I finally got my WMR bars back today & my refund was Approved! I also had an updated adjustment to my initial refund amount. I have determined via my series of events that I in fact lost those bars as a result of being under manual review due to an anomaly found within my tax return considering I know exactly what they adjusted numerically. I never spoke to anyone at the IRS nor did I receive a letter. In my case no news was good news even with the slight adjustment to my expected refund amount.
    I have a DDD of 2/25 which delayed my expected DDD of 2/18 by 1 week.



    Help me out i am a 1/28 filer and i have not got my refund and i lost my bars on 02/14 with
    tax topic 152 i check the WMR today and it say my refund has been approved but is being mailed? Why is my tax refund being mailed and not direct deposited??



    I’m in the same boat with everyone else. I filed TT and it was accepted on 2/9. The first time I checked WMR, I was at 1 bar, now there’s nothing but the 152 message. It’s only been 11 days for me, but for the past several years, my refund has come in 8 days or less. Here’s a tip I read on the TT forum: If you e-filed with TT, then your filing fees will come out of this bank in CA. You can type in the same info needed for the WMR and see if your fees have been processed yet. If not, then the refund isn’t immediately on the way.

    Hope this helps. I checked and nothing so far. Good luck, all!




    Nope, nothing…WMR still no bars, with topic 152 and refund amount shown. Transcripts are the same 570 with 3/2/2015 next to it. I am thinking that a batch of filers from 1/26-1/30 were all flagged. Maybe something to do with TT fraud? I’m in FL so I don’t have a state return just Federal.



    With all the chatter about being under review I am half expecting a letter in the mail.
    Nothing to date yet. Just a lot of NOTHING & confusion.
    I am not sure who I am suppose to call in to considering the automated systems ruling the phone lines.
    My 21st day was yesterday & no dice yet.
    I have no idea if my return is really being processed but my HRBlock is telling me nothing.
    Does anyone have a number to get in touch with an actual person? I should be able to get some info according to the 21 day wait period blah blah blah.



    I actually just got off of the phone with the IRS.. basically i was told that my return didnt make it thru the ‘fraud-identity theft phase” so now my return is under review. This process can take up to 6-8 weeks. Supposedly they cant see or tell me anything else until April 2nd. Although my return was accepted Jan 28th…my six weeks did not begin until Feb 5th. Im hoping that it doesnt take anywhere near 6-8weeks.




    Okay so last night I checked my WMR and now I have lost my bars like most of us in the same boat. Still shows my refund amount on the side. And SBBT still shows they are awaiting my refund. Transcripts still blank. Only ‘account’ and ‘wages’ available.

    Anything new with your side?

    Did you get your refund today buddy? Its weird that we are on the same little timeline and I still can’t see anything on my transcripts and you can. Keep me updated!



    @Cassandra Arango

    Is accurate is that date for those of us who have been confirmed to be “under review”? March 15th sucks lol. But it is what it is I guess.


    Cassandra Arango

    You was one of the lucky one who is having a manual review and the date to send those refunds March 15th



    i would also love a number to call. I can only seem to find the automated crap




    Can you please give me the number that you called. I am calling the number from the fraud protection..and really not getting anywhere with them. Thank you



    I called IRS yesterday and the agent told me that some of us who filed 1/28/15 didn’t get actually receipt in not until 2/4/15 or later. I guess Turbo Tax sends in a bunch and sends them to IRS but not necessarily receipt in to their system. My understanding was that usually when there was a delayed in receipt, you would not see the WMR and it would just say your tax refund is still being processed… The 21 days starts from the actual date the IRS receipt it in. In my case, mine was receipt in 2/4. The DDD has nothing to do with the cycle code. The funds will be processed and released but they can’t tell when because it is computerized. If transcript already showed means that the was the date of receipt and transcript will be updated once process is complete. I assume mine would have an update by Friday with DDD by next week.



    Ok, I’m confused…

    So I got letter 4464C 0 today…kinda freaked out about it but after reading some more posts I am a bit lost. The 4464C is dated 2/6/2015, the day after I was able to first access my transcripts (which 2 out of 4 were N/A blank, no return filed etc etc). Since that day I have been unable due to technical issues access my transcripts until today 2/18/2015. My transcripts give me a cycle code of 20150605 but I still have 570 listed. The only codes I have on my transcripts are 150, 806, 768 and 570.

    Would I have a 971code as well?

    Here is a time table

    1/28 filed/accepted via TT, one bar WMR
    2/5 accessed transcripts for the first time 2 out of 4 n/a blank no return filed
    2/14 lost bars on WMR, still have topic 152 and refund amount
    2/18 able to finally access transcripts again, received letter 4464C dated 2/6/2015

    Could I have been under review and they reviewed my return by now and have given me a cycle code? If so I am supposedly a DDD of 2/19/2015 (tomorrow).



    I was finally able to call in (today is my 21st day) I was told by some witch that my refund still has not been processed and that it was in the “posting” department which means they have up to 8 weeks from Feb 9th to process my refund. She never allowed me to ask questions like what is the “posting” department or if my return was accepted Jan 28th why did it take almost 2 weeks to get to another department. FML I still havent received a letter from the IRS and im just as lost as I was before I spoke with the witch today



    UPDATE #2

    Got the dreaded “thorough review” letter…yayy.




    Filed & Accepted 1/28
    Requested transcript 2/13
    Lost WMR bars 2/14
    Nothing but ‘Still processing’ since then.
    No mailed transcript arrival yet
    No update via HR Block
    No refund yet.





    I had lost bars on WMR over the weekend…still am missing bars, I have topic 152 and my refund amount is showing. After weeks of not accessing my transcripts I was able to access them. I am able to see three of four. Also I finally have a cycle code of 20150605 (2/19/2015)…but I don’t have 846…just 570.

    Filed via TT 1/28 and accepted same date
    Blank transcripts on 2/5/2015
    Lost bars on WMR on 2/14/2015
    Able to access transcripts 2/18/2015


    Ginger G

    How did you get in contact with the IRS or a TA? I filled and got accepted on 01/28 and all my WMR says is “Your tax return is still being processed, a refund date will be issued when available.” My refund amount is still showing up on the left side though. Im really anxious and I just want to know whats going. Any information would be much appreciated right now.



    I contacted a TA and did verification of identity.. She’s sending it in today! Still have no bars or info on what’s happening.. Would love an update!



    @Gene Taxpayer
    How long does the review usually take


    Gene Taxpayer

    When your bars disappear it usually means you have been subjected to a manual review by a person rather than computer. They system found an anomaly within your return.



    spicy My bars are gone as well i hope that means good things. Filed on 01/28




    I am hoping that the bars disappeared and a DDD will come shortly after losing bars. I still have topic 152 and my refund amount.




    my WRM had one bar at one time stating that my return had been accepted. As of now I have no bars and it said “return being processed” in italicized words. My refund is displayed on the side of the screen however. I have been checking my mail daily waiting on a letter of some kind to tell me something. I am not able to download my transcripts…I keep getting directed to the fraud department. I called and learnd that someone attempted to file a return for me in 2011. No refund was issued so now I have to file that return again. I was told that this had nothing to do with my current return being held up ( I filed for the last 2 years without any problems) I pray that on Wednesday I get some good news. I had a trip scheduled to the Domincan Republic the first week of March and it’s looking like I have to reschedule it.




    I got the letter on Wednesday 2/11/15. The letterhead shows a date of 2/6/15 so I’m assuming that’s when it was issued you know? I have also been told this letter may be used in reference to an identy verification. I’ve also been told that a lot of the early filers who were resequenced or stuck in the ‘glitch’ had these notices sent generically and don’t necessarily represent the current reason for the delay, if any… None of what I’ve been told can be verified yet of course. Its all hearsay at this point, which only makes this even more aggravating.

    How’s your WMR looking? Are you able to view transcripts yet? I can see 2 of 4 but when I download them there is no actual data available besides a ‘AS OF 2-23-15’ date. I have a HR Block right next to my home so i popped in and asked about being under review and a gentelman told me that if i was under review WMR would be blank or have no bars and would not be displaying your refund amount. So I honestly don’t know what to believe or think at this point since I can’t confirm anything anyone has told me.

    Have you heard any rumors or anything that might help? I haven’t checked WMR or my transcripts today. I’ll check them in a little bit and if anything has changed I’ll post back. I also haven’t actually contacted the IRS just yet. I plan on calling on the 18th(21st day). Hope we arent waiting til May or later for a refund.



    Thank you soo much…one last question (I hope) do you remember when you received the letter? I spoke with someone who said that because of some new “identity protection” b.s my refund is on hold and for up to an additional 8 weeks.
    I’m wondering if this is the same thing that you’re talking about




    The letter is actually very vague. Basically says ive been picked for a thorough review and states if I haven’t received my refund or if I haven’t been contacted by the IRS in 60 days, I then may call them. Also states that I personally am not required to do anything at this time.

    This year has been a headache. First time I’ve ever received a letter or had my refund delayed in anyway. Not sure why me lol. I file single, only one job all year, no deductions, nothing at all but my w2 info. Easy as can be.
    Hope this helps.




    The letter is actually very vague. Basically says ive been picked for a thorough review and states if I haven’t received my refund or if I haven’t been contacted by the IRS in 60 days, I then may call them. Also states that I personally am not required to do anything at this time.

    This year has been a headache. First time I’ve ever received a letter or had my refund delayed in anyway. Not sure why me lol. I file single, only one job all year, no deductions, nothing at all but my w2 info. Easy as can be.

    Hope this helps.



    @toasty what exactly is the 4464C letter..

    .I am still waiting on some sort of answer…WMR hasn’t had bars up for the last week and no one will tell me anything until my 21 days are up which will be Wednesday.

    I know I’ve heard from some people that those who filed on 1/28 got caught up in some glitch…

    I’m just overly pissed off



    I filed & was accepted on 1/28 — WMR bars stayed on ‘Accepted’ w/ Tax Topic 152 without any movement or updates until last night. I woke this morning to find my WMR bars gone w/ no Tax Topic, all it said was it was being processed & a refund date would be provided when available. I did call 2/13 & order my transcript via mail b/c I cannot view electronic due to ID theft protection I have on my SS#. I also called & checked the ‘offset’ hotline to be sure. Nothing happening at this time but will update accordingly. I hope we have some good news after the holiday.




    I filled and was accepted 1/28. I got the 4464c letter and they date on it said 2/6/15.

    When you said you hope what you read it true. What exactly were you referring to. Hoping this is just a generic letter sent out.



    Only update I got last night was losing bars on WMR…still have 152 and can see my refund amount…hoping what I’ve been reading is true that a DDD will come very shortly.



    I filed on 1-28-15 and woke up this morning with a DDD of 2-19-15



    Filed 1/29, accepted right away. Was able to view by transcripts last week sometime, but with all 000s and “no taxes filed”. No movement since. Got a letter in the mail today stating that I am under review and it can take 60 days. Ugh!



    so i called irs yesterday and the guy said that they did not have a return on file then today i called cause i was worried and the lady that i talked to said that they have my tax return but just not processed it yet said looks like it has gotten stuck in a glitch in there system uggh they wont do anything about it till the 21 days



    Ya know… I wouldn’t even mind if my refund was after 2/18 (which is the 21 day mark) as long as I knew when to expect my refund.



    @amers. We are in the exact sane situation in the exact same state. I wish I knew what was happening.



    Also, when I try to request transcripts it tells me to call the identity protection blah blah blah



    Filed via Turbo Tax on 1/28 at 2:30PM
    Received message from TT on 1/28 at 3:44PM that it was accepted
    Went to WMR and got that it was also accepted 1/28
    When I checked it on Monday 2/9 the WMR bar was gone and it just said “Your tax return is being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” which it still says today.

    I received my state refund (Oregon) on 2/5

    I have never had my refund take more than 10 days from when I filed. Nothing really different this year over last year except more interest paid on our mortgage since it was a full year vs just a few months.

    Has any more 1/28er’s gotten their refund or in the same boat as I am?

    I am considering increasing my allowances so as to not loan the IRS any more of my money interest free every year


    Jessie Ohio

    Well got my refund date of 02/16 Just wanted to say I’m so mad at Account Now! I went thru them only because they said they would give me my refund 2 days early and now they will NOT! They also lied and said that they have fee free ATMs near me and that’s also a lie! They also said the card was free and no monthly charges of I use DD. and I got my paycheck on it and they charged me 19.95 member fee and 5.00 for the card and then when I went to take 100$ out they charged me $6 more! I’m beyond mad!



    What the What?

    I filled at around 11:30am EST, accepted around 12:15 that afternoon…used TT to file so no submission ID, one bar on WMR, seen my transcripts once and have had issues verifying since then to see them again.








    What the What?

    Filed on 1/28 at 10pm accepted 10:15pm. 1 bar only income transcripts avaiable Tax topic tip 152. I’m curious what time of day the 1/28’ers that received refunds were accepted? Thanks


    What the What?

    Filed on 1/28 at 10pm accepted 10:15pm. 1 bar only income transcripts avaiable Tax topic tip 152. I’m curious what time of day the 1/28’ers that received refunds were accepted? Thanks


    Jess ohio

    Wheeeeeeeew heeeeeeeeeew finally says it will be in the bank by February 13th! So maybe today because my bank always gives funds a couple of days sooner!



    CANDY I filed turbo tax free no fees taken out . i had it deposited to a netspend card that turbo tax offered..No third party..Simple return 1 dependent HOH no itemizing or deductions



    Nc guy ur refund go to a bank? were fees taken out by third party



    filed 1/28 TT accepted 15 mins later just got refund at 530.. it took a total of 14 days..only had one bar on wmr for the entire 14 days.. i still have 1 bar and i have my refund WMR DID NOT UPDATE AND I GOT MY REFUND TODAY.. Hope this helps






    Filed and accepted 1/28 with TT. WMR has 1 bar still. 152 topic still there. Transcripts for account and wage appear but are blank. Just want to know what’s going on. I’m not hurting for the money, just kind of frustrated that I can’t get an idea of what my situation is. I have the easiest of return as well. Just me and my one job. Any ideas or numbers I should use to at least get some sort of update?

    Thank you guys. Its has sure helped pass time following everyone on here. Great group of people here.


    Jess Ohio

    Finally was able to get some good news using hrblock. Due to WMR saying absolutely nothing now! HRBlock said the IRS is now getting my refund together. With that being said; does anyone know approximately how long it will be until my refund will be deposited? I’m getting anxious my sons birthday is on the 16th this month and would love to throw him a nice party!
    I couldn’t have made it with out everyone sharing their stories!
    Good luck y’all



    Can anyone tell me how to pull transcripts other than online? I have tried and I get to the point where it asks for my email, enter the code, then more info (address, etc…) and then nothing! It just says the system cannot verify the info I provided??



    I filed on 1/28 as of today still processing . I can’t get transcripts according to the irs till my taxes are done being processed. How are people viewing there transcripts while it’s still being processed ???



    Was FINALLY able to see my transcripts this morning with cycle code 20150602. Is that a DD of Friday?


    Jess Ohio

    Well my transcripts are now all available and they say 846: Refund issued. Which really excited me BUT WMR still at 1 bar! Anyone else having this problem? Good god the irs has had my hard earned money long enough!!! Good luck fellow waiters


    Gene Taxpayer

    Mine did that as well. First it updated at 3am then a few hours later it updated the remaining transcripts. Its a matter of the system catching up with your status. It may already be finished.



    Help please all four transcripts are finally showing… BUT the account still says no tax retuned filed?????? Does the cycle code on return or account matter??
    No update to WMR OR HRBLOCK YET

    On account I have a cycle code of 20150602.. That would be Friday?

    Am I seeing progress or no.

    This sucks every bill in my name is due.



    Jen J it sucks…I spoke with 3 different people today and the last person of course told me that I had to wait out the 21 days before they could tell me anything. AFTER I had already spoken with someone who told me that I had a fraudulent issue and not to expect my return for up to another 7 weeks. This ish sucks. I am beyond pissed and just trying to pray and keep the faith that my return comes within the next two weeks, I have a grip planned to DR the first week of March and it was based on my receiving my tax return. My flight is already paid for. I feel sick everytime I think about it



    I will check the WMR in the morning i sure hope something has changed with a DDD but i am losing hope i filed on 1/28 stuck at 1 bar topic 152.



    Jen that sounds bad i hope you get your refund soon. I am still siting at 1 bar. filed on the 28th.


    Jen J

    Filed 1/26 Accepted 1/28. Bars went away a couple days later and have not returned. My WMR says “Your return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” As far as transcripts go, 2014 is still showing unavailable. However, when I try electronically, I keep getting the Identity Fraud screen with the 1800 to call. So early as I posted I called and was told my return has been randomly selected for review and it could be 6-8 weeks before I get my refund. I decided after stewing for 20 minutes and not finding much help online regarding the issue or anyone else in this situation, to call back for more information. The guy on the phone this time was different but provided me with more information. He said that I was randomly selected in order to test for Identity Theft. They are not reviewing my tax return in any official capacity regarding the numbers, but they are making sure that I am who I say I am and that my return was filed by me and not someone else. This is why I got the Identity Fraud screen because that is where my return currently is sitting. Basically the purpose of this random review to to check for identity theft and that nobody is filing false returns in another’s name. What aggravates me is that I was told I would have to wait an additional 6 weeks………..Really? I am so aggravated with this right now.

    I have seen a lot of people online with the same issues that I have been having. (file date, accept date, no progress, no transcript, bars missing). I figured I’d give you all a heads up in case this is happening to you. If you are having the same issues that I am having then I suggest you call the ID Fraud number that is posted on the error message to the ID Fraud Unit. This is absolutely horrible. I worked for my money all year and made sure that I filed ASAP and early. I deserve my refund.

    I’m really hoping that this review is short and sweet and I will have my money by the end of the week. One can only hope, but at this rate, my expectations are very low that I will actually get my money in a timely manner. Again, I just wanted to put this information out there for anyone else that is in my position with WMR and transcript errors.


    Jen J

    Filed 1/26, Accepted 1/28 officially. No updates in WMR and status bars went away over a week ago. Still cannot access transcripts and still getting the error message about ID Fraud. Now I just got some bad news. I called the same 1800 number that I called last week. It looks like my return is now “in review”. I asked the guy why and he said it looks like mine was randomly selected and it could be 6-8 weeks before I see any money. WTF. He said they have not sent a letter to me yet, but it was put under review on 2/5/15. I may or may not have to provide more information but he made it sound like those who filed in and around the same date I did are being randomly selected. THis makes sense now since I have seen so many people who filed the same day as I did and are not getting any updates. I’m livid right now. I was counting on that money for so many things.

    In previous years has anyone else be randomly selected to be “under review”? What happened? Can anyone give me any insight?


    Jen J

    O Wow! That is horrible. I would be livid. When I spoke to someone last week, they verified my information and I asked her to double check that there were not any issues. She did so and did double and triple check. I didn’t have any holds or issues of that nature like you do.

    Good luck on your end. They should have told you last May when they realized it!



    Hello all I spoke with a somewhat helpful lady. no mention of my DDD but she told me my transcripts will not be ready until the 15th & from what I noticed DDD normally follow a day later with DD two days following that! So I’m assuming I won’t have a deposit until next week!!
    Sorry if that’s bad news it sure is for me. Filed on 1/28 accepted minutes later hrblock. transcripts showing no taxes filed. I hope she was incorrect!



    Okay so I finally spoke with someone and what i just learned made my stomach turn. Apparently in 2011 someone filed a fraudulent return using my name and social. The return never actually went thru so a refund was never sent however it was just noticed May 2014. So instead of sending me something in May to allow me to clear it up then they waited until I filed my return NOW and basically held it until they spoke with me. Now that Ive spoken with not 1 but 2 people I have to wait up to another 7 weeks for my return to be sent to some department to be looked over and released. FML I really don’t need this ish now. I feel absolutely sick about this. Hope you guys have better luck then me. I’m going to call back to see if maybe i can speak with someone else who can do something else. this makes absolutely no sense. I’m the victim and yet I’m getting screwed over!!



    Jen J thank you…I have been calling that same number and even waited one time for 40 min and no one ever came. Ive been on hold now for approx 25:55 and counting…. did she say about how long it would take to receive your transcripts or even if she saw a DDD date for your refund? This is a total crock of ish!!! I am sooo frustrated with this whole process.


    Jen J

    Yep, It was the number that was listed on the Transcript Error screen regarding ID Fraud. I told the women on the phone that this was ridiculous and no fraud had occurred. She gave me some lame excuse that sometimes the computers think that people are trying to hack in. I told her, yes but not on my first log in attempt when I answered every Credit Score Question correctly. I am a software programmer for a living with 2 degrees in I.T. I couldn’t believe this excuse she was giving me. She didn’t even offer to reset my account so that I could log in. All she could offer was to mail me copies in the mail.

    Anyway….that number was 1-800-908-4490.

    I’m just fed up with the IRS. They take my hard earned money in a second but when it comes to giving back what is rightfully mine, they take their grand old time!



    Jen J do you still have the number that you called to speak with someone.


    Jen J

    I filed the 26th and received an email stating that I was accepted 45 minutes later. I am still at 1 bar, without any updates and still cannot access my transcripts. I called last week when I was concerned and I was told that I was actually not accepted until the 28th….so I thought ok, fine I’ll give it another couple days. However, I am really starting to get upset. It is been 14 days and still no progress. I know people that got theirs within 10 days that filed AFTER I DID!



    I am in the same boat filed on Jan 28 still only one bar what is the holdup? If anyone finds out please let me know.



    I filed 1/28 got accepted within minutes still have nothing. WMR at one point at least had one bar showing that my refund has been accepted. Now it has NO BARS.. I tried to access my transcripts on line but got flagged for identity theft ( i probably answered some of the questions to verify my identity wrong). People that filed AFTER me received their money last week. I am about to lose it. The only thing that changed from last year was how much i paid for my sons daycare. Last year I received my refund on the 19th. Even if i had a DDD for then I would be able to rest easy. i am currently on hold with the identity theft people to try to obtain my transcripts. Has anyone gotten thru to the IRS yet? I feel so helpless and hopeless and like no one else understands except for those in the same predicament.



    Filed 1/28 with TT. Accepted 1/2 hour later. STILL at 1 bar and transcripts not available, with account transcript showing No Return Filed. People I know who filed the same day already have their money. Beyond frustrated. On hold with IRS now, will update once I get a live person if they have anything helpful to say.



    Still nothing for me either! And when I checked the website it said I had to wait 24 hours after my acceptance email before checking. OK well its been almost 2 weeks since I got that email. Hubby called IRS and all they would say was it should be here before the 21 days. This is such be! We used tax slayer and I will never use it again! I’m praying we get it this week at some point.



    I’m in the same boat. Filed and accepted 1/28 through TT and still nothing. I’m getting pretty frustrated. I am never using Turbo Tax again. Anyone see any changes as of today?



    I’m a 1/28’r too and still waiting. I really wish they would stop fkn with me too. llim keeping my fingers crossed it will still come this week!



    Filed 1/28 and still F’N Waiting. One bar, no changes whatsoever. I’m trying to keep my cool but I’m so sick of this happening to me every year. It always seems like the IRS waits till the very last minute to process my return. I guess I should be used to it by now. Any 1/28ers still waiting with 1 bar?



    Well filed 1/28/15 Accepted same day. WMR still at 1 bar. I got curious and checked my transcripts but they are saying no refund accepted. It’s begi to become frustrating I talked to my tax preparer and she said that I’m the only person that has not received mine. As of Friday she saw people get them in just a couple of days. urg I always receive my refund so fast but noooooope not this year.



    Still waiting filed on Jan 28th why is it taking so long just one bar?



    I’m a 1/27 accepted 1/27 but 6:00 pm pst so probably a 1/28. WMR updated on 1/28 to one bar and on 1/31 no bars. I have had nothing since then. No change, no letters, nothing. Our state was processed and returned already. Married joint return. Primary has no bars, secondary has one so I know the bars don’t be overloaded system because I check them in immediate succession. I hope I get a refund soon.



    I filed with TT on 1/28 and was accepted nearly 20 minutes after. I went through a divorce this year and am filing HOH with one dependent. Did have the tax care credit which my wife and I took up front to cover monthly costs. Still sitting at accepted. When i view my account transcript it says no returned filed and $0.00, but that I am filing married jointly…which i’m not sure if I should be concerned about, i’m assuming it just means they received my return and its assumed I would be filing under those terms so they started it off with that. Anyone have any knowledge on this?

    Would be cool to get that refund soon, ready to go help boost that local economy!


    Spring Texas

    WMR UPDATE THIS MORNING DDD 2/11, offset number says offset been paid and tells the amount paid



    Got a DDD of 2/11 thank God Good luck my fellow 1/28’er



    Posting again to report that WMR actually DID update!!!!

    I’ve been given a DDD of 2/11

    Good luck everyone! I hope you’re all waking up to DDD! What a relief!!



    WMR is down for updates! Last night it was back up by 4:30 AM, fingers crossed for good news!

    With that being said, I have seen posters report that it does not update on Saturdays. However, many posters have said this is not true, and that they received their DDD and approval update on Saturday last year. Can someone report back if they get an update today??



    yes I am a single mother he pops in from time to time to get whatever he can from me. I am taking this as a blessing in disguise! I have been able to get into a safe house and well taking care of many things I needed to do. And I got a job today so I’m feeling blessed. thanks for the prayers or support. it has been nice too hear about everyone else’s success and well updates. sorry to those whom did not like my venting I have no one else to talk to. so no more downers from this momma☺️
    on to the tax subject still 1 bar on WMR….& Transcripts are still not updated either. congratulations to everyone who has had success! Hopefully those of us that are still patiently/unpatiently waited by will receive ours soon! Good luck and thanks again everyone!



    @willsmom – Wed 2/11




    20150505 means your DDD should be 2/11



    Update. Filed 1/28 accepted 1/28 nothing until today I can view 2014 transcripts. Cycle code of 20150505. Does anyone have an estimated ddd for that cycle?



    I hope I have a bit of good news for 1/28 ers. I filed on 1/28 and was accepted on 1/28.

    I woke up this morning and checked my WMR. At 7:30am PST I am still sitting at one bar, however I can now order my 2014 transcripts to be mailed (I can’t access them online…it has an identity protection thing up. )

    I presume that I can order, I will have an update next week some time.

    Good luck to everyone!!


    Gene Taxpayer

    Moma bear you said earlier you was a single mom now you say that father is around i dont know about you. I hepd three mexicans do thesys return and they didnt get no upday so they whipped me good


    Momma Bear

    Well still nothing here. But a couple of black eyes from my children’s father. I guess he has only been around for the tax return so hopefully we can get into a domestic violence shelter today and I won’t have to keep worrying about why I still have NOT got my return or a update. Good to hear everyone else is getting theirs or a DDD




    Return was deposited around 3am EST (banking with Wells Fargo).

    ~Filed & Accepted 1/28 evening
    (Dependent & EIC on one child and EIC only on my second; dependent care name change; address change)
    ~ Locked out of transcripts during the week
    ~Given DDD of 2/6 on 2/4
    ~Deposit received into a Wells Fargo account 2/6 @ approx 3am EST
    (WMR still @ 2 bars)

    I could not have done this week without all of you!!! Thank you all for your support! I want to wish you all the very best and I genuinely hope you guys wake up to good news this morning as well! Going to the Dr. in a few hours to see if they’re pushing up the c-section, so thankful to have been blessed before a non paid maternity leave!

    @mommabear, I’ll be thinking of you and am sending prayers your way!!!


    Ash N Jay

    We got our return at midnight on 2/6 thankfully cuz our 5 month old just ran out of formula and just had to run to the store at 3am to go get some gl to everyone who is waiting on DDD and congrats to all those who got their returns today stay safe and enjoy everyone and gl to those who are still waiting on their DDD



    Filed at 5:00pm 1/28, accepted within minutes, still at 1 bar on WMR with nothing else. Usually get a small amount back withing 5 days, however this year is my first year claiming my child and filing as HOH, I hope they didn’t see the change and pull it for an audit – crossing my fingers it’s here in the next few days. This is getting ridiculous



    @gingerle my ddd updated between 1:30am and 2:30am mountain time



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Approved 2/4
    DDD 2/6



    Filed 1/28, accepted 1/28, one bar on wmr, no transcripts, tax topic 152, no letters in the mail, nothing… starting to get hesitant as to why people who have filed 2/1 have a ddd of 2/6 when I got nothing…



    Hi I have a question last year I was audited on my taxes. Is there a possibility that I will get audited this rear? Filed and accepted 1/28 still one bar on wmr



    well still Nothing for me! My transcripts are blank too. I don’t get it every year I get my refund back so fast and that helps me make it thru my off season with out work, never again will I depend on my refund! Cause that put me in a mess. now I’m loosing everything as of tomorrow and it will take my whole refund to get a new home, car and all my belongings! but life happens the way it does for a reason



    Still no DDD filed 28th



    has anyone thats didnt have ddd get and update iam locked out of the website



    Got my ddd for 2/6 this morning. On point with my cycle code. Have bluebird and hoping to be deposited early or Friday! I did notice the maximum amount per day is 2500…but my refund is higher. Hopefully that doesn’t cause any problems with the deposit… Probably should get a normal bank next time. Lol



    1/28 acceptance still one bar and no 2014 transcript….Boo! MY DDD last year was 2/11 so thinking that’s what it will be this year too!



    I am hoping something happens for you soon.
    I have been in that situation once before. :(



    Filed 1/28 @ 8:13pm
    Accepted 1/28 @9:00 pm
    1 Bar
    Transcripts n/a



    Still no update for me – filed 1/28, 1 bar, 2014 transcripts n/a – Looks like it’s going to be 2/12 or 2/13 for me again :(



    I filed and was accepted on 1/28. I still show only one bar on the IRS site and no transcripts are available. No DDD given. Glad to see some of the folks got their dates. I am in Texas and bank with BOA.



    Oh my I’m really beginning to freak out! My transcripts say NOTHING literally and WMR is still at 1 bar. I haven’t been in a mess like this in a long time! all of my bills are past due and I just got laid off last week. so this single mom of 5yr old boy, 3 yr girl, 2 Yr girl, 4 month girl is about to loose everything! including my mind!!!



    WMR has updated as of this morning to this Friday, the same date per the cycle on the account transcript. Now, let’s wait for SBBT to update (had fees taken from the return) and hopefully a quick deposit by/on Friday but anytime soon will be great and appreciated. Keep the refund faith!



    I see some people getting DDD for 2/6 that filed 1/28, but I just read that they updated the cycle chart and it is possible if you filed 1/28 your DDD will be 2/13. 201504 cycle closes today so updates should hopefully post tomorrow morning!



    Filed 1/28 Accepted 1/28 Received a DD of 2/6 this morning.



    Congrats to all that have gotten their DDD”s. I have received nothing. One bar on WMR, locked out of transcripts since Monday. This really sucks, I normally have it by now. Oh well. Hopefully something soon.



    UPDATE!!!! received a DDD date of 2/6 this morning filed 1/28 an accepted same day



    It’s only 645am PST right now, so I’m wondering if I won’t update until 7 or 8 am PST. A lot of folks who filed on 1/28 seem to have gotten DDD’s but it seems they are also a few hours ahead of us on the west coast. Here is to hoping.



    YESSSS!!! Filed/accepted 1/28 – two bars this morning, with a DDD of 2/6… I’m not a dancin’ kinda guy, but I did the bus stop when I checked WMR. :)



    Yayyy @Ash N Jay! Congrats!


    Ash N Jay

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 6, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 11, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.



    No update for me only 1 bar filed ans accepted on 1/28/15



    @gingerle: I just got to work at 8 AM and logged in as soon as I could. When I checked WMR last night at 11 PM before I went to sleep it didn’t have it, so I’m assuming this is from last night’s update. It is possible that it could’ve been there long before 8 and I just didn’t know.



    @phickdiva Do u know about what time it updated for you? Thx



    WMR just updated for me with a DDD of 2/6, but because I have NetSpend I expect it tonight or tomorrow. They always hit me earlier.



    I file on 1/28/15 I just check WMR this morning I now have a DDD of 2/6/15, Hope this help anyone else that file the same date I did..

    Good Luck everyone, Spend your Money Wisely!!!!!






    jo update for me still waiting but congrats to you all



    So glad to jear updates. No update for me still waiting.



    I filed 1/30, just got ddd of 2/6



    good morning all…..just check wmr and i also hava a ddd of 2/6!!!! Finally, good luck everybody!!!!




    Just logged in to WMR – happy to report I now have a DDD of 2/6!!!

    Sending good vibes to everyone in this thread!!! I hope you guys get some good news too!!!



    @gingerle *rubbing hands together* Excellent!! Thanks for the reply! Will re-post any updates tomorrow! (or later today I should say) :)



    Thanks for the quick reply Wordy!!!! I greatly appreciate it! That helps a ton!!! Lets hope it comes sooner rather than later! Good luck to you as well!




    It’s my understanding that the later date related to the paper check being mailed. The cycle code and the refund sent code and notice are most important. I have always received my refund either in the day or or a day before the cycle date. I expect ours with 20150502 will arrive by/on Friday or Monday at the latest depending upon how quickly the banks update. Also, it’s my understanding that any taxes efiled after 11:00 am EST goes on the next day (mine were the same). Also, my WMR is still on processing but checking and confirming my past tax cycle codes and bank deposits shows that those codes are accurate. Good luck to you!



    I have a question…so I pulled my transcripts tonight and on the account transcript where it has all the codes and dates and stuff…it has the 846 code on it but under date is has 2-23-2015…this makes no sense to me…it also shows that as my processing date. The WMR site still has me at one bar with no DDD and no adjustments or anything show on my account transcripts…any idea why it has the 846 release code with a date that isn’t until 2/23? I thought I filed on 1/28 until I re-checked my calendar and realized it was actually 1/29 that I had filed, early in the day before noon…I was accepted just after 12pm that same day…can someone give me some insight on this please? Last year was a nightmare for me with taxes as I waited the longest I have ever had to wait, especially being one of the early filers last year. Thanks in advance for any help!!! You guys rock!



    @ Bruce Yep! But also if you search here, you get confirmation from tons of folks on that cycle code, and 846 has always been the refund release code. Expect an update tom morn. Congrats!



    @gingerle I have an 846 code and 20150502, I sure hope my deposit is Friday!! :) Do you know this from experience?



    @Meigokie No, that cycle number will be for 2/6 dd if there is a 846 code on it. Wmr should def update for you tonight.



    I have one bar. Accepted on 28th by hr block. Submitted with TT three times but all were rejected. Filed with hr no prob, immediately accepted. Transcript says 20150502 and processing Feb 23rd. So its not going to even process til the 23rd?



    Weren’t there* the first time I tried



    I was accepted 1/30, tried to order transcripts a few days ago with old address and said they were there, tried last night and old and new address wouldn’t work, tried this mornjng and with new address and it sent both transcripts.



    Add me to that list…lol. same thing, old address worked, then didnt, and I thought it meant my new address was updated, tried that and got locked out. Tried in my name instead of husbands, locked out… lol.



    Zero movement for me.. Nothing on WMR, no transcripts aside from wage. Got briefly excited as WMR went down for an update last night when I was trying to check but was for nothing.


    Ash N Jay

    Jenna my husband is seeing the same thing and he was blocked for it we have to wait 24 hours to even see it idk what he or i did wrong but i put all the infor in just the same way H&R Block did even in caps lock and still got the same thing i am begining to wonder whats going on at the IRS site still no update on DDD still 1 bar that says excepted and nothing more



    @Jenna yup, for both my husband and I… I was able to get in a few days ago (no transcript then), but, now it’s locked me out saying that they couldn’t verify my information? We did move so earlier this week when I tried I put our old address and it let me in. Then all of a sudden that address wasn’t right, I got excited thinking maybe they had updated it with the new info (and hopefully a transcript ;) ) but alas when I tried the new address it locked me out :(



    No change…2014 transcripts still unavailable



    I filed and was accepted on 1/28.

    When I try to request online transcripts it says “We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.”

    When I try to request 2014 transcripts from the drop down menu, both account and return, it says none on file.

    I presume they just aren’t done processing my return.



    Jenna – I am getting the same info when trying to request my transcripts. It is starting to get ridiculous. Still nothing I always have mine within 7-9 days with TT, so I am actually quite surprised there is nothing.



    Agent lemon tart I am the same way is it saying your info is incorrect



    Still locked out of transcripts
    1 Bar on WMR TT 152



    Is anybody getting the response that their info doesn’t match what the IRS has on file when requesting transcript



    Hey lovelies…I’m super confused. I was able to view my account transcript today. I have a cycle date of 20150502 and a code 846 where it clearly says my refund has been issued. However, WMR hasn’t budged an inch. No 2nd bar, and definitely no DDD. How’s that possible? I thought the 0502 cycle club got their money already? Just for good measure I checked SBBT, and they don’t have anything, of course. Thoughts?



    Hello everyone, I went in this morning to check and still one bar, so I decided to check my 2014 transcripts and it has a cycle date of 20150502 which it probably means that will soon see a DDD on WMR. File on 1/28/2015

    Good Luck everyone



    WMR has not updated but i was able to get my transcripts this morning with code 846 refund issued. So i am hoping to see my refund friday but i am sure to see it monday!



    filed & accepted 1/28
    accepted and processing last 5 days with 1 bar. finallllyyyy able to view my transcripts this morning but no dd yet. hopefully friday??



    As a side note, many have said they received their refund this year without the WMR fully updating to indicate all is ready to go and have relied on the transcript updates. I suppose WMR does not update as quickly or as well as the transcript page, probably due to constant accessing. ;-)



    Update: WMR has not updated and still at the processing bar. However, all four transcripts are visible; and the cycle date is consistent on both the return and account transcripts with a cycle date of 20150502. I checked my prior years’ returns, and I always received my refund two days earlier than the day listed in the cycle. (Just an FYI for everyone: 2015 = year, 05 = week of the year [this week is the fifth week of the year], and as the IRS’s week begins on Thursday, the last two numbers indicate what day of the week, so Thursday is 01, Friday is 02, Monday is 03, etc.) I am having fees taken out via SBBT which may delay deposit by a day or so, so I’ll be thrilled to receive the refund by Monday. However, going by past cycle dates and deposits, it is very likely it will hit the bank by the end of this week at the latest. Good money mojo, everyone!



    Not sure why this is but, I filed 3 different peoples taxes on the 28th. All three were accepted within the hour, two had education credits and one was just straight EZ form. On Friday one of the ones with the credit got a DDD of the 4th. The other two still have one bar. SO, I guess we will see tomorrow if the one with the DDD is actually deposited.. I will let you know.



    has anyone else used HR Block people to do your taxes filied 1-28 excepted the same day we filed around 4-5pm that day. checked the irs site only 1 bar that states return excepted and with in 21 days we should have the return… but when we checked the H&R block site it says Congratulations! Your 2014 tax return is complete. we will update when your funds are due to be deposited to your account no DDD on either site… and cant figure out how to check his past transcrips on the irs page



    Filed: 01/28
    Accepted: 01/28
    DDD: ?????
    I filed on the 28th was accepted in minutes but WMR still just shows accepted and processing. Just checked the transcripts and I was finally able to download the 2014 return transcript. I have a cycle of 20150502 same cycle as alot of 28thers. Hopefully they release it soon or at least update DDD. I’ll post when there is a change.



    filed accepted 1/28 no update yet. just checked



    I just saw that my return transcript is available as well with the cycle date of 20150502. I believe that means refunds will be released on Friday and should be available sometime after that, over the weekend or early next week, depending on whether fees were prepaid or are being deducted and released to a bank (SBBT for TT). Let’s hope this is a good sign and the momentum continues.



    There is hope u may get ur refund this week Jessica. Please keep us posted.



    I was just able to get return transcript cycle date 20150502!



    I filed 01/28. Locked out or wmr for 24 hours for being obssessed with the irs2go app. No transcripts. But faith we will all vet an update tonight. Some 01/28 filers have a ddd of 02-04-2014. Some don’t see anything at all. Luck of the draw. Im moving the 6th and lets just hope the funds hit the bank sometime this week. All refund cycle charts like “where’s my refund” says 02-05-15. But who knows.. everyone cares. Patience will prevail



    still 1 bar on WMR
    unable to get transcripts (now says registration error? :( )
    can you look at transcripts too many times as a guest? is the IRS mad at me now? lol…
    really hoping to wake up to some good news tomorrow!



    Filed 1-28, accepted just minutes later! One bar on wmr! Tax topic 152. Self employed, with eic. Was audited last year for claiming neices but eventually got the refund in may after proving everything they asked. Hoping for better and quicker results this year! Just hoping and praying we dont get audited again this year!



    Still nothing I’m beginning to worry for the last 3 or so years I had my refund by now. I don’t exp my money now although I could use it worse than ever just freaking out that WMR has not updated yet.



    I filed on 01/28/15 and was accepted in about 15 minutes in the evening so that may make it a 01/29/15 acceptance date. I have a complicated return (as I do every year) with several schedules, dependents, etc. I am still with only one bar and no transcripts though I’m not worried just yet. Last year, my complicated return was processed with receipt of my refund in 10 days, so I’ll see where it goes from there. Of course, that doesn’t mean I still don’t check my WMR and my transcripts daily. ;-) I filed via TurboTax as I have for many years. Wishing us all a quick and speedy refund.



    I am 1/28-er too. I went through Turbo Tax. Nothing special about my taxes. Wondering when our projected DD date is?



    I filed on 1/28 also and got accepted within an hour. I am still sitting on the accepted bar waiting to be approved



    If you go on the irs website and look at your transcript online you can click on previous years. We filed jointly the past two years with my husband as the main filer and then I looked a just his the year before and last year was 01 then 2013 was 04 then 05 in 2012. So I don’t think it helps everyone.



    Where do I find the pervious year transcript numbers? There are different transcripts on the irs site. Is it refund transcript?



    1/28er -prepaid fee, exempt Healthcare penalty -EIC –
    No Transcripts yet … I went back and they all have a 03 at the end of them .. Does that mean I am a Daily 3a-3p update or something??

    Still have 1 bar on WMR TT 152 21 day message



    I went bk through my transcripts and they all say 05. So i am weekly looking for and update by weekend



    Commented earlier but i will update. Filed and accepted the 29th with TT. One bar ever since No changes, no transcripts. Hoping for an update tonight!



    Any updates on trannys? Filed 1/29 accepted fees from refund turbo tax 1 w2 eic and childcare credits. Nothing for me yet. I need the money but trying not to stress out over it. Hoping we get an update for 2/6. Its hasnt been a week but feels luke a decade lmao



    I hear ya @bostonq. Me too!



    File on 1/28/15 accepted in minutes check this morning still one bar tt 152.. hopefully something happens this week, need my money ASAP.



    No WMR change, and still no transcripts available. THIS IS BULLSHIT.


    Ash N Jay

    we filed on 1-28 around 5pm and excepted that day but no status bar or DDD hoping for an update soon



    Still no change for me. Filed early afternoon on 1/28..accepted an hour later. No bar..and 152. Fingers updates in the a.m.



    Filed 1/27, Accepted 1/28, transcripts available 1/30 and once WMR got back online this evening I have a DDD 2/4. I’ve never gotten it that fast, and I didn’t do anything different. I just always missed the cut-offs by, like, an hour. Not this year, thank the baby Jesus.

    I live in GA and every year I get state back one day before, so it’d be lovely to wake up to my state in my account on Tuesday. The GA WMR is only saying it was received and they’re lookin it over. But the GA WMR has never been reliable. I usually get a DDD date once I’ve received it.

    Here’s to lots of posts this week with $ in our accounts. *clink*



    Yes, filed on 1\28 in the aftetnoon. WMR updated on Saturday with a DDD of 2\4



    No change for me…still 1 bar, TT 152, return transcript n/a

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