Post here if wmr says Your tax return is still being processed

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    Mine is still saying this..but it updated today with the refund amount on the side> This happen to anyone else?

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    What sort of information is required from an audit? I’m unfamiliar?

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    Well I just checked my mail and got a AUDIT letter from the IRS …. unreal …

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    @Crystal… Thanks for sharing! That lines up with what Marty B was saying is the next wave of direct deposits. Hopefully more of us will soon see the same. Enjoy getting yours!

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    Filed turbo tax feb 2. Went through first 60 day review and my second one is up on July 15. I’ve been reading this site every week for updates. I thought I would share to give hope to people that I checked wmr today and it finally changed from still processing to 2 bars with a deposit date between July 11 & July 16

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    I’m STILL waiting !! I filed Jan turbo tax too .. I only called a few times there’s no point anymore .. my emergency hasn’t changed in months it’s still processing .. has been for months . Only transcripts I can seem to get is mailed they are the same as the first ones Ii got .. so yep I’m still waiting as well

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    @Marty B yeah looks like we’re down to just direct deposits only on mondays now. So that timeframe would make sense. Fingers crossed everyone left here is finished by August! And yeah…. the pasta’s still ok but a steak would be good once in awhile too!

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    Marty B

    I did see where it looks like there’s another “wave” of refunds starting on or around the 16th. My CP05 letter mine should be released unless they need more info from me on or before the 19th. So maybe with a little luck all of us waiting will be included in that batch????

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    Marty B

    Spooky, none my way yet buddy. Still enjoying that pasta? Lol

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    Sooooo, months gone bye, “phantom” letters mailed, or not. A bunch of us who filed in January. TurboTax users. The first 60 day wait. Then the next 60 Days. TA’s doing something or nothing. ID verify, then not accepted. Has Anyone seen anything positive of late?!? Only thing I can see is that the IRS website direct deposit schedule only goes until October, which I’m positive I won’t be a part of. So…. Anyone?!? Anything positive?!? Just wondering if there’s any movement or hope?!?

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    @Shay that is kind of weird. I faxed mine originally to my TA but then had to overnight the original because they said they could only accept originals. I got a letter that my return was adjusted according to my amendment (it decrease my return) but wmr shows not receiving an amendment from me so I dunno whats going on.

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    So I received a call from my TA today and he said that the irs is requesting that I fax them a copy of my amended tax return. Even though the one that I mailed them is showing up in WMAR they still want a faxed copy. Is this normal has anyone else been through this. I’m just trying to figure out what is going on. Please advise if someone can shed some light.

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    @Angela: I filled 1/28 too. We, the early Turbo Tax users were targeted. In all, over 9.4 million were pulled for review. I got our CP05 hold letter March 12. After the 60 days were up, I called. Told they will send a letter to release the funds, but another 60 day wait. Called again, was Told I should have gotten an “phantom” ID verify letter may 24. No letter. Made appointment to verify in person June 5, took off from work, was told in person I didn’t need to do that. 😠Called again, 5 more hours on the phone, told I was going to verify over the phone as our return was targeted due to possible fraud. Passed over to the Tax Payers Protection dept. Did the ID verify over the phone, then told he was requesting the funds to be realized, But it could take 4-9 more weeks and even after 9 more weeks, I might have to grab a TA! 😡 Insanity at its finest! And no one friggin’ cares.

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    I filed 2-17-2018 and have been is review since 3-12-2018. No letters, no changes as of yet. I’m holding out that I will receive a check in the mail really soon. We need it

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    Angela single mom

    I filed Jan 28th , accepted Feb 1. I file the sane way ,almost same income every year through turbo tax. My taxes were accepted and the day the deposit was supposed to hit , status changed to still processing. Recieved a letter 2 weeks later saying I didn’t need to do anything they were reviewing for my safety. Its July 2nd. I haven’t received any additional information, I’m drowning in bills I usually pay off with the 4000+ $ the government is holding. This is totally insane

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    Does anyone knows when WMAR is updated? Mine was received on 6/4 and when I talked to a rep with the irs they stated that it can be until September when it is finally done processing. I have a TA helping me and I filed for a hardship. Im just curious as to when I might finally get my refund.

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    @tonlove115 –

    Call the IRS: 1-800-829-1040 hours 7 AM – 7 PM local time Monday-Friday

    When calling the IRS do NOT choose the first option re: “Refund”, or it will send you to an automated phone line.

    So after first choosing your language, then do NOT choose Option 1 (refund info). Choose option 2 for “personal income tax” instead.

    Then press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.

    Then press 3 “for all other questions.”

    Then press 2 “for all other questions.”

    – When it asks you to enter your SSN or EIN to access your account information, don’t enter anything.

    – After it asks twice, you will get another menu.

    Then press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.

    It should then transfer you to an agent.

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    I need an accurate phone number to speak to a actual person! I had one but broke my phone and all I can find online is automated numbers. Can someone please help?

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    Marty B

    My CP05 letter review is supposedly over by the 19th and Chris is the 2nd person I’ve seen with a date of the 16th. So I must assume the next “wave” of refunds going through are the week of the 16th. Fingers crossed mine and all of yours will be in that same wave!!! Say some prayers folks!!

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    Edit: the post dates are 7-16-2018

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    So after my WMR updated yesterday to reflect a new status of being processed, I checked my transcripts online today and they have all updated. I have a code 570 and a 971 and a processing date all post-dated to 7-16-22016.

    Doing a little research, I found that a 570 can reflect that there is an offset between what I filed a return for and what they have? Is this true? I know that I had paid a pre-deposit in Q1 2017 that nub CPA erroneously omitted from my filed tax return, so could that be the reason behind the 570?

    971 says a notice has been sent for 7-16-2018, would this be different from the LTR12C I received earlier this year in April where they required additional documentation?

    My account balance is now showing a greater return than I initially had filed for, so I guess that’s cool? But does that mean I still have to wait longer or should I expect our refund around the 16 of July?

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    @Marty I had to ID verify over the phone a month after my Verify letter was mailed ( we never got it) and the guy from Tax Payers Protection ( a year old division of the IRS) said he sent a request to release the funds. But it could take anywhere from 4-9 more weeks. Sigh Any damn excuse to sit on the money.

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    Marty B

    Guess what Spooky…..mine is still being “processed”. Beyond ridiculous!

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    @Chris They pulled 9.4 million of us for reviews. Of course they don’t have the people to handle it so here we all sit. Ridiculous.

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    @spookyrides – thanks for clarifying I hope good things to come. I’ve never had this happen before!

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    @ Chris Still being processed is first so yours is moving along now. Best of luck, I’m still looking at 3-9 weeks and we filed in January. Insanity at its finest!

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    My status on WMR changed from still being processed to we have received your refund and it is being processed. Which line comes first in the timeline of processing? I feel like with this status I’ve fallen back a step? Can anyone clarify?

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    @ray…. doubt a TA will help as you need to show proof of either getting the power turned off or eviction for them to take your case, and it’s a complete crap shoot if they even work hard at helping you. For what it’s worth, we have been waiting since January 28th. There using more filters as per Trump, but don’t have enough sets of hands to handle all the returns that have been flagged. Hang in there man, our second 60 day is July 24. Can’t wait to see how they delay us yet again. Complete and total dumpster fire.

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    F/A March 22 2018 bars disappeared 1 week later.

    Recieved ID verif. April 11th 2018 and passed my verification the same day.

    Recieved Cp05 notice May 16th 2018 stating not to do anything but wait till June 28th 2018

    As of today I haven’t received anything asking for more information . WMR still says ” your refund is still being processed and so on”.

    Anyone else on here about to hit there Cp05 letter wait date and still haven’t heard anything. I was hoping by now something would have been sent out or changed on WMR but it seems like a lot of people are still waiting after the identity verification. I filed using Turbo tax and they keep emailing me wanting the filing fees.
    Never in my life have I waited this long. Even back when I use to file a paper return and get the check. I hope they get things going sometime this year at least. Good luck to everyone I will update if anything changes.

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    Just called and was approved for an advocate, waiting on a call that is scheduled for June 28th. I figure, if I have to wait another 3 months anyway, getting one cant hurt.

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    Just sent in all the information they needed for my audit and called and was told that they have all the information, but they are just now looking at the audits from February and March, so I can expect to have mine review somewhere around another 3-4 months…WTH!!!!!

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    Treasury.Gov read up on this years returns, insane.

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    9.4 Million returns held, and a processing center meant to close, so they have moved returns to another center for review. Unreal stuff….. do the google search and see why everyone is still waiting. Yet they pat themselves on the back for detecting 48% of fraudulent returns. Unreal

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    @ray…. you can only qualify for a TA if you have a disconnect letter from a power company or lost a car, apartment etc. And even then…. your results may vary as the majority on here have stated that they are about as useful as a box of rocks. Five months myself and still waiting. Hang in there man, misery loves company and god knows that this has been an unreal tax season!

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    Marty B

    I mailed mine off on March 24th, got letter for ID verify form 4883 on May 1st, verified on May 7th, then on June 6th when they released MANY other refunds, I got form CP05 and was told it’s under a 45 day review until July 18th!!

    I’ve heard nothing else since then. So I take it no news is good news?

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    Ive had code 420 since 5-18. I requested a TA last week and was told I had to amend and send in proof of HOH and that my kids are mine and also my school transcript. Sent all that in this week and today my as of date to July 9. Does this mean anything?

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    filed in March. in person ID verified April 15. Got a letter saying my return is in review.
    Waited 60 days and then I called. Agent submitted referral and said it can take another 60 days. WTH!! Should I now get a TA? This is ridiculous.

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    I just can’t believe that it could take until December to process a refund. I’m hoping that was a typo. This tax season is crazy and it just shows how they don’t care about playing with other people money.

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    It’s honestly not fair to hold refunds this damn long after we have been putting our $$$ in for next year after almost 6 months. Going to continue to email, call and write anyone I can.

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    It was in a letter they sent me back yeah it’s crazy have forgotten about it already. Lol what else can I do:(

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    @juststillwaiting. 12/11/18?!? What the Hell??? Did they honestly say that without laughing? In what world could they even justify it taking that damn long?!? OMG What a hot damn joke! I’ve emailed my senator, going to keep after them all as this isn’t fair!

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    @spooky .. it’s really sad but u kno if we owed them money we wouldn’t have been able to wait with excuse after excuse

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    Just like some of you filed 29th waited nothing had to amend then three days within amending overlapped by examination letter. Sent everything verified same child HOH etc…they received on 25th got letter today saying they received it and it and my response should be reviewed by get this 12/11/18 callee they said thats the time frame it could take but bpt necessarily. Now maybe they are adding time to the amended but that seems like a long to for review so yes they are behind and yes don’t expect anything to happen fast. Anyone else?

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    @Jeannine Early Turbo filers like you and I were targeted from the start. There still using sortware that should have been shelved in 2015, but due to them already being 90+ million over budget on their new program, they have added a bunch of new filters that prompts for a human review. Biggest issue is they could care less, and don’t have enough humans to review, so here we sit and wait. Oh, by the way, last year they gave away $313 million in fraudulent returns. Nice huh? We’re 30 days into our second 60 day hold, can’t wait to see how they stall us come July, as I’m sure it’s coming: Phanton letters mailed, returns not touched until March, zero information etc. etc. Beyond the point of being illegal I’m sure.

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    Some do get theirs approx. 4 weeks with a tax advocate but mines have been 8 weeks so far and still nothing.

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    @shay i amended mines 4/19. Received on 4/24. Ta called june 12 says im on step 3 , which is completion processing of my refund. No update either on wmr nor wmar. Waiying for my ta cb june 29. Hopefully with a dd.

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    @shay about 4 weeks if you went through with a tax adovocate

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    @Shay. IRS received my amended on the 25th of May. Spoke with representative today, and she stated it was just adjusted within the last few days, and could take a few weeks for refund. Still not showing “adjusted” on WMAR.

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    Does anyone know how long it will take for me to receive my amended return. I’m still at the first step.

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    I filed Jan 29 with turbo tax , I received the letter saying wait 60 days they needed to do more reviewing etc .
    Then I called twice was asked a lot of questions about my return etc them was told to wait each time .. I can’t order my transcripts online only by mail . They all say the same things .. my WMR still says still processing and has never changed … so IM STILL WAITING ..

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    Marty B

    How many of you got the CP05 letter after verifying your identity and then got audited? Seems like although they claim to audit so few several are right here on this thread!

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