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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    what is everybody from the city under review or processing . Is this Cuomo Vs Deblasio

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    LOL stop on the way @NANA72 and scoup me up

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    @Nana72 Im in Queens too! : )

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    Lord help me if I check now and my shit is still processing, I will drive from Queens to Albany. No screw that, I will go to penn station and get on the Amtrak cause my ass might get locked up and then my car is stuck in Albany someplace.

    If I wait until after 4 ain’t no way in hell I’m getting to Albany before 4:29 and I’ll stay out of the newspapers. So I’ll check at 4pm today unless someone says they got theirs before then.
    DDD today for everyone on back to processing!

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    oh gee whattya know, still processing. SMFH

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    I had to last year. here are my time frames

    Accepted on 1/28/17
    I got the need further  review message on 2/2 .
    Then return has completed processing letter in 30 days on 2/21.
    3/6 notice issues and fax paper
    3/28 refund issued for April 6

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    Anyone have to submit w2s before? How long does it take to go back to processing?

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    LOL @steph Tell them sister

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    My ddd always updated between 3 and 3:30pm. Then I’d get the refund issued email between 5 and 8 pm the same day. At this point I don’t care what time they give me a date just give it me Today!! So very tired of this shit.

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    As i checked my pass years of refunds your right Neece22 all my updates came in the after 5pm.

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    @Shanika I mixed up my dates but I was under review for a week but 3/6 or 3/7 is when I went back to processing.

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    @Cat44 check later on. I literally updated yesterday but it was not in the morning. It was in the evening.

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    @Shanika622 I was under review for a bit and I want to say either 3/6 or 3/7 I was under review for a week and then I went back to processing until sometime yesterday when I received my ddd of 3/26.

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    Check this evening got to go shovel

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    I woke up hoping Thursdays were an update but im still processing

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    Still processing

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    Ugh still nothing 😫
    Filed 1/13 accepted1/21
    Processing for the first few days the further review until 3/7 been on processing again

    The last time I called was 3/6 but haven’t called again what’s the point they lie. And tell you something you want to hear to get you off the phone.

    These people don’t give a damn about any of us . they will never see us or know us. So for me I will just wait 😖

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    Many of you refer to W-2 requests causing refund delays. What was the problem; Was the Employer Federal ID incorrect: Was the W-2 hand-written or otherwise “non-standard”; Did you paper file your return; Did your E-file return “Reject” ???

    Under normal circumstances W-2 information processes successfully.

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    @neece22 when did u got back 2 still processing and did urs ever say under review??????

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    Hello Everyone. I just got a ddd of 3/26 today. Filed 2/14. Hoping some of you update today as well. This morning it still processing but I haven’t checked since so I decided just to see this evening.

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    So it’s possible we will hopefully get a June ddd …. ugh

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    I was approved 1/31 … needed further review until 3/7 … went to processing. FINALLY called them today. I was told, “Good news! You have not been flagged and you are not being audited. Our processing times have just been running a bit longer this year.” I asked if she had any other information and was just told to wait it out, my return is still processing.

    So news at all for me! Guess the waiting game continues…

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    @nygirl, the year I had to send my w2 it took about 4 weeks. so fingers crossed you get it within a month.

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    Finally received the letter requesting my W2..this is freaking ridiculous now I have to wait 90 days to get my money? This is BS!!!!

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    Still processing with no ddd yet accept 1/29 reveiw 2/3 back 2 processing 3/7 wtf

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    i cant believe im still on processing. im really just speechless

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    @nic bambina

    I do returns for family & friends. Had a refund deposited yesterday, one scheduled for today & another for Friday. Still have two “processing” !

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    nic bambina


    can you keep us posted if you did get it i think we have the same ddd date of 3/22

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    I’ve had NYS Refunds issued for all business days of the week this year, Monday thru Friday.

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    nic bambina

    Ive just heard they only do deposits on that day i could be wrong i did get my ddd earlier last year

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    @ Nic The state give out not only on Wednesdays unless that something new .

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    The state give out not only on Wednesdays unless that something new .

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    @Nic, at least you got a date and you’re done with New York State.

    Several of us are still waiting for deposit dates 8 weeks and more processing, and others had to verify after sitting under further review for 5+ weeks.

    Don’t be disappointed, be happy that you’re done with those NY Jerks and you’ll have your money tomorrow.

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    A little disappointed that I woke up with no deposit I thought they only did deposits on Wednesday but my deposit date is for March 22nd anybody else get there is early

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    A little disappointed that I woke up with no deposit I thought they only did deposits on Wednesday but my deposit date is for March 22nd anybody else get there is early

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    i just got off the phone with a live rep. New State is open in spite of the storm. I was in under review forever. Went back to processing on 3/7. Got a letter regarding owed 2014 taxes.but they jsut caught it so I still will get a refund. I called and she said that it should not be much longer before I get a due date

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    Filed 1/24
    Still waiting………

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    Processing still 6 1/2 weeks in 6 crazy

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    Good morning. 8 weeks since they accepted my return. Praying for a ddd today. Good luck to us all.

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    Does anyone knows how long does it take to return back to processing after you upload your w2? Maybe a month later..

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    @dee no storms coming our way up here

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    Filed my FED 3/13, quickly accepted, DDD 3/22 !!!
    Filed my sister’s NYS 1/24, accepted…May need further review…Now STILL PROCESSING !
    And her return is SIMPLE !!!

    NYS is a JOKE !!!

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    @dee, I thought the same shit.

    Like wtf, let the computers run 24/7 and update our returns. If it’s back to processing why do we have to wait for an approval dept. You have a bunch of returns in stackables on your desk.
    cut the bs and give us our money…smfh

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    We may not even going to see and update this week because upstate may close down because of the storm smfh.

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    @dee, you’re right about that, all the calls do is irritate the shit out of you even more.

    “you’re in the final stage”, “you’re at the end of the process”. “you’re just waiting for a ddd”, and my favorite “it’s just waiting for the APPROVAL DEPT.”. NY is just dirty. They’re on some gangster shit holding onto someone’s money until they’re good and ready to give it to them!

    55 days since they accepted my return and I’m still waiting.

    Bat Shit Crazy!!!!!!!

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    It seems on average most who went from further review to processing updated to ddd between 8 and 17 days, key word “most”; and the ones who stayed on being processed the whole time updated between 10 and 20 days, again on average.
    At any rate, praying we all update this week the latest.

    This season is so beyond the highest level of BS. smh

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    When you call all they going to tell you is processing. I called yesterday and they have no further information. minds been accepted 2/3 under review since 2/3 processing 3/7until.

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