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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    I must b the only person still fucking waiting wtf

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    @dee YES!!!!!!!!!

    Couldn’t remember my password to log in on my phone so had to wait until I got home.

    Fina-fucking-lly. yes I’m still cursing because NYS put us through some straight bs, but I am very happy they finally made it right.

    Congrats to my fellow 4/2 deposit recipients, it’s been a long time coming is an understatement!!!! We need to have a fucking happy hour…lol

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    Looneys want me too down load latest resume. Anybody get that message. How do you do it. Only kidding I think,maybe. Good night folks. Signing out

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    Happy for you.
    Have a happy April second.

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    omgggggg!!!! yes 4/2 ddd. im so happy! and sho happy everyone update. congrats to us all!!

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    NYS Looney tunes delivered a dad 4/2/2018
    Accepted 1/29/2018
    Reviewed until 3/27/2018
    Processing until today 3/23/2018
    DDD 4/2/2018
    Take me away haha take me away. He he he ha Just was hired by the looneys 🤑 🙏 👅🚶🏼 🐵🙈🙉
    Sorry miss spoke. Not hired,under review

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    4/2 Finally!!!

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    Just recieved a DDD of april 2nd filed and accepted 2/3

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    Just got a ddd for 4/2 finally!

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    Filed and accepted 1/30

    Further review forever

    Back to processing 3/7

    Just now reviewed a DDD is 4/02 !

    My car died on my way to work this morning . I cried on my lunch break because I didn’t know where the repair money would come from . I’m currently crying happy tears now .

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    I don’t have EIC, and I filed 1/19 and just got a date of 4/2.

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    Sorry for the typos walking to the local bar to have a drink lol

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    I just called nys tax the 518 number and the rep told me that the hold up was EIC. Then she said the approval cue is where it goes to get a DDD date. That que is populated and on hold for certain amount of filers are out in there then it automatically gives out a deposit date. They said this to me before I just didn’t believe them . Makes since now everyone with a 4/2 date all of a sudden we get deposited . I asked her this never happen to me before and she said it’s started last this year. Crazy

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    Let’s face it my fellow NYers. This state is FUCKIN BROKE, like 63 BILLION worth of broke. They want to hang onto our refunds for as long as they can and earn as much interest on it as possible. My status went from, we received your refund to your refund was accepted , to your refund is being reviewed, to you will receive a letter in the mail, to you’re being audited, you have 60 days to provide needed documentation. all for a lousy $600 bucks. How hard up is this state from money that everyone I talk to is receiving a letter, requesting something.

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    Omg it’s a miracle ddd4/2. I feel like I won an Oscar 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Congrats to all those who got ddd…too bad I still have a long wait ahead of me…had to upload w-2 so there’s no telling when this refund is coming 😔😔

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    4/2!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

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    when back to processing after 6 weeks or more of “further review”on 3/7 Just now it updated to DDD 4/2
    I can finally rest from checking this shit ! Lol

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    @Nana check yours

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    Finally April 2 second

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    Me too

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    Just checked now. Got a 4/2 direct deposit date.

    OMG I can’t freaking believe it.

    This wait!

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    Just now checked and it says DDD of 4/2. I filed on 1/12 and have EIC, which is why its taking so long. You guys should be getting something soon.

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    Finally got a date for April 2nd. Filed 1/15

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    “It shouldn’t be too much longer.” Is the closest I could get someone just now to say how much longer it’ll be.

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    I guess the approval department is out today

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    I’ve never seen such fuckery in my life. Accepted 1/19 and got off of further review on 3/7.
    Uploaded my W-2 just in case on 3/2.

    Called numerous times. No red flags, no audits.

    And still no ddd date.


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    Stephanie Neal

    I’m still waiting on my NY State refund. I just checked the website again and once again it’s saying we received your taxes and it’s begin process and it maybe under further review. How much longer will it take…

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    So today i check my refund and it get this.. but i have already uploaded my info…. at first i did forget to upload a 1099 that i claimed on my taxes.. but i been did that. We sent you Form DTF-973.56-O to verify the amount of taxes withheld from wages you may have claimed on your return. To view and respond to the letter online now, type W-2 letter in the Search Tax box on our website and select Respond to W-2 letter for details. For more information, call

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    This is straight wrong

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    No change

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    So new update for everyone . I was on further review and then got that message about calling x number , then they said they mailed a letter to me , rep told me they just wanted my w2 uploaded so I uploaded it that same day

    Today as of Friday 5 am I checked the refund page again that message about calling that number is now gone and back to processing again lol

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    Finally got the long awaited letter yes they need my w2 which I had already updated when I check my status online it say we mailed you a letter blah blah make no sense I guess June it is

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    Hello friends. Filed and accepted Fed and NYS on 02/08. Fed refund already received. NYS refund status website, from day one and still up to today (03/22) shows the status as “your refund status is not available”. I called the phone # on 02/28 and was told that “everything looks ok”, my return was “not under review” as of the day I called, and that this was just part of “regular delays”. Still no update on the website. Am I screwed?

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    well my refund family , I’ve had enough dissapointment for today . Ill be back in the morning with another round of where’s my money ?

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    I’m done with this shit. smmfh!!!!!!!!

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    Surely they must have gotten a copy of W2s from our employer by now. Don’t know why WE need to send it 2 months later. pure laziness is all. I’m telling you, I work within a stones throw from Harriman Campus in Albany and if the workers aren’t outside choking down smokes,
    they are in the coffee line. someone needs to light a fire under their lazy asses ! last year I tried hand delivering my W2 and they looked at me like I was a nut. Oh no! you have to mail it or upload it.

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    Thanks Jacqueline..I’m sure I won’t get mine back until June this year

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    @dee when I checked the refund status it said no information was available using that website and gave me a number to contact. When I called the number it said I would receive a letter within two week to verify my w2..I received the letter yesterday

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    3:04 still the same

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    @nygirl, I had to send w2’s last year and they mailed me a paper check in June even though I had requested direct deposit when I originally filed. I sent the W2’s by mail though. I didn’t download them. Not sure if that’s why ??

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    NYGirl how did you know that you had to upload your W2 ?

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    Wtf ppl its my money and i want it now

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    Filed 1/31 and went back to processing on 3/7 from further review.. should i have received something in mail by now if they needed more info?

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    For those who had to send in their you know if the website will update once we start processing or will we just get a DD in our account whenever NYS decides to release our funds?

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    @mike sooooo funny omg

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    I just don’t get it. Especially people who filed a month after me getting theirs. I filed on 1/15. I’ve never waited more than 2 weeks for state until this year.

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    The word is out . The NYS reviewers and processors are located at Looney tunes sanitarium . DDD on nights that have a full moon. Be patient. Might have one in April. Ha he ho ho fee Fio so goo go?;#^><>€£*=¥]{%# hahahaha

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    WHAT THE F*** IS THIS POS STATE DOING? I seriously can’t take this shit much longer.

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    @nymomof3, Queens in the house…
    @dee, copy, on my way…lol

    NYS, is playing with my fcuking emotions!

    The rep I spoke to said, the 2017 updates they did messed everything up and caused all these delays. He was very apologetic because I had to wait so long but there’s nothing else to do but wait for the systems to give dates out.

    If you and your systems don’t kiss my ass is what I wanted to tell him. But I thanked him for giving me a totally different scripted answer from any I’ve gotten over the past 6 weeks. Because trust I’ve heard them all, multiple times.

    So I’ll check at 4 and then be pissed until about 8 and start this bs over again tomorrow.

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