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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Waiting patiently since 1/17 hoping for change this week

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    @BBNY I am had to upload my w2’s but after a week and a half im back to processing

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    Uploaded my w2 two weeks ago and nobody reviewed it yet..just spoke to rep smh!!!! This is outrageous…accepted on 1/31/18 is there anyone else still waiting 🙄🙄🙄😩😩

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    I have Jackson Hewitt serve card 4/2 for state deposit but hoping it can be earlier

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    Last year minds came the day before . I use a credit union .

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    Lynn Maria

    Do you know what bank she used

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    My cousin did not get her state until that Monday when I was suppose to come

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    Lynn Maria

    Do anyone know if we will get are state check before 4/2 Jackson Hewitt American express serve card

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    @Rob same here but got my fed 2/17 and I’m hoping for the state to come sooner I have a 4/2 ddd as well

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    My federal DDD was 2/22. Got it on 2/15. Have the American Express Serve card. Obviously the state isn’t that soon, 4/2 DDD, but hopefully it comes early.

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    @nana you are so right don’t spend yours all in one place lol

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    @dee I figured it was a credit union. Well good luck with this Friday, we waited hella long for it!

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    @nana72 I use MCU the city and state of NY credit union. I always get paired a day earlier then most. However I never gotten a deposit on a Saturday.

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    Does anyone know how to check your online account for an issue date?

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    @nymomof3, so Cross Country is like HSBC. They wait until the actual date. I closed my HSBC account when my pay was deposited on a Monday while everyone else got theirs the Saturday before. Bank of America only deposit early if it’s dated for Monday or a holiday, they will deposit it this Saturday. Thankfully this year I wasn’t stressing to do something with it or I would have been screwed Royally!!

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    I never get mine earlier than the ddd. I bank with cross county. at least its only 5 more days til the money comes through

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    @mommyof4 yes i gave up lol, still no update for me

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    @dee I need to get an account at your bank. My whack ass banks never show me pending deposits.

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    My status says it Will be issued On 4/2, not By 4/2. This translates to me that 4/2 is the date so if you usually get deposits early then you’ll get this early as well. Traditional banks (Citi, Chase, TD, etc.) will deposit it on Saturday because their weekend dates read as the next Monday. So this Saturday will be Apr. 2 for the banks.

    My fiance’s was scheduled for Feb. 26 a Monday and bank of america deposited it the Saturday before.

    Netspend card users always get theirs before so they’ll probably have it by tomorrow the latest. My daughter’s was dated for March 5th a Monday and she got hers the Thurs. before on her Netspend card. Not sure about the JH serve card.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting for a date, God knows it’s frustrating as hell!!!

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    Anyone get an early deposit yet for ddd 4/2? I have the Jackson Hewitt serve card

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    Miss p

    I have the serve card from Jackson hewitt

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    @Miss p you may get it Friday it’s Good Friday so it’s up to your bank . My pay check is Friday but I already see it in pending status for Thursday . So we should see it but it’s really up to your bank .

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    Miss p

    Is it possible to have my state check before 4/2 the deposit date

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    @mommyof4 I still stalk this site to see if any one has updated… I’m Back on being processed no further information at this time..I’m about to give up I feel like I am never going to get it!

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    @CQ05140521 @Nygirl

    Did you guys give up checking yet lol

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    Appears up-loading W-2s is cause for much delay. Never have, imputing the info is a simple enough process.

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    Wow ok thanks for the info…so hopefully it should go back to processing soon🤞🏽

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    I uploaded my documents on 2:8 then again on 3/1 went back to processing on 3/5 and it’s still processing 😌

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    @BBNY i uploaded mine on 3/14 just went back to processing on saturday

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    I uploaded my w 2 almost 2 weeks ago, how long before it goes back to processing?

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    @Shanika622 sorry to hear that.

    It took 2 months after I sent all the doc uments they requested to get my refund when I was audited.

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    Well im being auditted now guess ill get my money next year i give up

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    Good luck to everyone still waiting, hoping you see positive movement this week.

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    @jojo i know they would give it friday . One year i received it on a Friday in stead of a Monday.

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    For all the ddd 4/2 people, who thinks we will get it early? Love to have this before Easter.

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    @Mommyof4 hang on we was all there not sure about the W2 uploads I didn’t have to do that but this was the longest ever I had to wait almost 7 weeks

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    For those who didn’t the 4/2 hang in there it was a long wait . Nys is full of it I believe they were broke and hold on to returns . This makes no since . The longer the hold on the more you will spend in the state when you get your return . It all attactic.

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    @Nickey i have been waiting since jan. 29th still nothing

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    @nickey NYS is a joke. I believe it is a stall tactic as well. I got a 4/2 ddd after 58 days…smfh

    went to further review 2/2,
    back to processing 3/7,
    then finally got ddd on 3/23.

    They never asked me for anything, I had no credits, filed single, simple ass return and it still took 8 weeks and 3 days for me to get a date. I’m glad I’m done with those mofos.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting!!!

    s/n: I’m still waiting for the $180 overpayment they gladly and quickly took on feb 6th. You think they would have adjusted my refund and added it to it but no way, I’m waiting for a check they claim. I bet you if I owed their ass they would have adjusted it and took it out, motherfuckers!!!

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    I guess everyone that had to upload they w-2 , should update to a dd by April 18th, i think they was giving dates to the people that had been waiting since Jan. for they return, asking for w-2 was just a stall.

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    Good luck to everyone still waiting for these assholes to do right. Hopefully this week you guys get a date.

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    Filed 1/24 got a 4/2 DDD finally.
    No EIC or credits of any kind.

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    After uploading my w2s back to processing 🤞 hopefully good sign

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    Received a letter that I had to verify my W-2… Send a copy of my W-2 in a week and a half ago… Back to processing! Hopefully that’s a good sign!

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    Requesting all these W2’s is just another way to stall and keep fucking off. NY has no money. That’s the real reason with all the delays.

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    Still waiting…congrats to the 4/2

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    @mike thanks 😉

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    I went back 2 processing on 3/7/18 and still don’t have a date i wanna cry wtf wrong with them

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    Just looked at my status DD on April 2nd..

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    I’m waiting too😔😔😔

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