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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    @bella Lets hope!! this is just ridiculous!!!!

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    not a whole lot of ddd, maybe we can still get one

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    ok just talked to some guy and of course same old line as it says on WMR…. still processing.
    !!!!!! grrrrr

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    Got a DDD for 2/16 finally! Accepted 1/25, processing to further review until 2/6 then to processing. Good luck. Not secure until money is in my account.

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    Ben Armstrong

    I’m still processing. Son of a b&[email protected]&$

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    Still processing here 😞 ugh !!!!!

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    congrats im still processing and will be forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Check wmr !!! JUST got my DDD for the 16th. WOOOOhooooooooo no audit this year! I’m so relieved and happy!!! Good luck all. Accepted 1/24 processing to further review and back to processing. Just updated at 3pm—I’ve been checking all day!

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    Well I just called the automated line and it says that my ss# does not match any information, but website says processing, why would that be?

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    Can someone check..not checking until i see a massive movement so far one person lol

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    Think when that update happened the ones who filed before the 29th just got put at the end of the pile

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    @storm ugh i know, we need that update!!!!!

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    @ bella yes still processing i also keep checking the account for a surprise deposit and that’s just depressing

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    Welp, I won’t be getting my refund anytime soon. Just called and asked what the issue was/if any? The rep gave me the same “it’s processing and there should be an update in 30 days”. So I asked him, “Did your return require further review?” His response, I’m not at liberty to discuss my return, and you should see an update within 30 days. I told him NYS Taxation and Finance can kick rocks!

    NY need to stop the f0ckery and gimme my sh!t.

    Day 12 at “further review”.

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    Storm you haven’t updated from processing either??

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    Nynic. I be been processing since 2/1 are you nervous about not updating to further review like others?? I saw somewhere where someone got deposit and it still says processing when they check their status

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    @kimberlydash 518-457-5181

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    @storm3 which number did you call

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    This morning I still had the processing message. NY accepted mine on 2/2. I’m really hoping for an update tomorrow or Friday.

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    That’s just to cover their butts. They have 14-30 days. I better update so help me

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    I just got off the phone with them and I’m in the final stages of being processed and he couldn’t tell me when just in the next 30 days are you kidding me !!!

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    Still processing ….. What are they processing exactly?? They get twice as much money to hold our returns and say aah well maybe they need a audit lets look this over and take three weeks doing so !!! Sorry folks its crazy !! Tired of waiting for these idiots to get it together ahhhhh!!!!!! Come on were are honest hard working people here NY !!!

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    Filed 1/19 accepted 1/23 was at processing for 4 days then to further review for a week and a half back to processing since 2/8 and nothing since.. this is driving me crazy I’ve never delt with this before

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    Filed 1/29 accepted 1/30 and been at processing since then . Like come on nys why are people who filed after me already getting money . SMH ridiculous

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    8 days Strong at Review and checking it every Hour!! It’s always when you need something the most that your Waiting even longer for it but if you didn’t need it you would have it the next day!! Today’s the day I break down

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    No movement here still! wtf seriously. its 26 calendar days since I been accepted (19 business days though if that matters). never have waited this long to have an update on state

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    Ew NYS makes sick, they are so full of BS. I wnet from processing to further review then 3 hours later back to processing & been stuck there ever since. H&R said I was accepted by NYS on the 20th, NYS state said I was accepted the 30th. When I called last Monday I was told I was finished & was waiting for a DDD to call back Friday , Friday I called & was told I was being Audited to call back Monday, Monday I was told I was finished processing & just waiting for a DDD to call back Wednesday & get a date. Today I called and was told I was back to processing & when I questioned her about what all the others said she put me on hold for over 10 minutes then came back and said her and her supervisor looked at my account and said that it is still processing, its still in stage 1 of and to call back in 30 days. I really really really hate this state. When I asked her why all the others were telling me different stories, she said I dont know, I said well are you guys trained to just make up stories to get people off the phone & she started stuttering I well I well I dont know. Whatever, Im sure I will be pulled for an audit now lol

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    To day marks 21 days for me . they excepted mine on the 24th of jan. Also Fed was excepted on the 18th of jan. I have eic and ctc. I owe money to no one. It’s just a sit and wait game.

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    Would be nice to see some kind of movement!!

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    Ben I’m with you….and Mr. Miller I work my butt off and getting about 75% less than most these people. There’s just no explanation on nys this year been sitting at processed for 14 days never have I waited this long for an update maybe a ddd but to have no update in 14 days that’s insane. It’s like they are just picking out of a pile lick of the draw I guess

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    Ben Armstrong

    It I don’t get a DDD today, I will lose it.

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    Not necessarily @David G Millar. Last year my state refund was a measly 300 dollars and I didn’t receive it until the second week of March. NYS is just very inconsistent.

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    David G Millar

    I no everyone want there Taxes… but I learn something it take longer for those who are married and have kids with low income it seem you get more back in taxes and they”re going hang on to it longer just because of that and for those who are getting less back get it back faster

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    Aaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddd, I’m still under further review, UGH

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    Annnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd………….. I’m still under further review … UGH

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    I still have further review !!!! This is just ridiculous!!!!!!

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    Filed on 1/23 and accepted by NY on 1/24. Was stuck in further review for about 2 weeks now. Checked about 9 pm and now its back to processing. At least I saw some movement. I think next year I’m waiting to file until they are opened. I had the same issue last year and took a while to get. Good Luck everyone.

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    Its just plain frustrating !!! Almost seems that we got put at the end of the pile. I’ve stressed so much over this !

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    Spoke to someone today all he said was nothing looked wrong or anything and I should expect a deposit this week or next week. Who know he could have been saying that to get me off the phone 🤷🏽‍♀️

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    On the New York fb page I see ppl getting updated at night I honestly think the system is just doing whatever the hell it wants. Smh I was really hoping to see more of you guys updating today. We been on this long road together.

    #4216133 Reply


    Thanks. I see some people say they stop at 430 but many others have said they update at any time

    #4216122 Reply


    It was around 6-630

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    Melimel. What time?? Congrats!! I keep checking like it’s gonna change or something

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    Hey all I updated tonight ddd for 2/15

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    No update for me. I still have the “received and processing” message. Accepted on 2/2. Oh well. Hopefully I update with a date tomorrow.

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    So i just found this … “They also give states time to compare taxpayers’ returns with employers’ filings of wages paid. And there’s a built-in hedge against fraud because thieves tend to file early, while legitimate taxpayers tend to file later”….. Guess us early people just to get them done are thieves ???? Wth

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    Yea that didn’t open until 1/29 then they had some kind of system change that weekend which was suppose to come back up 2/5 and didn’t untill 2/6

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    mickey m

    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/3
    Just updated to a DDD of 2/15
    Now just hoping Federal goes as smoothly.

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    I was going over the turbotax thread and a few ppl posted that NY didnt start processing returns fully until the 29th. I’m not sure if thats true but that would make sense

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