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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

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    Tried my luck again Got It & the questionnaire is just for census so not really needed. At least I hope. Up loading now.

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    @natasha 518-457-5181

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    @ Sharon, which number did you call?

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    Thanks for sharing that info Erika! Call Natasha. They gave me the info. I’m uploading w2s right now. Now does anyone know how long of a wait it is after this?

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    They just told me the same. They want our w 2’s. Wouldn’t give me case #. On hold trying again. Lol

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    Thanks for that update. Was you able to upload online with just the case#. It was asking for a notice number as well. Let me know they close at 4:30 maybe I will try again lol.

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    @natasha…Update; so I was trying to b patient and wait until closer to the 6th when the letter is supposed to go out, but I called today and actually got someone helpful. He at first regurgitated what was on the website and I told him I can read that for myself, so he finally tells me that I need to send in W2’s but I have to wait for the letter to get the case # to send the info. So I told him that someone else told me I could call n and get the case # to send the info in with and he tells me since someone told me that he’ll give me the case # info and to upload online. Wow! But I was told before they couldn’t even see anything until 3/6 from someone else I talked to. It’s sad that NYS is doing this and lying to people who calls in.

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    No update today for me
    Still stuck on “May require further review ” for over a month 😡
    1/24 filed

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    Contacting the helpline is absolutely useless! She told me the same thing the website states and said I would be able to see a status change before she could. I just need to give it more time. I guess 40 days isn’t ling enough. Smh 🤦‍♂️

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    Audit Update:

    WMR NY has updated to this message overnight…

    “Your audit case was assigned to a reviewer on 03/01/2017. It may take up to 30 days for the review to be completed.

    We will notify you by mail when our review is complete.”

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    Getting pretty annoying. Filed 2/2 and accepted 2/3. Still on processing no further information message. I just want to really know what’s the real hold up

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    When I called they repeated what was on the website and then told me to wait 30 days to call back?!! But it has basically been a month. I’m not sure what to do? Maybe I should have waited to file until after the 15th of February.

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    No change for me still on the same ol message
    “May require further review ”
    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25

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    Yes just had to send in w2, children’s birth certificates and verify they lived with me…. I’m fairly certain I was audited because I adopted my step daughter last year and the change of last name same ssn threw up a ⛳

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    this is absolutely ridiculous, accepted 1/28 and still NOTHING. May require further review message, call and was told no indication of audit or correspondance, just that its processing. well….if it were processing it would move out of that dumb message and say processing. its been a month and NOTHING. ill feel better if they needed something from me cause i know the turn around is fairly quick but this is just daunting.

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    @[email protected]

    Awesome that was a quick turn around. Did you have send in something basic like just your w2’s or was it more in depth?

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    So I was audited for whatever reason got letter. Last week sent in information requested same day then on 2/27 wmr updated to a reviewer. Has been assigned to my case then today it says my case is finished being reviewed and the requested refund will be deposited into my account with no date so any day I’m guessing…..another tax season over thank god. Until next year folks

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    Nope still waiting for my letter within 30 days which nobody can tell me anything about. They just read me what’s on the status message.😡

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    Is there any one else with a due date?

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    Filed 1/20 acct 1/23 got fed on feb 23rd state was in processing to under review then a week later it came to a date of 3/6. Eic actc

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    Filed 1/27. Accepted 1/28. Received “May require further review” on 1/31. Still on the same message. Called today and the rep repeated the same information to me that the website shows and told me that there is no specific time frame that the state has to issue refunds or at least information about returns …. this is annoying

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    Republic bank sent my state refund to my bank this morning so it should be there tomorrow my ddd. Glad this is over. Good luck to everyone.

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    Well that’s reassuring. Hopefully a change soon for mine. Congrats guys.

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    well folks, just recieved my state this afternoon at about 2pm. 31 days after i filed. Had a ddd of 3/2 and receieved it two days early. Good luck everyone!

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    Ray of hope…filed and accepted 2/2,received my federal 2/23 and NY gave me all the mestages everyone has received, ending with we received and processing no further information. I just checked 2 minutes ago:
    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 13, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    I had ElC and the other thingy…
    Good luck all!

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    I called this morning as well asking about my 30 day letter. They were able to tell me they just need proof of taxes withheld i.e. W2, 401k distribution, unemployment etc., etc. I did find out that they allow 15 days to mail out the magic letter, so we should have it next week? The girl I talked to also said its rare to see the letter online before It gets mailed….I am not sure what to believe.

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    Thanks for the info @Natasha. I’m going to try to call again. I’m sure I’m wasting my time again but I guess it’s worth a shot. Keep you posted.

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    Still know letter still nothing online. Because i am so impatient and today makes 30 days I called again. Only to get the same information. I am not being audited. They ONLY need me to send in my w2’s. Letter going out 3/6 blah blah blah I cant respond until I get the letter. Only new piece of information i received was. That it will take about a week for it to process once paper work is received. That was good to know If it is true because i have seen some say they did not get a refund until June. I guess every case is different depending on the complexity.

    Here is the number I called 518-457-2751. This is the line to call when they are requesting additional info. If you get a rep willing to let you know what your letter is about this will give you time to get your paper work together.

    Also he did say he is not sure how quick the letter will show up online but 3/6 is when it will be mailed out.

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    My bf has been on may require further review for 30 days. today it changed to received and being processed. I see a few others have had the same scenario, how long did it take to get a DDD after the status changed?

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    @Tara and @Natasha still no change here, no letter, no online message. We all got the message the same day so I guess we are waiting for March 6th for a letter to be sent which is ridiculous!!!

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    Filed 2/14, a day before my Fed tax refund was deposited.

    Got the message on 2/15, we have received your return and it is being processed.

    Just updated today to:

    Refund Status
    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 09, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    Education Credit Only

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    Hey New Yorkers,

    I just checked my status on and it says:

    My state return was processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 09, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    I filed my state on Feb 12 and it got accepted on Feb 13. I had EITC credit.

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    Are they not talking to people even though it has been more than 30 days? I see people saying that when they call, they are getting the same response as what the status online states.I want to call them as it was a month for me on the 22nd.

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    Same here, But since they told me the letter will be generated and mailed on the 6th I think it may not be posted online until then. Just a crummy system. Why would they procrastinate with sending the info they need. I’m sure if it was money we owed the letter would drop immediately.

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    I am still waiting for my 30 day letter to show up online…will be a week tomorrow since I got that message.

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    No change over here same message
    “May require further review ”
    Filed 1/24 -accepted 1/25

    Got FED DD on 2/23

    Didn’t receive any letter

    Just waiting………….😡

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    accepted 1/27, got a dd of 3/6…

    anyone get theres before the date they give you??

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    To those with an audit: Submitted my records today via online after receiving “the letter.” Let’s try and keep each other posted on any progress or lack thereof!

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    Well my had changed to “we have received yoir return and it is being proccessed”. I saw on another forum that a few people got a DDD after they were stuck in the “may require further review” forroughly a month. I filed the 5th.

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    Yes I notice that too !
    I hope we update Monday

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    @HM same here, accepted 1/28,
    No update, but I have a very strange strange feeling that if we were gonna get audited or needed to reply to a letter we would’ve gotten the message by now. I’m seeing more and more ppl who have gotten this message and then get a DD who were a lot closer to their 30 day mark

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    Smh NYS this is frustrating
    Still on the “May require further review ”
    Message no update or no DDD
    It’s been 1 month
    1/24 filed accepted 1/25

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    Has anyone going through Republic Bank had any issues getting their NYS refund direct deposit on time?

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    @natasha thanks for the info but why in the world is the letter not even going out until March 6th. You know I had read in my journies across every tax refund website that they send the letters out in batches once or twice a month. I was hoping that was wrong. I hope it shows up in the online account messages sooner than that!

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    I was audited last year and just got the message I’m being audited again. Here’s how it went for me
    Filed 1/14/16 don’t remember when I was accepted
    On 2/29 I received my official notice on-line of why I was being audited.
    I’m also not positive when I got the audit message status but I believe it did actually take a couple weeks before I could access the letter online
    I returned all of the info they needed (on-line) on 4/4/16
    Took them forever to complete the audit and I got my check around June 30th.
    —keep in mind i did not submit the info right away so it delayed the process.
    If you claimed daycare fees you paid then that is likely why some of you are being audited. They want to see proof!!
    Good luck y’all!!! :(. Hope this helps

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    @ Erika

    Sheesh 90-120 days that is a drag. It is also a drag that they are waiting 2 weeks to send out letters. Why are they stalling. lol. And for those who have an account online the letter should post to the account the same day as you see the update on the refund status. I guess we have no choice but to be patient I guess a refund in the Summer is not all that bad. lol Im going to check some post from last year. for those who went thru this and see how long their process took.

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    bah humbug

    Filed FED/STATE 1/26
    FED accepted 1/27
    NY accepted 1/28
    FED Deposited 2/4
    NY no DDD! “May take longer to process no further info is available blah blah” for weeks!
    Called today , the rep repeated online message and said that is all she could see

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    @nataha update: I did have to pay the loan to get it out of default, but when I called I found out that is not the hold up. So I call nys and they tell me the b letter is going to be generated 3/6 and once I send in whatever they need *which she couldn’t see btw* then they will review it and determine if, when and how much my return will be and they 90-120 days to review the info. Also the 90-120 days doesn’t begin until they receive the documents. I’ve given up I mean we’re talking june or july poss

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    @Tara @Sharon & All in the 30 day letter Family lol.

    On the phone with them now. My letter is not even being mailed out until March 6th. They want W2’s and proof of any other income showing taxes taken out Luckily I only have my w2’s . So i decided i was just going to go online an just submit the info. That did not work because you need the code from the tax notice :-(. I called the number that handles receiving the info and she said she could not give me the notice code until after the 6th that’s frustrating because they want something so simple. On the good side She said its not an Audit at all. So I guess I’m just waiting til after March 6 to get a letter.

    I had a small offset for the state that was paid from my federal $235.00. So I called them first and question when will it show a 0 balance then I asked her If that is the reason I am getting a letter and my 2016 refund is delayed. And that is when she looked into my account & told me they want proof of taxes with held.

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    Finally got a DDD for 3/6/17. I filed 1/28 was accepted 1/30. went from processing to 3 weeks of further review then back to processing. just updated this morning!!!!

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