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    Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Finally got an update. After being on the “may require further review.” Message since 1/31. I updated to “We received your return and it is being processed.” Last night and then I wake up to find out I’m being audited. I HATE NEW YORK

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    @cat they were closed for an emergency?? Really. Why am I picturing a mob of angry tax filers demanding to know why they may need further review. Lol

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    Same job for 20 years. We did do our own taxes. Double and triple checked amounts entered. Very strange.

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    Nope same job for 11 years….nothing has changed.

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    Those of you who were asked to provide a W2, is this a new job, did you do your taxes on your own, is there a possibility the amounts were entered wrong, I find it wierd that they want w2’s when they are reported to the NYS anyway

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    Filed 1/23/17
    Received 30 day message on 2/10
    Finally received a 30 day letter for copy of W-2 on 3/1
    Uploaded W-2 to online account on 3/2 which by the way doesn’t show the letter I received in the mail
    Tried to call today and it said they were closed due to an emergency
    Not sure when NYS will show up…….

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    Hi all I guess I’m waitng for a letter
    I have an online account there’s nothing upload as yet! The only thing I did different this year I claimed gambling losses!! & I won over 30k
    Ny lottery

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    Nothing here. I’m hoping by the end of the week.

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    Nothing here. I’m hoping by the end of the week.

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    @ Tara I knew it wouldn’t update that fast, but a girl can dream. Lol so since I have no life anymore and just stalk refund message boards, I saw on another board where they sent in w2s and their message changed a week later to a ddd. I’m hoping it updates that fast and doesn’t take 90 days.

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    @ Sharon and @ 30 day correspondence club- I uploaded my info yesterday. No change. I think I would die of shock if it was updated that quickly LOL. Does any one know if they just change your status? or if they upload something else into your online account when the review is done? I am really hoping its not going to take 90 days as said on the letter.

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    @natasha @tara and @erika and anyone else in the 30 day correspondence club. I know this is totally unrealistic, but any changes yet?

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    @HM ugh that is exactly what happened to me. Give them a call and see if they can at least tell you when your letter will go out. They apparently send them in batches and it will probably not be sent out for a week or two. If you can, set up an online account because it will show up there before your mailbox. I’m still waiting for the letter in the mail, but responded already online because it was in my online messages. Seems like those of us that got a letter were all asked for w2s. I have no clue why. This year is so frustrating. Good luck.

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    @HM that was exactly what I was afraid of, 30 plus days just to say you’ll receive a letter in another 30 plus days. I specifically asked the rep if there’s something u need, don’t wait till the last minute cause it will drag it on longer and she’s says “no, I see no issues or no letter” of course u see no letter it wasn’t typed yet retard. Mines is still on May require further review. Did you do anything different this year, any new credits? Self employment, etc?

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    Now status changed to this

    “Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 30 days.”


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    Updated to this message this evening

    “We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.”

    This message had to update this evening because this morning it was still on the “May require further review “message

    I guess this is some progress

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    so i called again today for the 50th time hoping someone is nice enough to give me some insight to relieve my stress and all i was told was the same darn thing on the website. i told her ;yea, i know that already;, she says ; well its not like its sitting on someones desk, if the system finds something wrong with the return it will automatically generate a letter, and blah blah blah, and how i wasnt audited last year, so there should be no issue this year. slight delay and how things should be moving along shortly for me but of course….NO FUTHER INFORMATION AT THIS TIME. i mean what kind of system takes over a month to decide whether i should get my money or not, are they still using mac computer with the colored apple logo on it with black screens and green letters….come on now.

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    it seems like every where i look everyone status is changing except mines and i was accepted over a month ago. everytime i see someone say FINALLY STATUS CHANGED, i shoot over to check my status and NOTHING. when will my day come ;( im getting so hopeless and im in a pool of debt at this point and everything is banking on this money.

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    Still no update for me
    Filed 1/24
    Same message smh
    “May require further review ”

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    @brian I had no changes except for a new job, but I had the same several years in a row as I change employees frequently as a freelance contractor. Each year state takes awhile but never this long. I think this has to do with the elections and maybe some rules changing or lack of budget to pay us back.

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    Finally. I filed on 1/28 and received my dd date for the 22. I was stuck on the may require review message till the 28th then it changed to processing until this morning. My guess was it was due to the adoption of my two kids along with the name change but I’m not sure.

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    Same exact as Valerie! Thank you! March 22!

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    Both submitted 2/2, approved 2/3.
    Federal came 2 weeks later. State was on May require further review for 2 weeks, then Received and is being processes for 3 weeks. Just got DDD 3/22. So over a month processing and now 2 weeks to deposit making it 7 weeks from submission day. Ridiculous.
    Good luck everyone, I hope Monday brings some good news to you too!

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    My status changed from the may need longer to review to this We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time. today. Making progress, I guess.

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    Same. I uploaded already. It says a response from them within 90 days. It better not be that long!

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    For those of you waiting on a 30 day letter- I just received a notification that my letter was in my online account. They want copies of w2 for income taxes withheld. Will be uploading today!

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    @jenniferctaylor- ugh still no update… I think I’m just done even looking. It’s turning me into a cranky [email protected]% daily… lol.
    @ Sharonny – lol. Girlfriend that would be hilarious!

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    We have the same date of acceptance and I am still stuck on the same “may need review” message. This is so frustrating. Do you think we will get updated this week?
    And does anyone know when the website is updating? Is it during the day on weekdays or overnight or?
    My guess is NY just doesn’t have the money to pay us, so they are delaying us with that message. I don’t understand how they don’t have the money when they rake us over the coals in income tax all year.
    Another rumor I heard was that NY messed up some form and now it’s taking forever to correct the mistake. Who knows.
    Best of luck to everyone!!!

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    Maybe when it’s time to pay the property tax bill we should try to say it needed further review, we’ll get back to you whenever the hell we want. Pretty sure that wouldn’t go over well.

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    @jaime you and me both and can you imagine the frustration I have, I was accepted 1/28 and NOTHING!!!! Everytime I look at that damn message I just wanna call and curse someone out and ask for a manager, all to be told the same damn thing that’s on the website and NO ONE has a clue as to what’s going on. 32 freaking days on MAY REQUIRE FURTHER REVIEW, I’m sickkkkkk of it!!!! I come here first to see if anyone else gets any news.

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    OMG I am getting so pissed at NYS.. Filed 2/2/17 accepted 2/3/17 and got the further review message a few days after that and 30 days later I’m still on “further review”… WTF does that even mean?? It’s not the point of receiving the money, I’m more angry that there is zero transparency for the taxpayer to get ANY information regarding their return!! Even when you call you don’t get shit for answers! And we nys tax payers are paying for these people to give us ZERO INFO.. So freaking annoyed… Just let me know if i’m being audited or will be getting a letter or something…. NYS needs to get it the f*&#$ together. Rant over for the time being :)
    Thanks and good luck people.

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    When I called they said all they wanted was W2’s so I’m hoping that’s all. The only other thing I thought it could be was daycare they only gave me $222 for that and they can keep it not worth the headache lol. At least we got part done which I think may be the most important we should have a letter by Tues/ wed. At least that’s what the last rep told me .

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    @ Natasha they didn’t tell me anything about a questionnaire. Did they give you the number on that form. I’m only asking because I’ve been looking around trying to get info on the letter we got and everyone that did also got a paper where they asked for proof and receipts of all itemized deductions or if they just wanted to switch to the standard deduction. Ugh.

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    So since it seems like everyone’s letter was going out March 6th maybe we beat the rush and will be at the front of the line to get this over with. Lol What’s the point of asking for w2’s if we scanned them when we filed. I can’t find any real info on how long this takes. I pulled up a copy of the letter asking for w2 and it says up to 90 days. It better not be that long.

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    Tried my luck again Got It & the questionnaire is just for census so not really needed. At least I hope. Up loading now.

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    @natasha 518-457-5181

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    @ Sharon, which number did you call?

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    Thanks for sharing that info Erika! Call Natasha. They gave me the info. I’m uploading w2s right now. Now does anyone know how long of a wait it is after this?

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    They just told me the same. They want our w 2’s. Wouldn’t give me case #. On hold trying again. Lol

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    Thanks for that update. Was you able to upload online with just the case#. It was asking for a notice number as well. Let me know they close at 4:30 maybe I will try again lol.

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    @natasha…Update; so I was trying to b patient and wait until closer to the 6th when the letter is supposed to go out, but I called today and actually got someone helpful. He at first regurgitated what was on the website and I told him I can read that for myself, so he finally tells me that I need to send in W2’s but I have to wait for the letter to get the case # to send the info. So I told him that someone else told me I could call n and get the case # to send the info in with and he tells me since someone told me that he’ll give me the case # info and to upload online. Wow! But I was told before they couldn’t even see anything until 3/6 from someone else I talked to. It’s sad that NYS is doing this and lying to people who calls in.

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    No update today for me
    Still stuck on “May require further review ” for over a month ๐Ÿ˜ก
    1/24 filed

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    Contacting the helpline is absolutely useless! She told me the same thing the website states and said I would be able to see a status change before she could. I just need to give it more time. I guess 40 days isn’t ling enough. Smh ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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    Audit Update:

    WMR NY has updated to this message overnight…

    “Your audit case was assigned to a reviewer on 03/01/2017. It may take up to 30 days for the review to be completed.

    We will notify you by mail when our review is complete.”

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    Getting pretty annoying. Filed 2/2 and accepted 2/3. Still on processing no further information message. I just want to really know what’s the real hold up

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    When I called they repeated what was on the website and then told me to wait 30 days to call back?!! But it has basically been a month. I’m not sure what to do? Maybe I should have waited to file until after the 15th of February.

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    No change for me still on the same ol message
    “May require further review ”
    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/25

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    Yes just had to send in w2, children’s birth certificates and verify they lived with me…. I’m fairly certain I was audited because I adopted my step daughter last year and the change of last name same ssn threw up a โ›ณ

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    this is absolutely ridiculous, accepted 1/28 and still NOTHING. May require further review message, call and was told no indication of audit or correspondance, just that its processing. well….if it were processing it would move out of that dumb message and say processing. its been a month and NOTHING. ill feel better if they needed something from me cause i know the turn around is fairly quick but this is just daunting.

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    Awesome that was a quick turn around. Did you have send in something basic like just your w2’s or was it more in depth?

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    So I was audited for whatever reason got letter. Last week sent in information requested same day then on 2/27 wmr updated to a reviewer. Has been assigned to my case then today it says my case is finished being reviewed and the requested refund will be deposited into my account with no date so any day I’m guessing…..another tax season over thank god. Until next year folks

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    Nope still waiting for my letter within 30 days which nobody can tell me anything about. They just read me what’s on the status message.๐Ÿ˜ก

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    Is there any one else with a due date?

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    Filed 1/20 acct 1/23 got fed on feb 23rd state was in processing to under review then a week later it came to a date of 3/6. Eic actc

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    Filed 1/27. Accepted 1/28. Received “May require further review” on 1/31. Still on the same message. Called today and the rep repeated the same information to me that the website shows and told me that there is no specific time frame that the state has to issue refunds or at least information about returns …. this is annoying

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    Republic bank sent my state refund to my bank this morning so it should be there tomorrow my ddd. Glad this is over. Good luck to everyone.

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    Well that’s reassuring. Hopefully a change soon for mine. Congrats guys.

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    well folks, just recieved my state this afternoon at about 2pm. 31 days after i filed. Had a ddd of 3/2 and receieved it two days early. Good luck everyone!

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    Ray of hope…filed and accepted 2/2,received my federal 2/23 and NY gave me all the mestages everyone has received, ending with we received and processing no further information. I just checked 2 minutes ago:
    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 13, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    I had ElC and the other thingy…
    Good luck all!

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    I called this morning as well asking about my 30 day letter. They were able to tell me they just need proof of taxes withheld i.e. W2, 401k distribution, unemployment etc., etc. I did find out that they allow 15 days to mail out the magic letter, so we should have it next week? The girl I talked to also said its rare to see the letter online before It gets mailed….I am not sure what to believe.

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    Thanks for the info @Natasha. I’m going to try to call again. I’m sure I’m wasting my time again but I guess it’s worth a shot. Keep you posted.

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    Still know letter still nothing online. Because i am so impatient and today makes 30 days I called again. Only to get the same information. I am not being audited. They ONLY need me to send in my w2’s. Letter going out 3/6 blah blah blah I cant respond until I get the letter. Only new piece of information i received was. That it will take about a week for it to process once paper work is received. That was good to know If it is true because i have seen some say they did not get a refund until June. I guess every case is different depending on the complexity.

    Here is the number I called 518-457-2751. This is the line to call when they are requesting additional info. If you get a rep willing to let you know what your letter is about this will give you time to get your paper work together.

    Also he did say he is not sure how quick the letter will show up online but 3/6 is when it will be mailed out.

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    My bf has been on may require further review for 30 days. today it changed to received and being processed. I see a few others have had the same scenario, how long did it take to get a DDD after the status changed?

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    @Tara and @Natasha still no change here, no letter, no online message. We all got the message the same day so I guess we are waiting for March 6th for a letter to be sent which is ridiculous!!!

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    Filed 2/14, a day before my Fed tax refund was deposited.

    Got the message on 2/15, we have received your return and it is being processed.

    Just updated today to:

    Refund Status
    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 09, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    Education Credit Only

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    Hey New Yorkers,

    I just checked my status on and it says:

    My state return was processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (MARCH 09, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    I filed my state on Feb 12 and it got accepted on Feb 13. I had EITC credit.

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    Are they not talking to people even though it has been more than 30 days? I see people saying that when they call, they are getting the same response as what the status online states.I want to call them as it was a month for me on the 22nd.

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    Same here, But since they told me the letter will be generated and mailed on the 6th I think it may not be posted online until then. Just a crummy system. Why would they procrastinate with sending the info they need. I’m sure if it was money we owed the letter would drop immediately.

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    I am still waiting for my 30 day letter to show up online…will be a week tomorrow since I got that message.

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    No change over here same message
    “May require further review ”
    Filed 1/24 -accepted 1/25

    Got FED DD on 2/23

    Didn’t receive any letter

    Just waiting………….๐Ÿ˜ก

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    accepted 1/27, got a dd of 3/6…

    anyone get theres before the date they give you??

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    To those with an audit: Submitted my records today via online after receiving “the letter.” Let’s try and keep each other posted on any progress or lack thereof!

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    Well my had changed to “we have received yoir return and it is being proccessed”. I saw on another forum that a few people got a DDD after they were stuck in the “may require further review” forroughly a month. I filed the 5th.

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    Yes I notice that too !
    I hope we update Monday

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    @HM same here, accepted 1/28,
    No update, but I have a very strange strange feeling that if we were gonna get audited or needed to reply to a letter we would’ve gotten the message by now. I’m seeing more and more ppl who have gotten this message and then get a DD who were a lot closer to their 30 day mark

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    Smh NYS this is frustrating
    Still on the “May require further review ”
    Message no update or no DDD
    It’s been 1 month
    1/24 filed accepted 1/25

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    Has anyone going through Republic Bank had any issues getting their NYS refund direct deposit on time?

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    @natasha thanks for the info but why in the world is the letter not even going out until March 6th. You know I had read in my journies across every tax refund website that they send the letters out in batches once or twice a month. I was hoping that was wrong. I hope it shows up in the online account messages sooner than that!

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    I was audited last year and just got the message I’m being audited again. Here’s how it went for me
    Filed 1/14/16 don’t remember when I was accepted
    On 2/29 I received my official notice on-line of why I was being audited.
    I’m also not positive when I got the audit message status but I believe it did actually take a couple weeks before I could access the letter online
    I returned all of the info they needed (on-line) on 4/4/16
    Took them forever to complete the audit and I got my check around June 30th.
    —keep in mind i did not submit the info right away so it delayed the process.
    If you claimed daycare fees you paid then that is likely why some of you are being audited. They want to see proof!!
    Good luck y’all!!! :(. Hope this helps

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    @ Erika

    Sheesh 90-120 days that is a drag. It is also a drag that they are waiting 2 weeks to send out letters. Why are they stalling. lol. And for those who have an account online the letter should post to the account the same day as you see the update on the refund status. I guess we have no choice but to be patient I guess a refund in the Summer is not all that bad. lol Im going to check some post from last year. for those who went thru this and see how long their process took.

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    bah humbug

    Filed FED/STATE 1/26
    FED accepted 1/27
    NY accepted 1/28
    FED Deposited 2/4
    NY no DDD! “May take longer to process no further info is available blah blah” for weeks!
    Called today , the rep repeated online message and said that is all she could see

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    @nataha update: I did have to pay the loan to get it out of default, but when I called I found out that is not the hold up. So I call nys and they tell me the b letter is going to be generated 3/6 and once I send in whatever they need *which she couldn’t see btw* then they will review it and determine if, when and how much my return will be and they 90-120 days to review the info. Also the 90-120 days doesn’t begin until they receive the documents. I’ve given up I mean we’re talking june or july poss

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    @Tara @sharon & All in the 30 day letter Family lol.

    On the phone with them now. My letter is not even being mailed out until March 6th. They want W2’s and proof of any other income showing taxes taken out Luckily I only have my w2’s . So i decided i was just going to go online an just submit the info. That did not work because you need the code from the tax notice :-(. I called the number that handles receiving the info and she said she could not give me the notice code until after the 6th that’s frustrating because they want something so simple. On the good side She said its not an Audit at all. So I guess I’m just waiting til after March 6 to get a letter.

    I had a small offset for the state that was paid from my federal $235.00. So I called them first and question when will it show a 0 balance then I asked her If that is the reason I am getting a letter and my 2016 refund is delayed. And that is when she looked into my account & told me they want proof of taxes with held.

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    Finally got a DDD for 3/6/17. I filed 1/28 was accepted 1/30. went from processing to 3 weeks of further review then back to processing. just updated this morning!!!!

    #4186085 Reply


    @tara. I was wondering the same thing. Still no online notice for me either.

    #4186063 Reply


    This may be a stupid question, but what is the difference between the audit message and 30 day message? essentially isn’t it the same thing? providing proof of something? Or is it different because of the amount of information you need to supply? I still have no notice in my online account. Wish they would hurry up and tell me what they need!

    #4186050 Reply



    I hope mine is as simple as that from what I have been seeing on other sites people who had the Audit message have to send it numerous amount of documents but for people who only had 30 day correspondence & never got the Audit message it’s something simple needed. Keeping my fingers crossed. Keep us updated on the timing of the process.

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    I filed on 2/7 got may need further review message on 2/14 went from that to your refund is finished processing, expect correspondence in 30 days on 2/22. Today there was a letter in the mail sent out on 2/16 stating that I had a student loan in default and to clear it up in 30 days, which I paid tonight. I will be calling the student loan center tomorrow so they can notifiy NYS Dept of Taxation so they can update and hopefully update my account on give me a ddd. But what I don’t understand is why when I called on 2/22 the rep that I talked to couldn’t tell me anything when a letter was sent out on 2/16? I hope that’s all they need and they release the funds ASAP!

    #4185906 Reply

    I think it was the 8th so two weeks.

    #4185854 Reply


    [email protected] just curious how long before you got your letter and was it reg mail or online?

    Anyone out there get this 30 day correspondence message and switch to anything else? I’ve had 3 status messages so far. It seems they can’t make up their minds. Wonder if it will change to something else.

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    SMH Tomorrow will be 1 month
    Since I filed (1/24) hoping for some good news in the am or i will be calling!
    it’s nerve wrecking

    Finally received my Fed this morning
    DDD 2/23

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    Yea I had the audit message. I just sent the requested information in and the where’s my refund updated right after to we received your response to audit. It will be reviewed within 90 days and we will send you our response in mail. Cases are reviewed in order we received response…..hopefully it doesn’t take that long and there are no more issues.

    #4185789 Reply


    I’d go with the 2nd.๐Ÿ˜‰ So did you have an actual audit message or you’ll receive a letter in 30 days message. I’m trying to figure out what the heck they want from me. lol

    #4185784 Reply

    So I just got my audit letter and they requested a copy of my w2, my kids birth certificates and proof they reside with me. This audit was either caused because I adopted my step daughter this past year and her name change may have thrown a red flag or ny are just a holes.

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    Accepted on 1/28
    I got the need further review message on 2/2 .
    Then return has completed processing letter in 30 days on 2/21.

    Waiting for letter ………..

    I just want to see someone went from letter message to DDD without ever getting a letter.

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    @hm @yd same here been on May require further review since Jan 31, no change. If I was being audited or did require anything further I would imagine they would’ve let me know by now smh I’m hoping this gets sorted out soon.

    #4185689 Reply


    Filed 1/24 ACTC
    It’s been almost 4 weeks on this same message
    “May require further review ”
    Checking my mail everyday no letter


    Yes your giving us hope!

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    You’re giving me some hope!

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    @Yd it went from received refund and it’s processing to it may require further review back to its processing for like 2 weeks.

    #4185647 Reply


    What message did you have before you got your ddd?

    #4185622 Reply


    @sarah sorry you have to go thru this. How long after getting the message did you finally receive letter? Was it online or regular mail. I just want to get this moving.

    #4185618 Reply


    Finally. Filled and accepted on 1/27. Just checked and have ddd 3/2

    #4185609 Reply


    @ Natasha

    I hate to say it but yes, I did get that message. I first got the “return is received and processing…”, then the “refund may take longer than federal…”, then the “letter within 30 days…”, then the audit. I think it switch back to the “refund longer than federal…” at some point, haha, but I can’t remember. I’ve seen posts here that the audit message changed to other things as well. I swear there is no rhyme nor reason to all this. And I wholeheartedly agree, I feel like I’m being punished for my family status and income. I am very careful with money, my children don’t lack for anything, but we fall into this bracket and I feel like I’m being targeted haha.

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    This has got to be the most annoying process ever. Everytime I check my status and see it hasn’t updated I just want to break my phone smh the federal took both my 2015 state and a portion of my federal so now I’m waiting for a refund for the overpayment and this years nys is taking forever, I’ve literally received 2500 of the 9000 that is owed to me from this year and last year

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    I wish they’d tell us what they want. I’ll gladly give it. Let’s just get this moving. Don’t they have bigger fish to fry than people with kids and mortgages and student loans that aren’t raking in the bucks. Lol This is insane.

    #4185553 Reply



    After going thru all the messages I see you actually did get an actual Audit message, and i see some others did as well. Did you ever get the “return is finish processing messaging will get a correspondence in 30 days”? I’m just trying to figure out if there is a difference in what the messages mean. In any case i guess i will start getting my papers together so i can upload them as soon as i get a notice. Keep us posted on how long this process takes. #worsetaxyearever

    #4185497 Reply


    UPDATE: Received the audit letter today…they want to verify I am the mother of my children (11 and 7), verify my income, which also has not changed, and verify student loan interest, which also has not changed…time to gather 3 million documents! Hats off to you NY State, you’re really sniffing out the “fraud.” Edit: I do understand the need to verify but i’m hardly getting a sizeable refund, it just seems that many of use who have had no changes are getting the run around.

    #4185489 Reply


    edit: 1 change, I always file early every year, but this year I filed and was accepted on 2/10.

    #4185483 Reply


    I was audited last year for the 1st time in my 20+ years doing taxes, sent my info in they adjusted my refund and took 75% of it. Filed the same way this year, no changes at all.
    This year accepted on 2/10/17 and it has been on “we have received your return and it is being processed. No further info is available.” Well I just checked at 11:10 and it say it has been processed and a ddd of March 2nd. So 19 days to get my money this year.

    I was praying I din’t get audited again. Good luck to everyone, hope it works out well in the end if you have to wait for a letter. Def’ do everything online as others suggested.

    #4185438 Reply


    @ Natasha-the just told me to count 30 days from when the message of the letter appeared which was 2/21. The could not however give me a time frame on when I would get the letter.
    @ Sharon- I agree they need a better way of doing things. I can not believe they can post a message like that and have no info on it or what its for. ridiculous.

    #4185434 Reply


    Guess I’m the only one who is still on being processed with no further info :(. Getting all my paperwork in order because I’m sure I will be audited. Message has been the same for weeks now.

    #4185405 Reply


    Thanks for the info @jenniferctaylor. I will keep checking the online account for a notice. @tara yea I saw that too. Something tells me that even if they hold it for months we wouldn’t see interest. Lol get it together NY. If they need to send you a message it should be automatic. If they found a problem post it should post to your online account immediately like a bank. They need a better more efficient system. I won’t hold my breath.

    #4185403 Reply


    @Tara They gave you a date as to when your letter will be issued.?

    #4185401 Reply


    I went line by line over my tax returns this year & last year the only change for me was less of a child care credit because my daughter is 14 and does not qualify anymore. If its my little Tuition credit of $200 they can have it. I have no Idea what this 30 day letter is about and why do so many people have it. Someone said maybe they want a copy of your W2 I don’t see why that would be I worked at the same job for 10 years and on top of that MY W2 had the income verification code on it. That is suppose to be used to prove the w2 is legit & correct & is not fraud. They cant want me to ID verify because they ask for the code on the back of your NY state ID/license. I cant figure this one out. I was hoping that once i got my federal It will just change to DDD. I guess not.

    #4185375 Reply


    @Jenniferctaylor- I am right there with you. I have never had this problem with any state before, until I moved here and this is my first year filing. My message as of 2/21 was the 30 day letter. Thank you for the info on the letter uploading to the online account. Here is another ? So on the website it states that if no refund is issued within 45 days they will pay interest….so if they are holding my refund because of the 30 day letter-will they pay interest on it? My letter date was 2/21 and 45 days from filing would be 3/15…..

    #4184950 Reply


    @sharon Last year I saw a message for a letter on the 1st of February, by February 10th, the letter was viewed online, I didn’t receive a letter until almost a month later and by that time my refund was already being processed for a refund so don’t wait for it in the mail, view it online and correspond ONLINE, its way faster, ill give from the middle to the end of March to have your money if not sooner. But the entire process from sending the document to it being reviewed took 1 week and maybe 2 weeks after to receive my refund

    #4184901 Reply


    I received this message on Tuesday morning. Hopefully no audit. I had last year and it was not a stroll in the park. I’m sorry to hear about it. Tax time seems to be especially stressful this year.

    #4184803 Reply


    first off i want to let out my frustrations on this site and the fact i have to scroll allllllllll the way down in order to post a comment….yea…thanks for that extra work. secondly as of 2/22 i am still on may require further review and all i can find on other blogs and sites is it can end two ways…processed and refund or 30 day message, im hoping on the first option cause at this point whatever they would have wanted shouldve been announced by now. ive seen dd for 2/28 and 3/1 for nys refunds, some whom had this same message but for a short period of time. in a way im at ease its still on review and not no damn 30 day correspondance, but im afraid the long this drags on. the longer itll then take to receive a letter and then start from scratch…BY THE WAY TO THOSE OF YOU AWAITING A LETTER, IT TAKES ABOUT 10 DAYS FROM THE MESSAGE FROM THE LETTER TO GENERATE IN YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT, I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE. THE LETTER WILL SHOW WITHIN A WEEK ONLINE AND ABOUT 2-3 WEEKS TO RECEIVE BY MAIL.

    #4185285 Reply


    Ugh! I am still at “may require further review”. Federal DD was for 2/22. Accepted on 1/28. It isn’t like it is a whole lot of money either :( It just seems this year, I need it badly. I know a lot of you are in the same boat. It just stinks!

    #4185253 Reply


    Morning all! Still have the audit message, still have not received a letter, has anyone with this message received a letter yet!?! NY I’ll give ya whatever you want but HELP ME, HELP YOU!

    #4185185 Reply


    Filed on 1/23
    May require further review.. ( forever)
    Received and being processed
    We received yur return and its being processed (yesterday)
    Today I woke up to a message that i will recieve correspondence within 30 days…. Also still waiting for ddd on federal…..!

    #4184883 Reply


    @jenniferctaylor I forgot to ask. How long did your whole process take, and you did receive a letter? 30 days seems like a long time. I keep checking the online account and no messages have shown up yet

    #4184880 Reply


    @julie mine switched from may require further review, to received and being processed, then 12 hours later to it’s finished processing and you will receive correspondence within 30 days. I have no clue. I hate NYS.

    @jenniferctaylor trust me I hear you. I needed this money like yesterday. My husband was laid off a few weeks ago and mortgage tuition payment and it seems like every other bill in the world is due next week. It’s the only reason I filed so early and here I am with both federal and state held up. I’ve never needed the money before and have always gotten my refund within 3 weeks at the latest. Figures. ๐Ÿ˜ก

    #4184871 Reply


    @julie I think your in the clear if you haven’t received any other message by now, just waiting for approval and refund date, keep us posted

    #4184855 Reply


    So the message switching back to “we received your return and it is being processed” could still mean an audit?

    #4184851 Reply


    @sharon I’m 100% sure it’s something so small that will be resolved, the 30 day message is not an audit message, it means something was missing to complete the return, happened to me before, I had to send my sons birth certificate before and I kept close contact with the person reviewing my file, received it very very shortly afterwards cause they assign someone to your case, I wouldn’t worry, I’m just concerned cause I don’t have time to wait, I need to move asap and I’m counting on that money and not knowing the outcome gives me so much anxiety

    #4184835 Reply


    [email protected] that does not make me feel better. They are sending me a letter. Lol some people have gotten an actually audit message. I think, I hope, I know what the problem is with mine since federal flagged me for a name change, I’m hoping it’s just that. The way my luck is going and the amount of times my status message has changed I’m sure I’ll wake up to the audit message now. ;)

    #4184811 Reply


    this is what i was able to find regarding the message
    1. It means nothing. Just needs an actual person to OK the return. System flagged. If you were audited it would of said a letter will be sent. FYI I always got mine in 30 days after filing.
    2.they were manually reviewing returns and that’s what the hold up is.

    still can go either way if they want to FIND a reason to hold on to the refund

    #4184784 Reply


    Nys what’s going on ???
    1/24 filed accepted 1/25 ACTC
    I created an online account as well No messages there either!

    Still stuck on “may require further review ”
    Smh this is frustrating

    Fed DDD 2/23 thank god

    #4184676 Reply


    I filed NY state return on 2/16 it was accepted on 2/17.. Had the processing message up until a hour ago (2/22 7pm EST) now its says your return has completed processing letter within 30 days .. Pretty sure its was for my offset . now they don’t have to offset my federal

    #4184672 Reply


    @natasha. This is ridiculous. He didn’t see any letters to go out on mine either. Just read me exactly what was on my status. I created an online account. No messages there either. I asked him about that and he said he didn’t know and didn’t know how long it would be to show up if there is to be a letter sent. Our tax dollars at work. Why do they even employ people to answer the phone if they can’t answer anything. So frustrating!!

    #4184646 Reply


    @julie when I called the rep said ” let me see what date they are mailing out your correspondence letter”. A few seconds letter “oh that’s strange you don’t have a date for a letter to be issued” ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธIdk what’s going on or how long it will be. This is so annoying.

    #4184630 Reply


    Has anyone gotten an actual answer or suspected date for their review to be finished from the call center?

    #4184486 Reply


    im still on further review message, no update as of yet as well. this is depressing already. smh told everyone goes threw review at some point….idk whats taking so damn long, im on day 25 week 3, maybe itll come on week 4. federal came and went as fast as it was deposited

    #4184402 Reply


    Hey all, wanted to update on my nys tax refund. I received it today on my Serve card and had a ddd of 2/24. I filed with JH on 1/31

    #4183949 Reply


    I just checked again Same ol message

    We received your return and it may require further review. This may result in your New York State return taking longer to process than your federal return. No further information is available at this time.”

    I’m just going to give it up

    Filed 1/24 it almost 30 days

    #4183823 Reply


    Well like all of you, that was a waste of time calling. He read me exactly what I was reading on the refund status. Says he has no info, you have to wait for the letter. Does it seriously take 30 days to receive a letter sent to and from the same state.?? I’m so mad. So this is weird. While I was on hold I checked my refund status again and accidentally put in the wrong refund amount and it still came up with your return is finished processing you will receive correspondence within 30 days. What’s up with that?

    #4183683 Reply


    I just checked my status and no change, called and given the same message and was told everyone is getting that message cause it’s standard now to review each one, don’t know how true that is but to call after 30 days, it’ll be 30 days on the 28th and I’ve been stuck on this message since day one

    #4183609 Reply


    @natasha and @tara I just created an online account. I was able to see my 2016 returns were there and it also has a section for notices and alerts. There is nothing listed in there. I’m trying to get the kids quiet and then I will call. Pretty sure they will be less than helpful, but I’ll keep you posted.

    #4183559 Reply


    @Tara @ Sharon. Same here I just called they pretty much said the same. I have to wait for the letter. How can they not know whats in the letter if they generated it. Why is it so hard to just tell us what you need. Very frustrating.

    #4183555 Reply


    Today it changed over to return is processing no further information available. Hopefully progress is made

    #4183522 Reply


    No update today
    Still stuck on “May require further review ”

    #4183427 Reply


    @ Tara I have no idea. I’ve filed with Ny for 23 years and yes they are slow but I’ve never had anything like this. I called last week because I’m having a problem with federal because the system was picking up my maiden name and I filed with my married name ( which was the correct thing to do) I called NY to make sure they weren’t having the same problem and she told me no. So much for that. So now I’m waiting for both fed and state. I will be calling shortly. I’ll let you know what they say.

    Anyone have this and it updated to DDD without doing anything. Their website seems to change a lot .smh

    #4183413 Reply


    @jcorderotaylor-thank u. Like I said this first time filing with NY so I’m unsure about thier processes. Do u know how long it takes to process what ever info they need?

    #4182813 Reply


    Tara, also you can view the notice on your account online, you dont have to wait to get something in the mail. it should be there by next week in case you want to start looking for that notice now instead of waiting for them to mail it out, but im sure its something minor you can resolve online. i prefer online correspondance cause you can just upload any documents needed and theyll receive it immediately

    #4183379 Reply


    @Natasha and @ Sharon- so how is it they can post that message and not tell u what the notice is? Ridiculous!! I just called and they gave me no information!!! They said if I don’t get a letter by 3/21 then call back ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

    #4183370 Reply


    @Tara ughh woke up to the will receive letter in 30 days. SMH I file the same kids and been on the same job for 10 years I don’t understand this at all. Nothing has changed on my state tax return. This is a headache.

    Has anyone else receive this message and got a letter to their house or Their NY state online account.?? or have you just updated to DDD without receiving a letter?

    #4183342 Reply


    @Sharon- I’m just not understanding what is going on! This is my first year filing NY since moving here so I wonder if that has something to do with it? Has anyone else had this message and it changed to a DDD???

    #4183201 Reply


    @tara, looks like I have changed to the same 30 day message as you. 3 different messages in the past 12 hours. This is ridiculous

    #4182873 Reply


    We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.

    That’s what I have. & if you’re still getting audited at this point then I guess it’s all a gamble until your money in your account.
    Has it been over a month for anyone yet?

    #4182811 Reply


    tara, so sorry, this year has been a mess, i havent updated as of yet. it could mean they need additional information from you that wouldnt allow them to finish the job on theyre own, did you file with any special credits./ ive had this message before and it could be from a w2, to a birth certificate, or maybe if you filed self employment further information. how complex was your return this year/

    #4182800 Reply


    @ Tara ugh not what I wanted to hear. I thought if we moved from review to processing, we were good. Sorry, I have no idea what that means. This tax season has been terrible!

    #4182757 Reply


    Ok went from may require further review to your return is processing now to this:
    Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 30 days.
    What does this mean???? Ugh!

    #4182723 Reply


    @sharon yes its completely different. I even called and thy said hey we’re sending me a letter on the 27th of February

    #4182694 Reply


    Who hoo. Mine just updated as well. No DDD yet but some progress.

    #4182665 Reply


    I was excited ๐Ÿ˜Š as well !
    Hopefully we’ll have some movement in the am
    Jus patiently waiting……. I didn’t receive no letter

    Filed 1/24 ACTC

    #4182655 Reply


    @HM me too! I was so excited to see others had updated, but mines did not. I usually check here before I check the website. This blows smh I plan on relocating to another state and this is part of my moving expense :(

    #4182636 Reply


    @shellio Did the message you see say something like this?

    “We processed your return and adjusted the refund amount that you claimed. You will receive correspondence explaining the adjustment.A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (FEBRUARY 28, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.”

    #4182625 Reply


    I jus checked again
    I still have the same message

    “May require further review ”


    #4182575 Reply


    Mine just changed from further review to we received your refund and it is in processing hopefully it is good movement

    #4182568 Reply


    Has anyone ever had their refund adjusted? Is it alway less than expected?

    #4182561 Reply


    :( sadly not for me yet. Did it just update now at 830 Eastern?

    #4182554 Reply


    @Natasha-I just checked too and same thing…hopefully that means good news

    #4182543 Reply


    SMH sorry my phone would not post then all the messages went through ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

    #4182524 Reply



    Just rechecked I no longer have the further review message. Had it earlier now it’s back to the original we have received your return it’s being processed.

    #4182507 Reply


    @Tara & all in the same boat. I just checked NYS again since my previous message I no longer have the “need further review” I have the original we received your refund and it is in processing. I hope the next is DDD.

    ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ- Natasha

    #4182531 Reply


    @Tara & all with the “further review” message. My message just changed back to we have received your refund and it’s being processed.

    #4182355 Reply


    Sorry but I’m new to this. @kat you said you had an audit message? That is different than the it may require further review message, correct?

    #4182336 Reply


    Ours was accepted on 1/27 and we are still at “We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.”
    Leave it to NY to make EVERYTHING harder and longer than it needs to be.

    #4182213 Reply


    @Tara I’m still stuck on that stupid message too. Incredibly annoying

    #4182201 Reply


    Update: today at some point my message went from audit status to my refund amount brin adjusted with a ddd of 2/28. Anyone with an audit message there is hope.

    #4182165 Reply


    No update for me…still stuck on this message:
    “We received your return and it may require further review. This may result in your New York State return taking longer to process than your federal return. No further information is available at this time.โ€

    Has anyone that received an adjusted refund, or 90 day letter or even an audit receive this message first? trying to make some sort of sense of their dumb process.

    #4182134 Reply


    Hey guys I received this message:

    “We processed your return and adjusted the refund amount that you claimed. You will receive correspondence explaining the adjustment.A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (FEBRUARY 28, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.”

    Has anyone had any experience with this message? And what it exactly means?

    #4182097 Reply


    I was audited last year too and yes you can be audited 2 years in a row. When I called last week the guy told me that if I only got a partial refund last year because I did not provide the proof they needed for my full requested refund—then the chances of me being audited again this year are higher.
    I received only $800 of the $2,100 I should have gotten. The worst part is that I was definitely entitled to the $2,100 but they were not satisfied with the proof I provided.

    #4181941 Reply


    Same Here been on this same message. (below) since 2/2. I just called them they said it could mean nothing or something….. yeah thanks that’s a big help. I ask so when will I know could it be 1 or 2 months before I get a letter He replied yes there is no time frame on how long they have to review your return. They are no help at all. And I do not see why they are the ones who update your refund status so they should know what prompted them to give the message. #annoyed

    We received your return and it may require further review. This may result in your New York State return taking longer to process than your federal return. No further information is available at this time.โ€

    On another note. I did have a 90 review message to years ago. I’m not sure what that was about I never received a letter but I got my refund within 3/4 weeks of that message. I wonder if this their new 90 day review message with out the 90 day cause it could be longer.

    #4181926 Reply


    No. I never had an offset. I did get audited last year though. Can you get audited twice in a row?

    #4181898 Reply


    Filed 2/23 and accepted around the 27th. Still saying it being processed and no further info available. I called them and they told me the same thing and would not give me any other info.

    Anybody else been stuck with this message?

    #4181697 Reply

    bah humbug

    Fed -American opportunity tax credit accepted 1/27 received dd 2/6
    NYS -American opportunity tax credit accepted 1/28 no ddd

    “We received your return and it may require further review. This may result in your New York State return taking longer to process than your federal return. No further information is available at this time.”
    It has been this message for weeks now. I called five minutes ago after a half hour he read the same statement verbatim! and offered no help/hint whatsoever.

    #4181775 Reply

    Gina P.

    Finally got a ddd of 2/28. Accepted 1/30

    #4181659 Reply


    ive gotten the may require further review message, no dd as of yet

    #4181616 Reply


    Hey My fellow NY’ers,

    What a Tax season this has been?!. I was having problems filing my NY return, but it was finally accepted on 2/10, and I’ve had the message “we’ve received your return and it is being processed. No further info available” since. I was audited last year, hoping they just update to a ddd after this message.

    Has anyone gone from the above message to a ddd? or did you all get “a further review” or “final stage” message before your ddd?

    s/n – I received my fed. on 2/15 no credits, no path

    #4181590 Reply


    the 28th would technically make 30 days, so im assuming, maybe, praying wishing and hoping that we’ll get a DD of 2/28

    #4181578 Reply


    julie, were you the same person who said you received offset payments twice for the same amount, if so, did you find out any information as far as how long itll take to receive the overpayment/
    if your not the same julie, disregard lol

    #4181537 Reply


    My status changed back to we have received your return and its being processed. I hope that’s a good thing.

    #4181506 Reply


    for those of you who received a DD, did you have the may require further review message//
    i was given the impression my return was being manually inputed which is why its taking longer, doesnt neccesarily mean ill be audited, just making sure everything is good to go, but my God this is taking forever. i already got my fed deposited this morning, hoping my state gets deposited at least by next week so i know exactly how much im working with in the end.

    #4181434 Reply

    kRIS nyc

    i FILED 2/6 ACCEPTED 2/7 Fed gave me DDD 2/23 this morning no change on State I checked just now it updated They are dep 2/28 they also said an adjustment was made and I will receive correspondence, I was aware I had offset, so anyone with offset that doe not mean they will hold it longer. Good Luck

    #4181424 Reply


    Seems like they are telling us different things…when I called they told me they have 30 days and if I don’t see a refund or letter to call back 30 days from file date.

    #4181413 Reply


    Hi All,

    I just received a DDD of 28th with the below meesgae. I had checked in the morning and it had nothing on encourgae you all to go and take a look now…it probably got updated over the last 30 minutes or so..

    I have the below message now:

    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (FEBRUARY 28, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    I have not received my fed yet…

    Filed 02/08, accepted 02/08 via TT

    Hope this helps a few like me :)

    #4181397 Reply


    i finally broke and called and was told that further review just means that everything is just being looked over to make sure everything was input correctly and that we received the proper credits, sounds alot like the path message. all i was told was that sometimes the system fails and a manual review must be done but that they have 45 days to issue the refund or it grows interest.

    #4181362 Reply


    Woke up this morning with the same message
    No change for me

    “May require further review ”

    #4181309 Reply


    filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/3
    Been stuck at basic processing message from day one with no further info.
    Woke up @ 9am to a DDD for the 28th. Good luck everyone!

    #4181181 Reply


    Still stuck at “may require further review” message. Hoping and praying for an update today!!! Filed 1/28

    #4181023 Reply


    holiday is over. let’s hope there is a huge surge in movement. filed 1/28. accepted 1/30….

    #4180757 Reply


    nothing yet, but i think those of you who have those may require further review messages should most def get an update this week, we should be the next batch for christ sakes.

    #4180707 Reply


    I Hope NYS updates tonight

    Filed on 1/24 still on stuck on
    “May require further review”

    #4180681 Reply


    Filed and accepted on 02/08, been stuck on this for forever :(

    We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.

    Am hoping something happens over night…Just too stressed, need to pay my bills…neither m Fed has a DDD nor state..

    TT am never going to use them again, my tax consultant filed in last year for me within 10 days had both!

    #4179992 Reply


    Hopefully we’ll get a ddd tomorrow
    I filed
    1/24 ACTC only

    Still have the May require further review ”

    #4179718 Reply


    It’s def not an audit. I ask did my last years taxes this year and it went from processing straight to to an offset message. This year it’s just stuck on May require further review. My theory is it’s just a delay message cause it’s says “MAY” require further review and I think it has to do with if our federal gets approved then I’ll state will as well, just a theory cause I had a DD from federal of 2/23

    #4179625 Reply


    I hope so too
    Hopefully we update Tuesday

    #4179583 Reply


    No. Luckily still under the ” may review” message. Hopefully no audit.

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