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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    And what’s the point in having an online account if you don’t receive any of the letters you signed up to receive in the first place?? I did everything online to expedite the process and it made no difference whatsoever! First I had to wait 45 days, then 30 days once I got a reviewer assigned. Took more than 30 days, called in and the case was closed within hours?! WTH is going on?!?! Now I have to wait another 30 days for an explanation? When am I getting my refund? Am I getting my refund? Why do they f$ck with peoples money? Why don’t they ever put themselves in our shoes??? Uggghhhh!!! Sorry. Just venting.

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    Says case is closed wait for letter in mail explaining findings. Am I getting my refund or not? Has this happened to anyone? What were the results?

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    Any updates? I’m losing my mind here! I call every Monday and Friday. They told me on Friday that they have until June 1st to give me a letter or ddd.

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    I think there’s two different Cynthia’s here! @Kiwikelle still nothing for me! :-(

    Congrats @Cynthia

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    Thanks and congrats 🎉🍾🎊🎈 @cynthia

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    I got a DD of 5/22 by calling. Good luck the to the rest of you hopefully you get results soon

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    @kiwikellie I know! It’s so annoying. If the case is closed why is there no decision available. I just hope I wake up tomorrow and the money is in my account! Lol I wish that for alll of us! I

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    @cynthia that’s crazy they make everything so top secret from us like it’s not our money!! Your probably just waiting for a ddd (in there voice) lol

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    Case was closed 5/2 and still nothing in the mail. No dd, no explaination, nothing! When I call they tell me that a letter has not even been generated so they have no way of getting the details. )eyes roll)

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    Well that’s good to know I still haven’t even made it to that stage yet I’m still waiting for a reviewer

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    Melissa hung

    @Kiwikelie it is not true I had the same message and then I had a message that said my status was not available online that I had to call. I called today and was told I was approved but the DD is pending becuase it has to go through final processing

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    I heard that if it says you case is closed but don’t say adjust or give a dd that means they didn’t think you qualify for a refund is this true?

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    @cynthia it went back to your return is being processed no further info available at this time. I noticed this message 5/1 but not sure if i had it prior as i had given up with checking lol but if it was within that same time i notice it took about a week before the DDD Date.

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    @carmen what did your case say prior to the ddd? Mine still says that my case was closed and that I should wait for results in the mail. Reps don’t have any details. They told me to just give a few days to Call back for an update.

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    @Carmen congrats!

    @kewikelie it took my reviewer 1 day. I hope it’s the same for you!

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    @carmen congrats!! I’m still waiting for a reviewer but at least I know once I’m assigned it will only be like 1 week for update

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    check your updates nothing new this morning just checked now and have a DDD of 5/8 finally thank you Baby Jesus.

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    I called ‭(518) 485-6549‬. It gets me to a rep fairly quickly.

    No updates yet other than my case being closed and waiting for a letter.

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    @Kiwikelie no im not Cynthia lol i never got a TA im just winging it out i cant stress myself with there lies..its annoying so i just wait

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    Hi Vanessa I am having the same problem i hope this means there updating trouble.

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    Submitted 2/5, asked for docs 3/16, uploaded 3/28, went to processing and then today-

    We do not have any information about your return at this time.

    Anyone know what this means???

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    @Cynthia…. what # did you call to speak with someone? whenever I call the # on the site I just get a recording. Uploaded my docs on April 6 and still have the 90 day message…just hoping to speak with someone to get a little information this is beyond ridiculous

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    To all,
    My suggestion is to call and e-mail your State Senate and Assembly Representatives and complain about the Tax Departments unacceptable refund processing this year. It’s YOUR money. audits should not supersede issuance of refunds. NYS Income Tax makes the IRS look like Santa Claus !

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    @ Carmen are you Cynthia? If not did your case get assigned yet?

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    @Kiwikelie i submitted them on 3/28 could u believe it,, this is the longest i have ever waited for my state refund.

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    I got some what of a update today they finally mailed my letter out today mind you I was in audit status since 2/11 yes February a called the 22nd of last month and was told my notice number and case number upload the requested docs 4/23 status change same day to waiting for a reviewer I called to see why they said the system notice it never sent my letter when I sent in docs and automatically sent my notice then she also said my notice number dtf 973.52 even tho it ask for proof of income and children it was mainly for day care credit

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    Checked this morning and my case was closed! That was fast. I called the state to get the findings but they didn’t have any info to give me. They just said I should receive a letter within 30 days and that I can call in a few days to get more info. Since it was closed today the system doesn’t have much information. I will be calling back Friday. Hopefully a dd date

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    I send my documents on 3/22. It’s been 41 days. System and rep say it should be no more than 30 days.

    Just to clarify, I was audited by the state. I received my federal check on time. I saw an older post where someone was confused about the two. Again, just clarifying, just in case.

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    My story filed 1/31
    Processing until 2/10 audit status never got a letter I waited 2 whole months then I finally called they gave me my notice number 4/22 I have notice dtf 973.52 sent required docs 4/23 status changed to received waiting to be assigned same day so I feel like my wait has just began 😑😑

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    Cynthia, how long you been waiting?

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    Cq05140521 when did you submit your docs?

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    Just check the status online and it did give me an update. I guess the rep was wrong about that. Hopefully I’ll get my money soon!

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    I called today and they informed me that my case was assigned to someone this morning. The person conducting the investigation has 30 days to make a decision. So At least I know I’ll get an answer within 30 days. Finally some news! The rep also mentioned that the status may not change when I check the status online. It might be best to just call periodically.

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    @CQ05140521 that’s great news. Now bring on the dd!!!

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    Well i guess this is positive. I finally went back to processing not sure exactly when it happened because i had given up, but something told me check today and finallhy processing now lets see how long before my deposit

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    @danmin thanks!! Anyone has any updates? Anyone get their money?

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    @Frustrated Citizen – What was the processing problem(s)?

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    Frustrated Citizen

    Correction to my original post : have 2jobs. Lol. I’ve learned alot of patience this year after this tax season. And it’s over. That’s even more crazy.

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    Frustrated Citizen

    I just found his forum. I still haven’t received my federal. I live in Indiana. I filed January 29th, and got a Tax Advocate Feb 23rd. This whole thing has been a big brain cluster, and some added numbers to my blood pressure. Lol, but literally. I’ve been getting the run around since the beginning of the season. Got a phone call on Friday 4/27 from my TA telling me FINALLY everything is done and I should have a due date today 4/30. NOT… Today I called the IRS and she said oh, it’ll probably be another 2 weeks. SMH and popping blood pressure pills. 😂😂. And the wait continues. I’m glad I had 2 full time jobs. I’ve waited this long I have no choice but to continue waiting. I forgot to mention. They are absolutely RUDE, and total idiots. In my opinion if they give us clear and accurate, and honest information when we inquire. They wouldn’t get bombarded with attitudes and bi – polar individuals. (no point intended to offend anyone on this forum It’s just a figure of speech. )

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    @Cynthia; Ok I see what they’re getting at. Used to wait until after processing to verify that info, but new anti-fraud systems put in place for EIC & Child Credits tied to self-employment income. Good luck.

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    @danmin they are asking for proof that my kids are mine (eyes roll). They wanted proof of self employment. I did some uber last year and I had all the uber documents to prove my income. They wanted proof of self employment expenses (car payment, insurance, toll payments, maintenance fees,etc). I provided everything. I even ran it by my tax preparer and he said I had everything they asked for. Still nothing. Anyone get a DD yet?

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    @steph72 it really is ridiculous hopefully at some point.

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    @CQ05140521 the year I had to submit mine it did take a month and the assholes never updated the system until after I got my dd. This year they are at least giving a date before they deposit the money. I’m still in disbelief that you didn’t get your refund yet. Hopefully any day now!!! smfh

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    @Cynthia we are in the same boat i uploaded mine on 3/28 still nothing

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    wowwww this is so unreal i still cant believe i am waiting on this little check..this is nuts going on almost a month since i uploaded my W2 i dont get it anyone know how long will it take to get my refund???

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    @Cynthia – Which areas were they questioning, what documents ?

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    I submitted mine on 2/4, received a letter on 2/26. They asked for a lot of documents which thankfully I was able to get everything. I submitted the documents online on 3/22. It’s been a month and still no change. It just says that they received my response on 3/22 and it can take up to 90 days for my case to be reviewed. I try calling but die to high call volumes, I’m told to call back. Any pointers? Anyone in my situation??

    What is the turn around time for this stuff?!

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    Just got a DD date of April 19 …. recd letter 3/22 uploaded an image of my W2 March 23 ….was in review till 4/12 then went to processing again got dd date today 4/17 .. good luck everyone… I checked this forum everyday for info like this so I know the feeling. Also The amount was the same no adjustment.

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    @JIM NY Not sure whats going on i uploaded mine on 3/28 and still no response no date no nothing this is sooo frustrating

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    Jim Ny

    @Nickey..In the past if they say they are sending a check..It leaves their office on that day..Than snail Mail gets it to you in 2 days typically..

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