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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    No change. Will check again Monday after 4. Or if someone updates before that. Have a good weekend everyone.

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    If anyone receives a DDD after getting the message saying they need to send their w2 can your please let us know?

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    @Gloria interest is only paid if its 45 days after the tax season is over and its not over until April 19 so we just all playing a waiting game hopefully next week we will get a date…… im pretty much over it and aggravated i got shit 2 do

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    Just called, stood on hold for over 30 minutes.

    Accepted 1/19 with a confirmation number.

    Was on further review since then. Processing started 3/7. I sent my W2 in just in case, on 3/2.

    Got an idiot on the phone who told me that all I’m waiting for was on a specific date. I asked are there any particular days that dates are issued for direct deposit? She said no, it could be anytime. I asked about interest, since it’ll be 3 months on the 19th for me. She said no. Interest is only paid if you’re being audited, and your information you sent in is correct. I stated that’s not what your website says, which she ignored.

    She then proceed to tell me with a (f*cked up attitude) that I will just have to wait, and there isn’t anything they can do.

    Why do we even have these morons answering the phones?

    Complete retards.

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    Sorry, forgot a .
    [email protected]

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    Email doesn’t work.

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    This is insane!

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    Thomas H Mattox: Commissioner NYS DEPT TAX & FINANCE
    (518) 530-5000
    [email protected]
    Enough calls and emails will get us answers. Enough NYers. Power to the People!

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    @rob well rob in two more days you will start to earn interest.

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    Been 43 business days and 60 days now.

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    @bigstuff i got that message too “Your refund status is not available using this service” but they posted a number and i called and it was a automated message saying that they sent me a letter. who did you call to tell you that you have no later and you should get a DD soon? because im stressed. Is there still hope for me that i will not have to send my w2’s?

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    i need my money!!
    filed 2/7
    accepted same day
    federal ddd 2/22
    state chnge to processing 2/23
    i now have Your refund status is not available using this service called no letters or nun…she said im @ the last stages and i should get a ddd if i dont hve 1 by thursday 2 call back

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    Highest taxed State and yet their broker than broke. This is just a stall tactic. Just another way for NYS to be in control of our money. We need to stop voting these fools into office. Once these refunds went into “review mode” people should have been contacted then, regarding additional info needed, not after it’s gone back to processing. Dumb fucks.

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    Still processing, was accepted 46 days ago. First time eFIIng. Last year mailed Feb. 1 received refund Mar. 1 , NYS eFiling sucks . Next year back to snail Mail

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    You see that shit

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    I contacted nys today and they said I just needed to send my w2..which I already did. She said basically it’s a waiting game now..good luck everyone..chances r I won’t see mine for at least 90 more days!!

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    no change since i changed to processing on 3/7

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    @danmin that’s that bs. smfh

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    I wish I could stop checking and just wait for Skank of America to text me that I got a dd. But alas, we all know better.

    Anyhoo, no change (surprise,surprise), will check tomorrow after 4 unless one of you update before.

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    Same or me processing 5:14

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    This is how FOS NYS T&F is; Did my nephew’s return 2/7, FED DDD 2/22, ONE week later NY Tax Refund website updates his money has been applied to his overdue student loan. No problem there, he owes it, just indicates how quickly these State returns are actually being processed, four weeks from filing date.

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    I’m still processing with no further information available. I’m going for a return DDD of anytime before Halloween. I guess 90 days will be the new standard

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    @ Nana72. UGH same for me. I was SO hoping for a date today.

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    Check between 3 and 4.

    @anu, yeah I just updated last week so I feel like I won’t get a date until next week, but I’m still checking everyday after 4.

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    Hi all – I have only posted so far on the fed boards but decided to post here to give hope to all of you! I filed and was accepted on 1/31, was on further review for most of February, went back to processing week before last…. checked this morning still processing but just checked right now and I have a DD date of March 23rd – soooooo – hang in there!!!

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    Thanks I just sent my w-2 just in case

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    If you didn’t get your letter yet call first before uploading anything they may need more from you compared to someone else like myself who just had to upload the w2 better safe than sorry and have it held up longer

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    @BBNY You have to create an acct on call and ask for info on letter if there sending you one.

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    How do I upload W-2?

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    I didn’t get the letter yet but I uploaded my w2..I hope that’s all the letter said to send because I am so done with this sh!t

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    Filed 2/5 accepted 2/6 been on further review ever since today i call and they ask for my w2 wth does uploaded it today does anybody know how long after does it go back to processing.

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    Good morning everyone

    I’ll check after 4pm today unless someone updates before then.

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    Hopefully they would give a date after 5 pm

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    Not a single DDD for anyone today that’s just crazy.

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    Yes that’s what I put when I submitted mine.

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    so for the document number they ask when responding to a letter thats the confirmation number on your account?

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    Lol they aint shit

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    Filed and accepted on 1/19 with confirmation
    was on further review till 3/7
    Still waiting on processing

    But when Kee indicated to upload W2 I did it two weeks ago.

    It’s like WTF could it hurt?

    They don’t want to give me my money anyway.

    No letter no audit, nothing.

    Same job for 20 years, same two kids.

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    @CQ05140521, I was there twice so I know. Nothing you can do but wait. The only silver lining from this is you’ll get the deposit when you least expect it; “Thanks for surprising me with my money”.

    Glad I could provide some humor.

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    @steph lets roll

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    @steph72 lmboooooooooo you just made my afternoon i mean at this point i guess we have to keep eachother sane with some type of laughter cause man NY can really push those buttons during tax season. shits crazy a month and a half waiting for them to say they need a damn letter like wtf couldnt they say that as soon as they processed.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Over it

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    This post is venting no info here:

    @dee, wtf???! I have to wait for you to get a certain amount of filers before you approve my shit. What time you get off, I’m on my way to Albany!

    It’s insane. You have people out here struggling and overpaying taxes and then they hold the shit up. Shit even if you’re not struggling and you want to buy some red bottoms, it’s your money, you worked for it, over-payed taxes, gimme me my shit. smh

    I’m just too through with it and when you see people finally moving back to processing only to be hit with we need you to verify, that’s fucked up. They could have verified from week 1. You wait until week 5,6,7 to talk that we need more info from you shit. foh

    You can’t even tell them what to do with themselves. Like the 20 yr old Nana is fiending to come out now, but I have to rein her ass in and get back on my mature shit when I talk to them because I don’t want them to red flag my social. But Trust, If it was me 26 years ago, I would have done called out every last one of the reps I spoke to on the bs and cussed them the f out.

    This season is a joke.

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    For everyone saying they have no issues under further review cause they said so don’t mean to be a bummer but don’t believe them I was told that also until they requested my w2 last night

    A rep told me today sometimes it don’t show right away on there side that something is wrong even after it says being processed is

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    I filed on 1/15
    Accepted 1/16
    Further review for about a month.
    3 weeks on processing.

    They said there’s no issues and I’m done. Just waiting on a DDD. If I’m done, just give it to me…

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    For all who have to send in w2’s I went through that last year .
    Here is the timeline for how long the process went

    Accepted on 1/28
    I got the need further  review message on 2/2 .
    Then return has completed processing letter in 30 days on 2/21.
    3/6 notice issued on my online account and I fax paper the same day actually I faxed it the Friday before I called and they gave my the letter number so I could upload.
    3/28 refund issued for April 6

    I’m still at processing since last week. so I hope all is good this year.

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    When i called Monday they told me it goes in different ques. One que is for further review then there is a que for processing. then it goes to approval que is were it will give you a DDD. how ever she also said it has to be a certain amount of filers for them to get a date . I said what in the hell does that mean. “it has to be filled with approve filers in order to give out a date thats straight BS.

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