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    Wheres My Refund New York – Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check New York Wheres My Refund? go to Department of Taxation and Finance.

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    Almost had a. Heart attack a junk email popped in my notifications on my phone that said you’re appproved ..!!! Thought it was my taxes lol thats it i officially went off the edge

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    Lol @nana72 omg i bet he felt that !!!!! You are a 👑 In other words that means them [email protected]#*#*’ arent going through what we’re going through at all hell theirs is probably done first ! Lol

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    I’m now back at your return has been received and is being processed. After a few days ago with the beginning message. I filed AND was accepted 2/5. So today is 20 days. Tomorrow is 3 weeks.

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    @melanin23, I asked the rep that when I called several days ago and he said he wasn’t at liberty to discuss his return. lol then i told him NYST&F can kick rocks. So I think I’ll be waiting a long time. lol

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    I was thinking i wonder if the people who actually work for NYS TAXATION got their taxes back lol .. Or if they’re going through the same thing we’re going through

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    @melanin23, Absolutely. Been there, done that.

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    They WILL DEFINITELY audit you if your close to 45 days cause the last thing they want is to pay u more money than they already owe cmon NYS please update tomorrow !!!!!

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    @nymomof3 im not so sure love they say they update on weekends so i definitely count weekends but its NY they always try to do something slick to avoid paying us so quickly smh !! So i or we wouldnt know for sure

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    I owed NYS and they got it from my federal and I got the rest on my fed ddd of feb. 7th. Yesterday Sat Feb. 24th I got a letter from New York State dated Feb. 9th saying my debt was paid off. The envelope had a postmarked date of Feb. 21st. So they took 12 days to mail a letter. smfh

    I filed 1/23 and was accepted on the 24th. on Jan 26th the track refund tool said it was received and being processed, then 2/2 the day their bs update started, i went to further review and I’m still there. 23 days on further review, 31 days since I filed, fcuking bs!

    NY has 45 days to process returns before they owe interest, so they have until Mar. 9th to give me my money. If they want to go around paying me interest then they’ll audit me so they wont have to pay any interest and can take as long as they want at that point. This is the bs system/game NY plays.

    I’m praying we all update this week in Jesus’ name, Amen!

    s/n he knows I curse even on Sunday.

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    @Melanin23 should it be 30 business days or 30 days with weekends?

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    @nygirl my friend owed federal and they took her money but she got back her state .. So it depends on the situation . . further review is normal. You just have to be patient and wait to go back to processing if you are on further review past 30 days THEN YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY CALL THEM

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    No I don’t owe any debts. I already received my federal return. I went thru this with NY State last year so I’m just a little more patient this year.

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    Everyone who has been on further review for a while, did federal take any of your refund for a past debt? I owed Fed and so did my mom and we are both on further review for a while! Just trying to find a rhyme or reason for this crap!

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    I filed on 1/19 and got accepted on the 29th for state it said processing for about 2 weekz and now its telling me that there is no information on me. Why did it change to this did they take my refund someone help me!

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    Dept of education… God, even my typing luck is shot at this point.

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    Still at further review even at 30 days after being accepted. I know I probably shouldn’t be checking over the weekend, but this is just ridiculous at this point. Hopefully it changes on Monday. Even just to processing or audit or anything. Now it just seems like its lost in the system somewhere.

    Sept or education got my federal a couple days ago, so at least one if my returns made it somewhere

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    Me too @donna smh hopefully we update monday ny is playing them selves now

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    no update as usual

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    I was accepted on 1/29 then went to further review for About a week in a half now I’ve been processing for over a week!!! This is just straight up aggravating!!!!!

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    Still nothing I will stalk the nys refund page next week.

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    Just wanted to add mine for reference, I mostly lurk…

    Filed 1/31 accepted same day
    Went from review for about a week to processing until Tuesday when I got a DDD for 2/28
    Money was on my paypal prepaid card this morning. Still waiting on my federal ddd and I filed injured spouse with all credits. Hope this helps.

    Good luck to all.

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    NOW I’m at the message you get at the BEGINNING that they have no information and ef-files returns take up to a week to enter the system blah blah!

    What the HELL??? And of course the message changed TODAY so I can’t check it over the weekend!

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    I was accepted 1/30 , after the fantastic system update they did I went to further review where I have been stuck since …. I just checked because I am addicted to disappointment and , I’m still under further review … WOMP WOMP WOMP

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    Tasha Mae

    Hey! Nothin here yet. Filed 1/23 accepted 1/24. Claim two kids. Got my federal 2/22. State still under review. Has been since 2/2

    Last year I filed 1/30 accepted 1/30 and had my state 2/10 federal almost 15 days AFTER. This is ridiculous.

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    Gary wny

    I was accepted 1/30 by federal and state and already got my federal 2/13 but my state has been on may require further review since accepted its ridiculous I’ve checked multiple times each day down to once a day because I got sick of disappointment lol

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    I wont even check until i see someone on here say that they got a ddd … Sucks cause im really banking on this refund

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    Still nothing

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    Still Processing hoping May be next week I’ll be able to update because I’ve given up all hope for Today I say I’m not going to check anymore today but I’m only lieing to myself lol

    Good luck everyone

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    I updated to further review on Feb.2 when they did that so called system update and all it did was screw us over.

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    Looks like everyone who got accepted in the early test runs is having the delay. I worried that I needed to give info and never got a notice, so I signed up for an online account. No letters have been sent, just shows they received my info on 1/15 and it’s processing.

    I was accepted on 1/24 I think, maybe the 23rd. Should’ve filed state later so I didn’t get lost in this mess.

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    I give up! Monday will b 30 days and still NOTHING!!!!!

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    hope so

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    @Kee oh no, hearing that makes me less hopeful. fingers crossed for this weekend

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    today is my 30 days

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    I just called too finally @kee and they told me a lot of people are getting this message and that I should wait at least 30 days and I would update after that. Well this Monday will be 30 days since I received this message so lets see if I get any type of update by then

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    Hello anyway so I just got the phone with them Basically what the rep said was Once The state controller Approves the Refund then we will get a date so right now even though I’m in further with you as of right now they’re still not looking for anything From me

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    Ss number
    Refund amount

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    I still haven’t called like I said I was going to. but im thinking of doing it right now. what information do they ask for when you call because I do not have my return in front of me right now.

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    So i been watching this page since last year taxes but i never posted anything cause last year i didnt have this problem. Last year i filed 01/28 (accepted same day never had a problem went to processing – ddd) claimed for my son and job other credits etc.. I got my refund for federal 02/20 and my state 02/05!!! (I never use my actual bank for refunds only prepaid cards which is up to two days early)

    THIS YEAR I FEEL LIKE RIHANNA ..I JUST HAVE TO POST CAUSE THIS IS RIDICULOUS i didnt have any dependants etc so whats the hold up NY huh????? RUN ME MY MONEY filed and accepted 1/28 went to review for 2 -3 weeks back to processing for about 10 days and im still waiting how are people who filed in feb and accepted in feb getting their money before me !!! What pisses me off is my mother filed 3 days AND ALREADY HAS A FLYING DDD FOR 03/02 SHE CLAIMED ALL 5 OF HER KIDS NY IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF

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    Good morning All. No change, further review for 21 days now. filed 1/23 accepted 1/24.

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    Im still on processing. Accepted 2/5. Went from further review to processing maybe earlier this week. I have my email set up for alerts from NYS for when they are going to DD my money. I’ve had my federal since 2/14.

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    Been on further review since 2/5..still on it. Filed 1/27 accepted 1/30

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    further review still, of course bleh

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    I got a ddd today for 2/28, but it said my refund amount was changed & they’re sending a letter. I hope they didn’t decrease it too much! My federal return was approved & I received it today so I don’t know why NY adjusted it. Any ideas?

    BTW, I filed on 2/9 with TT.

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    I’m still on further review :(

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    Got an email that my refund was approved and check will be mailed out by 3/1/18. so filed 1/23/18. accepted 1/29/18. and should get in mail sometime first week of march. I didn’t do direct deposit cause issues with bank.

    good luck everyone!

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    Posted this before but I’ll give y’all a rundown
    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    Further review 2/1
    Back to processing 2/13
    Checked tonight ddd 2/28

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    For the past few years I updated on a Tuesday even after my 60 day wait last year so I guess I will hope for a Tuesday update.

    I received my federal today. But I don’t care I want all my money or Atleast know when it’s coming. I don’t really have big plans just hate the wait.

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    No, no time frame. Hopefully next week.

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