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    Share your experience with filing your New York Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Cant wait for this years tax season!!!

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    Has anyone ever received a full refund check after being audited? And what does it mean if your audit case is closed?

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    Wilma C.

    I just wanted to give you guys a little info on my tax return. I filed some time late January. 2/28 I received refund of an adjusted amount and was notified of an audit, needing to send documents. I didn’t send my papers until 3/19. On 4/11 my case was assigned to a reviewer. On 4/21 my status changed to the original “we received info on 3/19….takes 90 days to be assigned.” Jaw dropped. On 4/24 status changed once again to case assigned to reviewer. On 4/28 my case was closed. Now I’m just waiting for the letter. Hope you all receive new information soon.

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    I filed my NYS return 2/16/17 received my audit letter 3/7 .. Faxed documens on 3/10 & 3/23 .. Case FINALLY assigned to a audit reviewer on 5/1/17.. How long does the case usually take to close after being assigned ?? I DO KNOW MY AUDITOR IS A FEMALE BTW..

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    After 4 months of crap and sending in documents, I get this. They could not even tell me how much it was adjusted. I have to wait for mail. Does anyone now if a check will come with this letter for the amount, if any.

    Your audit case was closed on 05/13/2017. You should receive an explanation of our findings within 30 days.

    If you’ve already received our explanation and do not agree with our findings, you may submit additional information to support your claim, and we will reopen your case.

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    I filed my electronic return on 1/31, on 2/21 they requested more information as I was being audited (by this time I had signed up for electronic notices thru the nys tax dept) so I promptly returned the requested documents of W-2’s,everyone’s birth cert. As well as residency and a letter from kids school proving they are enrolled in ny.etc. They acknowledged they received these items on 3/9. On 4/25 the where’s my refund message changed to “Your refund in the amt (what I filed) is scheduled to be mailed on 5/5” My notice wasn’t uploaded in my acct til 4/28 stating my refund in amt I filed had been processed and I should receive my check on or about 5/5. WTH! NYS IS A JOKE, I NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM WHEN I LIVED IN VT YRS AGO!! -anyone else get a scheduled mail date and know about how long it takes to actually get? Or is this like every other message to pacify you?

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    I received this message I’m just wondering will I still receive a refund or not

    Audit Status
    Your audit case was closed on 04/09/2017. You should receive an explanation of our findings within 30 days.

    If you’ve already received our explanation and do not agree with our findings, you may submit additional information to support your claim, and we will reopen your case.

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    Been following this forum for the past 2 yrs. I had to comment this morning. Here’s my story. Prepared my own taxes this year, didn’t want to pay 450 dollars to my tax guy. Filed 2/10, received federal refund 2/22 DD. NY State 2/26 “Your tax return has been selected for Audit”. Received letter online 3/6, Uploaded document for dependents on 3/10. Received less than 1/4 of my refund on 3/13. On 4/10 refund status change to ‘Status cannot be accessed using this service” called # given, waited 25 mins to speak to rep. she said “they received my documents and its being worked on, wait 90 days.” Called again yesterday 4/20 “case hasn’t been assigned to a reviewer as yet, wait 90 days. I went to the bank this morning to get some cash for the weekend and guess wat!! The balance of my refund has been there since 4/17, no letter, no email, nothing. Calling rep’s makes no sense. Good Luck to everyone still waiting.

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    Carmen M. Rodriguez

    I’m still waiting for my refund, and it’s already the 18th June, having filed at the start of February. One April 3rd or so, I received acknowledgement of receipt of my W2 form, which I had e-filed along with my tax declaration but had to forward to them in Albany, a hard copy. Somewhere I read that NY State is delaying payments and this is a stall tactic. It’s soon over 80 days that I sent the form in by regular mail…..and still no word, nothing in sight of my refund. And I’m getting concerned that it should be sent by regular mail and not DD, so that it also can be ‘conveniently’ lost in transit.

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    Cyrenna Dewhurst

    Mine is still in limbo. Had to furnish the W-2’s which I had to do via fax because the State says I have already got an account with them with my social which makes no sense at all. I don’t, never have had one. Never had to.

    I tried emailing them because I have no time at all to stay on hold while at work…its just awful and we are renting a house and i really need it. Pray I get it tomorrow!!! its been since February!

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    hey my wife and I filed it was recieved and has been saying We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time. for 8 weeks. hope it changes soon but from what i see i doubt it.

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    After 4 months of waiting………… I received my refund check in the mail on Saturday! :)

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    You should receive a letter “within 30 days”…but expect it to take 30 days, at least that was what my first bout with them was like.

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    Audit case assigned on 5/1 .. Case closed 5/13 .. Now what ?

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    That’s strange. They direct deposited mine. Well at least you have an end in sight. Last year they had to mail mine. I had it in less than a week after the mail date.

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    Called to ask why I was getting a mailed check when I asked for DD and she stated that because I was W-2 reviewed they don’t have the ability to DD……

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    Just updated to :

    Your refund check is scheduled to be mailed on (MAY 18, 2017). If you have not received your refund within 30 days of this date, call 518-457-5149.

    Why would they mail it when I requested DDD?

    Well at least I have some idea of when I will have my money.

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    My status changed to We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time on the 3rd. Was hoping for a DDD this week….maybe Saturday….that would be awesome. Seems to change to a DDD about 10 days after the above message appears

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    Update: I had a scheduled date of 5/5 for my check to be mailed and I received it yesterday 5/10 ๐Ÿ˜‚, FINALLY! hope this helps

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    Anyone get a DDD yet for this week or next?

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    I hope so @cat.

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    Called today and was told that my refund was released from review and now I am just waiting for a DDD. I hope that info is correct. Light at the end of the tunnel….maybe.

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    My refund was deposited this morning. Finally this nightmare tax season is over. I hope you’re not too far behind Cat.

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    I will keep you guys updated. Fingers crossed! :)

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    @ Sharon congrats to you as well!
    @ Cat yes mine Changed to that as well the Sunday before last you should be receiving something soon
    Also I was told the check will be mailed if it was manually reviewed but it it stating DDD !
    If it’s not there by 5/5 I think it will be mailed it takes 3 days my hubby had a date 4/25 to be mailed out and he received it 4/28

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    @cat mine changed to that last Sunday, I believe so did HM. Then Wednesday we both got a DDD. Fingers crossed that maybe you have a week left. I bet whoever you talked to gave you the wrong info. Remember I was told they needed more info when they clearly did not.

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    I just checked my status and it now says
    We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.

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    @ Sharon

    Congrats….its been a long tax season. Hopefully I get a DDD or at least a letter by the 10th.

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    Congrats HM. I won’t truly believe it’s over until it’s in my account. I’m assuming since it doesn’t say it was adjusted or anything, everything checked out and this was a total waste of time.

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    Same here I just checked I have a DDD of
    May 5th i also received a email From
    Nys as well finally!!!

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    Ok I checked my status an hour ago and it had still processing, I just checked now and I have a DDD of 5/5. Keep checking @cat. I put no stock in anything those people on the phone say. I’ve been given a million different stories since February. So 94 days since filing. Ridiculous NY!

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    That’s ridiculous @cat. I’m going to give a call tomorrow. No wonder NYS has no money. They seem to waste a ton of time. I spoke to my friend who is an accountant. She said she has a bunch of clients they are doing this to for simple returns.

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    Called this morning only a 15 min wait. Uploaded my W-2 on March 2nd. The system didn’t recognize it until the March 10th. April 10th they decided they needed more information than my W-2 but I have not received a letter as of yet and she doesn’t see one in the system and I don’t see one online. She said I should have one by May 10th because that would be 30 days. I don’t understand what other info they could possible need unless H&R block made a mistake. She couldn’t of course tell me what other info they needed. I am so upset at NYS right now.

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    Hello all…checking in after my “receive our findings,” message from the WMR site. It took almost the entire 30 days to receive the letter. BE WARNED: When those who are being audited you’ll get a check for an adjusted amount. I had to call 3 times until I spoke with someone who could tell me what else they needed. They wanted proof of lease paid, deposits, receipts, checks for the entire 2016 year’s income. I just sent everything in and hopefully they believe my measly income now haha…this has been the most stressful tax year ever. In the dark the entire time and I feel it was intentional that the state was hoping if the put up too many hurdles then people would give up and never get the refund they deserve. KEEP FIGHTING. Also, the last gal that I spoke to said because I was audited this year, to prepare to be audited next year…blah.

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    Well, after 3 months of bullshit processing, I am officially in audit.

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    Nope not yet still processing

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    @ Sharon
    Nope still nothing. Its been 99 days since I filed but only 53 days of the possible 90 days since they acknowledge my W-2.

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    Anything @HM and @cat? Still on processing. Going on 90 days since I filed. Smh.

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    Here Lynn 518-457-5181. Don’t press for check on refund status. Press 3, followed by 4

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    Lynn Walsh

    I filed 40 days ago and still getting this Further Review message. The only number I see is the automated one. Does anyone have a number to talk to someone? TIA

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    My sister filed on 4/14/2017, claimed Earned income credit, child tax credit and head of household. Well, she RECEIVED the state check on Friday!!!

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    Today makes 3 weeks since my message changed from “May require further review” to “we have received your return and it is being processed.” From what I’ve read on different forums, this changed usually lasted 2 weeks before a DDD was provided. It seems like there is no end in sight. At this point, I will stop checking and will end up surprised whenever it does deposit because checking without any answers is more frustrating than not receiving my money.

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    Ok good @HM this is giving me hope. Lol

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    Yes mine just updated to the same message
    As well Fingers crossed ๐Ÿคž

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    Any update guys? Mine just changed to we have received your return and it is being processed. I hope this is progress. The last time it said this was in February. I think I’ve had every status you could possibly get. Fingers crossed that maybe this is coming to an end.

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    @sharon Thanks for replying, No i do not have an online account. But i will make one thanks again :)

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    @linda, it sounds like you’re done. Do you have an online account? Maybe you can find more info there if they are sending you a letter.

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    Same here, although now instead of my status saying my info doesn’t match it says you can’t get info thru this service call…. so do I look at this as progress? ๐Ÿ™„ Pathetic NY!!!! Filed 2/3. Uploaded w2 3/3.

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    Same here it’s terrible!
    I filed 1/24
    Sumbmited w-2 3/21 still nothing
    They said theyre still reviewing today it’s exactly 1 month smh

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    Linda Garay

    Your audit case was closed on 04/01/2017. You should receive an explanation of our findings within 30 days.

    If you’ve already received our explanation and do not agree with our findings, you may submit additional information to support your claim, and we will reopen your case.

    Does this mean it was adjusted or am i still bei g audit? And have to start from scratch ‘๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค” PLEASE HELP

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    Called again today. 25 minute wait. I filed 1/23, received letter requesting w-2 on 3/1, uploaded w-2 on 3/2 and was told that NYS ‘s system didn’t recognize the docs until March 10th so 90 days from the 10th……… 41 days later no one has even looked at my w-2 yet. Just keep being told it hasn’t been 90 days.

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    I TOTALLY AGREE … I changed ALL my exemptions to 10 = EXEMPTED from everything .. IRS & NY state will wait until April going forward .. Filed and accepted 2/16 AUDIT SMH … STILL WAITING ON REVIEWER TO BE ASSIGNED

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    Filed and accepted on 2/10/17… “May Require Further Review” message 5 days later
    and remained that way until 4/3/17 where it changed to “we have received your return and it is being processed. No further info.” I’ve tried calling twice and they literally read the website’s message and said there are no red flags, no additional information needed and no letters being sent but can’t tell me when there may be a finish date in sight. I’m extremely frustrated and have opted to not deal with overpaying them and then having them refund me. I have maxed my exemptions and will cut them on a check on April 15th from now on.

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    Hey guys,

    hoping to find some answers or maybe even comfort at this point. Lol. I filed NYS 1/29 accepted 1/30. I was audited for eic and had to send proof my boys were mine… Pain in the ass but understandable. They released part of my refund on 2/22. They received requested info on 3/3. Assigned a reviewer on 4/6 and audit was conoketed and refund approved on 4/10. Its now 4/19 and im still waiting for my refund. Every time i check the site it tells me that my refund info is unavailable using this site and i must call. We all know how plays out. Speak to a ton of different reps and either getting the same rhetoric message or comeoletely different info from each one. One guy told me that it was just waiting for a release date and they would be sending a paper check although everything else was dd. Another told me it went back to final stages of processing. So annoying!!!!

    Any one else with this issue ?? Tia!

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    @cat I’m so sorry. I did chuckle a little not because it’s funny but this is just so crazy. Why can we not get the same answer twice. I figured that you might get a new answer. I asked too. I said when I called this time they told me this, and then I was told this. She said same thing, I don’t know why they told you that. I don’t see that. It is completely insane.

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    @ Sharon

    Just called and was told that all she can see is the w-2 was needed and it hasn’t been looked at yet. I told her that I was told yesterday that it had been looked at and additional information was needed and that I was told I was going to get another letter within 30 days. She said she didn’t see that information in the system. Not sure why I was told that. I don’t know what to think now. I am so frustrated!

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    @ Sharon

    I am going to call today and see what info I get. I will keep you posted. This is CRAZY!

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    Oh Cat that is insane. I might call again if I were you. See if you get the same info from someone else. I cannot tell you the amount of different information I have gotten from people that have answered the phone. 2 weeks ago I was told that they didn’t get my w2’s until 3/23 even though I uploaded on 3/3. The one today said my w2’s were reviewed on 3/16 ( hard to do if they didn’t receive them until 3/23 ๐Ÿ™„). Last week they said they may need more info, this week they said it doesn’t look like they need more info. I’m not sure if it’s incompetence, or they’re just making stuff up. I do know I don’t have the time to keep sitting on the phone for an hour everyday.

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    Got a hold of NYS yesterday and she said they reviewed my W-2 but that I will be getting another letter for additional information. What do you mean additional information? I only work 1 job and H&R block did my taxes….what over information could they need? She said it would be another 30 days for a letter and then another 90 days to review the info that I send in. WHAT?

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    Nothing like calling and getting yet another story. So filed 2/3 then got letter requesting w2’s which I uploaded online 3/3. Have been calling and told wait 90 days….etc. Starting last week I was no longer able to check my status online because it says my info does not match. I called last week and was told it could take 90 days again. I called today and got somebody somewhat helpful and she tells me that’s odd, they reviewed and released your return to the audit review group for final approval on 3/16. That usually only takes a few days. She has no idea where it is because they are not requesting additional info and it was only a W2 review. She submitted a referral ? To the audit review group and says that should move it along……call back in 30 days if you don’t hear anything. Smh. This is now getting ridiculous.

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    Paul B

    Same story here – my return was accepted 2/4. Received Federal Return in 9 days. 2 weeks in the state message says I need further review. Last Friday the message changed to we are processing……

    WTF New York?

    I’m calling my Congressman! I’ll bet Cuomo is behind this keeping our money as long as possible. The older I get the more I hate this state!

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    Similar horrible experience. Filed taxes end of January, received text message that my tax return was approved beginning of February and then the delay notices kept popping up. Received the income verification letter. Mailed and faxed W-2’s beginning of March. Checked tax refund status website beginning of April. Got the BS phone number. Was told I had to wait up to 90 days before reps could provide any info. Went to my HR department. Changed my withholding amounts and will have NYS waiting for me to send a check next year versus waiting fir them to send me one. I have been faithfully filing my taxes close to twenty years and havr never encountered anything like this before. Way to drop the ball New York!

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    Thanks Erika. I called yesterday and got the wait 90 days speech. Still she can’t tell me why my status keeps saying my info doesn’t match. I’m putting in the correct info. The same info that I’ve put in for the past 2 months. This whole thing has been aggravating.

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    So, I’m an idiot. After that last post, I realized I’ve been thinking of this entire day as the 13th, and not the 12th. #facepalm

    One more day, New York… you win, for now.

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    NY is really hitting the target this year. I’m very glad I’ve now moved out of state and won’t have to really be dealing with them anymore…

    After 2 months between the “Your return has been received and is being processed” and the “may require additional review” messages, I got this the other day.

    “Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (APRIL 13, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.”

    And yet, there is no money in my account yet!

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    @ Erica

    Thanks for the update. Every time I try to call its like a 30 min wait and I can’t do that at work.

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    @sharon @cat, So I called and got someone who was mildly helpful. Basically according to her our message changed because they are working on our returns. She also said that when they have to manually review a return they will not direct deposit they will send a live check. So if you get a DD that is most likely the day they are sending your check and a letter explaining whatever went wrong. The lady told me mine was in the final stages of processing but of course she could not tell me how much longer or the amount of the return. So be on the look out with your online accounts and in your mailboxes.

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    I filled on 02/17 and was accept on 02/01/17 than on 2/17/17 the message changed to may need further review, than on 04/7/17 it changed back to we are processing your return. I wonder now how much longer will it take to get my refund.. i have called many times and am sick of hearing the same message that have read on the website The rep said she dont see any letters going out or any red flags..

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    I get a update last week. I have a date not of 4/10 but instead of DD they decided to mail me a check even though i payed for DD. As of today I haven’t received the check yet. But mine didn’t update with a date until after 8pm EST. So good luck to all. Oh and i sent in w2’s on 3/6 and it was received by them on 3/8

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    @HM, lol I was just wondering why all of sudden we all can’t access our status online.

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    I have the “may require further review” message for 9 weeks. Last Thursday it changed to “processing”. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a DDD after it changes to “processing”? Please help! Thanks!

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    @sharon they didn’t say why

    #4194890 Reply


    @cat I didn’t get to call either. Probably wouldn’t have gotten any info anyway. I guess we wait until Monday.

    @hm did they tell you why you’re not able to access your status online?

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    Hello all ……I called at 3:30
    Was on hold for 30 mins finally spoke to a rep
    I was told they are still reviewing my info that I submitted on 3/21
    Give it up til 90 days smfh but she said it wouldnt take that long !!

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    @ Sharon

    I tried to call but didn’t realize they close at 4:30 I was thinking they take calls till 5. I thought I have called after 4:30 before. I will try calling again Monday.

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    @sarah. That’s horrible. Such a bunch of crooks.
    @cat Thanks, keep me posted. Mine is still saying my info doesn’t match. I know I’m entering everything correctly. I mean I’ve been doing it everyday for 2 months.๐Ÿ™„ I don’t have time to call now. I will try at the end of the day.

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    Checking in for audit people!

    Received a paper check today for LESS THAN HALF of my requested refund amount. They decided I did not submit proof of income for being self-employed. I keep meticulous records, and sent them in, including payment receipts, copies of checks, and online ledgers…nope, they say I only made a couple grand last year! Yup, ya caught me, I support my children and myself with no child support on $2000 per year! :-D On the phone now, this is a complete farce to take money out of our pockets because this state bleeds its own funding. Livid, hope everyone has more luck but it looks like even a simple W2 is being rejected :-(

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    Tried to call and the message stated I need to wait the 90 days and then call. Well I called the other NYS number 518-457-5181 and it was a 37 min hold which I can’t wait that long on hold at work. Sometimes when I try to call about 4:30 the wait time is more like 6 mins which is better. I will keep you posted what I find out.

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    @ Sharon

    I just checked and received the following message

    “Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-2751”

    I will call let you know what they say.

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    I submitted my return on 2/6/17 and it was accepted 2/7/17. It was “Additional Review” for a while. At the end of February, it changed to “Requires additional information. You will receive correspondence in 30 days” (To date, no such letter has been received.) The letter was posted in the online system asking for my W2s, which I scanned and uploaded in the system. Status continued to be “You will receive correspondence in 30 days.” until today when it said “Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-2751.”

    What does this mean? I called previously and was told “We got your W2s and it can take up to 90 days to review. You need to give it 90 days.”

    Has anyone gotten these messages and what was the outcome?

    #4194782 Reply


    I was on hold for 37 minutes… I faxed documents on 3/10 .. 3/11 and 3/30 (IRS statements allowing EIC) rep said my case was assigned on 4/4 to AUDIT GROUP 1 whoever the hell that is ….. I will call again to see if I get a clear answer .. Audit group 1 anyone ??.

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    @HM I’ve been stuck on 30 day correspondence forever, now mine says my info doesn’t match. @cat has what you have started today too. I’m hoping something is just wrong with the site today. We shall see tomorrow.

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    Hello all…
    I’ve been on the 30 day correspondence forever
    Received online notice 3/20 I uploaded w-2’s
    w-2g’s & questionaire on 3/21
    Today the site was down all day but its back up
    And now I got this message

    Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-2751

    WTH is going smh !! anybody else getting this message??

    #4194803 Reply


    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for all of us. This has gone on way too long!

    #4194799 Reply


    @sharon @cat, I’m hoping the same thing that when the website is fixed we’ll have an update I called and got the same 90 day answer. I’m beyond frustrated at this point.

    #4194795 Reply


    Thanks @cat. I’m so desperate that I’m hoping this is somehow good news… doubt it but I’ll live in my delusion for tonight.

    #4194793 Reply


    @ Sharon

    Just checked again and it still has the same message. Its almost 5 pm. I will check again in the AM. Hopefully an update.

    #4194789 Reply


    Yes @cat let me know. I got that message at first but it was around 7 am so I figured maybe they ran late. Now it says my info doesn’t match and to not try again until 24 hours have past. When I called this morning she said the info I gave her matched, and I shouldn’t be having a problem. NY is doing a bang up job this year

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    @ Sharon

    When I tried to check my status online I got the following message:

    The Department of Taxation and Finance conducts information technology maintenance during the following time periods:

    Monday through Saturday:4:00 am – 6:00 am
    Sundays:9:00 pm – 10:00 pm
    If you have received this message during one of these time periods, please try again after the maintenance is completed and all services are restored.

    If you are receiving this message outside of these time periods, we invite you to inform us of the problem. Please include information concerning the specific services you are experiencing issues with. This feedback will assist us in improving the performance of our Web site and electronic services.

    I will try again later and let you know.

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    @sharon, ugh I’m so sorry all these things are going wrong for you. I haven’t checked my status today I don’t want to be disappointed again. Every time I call I get the 90 day rhetoric from whoever answers the phone. Only 1 guy was somewhat helpful and he said it usually takesn30 days, but other than that no information whatsoever. Lets hope for the best and prepare for the worse.

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    Thanks Erika. I uploaded mine on 3/3. I woke up this morning and tried to check my status and it kept saying information doesn’t match. I entered everything correctly so I checked my online account to make sure there weren’t any new notices. There were not but there was a new filing from yesterday. I didn’t file anything so I called. First I was told that they received my w2’s on 3/23??? I have a confirmation for 3/3. I thought online was immediate. Ugh and then I asked about the filing from yesterday. I was told my old accountant filed a 6 month extension.WTF! We did our taxes ourselves this year. How the hell can she file anything on my behalf without me asking. Now she said it shouldn’t interfere with this but how much you bet it will, and now I can’t even check the status online. I’m calling the accountant now to scream. How many more things can go wrong this year.

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    @sharon, yes I was asked for my W2’s and I sent them via online on 3/7. I was told it usually takes about 30 days according to someone I tasked to at NYS. But it seems like it’ll be longer than that.

    #4194762 Reply


    @Erika. Were you asked for your w2s as well and if so how long ago did you send them

    #4194760 Reply


    @sharon, I’m still on the 30 day message too and I get no help or answers when i call.

    #4194758 Reply


    @cat, any update for you yet. I cannot believe I’m still on the 30 day correspondence message.

    #4194752 Reply


    My DDD was 4/7 and it is showing pending in my Credit Union account! Wont be fully posted until Friday, but at least its there. Thank god!

    #4194735 Reply

    Brian McCarthy

    @natasha I got my refund deposited directly onto a debit card. I used turbotax. Hope this helps!

    #4194733 Reply


    @brian McCarthy

    How come it deposited so late in the day ? Are you using some card or third paper? Instead of a bank account ? Just wondering because my date is coming up.

    #4194725 Reply

    Brian McCarthy

    Woohoo!!! DDD scheduled for 4/5 just got deposited!! Finally!!

    #4194720 Reply


    @ Natasha-Thank you. I was updated with a DDD last Friday for this coming Friday the 5th. I have no letter as to why it was adjusted or no notification my refund was approved. Hopefully the way things have gone this does not hold up anything.

    #4194718 Reply


    Hi Tara.

    My letter was online same day I was updated with a deposit date.

    The only time I received my state early was when my deposit date was on a Monday and it was actually their the Saturday before. That was about 5/6 years ago I have Citi bank.

    #4194716 Reply


    Just a couple of questions for those of you that are receiving DD this week:

    1) did you get an email from the online account stating when your refund was approved? Mine was adjusted and I have no approval message or letter in my online account (My DD is Friday) Just wondering if those came before the deposit, and when?

    2) Does the DD ever show early by chance?

    #4194700 Reply

    Erica D

    My boyfriend got a direct apposite date for Monday, April 4 and as of today nothing has been deposited into the account has anyone else going through this

    #4194688 Reply

    Awesome news thanks

    #4194673 Reply


    I have received two separate checks for my 2015 audit and I received both two days after the mail dates they gave me. I live in Albany. For my 2016 year audit, my mail date is 4/3 so I’m expecting it tomorrow.

    #4194603 Reply

    @sharon Yea the day I got my letter I sent them the info w2 and proof of child residency and got a reviewer not even a week later…. I heard it was first come first serve as far as the way they review them I’m hoping to get the check this week….they made me wait for nothing nothing was changed and full refund was accepted hope you hear something soon

    #4194601 Reply


    @smh@ny last year mine only took a few days once they said it was mailed out, and Wow you got an audit done that quick! They just asked for my w2’s which they’ve had now for almost 5 weeks. No mistake on them either, but according to call center they haven’t even been looked at yet. I’m getting so frustrated.

    #4194589 Reply

    So I was audited that went smooth and quick within 2 weeks I found out it was accepted and they would mail out April 3rd(which is today) I originally elected for dd is it standard for them to send a check if you have been audited and about how long does it take to get the mailed check?

    #4194586 Reply


    State return was accepted on 2/10/17. I had the “may require further review, and no further information available at this time” message until about an hour ago. Now it changed to processing with no further information available at this time. I submitted an amendment today also.

    #4194569 Reply


    Does anyone recall if DD’s ever show up in accounts a day or 2 early? Thanks.

    #4194521 Reply


    Hopefully some of us with DDDs early this week will start to receive them in the next couple days! I can’t remember if NY refunds would show up early in the past. Mine is scheduled for 4/4, so I’m hoping to see it sometime tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone updated! And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for those of you who were or are under review. Hopefully you all get DDDs now that NY is apparently ready to start paying people back!

    #4194477 Reply


    I’m guessing NYS was just waiting until April to give anyone their money back. I got a DDD of 4/4 two weeks ago. Now people just getting their DDDs are getting them for the first week of April too. I’ve got a feeling those under review will get DDDs this week.

    #4194434 Reply


    @cat I’m with you. I don’t understand what kind of order if any they go in. I upload my w2’s 4 weeks ago today and I’m still on the 30 day message. I also was told nobody looked at them yet. They couldn’t say why other than it could take 90 days. It’s not right.

    #4194419 Reply


    Called again today because I still have the 30 day message and was told I had not been assigned to a reviewer and that it would take the full 90 days to see my refund. After the 90 days I would see a DDD. I said SERIOUSLY it will be June before I get my refund? She said yes. Its been 4 weeks since I uploaded my W-2 and no one has looked at it? I filed my taxes Jan. 23rd. WTF!!!!!!

    #4194377 Reply


    @ Natasha-Thank you for being so helpful. This is my first year filing with NYS so I know I have had a lot of questions. They only adjusted it by $60.00 so nothing major considering. They could not tell me why because the letter has not generated yet. I am sure I will see that in like a month LOL.
    @ Sharon, I am so sorry you are still stuck there, I know that is frustrating! Crossing fingers you will hear something soon!

    #4194375 Reply


    Congrats guys. I incredibly am still stuck on the 30 day message. Exactly 4 weeks since I uploaded w2s and nothing. This is infuriating!. Over 2 months since I filed.

    #4194365 Reply

    Brian McCarthy

    I filed on 2/2 and was accepted 2/3. Got my federal refund very fast no problem. Then got the message of “further investigation” until about 2 weeks ago. It changed to “your claim was approved but no further information” blah blah.
    I checked 2 hours ago. Same message. I checked 10 minutes ago. Changed! DDD of 4/7. Finally!!!

    #4194363 Reply


    Congrats Tara

    Did you check your online account. It may tell you the amount there if nothing is there check after 4. You should have a refund notice in there. But I’m sure they will tell you the amount if you call.

    #4194360 Reply


    So the good news is I now have a DDD date after almost 2 months of dealing with this. Now I have this message:
    We processed your return and adjusted the refund amount that you claimed. You will receive correspondence explaining the adjustment. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (APRIL 07, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received

    Does anyone know if I call to find out the actual amount if they will tell me anything? When I went to check status I put in my original amount. I don’t get it!

    #4194345 Reply


    @ Tara

    The site didn’t update for me until later on that day. I don’t remember what time I posted that I had a DD. But I had been checking all day. My online account updated at the same time.

    #4194334 Reply


    Good Morning,

    Has anyone who received this message and received a ddd yet?

    Your audit case was closed on 03/10/2017. You should receive an explanation of our findings within 30 days.

    If you’ve already received our explanation and do not agree with our findings, you may submit additional information to support your claim, and we will reopen your case.

    #4194326 Reply


    Just checking to see if anyone has an update? I have been on the your return has been received message for 2 weeks now, from before of the 30 day correspondence message. From what I can see on here and the Facebook group the message lasts about 2 weeks before you get a DDD. So 2 weeks would be today for me, and I still have nothing….:(

    #4193947 Reply


    So I called again and was told they received my w2’s and they have not been reviewed as of yet. Are they kidding me!!! Got the basic “well you know it could take up to 90 days bs. 90 days To review w2’s from a job that has been the same for over 20 years and completely matched the info that I filed with. Unfortunately they have us, there is nobody out there to complain to. Back to waiting until who the hell knows when.๐Ÿ˜ก

    #4193846 Reply


    Yes I’m sure you girls are right behind me with dates. And I hope next year is better for us all.

    #4193832 Reply


    Congrats Natasha. Tara you’re probably not far behind. Mine still has not changed from the 30 day message! I have no idea what is going on with mine. We all sent in everything at the same time. Calling yet again tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜ก

    #4193828 Reply


    @ Natasha That’s awesome!!! Finally! Hopefully I am not too far behind you! I have checked all day because I had a feeling but nothing as of yet…..

    #4193826 Reply


    @tara @sharon

    And all of us in the same boat

    I got a deposit date!!! I checked 3x earlier the website just changed.

    Your return has been processed. A direct deposit of your refund is scheduled to be issued on (APRIL 06, 2017). If your refund is not credited to your account within 15 days of this date, check with your bank to find out if it has been received.

    #4193657 Reply


    30 correspondents group. I called this morning because my status has still not changed from you will receive correspondence in 30 days. He said the review of my w2’s has been completed but doesn’t see an issue date. That I should receive correspondence within 30 days. Honestly I think this guy is confused. I know I am. I better not be getting another letter for something else. My W2’s matched exactly what I filed with. There is no way they triggered them to ask for something else. Ugh!!!

    #4193653 Reply



    That’s great same info I was told last week. So hopefully any day now we will see a Deposit date.

    #4193651 Reply


    @ Natasha and 30 day correspondence group- So I called this morning and found out that when your status changes from “30 day correspondence” to return is being processed” means that they are done reviewing your W2 information. They have completed the W2 review on my return and just waiting for a DDD date. The gal I talked to said I should see something within 2 weeks…..this is taking forever. At least its some progress.

    #4193507 Reply


    I filed and was accepted 2/16 received my audit letter 3/7 .. Faxed AND mailed second copy of doucuments on 3/10 status updated to documents received waiting on reviewer to be assigned blah blah on 3/10 . now when I check my status it says the info doesn’t match .. Any experiences on status ddisappearing saying it doesn’t match? ?

    #4193538 Reply

    bah humbug

    1/27 Fed accepted DD on 2/4
    1/28 NYS accepted DD Date 4/5 just posted
    I was “may require further review” for about 6 weeks and processing until today

    I recv school credit. Good luck guys still took forever though to get a DDD

    #4193512 Reply


    Nothing on our return has change for the past 9 years. They “received” our return on 2/3 and the tax service we use said it has been accepted but we have been get the message “We have received your return and it may require further review…..”. I have called repeatedly and they keep saying to call every 30 days and to keep checking online. The said that no correspondence has been sent to use, so no real problem but there is no information. They don’t have to start paying interest on the returns until April 18th, so I would imagine we will all get them just before this date.
    I am definitely changing how much I pay to the State out of my weekly paycheck, this is just one more reason people are leaving NY. Thanks for continuing to screw us all over.

    #4193279 Reply


    30 day message still……. its been 3 weeks since I uploaded the documents although according to NYS I uploaded them on the 9th. NO!!!! I uploaded them on the 2nd it just took a week for some reason for your system to catch up. Told the 90 days starts from the 9th not the 2nd.
    I filed 1/23…..crazy

    #4193300 Reply


    Thanks Natasha, that’s the number I called. I’ll try again tomorrow and hopefully get somebody more helpful. I thought uploading online would be quicker, but I still haven’t even changed messages so I assume they haven’t even looked at it yet. I’m getting so annoyed.

    #4193292 Reply


    @ Sharon

    Yes I just called this number (518) 457-5181.

    #4193283 Reply


    @natasha and @tara what number are you calling. The regular line or the phone number on the notice. I just got a nasty one saying it hasn’t been 90 days so don’t call.

    #4193280 Reply


    @Natasha-That’s good news! at least it is something. Hopefully I will update soon too then. I am just sick of calling cuz they are not helpful

    #4193277 Reply



    I called today 37 minutes on hold but the guy said great news by case is closed they verified my wages and I’m just waiting for a DDD. He said they are a little behind but anyday now.

    @Tara hopefully the same for you since you and I have the same processing message.

    #4193209 Reply

    BROKEYorkState ..

    New York state is the most SHITTY state in the country … Im moving to a state with NO income tax … Day 13 after documents were received … STILL waiting on reviewer to be assigned .. Maybe it will take the full 90 days WHAT A FUCKING JOKE !!!!

    #4193249 Reply


    Still on the you will receive correspondence in 30 days message. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since I Uploaded w2’s. Crazy.

    #4193247 Reply


    Nothing yet here. Still says

    We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.

    #4193242 Reply


    Checking on the 30 day correspondence club…anyone have any update?

    #4193191 Reply


    I got a statement from my children’s school that says (my name) is (my sons name) guardian and we reside at (our address). He is a full time student for the 2016-17 school year at (schools name) in 1st grade.
    This was on schools letterhead and signed/dated by the secretary. They accepted this for proof of residence for my audit last year. I’m providing the same for my unfortunate audit for second year in a row.

    #4193175 Reply


    I’m being audited for college tuition credit but somehow I got a refund date for April 5th. They adjusted my refund amount. Does anyone know how much of my refund they will plan to take? I’m thinking it’s just the college turition credit portion of my refund but unsure

    #4193164 Reply

    aldo ramos

    ive been back and forth with the drs and school every paper i give them wasnt good enough. tomorrow im getting my daughters entire school record and sending them that as proof hopefully its enough

    #4193104 Reply

    BROKEYorkState ..

    Faxed documents on 3/10 .. Status updated same day to received documents on 3/10 waiting on reviewer to be assigned long does it usually take to get assigned ?? It says up to 90 days I HOPE NOT SMH

    #4193103 Reply

    BROKEYorkState ..

    Faxed documents on 3/10 .. Status updated same day to received documents on 3/10 waiting on reviewer to be assigned long does it usually take to get assigned ?? It says up to 90 days I HOPE NOT SMH

    #4193096 Reply

    IGMR Admin


    Thank you, we can’t figure out why so many are getting auto moderated, but working on figuring it out. Don’t hesitate to contact if you see them.

    #4193083 Reply


    When I see posts awaiting moderation, I message to board mod…looks like they’ve cleared things up again. I sent in my child support statement that puts me as the “custodial parent,” complete with that I haven’t received child support in well over a year, but i digress. I also sent in my insurance documents that give the children’s home address. However, this may have not been enough because I have not received a DDD nor paper/electronic notification as to their decision. I called their doctor twice, gave the reason for the call, and received no call back…wonderful. I wanted to get this over with ASAP thinking actual NYS documents would do the deed. Who knows, last year I received my NYS prior to the federal, we are at their mercy and they know it…this lack of clarity for EXACTLY what is going on or what they want is unacceptable.

    #4192503 Reply



    A few us only had to send in W2’s but from other post I read from people needing to send in proof of child residency they had to got a letter from school or a doctor. If you are required to send in proof did they send a list of approved documents?

    #4192487 Reply


    Just got off the phone with NYS. It was only a 6 min wait. Uploaded on the 2nd….there system shows the 9th…..she said it can take time for the system to receive the information uploaded. ummm ok….I thought it was suppose to be faster than the mail. She said that I will know when the review is completed when my status changes from the 30 day correspondence status to your return has finished processing…..from there it moves on to a DDD…she didnt get me a time frame from the finished processing status to a ddd.

    #4192447 Reply

    BROKEYorkState ..

    Filed and accepted 2/16 .. Received audit letter on 3/7 dated for 3/6 . FAXED & MAILED (2nd copy of documents) same day . 3/13 updated that documents were received 3/10 waiting on reviewer to be assigned. . can it really take up to 90 days smh … Can’t be serious

    #4192424 Reply

    Brian McCarthy

    I filed on 2/2. Accepted the next day. Got my federal refund quickly. As for NY State, I’ve been checking every day. Same message. My refund needs further review blah blah blah. Then it finally changed this morning! Now it says “We have received your return and it is being processed.”
    Hoping this means something will happen soon!

    #4192509 Reply


    Ugh. Why are you guys awaiting moderation?

    #4192501 Reply

    aldo ramos

    what did you guys send in as proof as residence for child?

    #4192485 Reply


    I Received correspondence letter online 3/20
    Uploaded W-2 and W-2G ‘s ,& questionaire today 3/21
    Now it’s the waitng game
    Filed 1/24
    Hopefully I receive it by Easter

    #4192481 Reply


    After 31 days at may require further review, and then 15 days at received and being processed, I updated this after noon to refund amount adjusted sending correspondence and DD of 4/5

    #4192473 Reply


    Well I’m still with you. I uploaded on 3/3 and still haven’t even changed from the 30 day correspondence message. This is insane.

    #4192448 Reply


    Still waiting. Uploaded my W-2 on 3/2 . NYS refund status still says “Your return has completed processing. You will receive correspondence about your return within 30 days.”
    Its been 8 weeks since I filed. COME ON NYS.

    #4192429 Reply



    No change here either.

    #4192427 Reply


    Anyone in the “30 day correspondence” group have any updates? I uploaded my W2 info on 3/6 and it has stated as of 3/17 that my return has been received and is being processed. I am not understanding what is taking so long…looking at 2 months since I filed.

    #4192276 Reply


    Audit completed on 3/9, said I should receive something in the mail in 30 days…still nothing uploaded online or in the mailbox. uggggggghhhhhh!

    #4192209 Reply

    bah humbug

    Filed 1/27…”May require further review” ect until 3/14
    “Processing no further info” ect currently


    #4192177 Reply


    March 7th I Updated to “return finished processing you will receive correspondence within 30 days ” still didn’t receive a letter
    In the mail nothing uploaded online either
    This is crazy almost two weeks
    I hope it doesn’t take 30 whole days

    #4192007 Reply


    @ Tara great news at least we know some movement is happening. 90 days yeah that’s the message I got when I called. Hopefully sooner I have read people who went thru this last year was about a 30 day process for those who just had to send in W2’s.

    #4192003 Reply


    Attn. 30 day correspondence group. I just checked my status and it now says:
    We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.
    At least its movement!

    #4191851 Reply


    Ant one in the 30 day correspondence club have an update? I uploaded my W2 on the 6th and still have the same message. I even tried to call this morning and got hung up on because of high call volume?? Does anyone know how to tell when your documents have been “accepted”?

    #4191707 Reply


    Any updates for the 30 day message group? My status still says the 30 day correspondence message. All my w2 info was uploaded on the 6th. Does anyone know how to tell when your documents are “accepted”?

    #4191706 Reply


    Any updates on the 30 day message group? My status still says 30 day message. How do I find out when the documents you uploaded are “accepted”?

    #4191896 Reply


    I tried and gave up yesterday. Then I saw on the website that because of the storm they were short staffed. It Said to call back. I just didn’t have time to sit on the phone today.

    #4191886 Reply


    @ Sharon

    No update since the message change on 13.
    Tara has not had an update either. I’m going to call tomorrow and see if I can get some info.

    #4191884 Reply


    @natasha I was wondering too. Any update on your end. I’m still sitting on the 30 day correspondence message. Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since I uploaded w2s. This is getting ridiculous!

    #4191882 Reply


    @ Tara I’m anxious to see what you wrote. Idk who is the Admin for this sight but they are slacking.

    Email me. [email protected]

    Maybe I can repost for you.

    #4191880 Reply


    Trying to make this short. If you have been denied a child care credit after being audited FIGHT it and havevthem review your case again. Last year I claimed more than I was able to show proof for and they completely 100% denied my child care credit even though I showed $5,000 in canceled checks from my account. A year later I had them review again and they’re sending me $1,000. This also happened to someone else I know. I did this on feb 24th and my check went out today–pretty quick turn around. Did all on line.

    #4191756 Reply


    Finally got updated this afternoon to “approved” and got a DDD of 4/4. Can’t say I’m that excited, does it really take them nearly a month to DD my money after they’ve approved me?! I would’ve rather waited to see the update until the end of March and only have to wait a few more days to see the money. Guess I shouldn’t complain, but I need this refund now and I probably won’t by the time it actually comes.

    #4191436 Reply


    Thanks Natasha. I uploaded the questionnaire 3/9. Hopefully I’m not too far behind. I wonder if they’ll be closed because of the weather.

    #4191428 Reply



    It had to change after 9am today When i checked at that time it still had the 30 day letter mesg.
    Yes uploaded the 3 and then questionnaire the 6th.

    #4191422 Reply


    @Natasha well that’s good news. when did yours change? I’m still on 30 day correspondence message. I think we uploaded the same day. 3/3

    #4191415 Reply


    Status change:

    Back to the first message I got when filed

    We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.

    #4191298 Reply


    updated from May require further review after 6 weeks to We have received your return and it is being processed. No further information is available at this time.

    #4191169 Reply


    Has anyone who filed around the end of February gotten any updates or DDD from NY yet? Sometimes NY comes in faster than federal for me, but doesn’t seem like this will be one of those years.

    Anyone gotten their NYS at all yet?

    #4191039 Reply


    @cat that is insane. I uploaded w2’s on 3/3. I haven’t even bothered to call yet. I will call on Monday. I’m still hopeful it will not take that long. I’ve seen people with the audit message finish up quicker than that……but this is NYS, they’ll probably delay as long as they can. So Frustrating and I’m not really sure what the point is. Same job for 20 plus years, pretty much the same refund amount as usually.

    #4190835 Reply


    Just got off the phone with NYS after a 30 wait time. I uploaded my W-2 on 3/2 and they just acknowledged the information yesterday in there system. She said it can take up to 90 days to process. The 90 days started yesterday the day they acknowledged the paperwork not the day you upload it. She told me to not be surprised if it takes the full 90 days. I filed on 1/23 and they don’t think I will get my refund until June. Seriously! All because of a W-2 when nothing has changed? Ridiculous.

    #4190752 Reply


    Ok, I’ll send that over too. I did write in the comments that we e filed ourselves. Geez, I wonder how many other hoops we’ll have to go thru for this refund. ๐Ÿ™„

    #4190747 Reply



    The message that popped up today from me was actually old but it was Pending I guess to post. I scanned the questionnaire iand attached the same way I did the w2. I still have no update. But I’m just going to treat it as if I just filed and wait the 2 weeks I usually wait. And see what happens

    #4190209 Reply


    @jennifer so sorry, I’m pretty much in the same boat. My husband has been laid off and the mortgage company is tired of excuses. I bought myself a week. My federal is being held up too., and not because of anything I did. Crazy. Anyway @Natasha I uploaded my W2s last Friday but did not see a way to respond to the questionnaire asking about who prepared the return. Did you figure out how? I wonder if that’s why I’m not updating? There is no way to respond to that notice online.

    #4190126 Reply


    im so sorry this is happening to everyone. this has caused so much devastation on my end and countless amounts of frustration for everyone else as well. this has been THE WORST tax year ever. between the IRS and now NYS, they have no idea that this time of year is the worst and can actually destroy lives. I mean people have funerals to plan, housing crisis, debt that has accumulated throughout the year in which this money sheds a little relief and hope and to delay it with no reason or explanation is just disgusting. then to be left with more paperwork shoved in your face after you have given them everything that was asked is just even more disgusting and completely unacceptable. im just so disappointed with the city I live in, its a slow burning hell.

    #4189678 Reply


    well it seems like everyone pretty much updated except me. im still sitting on may require further review. the universe sure has a way of testing my patients. smh and to those of you who submitted your documents, its not going to take 90 days. as soon as you upload it it may take 1-2 weeks to receive and process and maybe another week or 2 to receive either refund or at least a dd date. been threw this before and process was swift especially corresponding online. needed to send a birth certificate for my new born baby son a while back and it was pretty quick.

    #4189557 Reply


    Has anyone with an audit and who has sent in the required documents heard anything further??? Also, just a heads up my letter was not available online prior to it arriving in the mail, not sure if this applies to all, but just wanted to share that it may not be consistently so…

    #4188770 Reply


    @Erika @sharon

    No luck spoke with 2 people they said they can not give it out and even if they could I have to submit the questionnaire along with my documents so I would still have to wait don’t know how true that is. But oh well I guess I will wait.

    #4190119 Reply


    My W2’s had the verification code and I entered it I used HR block software and it did ask for it. So I’m still uncertain about the request for W2’s and if it was for something so simple why aren’t we updated yet especially since it says “finish processing ” how long does it take to make sure the Amounts entered are correct.

    What a mess so sorry for anyone who this is effecting in such a drastic way.

    #4190115 Reply



    My God, I am just so so sorry to hear that. Please please keep your head up, I am a true believer that when one door closes, another opens.

    Audit update today on NY WMR:

    “Your audit case was closed on 03/09/2017. You should receive an explanation of our findings within 30 days.

    If you’ve already received our explanation and do not agree with our findings, you may submit additional information to support your claim, and we will reopen your case.”

    No letter in my online account, I sent them all that they needed why do I feel like a criminal!?!!!

    #4190113 Reply


    also if you filed your taxes on your own, theres a new initiative which requires the input of a 16 digit code to verify the validity of the w2 which can now be found on your w2, hence why theyre asking you for w2;s. i wasnt asked for any code when i did my taxes which i think potentially is the reason why they might request a hard copy to verify the validity of the w2. had to do some digging for that one lol

    #4190109 Reply


    found this information and it applies to me because i filed my own taxes

    Our goal is to verify your identity and the validity of your return before the return is accepted for processing. Weโ€™ve been working with state tax agencies and the tax industry to strengthen safeguards that protect you from identity theft. The 2017 safeguards are aimed at those of you who prepare your own federal and state tax returns using tax software.

    maybe thats the reason it MAY require further review and has to be manually looked over and or audited cause apparently they dont trust our judgment smh

    #4190088 Reply


    Well, the NYC system has failed me at least once again, since my refund is taking so long, I just lost my home. I lost my job and was banking on that money to get caught up while I start my new job :( when the refund does come I guess it could help me to put my stuff in storage and move me and my children to a shelter I guess. Thanks everyone for your updates and I wish u guys all the best. Hopefully next year will be a better on.

    #4190065 Reply



    Do you recall how long it took for the audit to be completed?

    #4190033 Reply


    I received my audit letter in my online account on 3/6. I still have not gotten it in the mail yet. So do sign up for the online account if you’re waiting on a letter.
    I’m being audited for daycare expenses. Such a pain!!! Second year in a row.

    #4190012 Reply


    Finally got an update. After being on the “may require further review.” Message since 1/31. I updated to “We received your return and it is being processed.” Last night and then I wake up to find out I’m being audited. I HATE NEW YORK

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