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    Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Woke up to a DDD from federal woohoo, state still nothing lol. I guess something better than nothing.

    I was in the group with the PATH message, my message was gone Thursday got a DDD today

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    That’s not true. Many people have gotten state with credits. PATH is federal

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    @annam…last year I recieved it on Mon on Presidents’ Day, think it just depends if you use a reg bank or the card you use

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    I think we will get out fed on Tuesday because Monday is a holiday and all banks are closed.. so I’m planning for it being Tuesday

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    I received my federal refund yesterday, but still no word on my state. All it is saying is they received them on the 30th and to wait 4-6 weeks.

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    You can get deposits on Saturday and Sunday depending on your card and if you had fees getting taken out by TT etc….I got a ddd of 2/22 for my Fed but still no update for state…so far it’s the same as last year, think I’ll get Fed on Mon the 19th and state on Thur the 22nd

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    Finally got a ddd for federal or 02/22 still nothing for state

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    Lydia Rivera

    Filed 2/12 state ddd 2/20 and woke up with a deposit… Fed received 2/13 and already ddd of 2/22… I’m hoping nothing changes and yes I had eic

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    kc ma

    I was told by MA State they are not releasing any funds until the IRS starts releasing. This is another site with much information.

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    Soooo my fed says DDD by 2/22 does that mean it can come before or after that date? @Samanthatfromma thank you for info about deposit times… they come on Sat and Sun too?

    Still nothing from state ugh!

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    State accepted 2/1 & STILL green!

    On a brighter note, PATH message for fed went away and without a DDD or any other type of update, my fed was deposited into my account! Checked WMR after the deposit and STILL no update! BTW, I’m not sure if it makes a difference, but I use the Brinks Prepaid Mastercard to “get paid faster” … Check your accounts people!

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    Dee Massachusetts

    K, Yes I had one of the credits.

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    @Dee do you get EITC? I’m curious as to the date since I can’t get access to my transcripts online.

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    Not posting because I have no update. If i received a DDD I would be posting. lol. Got my DDDin transcript for federal.

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    I think people are just sick of waiting and guessing, there’s no pattern

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    Not a lot of people posting compared to last week. Hoping that’s a good sign that refunds are being deposited.

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    They drop refunds anytime, I got my state last year on the 23rd at 2:30 PM and my federal on the 20th at 11:30 PM

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    My wife and I (filed separate) both were accepted Jan 26th for state and still sitting in green. No credits or nothing. This system is sure crap. I got federal 2 weeks ago

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    Hi do refunds drop at all times of the day or just early mornings?

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    @Laurie do you get eitc?

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    My Path message is gone as well. Yay! Still green on state.

    Ever since path went through my state comes after my federal.

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    state still green. federal still says being processed. i never got PATH msg. Can’t do online transcripts bc i don’t have a valid cc. Won’t bother with mailing them bc i will prob have federal before they arrive. i hope anyway. got my paycheck today. Already spent on bills. my sons 11th bday is 2/25 and i hope for at least 1 refund by then.

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    Still green no update but my federal will be coming 22nd checked my transcripts.Just like last year and last year I got my federal before state looks like this year the same last year I didn’t get state till the 28th

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    No update for me either. Still just green.

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    Still no change for state, but my federal updated to being processed and the PATH message is gone. Still shocked that state is so behind, never has my federal come before state.

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    No update. Monday ia a holiday so maybe Tuesday? At this point I’m over it. Federal will come before State…..Oh well.

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    Anyone else use the HRBlock emerald card? My state was issued a week ago and still no deposit! So frustrating!

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    @Cassandra Tuttle

    thank you!

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    kc ma

    The messages on the IRS phone number has changes from no EIC payments until the middle of February to we have no information on your return and allow 6 weeks. The number is 800-392-6089. Follow the prompts. If anyone gets a date on there please report on here, Thanks

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    I’m sure we will be waiting another week with this holiday. I wonder how much interest they make on delayed processing and holding refunds

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    kc ma

    @amy: This is in regards to the transcript or IRS Refund: It shows when you will get it processed and if it has been refunded. My MA return is still in the green. I don’t know what is going on there, filed and acknowledge received 1/28/18.

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    My amount has also been in black along with green since it appeared on the site. Not sure what it means either

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    hi, i am new to this forum. i have been doing my own and friends n family taxes for years. none of my info has changed in 10 yrs. never in my life have i waited so long for a state tax return. on WebFile for Income i had refund in 4 days of efiling. as of this morning i have my refund amount in green and the same credit in black. what does this mean? also, how do i get a transcript? thank you all for your participation. i know i am not alone in my frustration.

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    kc ma

    I just pulled my transcript it says processing date 2/19/2018 what does this mean? Does anyone know?

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    @natalie that notice is dated 2017, so unfortunately the information is outdated, although I really wish that was the case here! I did see on “where’s my refund on FB” that the IRS is processing & releasing funds that will be available for some people as early as tomorrow though! Fingers crossed for all of us “pathers”

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    I filed for the eitc on January 29th and I got my state on the 12th. Still waiting for federal. What do you guys mean when you say still in the green?

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    @Cassandra thank you for the info

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    kc ma

    @rosa. Last year I had a DDD for a Friday and it showed up Saturday am. Depends on your bank or Credit Union as it processes at night. Workers Credit Union. You can call your bank and ask if you have a wire transfer coming and and if so when? They are pretty good about giving this info.

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    @Cassandra, do you mind if I aks what bank you have?

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    kc ma

    @rosa. Last year I had a DDD for a Friday and it showed up Saturday am. Depends on your bank or Credit Union as it processes at night.

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    So annoyed. Mine were accepted 1/27 and my fiancé’s 2/1 and we are both still waiting……. never waited this long for state before

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    @Caitlin What bank do you use? My ddd is tomorrow but I have a feeling I wont get it until tuesday cause of the holiday

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    If I have the PATH message will my state not update either?

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    Lucky, No midday update here still green on mtc and still getting this on wmr. Your return was received on 18-Jan-2018 and is being processed. Please allow four to six weeks for processing, if you filed your return electronically. If you mailed your return please allow eight to ten weeks for processing.

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    Lydia Rivera

    They just updated again I did my taxes 2/12/18 I already got ddd of 2/20/18 I’m so excited… Its 11:27

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    damn, still green.

    I was accepted and “being processed” since 1/29.

    I turned green last Monday, 2/5

    They tweaked my green amount by a few pennies this past Monday, 2/12.

    And I’m still green.

    So sad.

    At least I’m starting to give up that it will be soon and because of that I don’t check the status and this forum several times a day. I don’t feel like I’m stalking my returns anymore :)

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    What does that mean ” most taxpayers”? As in one’s without the path act? I really need one of these before the 23rd!!

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    Update 2/19/2017 8am CST. The IRS made a statement recently that all of the PATH act taxpayers will receive their tax refund by February 27th, 2017. Most taxpayers should already have a tax refund date of either 2/22 or 2/23. Those who currently do not, should see one either Monday or Wednesday.

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    Thanks @Anna. I was wondering when that message would drop. Last year it was on the 15th

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    The Path Message will be there till Saturday 02/17 the IRS updates there deposit dates on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s I was told… earliest deposit due to the holiday will be Feb 20th for anyone with the Path Message

    I am still getting green ($) for my state and it sucks because I have coworkers that have got their state that have an EIC and ACTC but received theirs

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