I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    Okay so i just logged into tt and it said that 0% has gotten any money so that mean no one has been approved so everyone calm down irs will not start approving returns until tomorrow the 19th



    ignore the post from john its just a copy and paste from here



    I got accepted on 1/12/16 hopfully get a refund by the end of january



    My taxes were filled on the 9th and excepted on the 12th!!! Last year they direct deposited before the orange approved bar on wheres my refund even moved!! So who know!!



    Most of us that filed early will most likely have our money by 1/22/2016. The IRS never gives anyone a specific date to have their money when they call, especially if it hasn’t been 21 days. Last year I had my refund within 9 days of it being accepted and I filed early. We will see.



    NO ONE IS APPROVED YET IT IS A HOLIDAY!! I got an acceptance with DDD BETWEEN 1/19-2/8 and I filed on 1/13. Us early filers probably will have ours in another week if there are no glitches or problems. Stop letting people mess with your heads.



    I called the IRS on Friday, Jan 15th, since my taxes were accepted. I was told that early filers can accept DD anytime after Jan. 29, 2016. IRS only does DD in Fridays, and anyone that’s says different is lying, sorry Wendy. Anyway, the IRS said the First deposits will be submitted by midnight on Thursday Jan. 28, for deposit on Jan. 29! I hope this helps.



    My refund was accepted by the IRS on Jan. 14th and It is showing the first bar on the tracker on irs.gov



    Quick question for TT filers

    I was accepted on 1/11/2016 by the IRS, and if you track your refund on the TT site then click the back button and it brings you to the page that shows your refund amount and accepted you will see more about refund and this is what it says under my refund:
    Your refund was deposited to:
    The Bancorp Bank
    Then it shows the routing and account number…. does it mean that it was sent to greendot bank already???



    I bet we will start seeing movement on the pizza tracker for early fillers 1/20 or 1/23 and DD starting next week,. Just a hunch

    I saw Wendy’s post about hers being DD the 20th which is impossible. Don’t stir up stuff and get people hopes up.


    loving my babies

    Well still not approved and im guessing bc its a holiday my return got accepted a week ago and it still hasnt been approved i wish someone from the irs could put some light into all this mess…..i am wondering has anyone got approved yet?



    I have seen on fb on the refund schedule site that ppl have been getting ddd of 01/29/16 on the irs where’s my refund. How true this is …..? No one has sent in a picture of the tracker that I have seen but the process is moving at least. Hope that eases some ppls minds. Filed 01/11/16 accepted 01/12/16 still waiting for ddd.



    I don’t think so Wendy cause the IRS is opening on the 19th and they don’t do DD right away maybe the 1st DD will be until the last week of January or the 1st week of February!!! I don’t know where u saw that information WENDY



    Wendy how do you know for sure it will be deposited on January 20th



    Wendy why do you say your refund will be deposited on the 20th of January did you get a dd if so that great hope I get mine soon too



    Yea mines gonna be deposit in my account on the 20 of jan. I file on the 12th!!!



    Hi everyone. I filed with TT on January 13th, I was accepted on January 14th. Monday is actually a holiday so no one is getting anything IT IS A HOLIDAY. I know everyone is excited and would like their money but we all just have to be patient and wait. I know waiting sucks but just be patient. Nothing PROBABLY won’t happen until Tuesday January 19th. Maybe….you probably won’t be able to even get information until Wednesday over in the night. Just be patient. Some people may receive theirs by the end of the week. Have a good week everyone.



    Filed 1/07/2016 rejected . Filed again the 14th ..Accepted by Irs on 1/14/2016 it says i should get within 8 to 15days … sure hope so



    But hey, I got a text from TT saying my Oregon taxes have been accepted. Yippeee…they are going to take my money!!



    Tomorrow, 1.18.16 is MLK day so I doubt there is much movement. Could happen but pretty doubtful.




    Everyone take a deep breath lol. But seriously Tomorrow or Tuesday the early filers should be seeing some type of action. On 1/7 I fled with TT and got accepted on the 1/11. I received my e mail from turbo tax saying I should expect my refund by 1/19 thru 1/28 but the earliest is the 18th tomorrow. So within the next 2 day we should see something happen



    Well tuesday will be a week since my return was accepted and it still hasnt been approved…anyone else that hasnt been approved yet an your return was accepted like a week ago..



    I GOT MY REFUND !!!!! NO IM JUST KIDDING…I WISH. i am waiting for my status bar to go to approved….ugh the waiting begins!!!



    hi i was wondering if anyione has recerived there tax return yet i filled on the 7th and it was accepted on the 11



    Has anyone been approved yet? Juat wondering



    Just called h&r they said its was preparing my refund but who knows



    I filed my taxes on January the 14th with TT and I received an email saying mine was received and 2days later I received and email and a text saying it was approved from TT but when I go to the IRS website it still says received so maybe the status on the IRS website want change until they open….



    I am not worrying about the pizza tracker. Last year it said “accepted” until a week after I received the DD. I moved to a different state so expect a slight delay although due to back child support coming out of a SS check I know the government has me on file. Hell, they sent a letter immediately wanting address verification.

    Back to topic, mine went to approved a couple days after the DD. I stopped looking after a week so don’t know when or if it ever said the DD had been sent. When my kids were small I anxiously waited as I always had bills and they needed things so I feel for those in that situation. The past few years the checks are smaller due to no EIC but it’s more of a bonus. I have a Navy son deployed who I send goodies every two weeks, this return means I can go to Costco and buy every single goodie he likes and be able to afford the shipping.



    Hello just wondering if anyones returns been approved yet or is it still saying being processed? Like I said we did our on the 9th and got accepted the 12th …



    think I may be able to shed some light on this matter for everyone. This only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as “Accepted” from the IRS. A friend of mine actually works for the developer of the new Efile system, and has been working with the IRS as an independent contractor for each of the past 4 tax seasons as they have increased the usage of the MeF system. Every year, they have pulled a few hundred tax returns earlier than the initial processing start date to test the system. This gives them a chance to ensure that the system works correctly and can correct any software issues prior to the mass influx of returns on the real processing date. The reason they do this is because the system can become overloaded and crash, similar to a website server crash, and it did in fact crash last year the first day the IRS officially opened processing- delaying some returns by a week. The fixed the system within a day, and everything went smoothly from then on for the most part. So there’s a brief history of what they do and why. Now, this year, like previous, they have pulled a couple hundred returns a day beginning this week (a week early) to get a run through, because the MeF will be used exclusively for the first time.

    According to my friend, if you’ve been accepted you have an 80% chance of the return being processed and refund being issued by the system within 3-5 days. The other 20% that don’t have typically been flagged by the system and the return needs to be manually gone over to check for fraud or typical errors. Those people can expect a 1 to 3 week delay in their processing. This is why the IRS has not released a refund cycle chart this year, and why they delayed the mass processing until Jan. 30, it gives them a buffer. Previously, people took the cycle chart as the be all, end all when the IRS clearly stated it was not a guarantee of deposit or check dates.

    Anyway, with that said, If you’ve been accepted this week, there is a strong possibility that you will have your refund by next week, before the IRS has even officially opened tax season. I can tell you as well, that most of the returns that were accepted the first day of testing have already been processed and refunds were issued beginning today. Anyone who was accepted by today (Friday, 1/12), could expect to start seeing their refund issued by Wednesday (1/29) even earlier in some cases. Once again, this only applies to the few filers that have already been acknowledged as “Accepted” from the IRS. So, like the IRS I can’t guarantee when you’ll get your money, but I can tell you that you should feel pretty optimistic (about 80% optimistic) that you’ll be seeing your refund quite earlier than you thought if you’ve already been accepted. The other thing to keep in mind to is that once the IRS has direct deposited your refund to your bank, it’s up to your bank when they make that money available.



    I filed on the 1/13/16 and got accepted on 1/14/16 but my tax prepare told me that they will start to processing and Approved them after the 19th so keeping our finger cross and also told me that for the DDD they will depositing on 02/05/16 but if u have Credit Union they will do the deposit on Wed. 02/03/16 and that happened to me last year too my DDD was on 1/30/15 and i got my DD on the 1/28/15 2 days before so maybe it could be on Feb 3rd this year. So lets stay calm and wait for the 1st DDD to post on the WMR site!!!!



    The IRS isn’t going to approve anyone’s refund until tax season officially opens on January 19th.



    I filed on the 12th and accepted on the 12th. Still on first bar. Filed with TT. Seems like it is taking a little longer to be approved.



    Filed on the 7th and was accepted on the 11th. Checked today and status still hasn’t changed. It’s never took this long for me. Has anyone been approved yet?



    I’ve also been accepted already.. I filed early last year and received my refund jan.28



    We filed ours on January 9th and it got accepted on January 12th says we will receive ours January 19th-February 08th…I mean the IRS says there not accepting until the 19th of January…so I’m wondering if they will be approved the 19th…so confusing


    Ready And Waiting :)

    Filed 1/12 accepted 1/12. Had some error the next day, ‘topic 152’ (I think), but that quickly went away, and now I have been at 1 bar @ WMR for past couple of days. I sure hope there is some truth to the 1/19-1/22 DD dates! :D



    Filed with TaxAct January 12, 2016 04:37 PM
    Return Accepted January 13, 2016 11:29 AM
    1 bar on Where’s My Refund 1/13



    Filed a on the 7th got accepted today yay… the wait is on!



    I filed on the 13th & I checked today & it said accepted w/ TT. I have never done my taxes this early. Fingers crossed we get our money back by the end of January :)



    Filed this morning 1/14 at 8:02am via Turbo Tax and was accepted by IRS at 1:41pm



    Filed 1/7/16 TT
    Accepted 1/11/16
    Hopefully we test batch folks get our money by the end of Jan!#



    Has anyone had the bar move to part 2 yet, accepted by IRS?



    i did mine on the 1/ 11th and it was accepted on 01/12 and the company i filed with said i may get on 1/22…My fingers are crossed!!!!



    Filed yesterday and was accepted today around 2:30pm Eastern time. It said should receive refund January 19 thru February 8th.



    Filed 1/13/16 with TT @ 9:30pm
    Accepted 1/14/16 @ 10:30am
    WMR bar showing refund received
    Topic 152 added within the last hour

    I guess we won’t hit the 2nd bar of the pizza tracker until at least 1.19.. is that correct?



    I was accepted Jan 12th. I wonder if this means we will be getting the refunds sooner…

    Good Luck Everyone!!!



    Got accepted on the 13th ,fingers crossed it will be recieved early..



    We filed with tax slayer on Jan 9th and received an email tonight saying it’s been accepted.



    I filed with TT and received this update on Monday 1/11/16

    Your expected refund delivery is between January 19 and February 8

    The IRS expects to issue more than 9 out of 10 refunds in less than 21 days.

    0% have received their money already

    **IRS Site says 21 days from accepted date of 1/11/16 Fingers Crossed!



    Early filer here (always an early filer with no issues year after year, except last year with Healthcare and error I did which caused a two month delay).

    This year:
    Filed w TT 1/7/2016
    Email from TT accepted by IRS 1/11/2016 (and est. of refund Jan 19- Feb 8).
    First bar on IRS WMR (Received) 1/13/2016.
    (First bar is for Received, second bar would show Approved, final bar would show Refund Sent).

    I’ll provide updates. Good luck everyone.



    Filing with TT.. can’t file until tmrw, waiting on form 2106 to be ready



    Filed early January 7th,2016. Was accepted January 12th,2016. Let the countdown begin!! I just hope this means I’ll be getting approved shortly.



    I filed today 1/12/2016 and got accepted today 1/12/2016

    Your expected refund delivery is between January 19 and February 8

    Your federal return was accepted in the refund amount of $11,814. That makes you one step closer to getting your refund.

    9 times out of 10, the IRS issues refunds in less than 21 days from when a return gets filed. Paper check refunds may take several weeks to receive by mail.

    January to February 2016
    18 19 20 21 22 23 24
    25 26 27 28 29 30 31
    01 02 03 04 05 06 07
    08 09 10 11 12 13 14
    Want an even more up-to-date status? Use the IRS Where’s My Refund tool created by the IRS.



    Filed 1/8/16 with TT
    Accepted 1/11/16 @ 3:43pm
    WMR bar showing refund received
    Topic 152 added within the last hour

    Good luck this year everyone :)


    Mom of 3

    Accepted by IRS today! Let the stress begin!



    MInes say transmitted (1/11) and pending in TT website….. what does this mean?



    I file early every year and gets accepted early every year also and never had any issues but I always get my return usually the first group after the IRS officially starts processing which is the 19th. Bet we will see deposits Jan 29th and on. Just a guess.



    Same here



    I filed on 1/10/2016 and was accepted today 1/12/2016.



    I got that email today as well! It would be great to get the return much earlier than expected. Anyone think that will happen?



    I filled yesterday with TT and just got my email also saying accepted. I have never had issues being excepted early so hope the same this year.



    Filed with TT and got accepted on 1/11. All I can do is wait. Good luck all!



    I got accepted Jan 11 2016 as well so how early will we get a refund



    I did mines on 1/7 as well and also received a notification mines were accepted… Just wonder when will it be approved… Good luck yall



    I filed 1/7/2016 through TT, used them for years. Received email 1/11/2016 at 1:34 MST that it was accepted by the IRS.



    I filed on 1/4 and accepted today also… Hopefully everything goes smoothly..



    Same. Filed 1\7. Accepted today 1/11 at 3:22pm. And it begins…



    Same here! Filed 1/7, got accepted by the IRS today at 2:32pm.

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