I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    last year i believe irs wmr updated overnight on wednesdays. hopefully we’ll see an update in the morning





    amanda michele

    i did my taxes with turbo tax online efile. on 1/15 was accepted 1/19 still at one bar wth!!! when do they update? i was praying for a deposit the 22nd but guess its going to be the 29th



    I don’t understand!!!! I filed January 4th with Jackson Hewitt. I got an email on January 11th saying I was accepted by IRS. Today January 20th still no move on my status bar!!!! What’s going on???? Are they just approving them once a week this year??



    Umm Steve I’m from ny as well been accepted from Jan 11 so when will we get approved



    Its a program called liteshot ….But I think most of us are here for Federal, i am aware that some states are issuing tax returns, My great state lol NY that is wont be anytime soon..



    I got my state return approved today with a Dd date of today



    Accepted since the 11th and still nothing smh this is something bull$+#!



    @steve how did you add screenshot?????



    I am not a troll by any means LOL i got a DDD for my STATE taxes for this Friday. WMR is still at just one bar, it being accepted since the 12th.



    I think these people saying DD’S are full of it.We call them “trolls”.They like to jump on forums and disrupt discussion.I wouldn’t worry to much thow.We should know something this week it would seem like I was also accepted on the 11th so now its just a waiting game…. I mean its real easy to post a screenshot so do it!!!!lol good luck everyone.. link to screenshot>>>>>> http://prntscr.com/9sj7dd



    I Got My Refund
    10 hrs ·
    Merry Taxmas! Netspenders are reporting direct deposits for STATE refunds. Only a couple states so far but it’s a promising start!
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    Anyone been able to order transcripts? Even by mail?



    I file on Jan 6
    Accepted Jan 11
    Haven’t been approved yet why



    I wish I can post pictures t o show your lying. You did not get approved



    My Indiana refund will be direct deposited on 1/22/2016. I got the notification this morning.



    Alot of people have been accepted. But the actual irs has not issued any refunds and will not for at least 1 more week. Accepted and approved are 2 completely different things. Nobody in texas has been approved.



    Does anyone have 2 bars yet? This is so annoying, if they are doing FIFO doesn’t that mean that early filers who were accepted should see something? Last year I received my refund in less than a week.



    Sometimes you cant go by the irs wmr because last year I got my refund before I moved to the second bar I got my refund 7 days after getting my return accepted my 7 day mark would be the 22ND so u never know



    Just so all of you don’t feel mis lead by a bunch of crap. Turbotax has announced today a few have been approved and nobody has a date for direct deposit. So anyone saying anything different is full of crap and is just trying to make the rest of you ansy for your checks. Be patient irs is in full swing. Give it 2 more weeks and by then 50% of you will have your money.



    Around 3:30 yesterday I got an update from HR Block saying my return was rejected- I had my sons social security number transposed… I fixed it right away and resubmitted it yesterday. What are the chances today it will be accepted? As of right now it is still pending, but yesterday I didn’t get an email from IRS or HR block until after 3:00. Thanks!



    Last year no one got approved until that Sunday morning. I don’t anticipate any different this year. It’s the same cycle as last year. Tuesday after the holiday the IRS opens and DDD that weekend for deposits the next Friday



    filed 1/11 accepted 1/11 at 1pm still one bar, hoping to see an update tonight or Friday



    If the IRS started prossesing today, will it update our status tomorrow for today? Mine, like a lot of you was excepted on the 14th. Was hoping for an early exceptance, early refund this year.



    Well not approved yet and my husbands got accepted the 12th..glad im not the only one….trying to be patient



    Can anyone confirm or deny that the irs will be doing “first in first out” this year? It has not been like that previously, but heard or read somewhere it would be this year.



    Auto correct I hate it has anyone moved up to the second bar yet



    Hello everyone my bar is still at accepted however last year my. Refund was approved on feb 3rd and deposited on the 4th a week earlier than they had told me it was gonna be. However my refund was deposited on a weds and in the middle of the dsy around noon. Hopefully we will see updates soon. Good luck to everyone!



    Me either* sorry missed the “m”



    E either maybe it will update Friday night for us to all get it on 1/29 that’s what I’m praying for



    I was accepted on 1/12/16 and still no 2nd bar…



    I checked wmr and no second bar. I was so sure it would have updated today.



    I really expected to have a DDD today. Filed 1/5 accepted 1/11. Always glad to see I’m not alone in not getting an update. In past years I’ve gotten return back in 9 days. Don’t think that happens as of now :(



    Well no DDD for me :( was hoping a good start to a day I already know is going to suck.



    Has anyone over up to the second d bar and if so what was your ddd



    I filed Jan 4th and got accepted Jan 11th but still haven’t been approved!! If I don’t get approved today do I have to wait till next Wednesday? I filed with Jackson Hewitt.


    Michele R

    Is it true Brian that irs.gov updates daily or should I say during the times that you can’t check online? Also do they only direct deposit on Friday or is it on Wednesday and Fridays? I remember years ago I got mine on a Wednesday.


    Michele R

    I do believe that tonight people might start seeing ddd. irs.gov will do updates from 3:30 to 6am so lets see what people say tomorrow about ddd but I think it will be the 29th. Last year the first ddd that was on the charts was the 2-6 and I got mine the friday before but I was accepted early last year to the first day last year I think was the 20th. So I am thinking because of that it will be the 29th at least I am hoping it will be then but it would be really nice to get it this friday the 22nd but I don’t see that happening that quick.


    Michele R

    I believe so Desiree because someone asked her to snapshot a picture of it so that people would believe it and she kept commenting but has ever showed proof of the dates she has said.



    Michelle-I believe the only two people in the universe who claim to have a DDD are lying.



    Cali, that just means you’ve been accepted, not approved. Scroll to the right” the received amount. If you haven’t been approved it will say $0.00


    Michele R

    I did my taxes on taxact.com on the 11th and accepted on the 13th and I have only one bar . I have seen on efile calculator that I could get it as soon as 20th and as late as 3rd of feb. I am hoping for the same as Monica and Shannon for the 22nd. But on other calendars I seen the first date to be the 29th and then others say the first friday in feb so I don’t know what is true. irs.gov always gives me one date and then a few days later it changes to a closer one so don’t know what is the case with when the ddd will be. Please anyone that gets a ddd or a second bar screenshot so we can see that it is really a ddd out or if it is lies being told



    Beautifully said Andrea.



    Filed 1/11 with TT. Accepted on 1/12 with the test batch. Please remember that the IRS just officially opened today!! Even though I, like a lot of us on here, were accepted early, does not mean ours will process before the official open day for the IRS. Also, updates have happened on Wednesdays. I hope to see open or to see people post on here that they have been “approved” but everyone needs to remember that this is the IRS. I definitely see the first round of DD being 1/29. Now, in regards to “deposit dates” that people are seeing on the SBBT website. That date is EXACTLY 21 days from the date your return was accepted by the IRS. It is a general date that will generate because most DD is with in 21 days of being accepted. DD is on Fridays, so back to the first round being 1/29. I’m excited like everyone else, I just don’t want to see anyone get upset if they don’t have it this week!!! Good luck everyone!!!



    Ok i cant figure out how to do screen shot but this is what the Santa Bank says i dont understand because it contradicts itself
    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date is 2/1/2016. Check the status of your refund by visiting http://WWW.IRS.GOV/REFUNDS.
    When we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.
    Amount(s) Received by TPG WHAT’S THIS?
    Deposits TPG has received – typically from the IRS and State

    FEDERAL INCOME TAX $* i removed amount here but it said the amount of my taxes
    TOTAL * i removed amount here but it said the amount of my taxes



    So no one else got a deposit date but Shannon and Monica today?



    How do you post a screen shot sorry my question wasn’t clear?



    How do you screenshot?



    i filed my taxes with turbo tax on 1/14/16 and it was accepted on 1/15/16. I have one bar on WMR. now the wait begins.



    I hate I can’t edit my posts.. I don’t always proof read. In previous post, I mean the not tnt and whenever not Wenger or whatever it autocorrected



    Deanna,- always use tnt amount before fees. Wenger you login to TT it is the amount it shows for federal. The IRS doesn’t know what fees you’re paying, so don’t use what should be deposited use the amount before the fees are taken. That amount is shown on TT. Since you used turbo tax it will go through Santa Monica bank. You can see if it shows on this site too. If it does you’ve been accepted. taxpayer.sbtpg.com



    Desiree- I called and it tells me the same thing. Wait 24 hours. but what I don’t really know, which amount. I order the 29.99 fee from TT and there was another fee I guess from my card, I don’t know if I should put the amount after the fees or before the fees?



    Deanna, definitely call. I got kicked out of the website until tomorrow for checking too much today so I started calling the number,. (Since I posted it wrong the first time— once again, the correct number is (800)829-1954) You don’t have to wait 21 days and it will tell you if you’ve been accepting and are in processing (moving towards approval, then direct deposit). I hope that helps.



    Filed last week through H&R Block – was rejected. Said I had to Mail in my Return.
    Filed yesterday through TT and was rejected this morning for IP PIN – went to the link provided by TT and was issued a IP Pin from the IRS website. Submitted Efile again and one hour later it was accepted. Checked WMR and already have one bar. Have never received tax refund in less than 6 months after filing… Praying this year is a fast and good one to all!



    Deanna- call the number I listed (800)829-1954, the will tell you your status, you don’t have to wait 21 days!!



    Desiree- I am sorry I did not call that number, I will check. Thanks!



    Desiree- lmao dang it! I am so anxious. You’re probably right! I did call that number, and she told me she can’t check it unless its been over 21 days, and I should check to make sure I have the right amount. but I will wait till tomorrow or Thursday. If not I will call again! Hope we all get it soon :)



    Deanna, I posted the wrong number. The number to check is 800-829-1954



    Deanna, that usually means you’ve checked too many times. Have you ever seen anything on there? Wait 24 hours from the last time you checked to even try to see anything. If you keep attempting, it will keep you locked in the out. In the mean time, can this number and push number to check the status of your refund. 800-480–2265



    On TT it said I got accepted Jan 14th, but when I go to the IRS.gov and put in my info, it saying I have to wait 24 hours. It has been saying this for a couple of days now. I called The IRS to see why I can’t track, and they told me to make sure my amount was correct, which it is. She also told me, just because it says it on TT that I got accepted doesn’t mean I did with the IRS. I have not receive the email from the IRS that I got accepted, should I receive an email? Any one else having this problem with the IRS website not letting them look at their info?



    My last comment was supposed to be for waitinginoh, not justladylike



    Justladylike that says that on everyone’s TT. It’s a error. Ire supposed to say “will be” not “was”. It’s just showing the account you’re having your money go to. But don’t worry we Will all get it soon!!



    @tasha Well mine updated about 13 minutes ago and it I went through TT filed 1/18 was accepted today and it says that my refund was deposited to my bank account. Of course I flew on over to my bank account online and nothing but it’s ok cause that means I am one step closer.



    The DDD on TPG is just the generic 21 days since you were accepted. I.d bet money we receive it before then if there’s no issues.


    Julian A

    Pretty much the same for me. Got accepted 1/11 estimated ddd 2/01. I wonder if there is any chance that we will see it this week?



    Just adding my own information, even though it isn’t any different from the common group experience here. I filed with TurboTax on Jan 10th, and I was accepted by the IRS on Jan 12th. I was able to see the first bar on WMR starting this past Saturday, Jan 16th. With years of experience e-filing, whether I am accepted early or not, I am hopeful of Jan 29th for a deposit date, but expect Feb 5th to be accurate. Good luck all!



    Work for the irs, stop worrying, the official day to start accepting returns is today. Tomorrow begins the official processing start date for e-filers.



    If we are going to get our refund this week, we will know by tomorrow morning. The IRS updates all refunds on Wednesday and deposit on Friday.



    I understand processing could differ based on the complexity of each individual return, but acceptance doesn’t make sense, since its supposed to be a first come first accepted sort of thing.



    I filed with H&R yesterday, 1/18. I checked the WMR this morning and nothing on that website. I checked it just a few minutes ago and it shows 1 bar and that they have received it. Good Luck to everyone!


    Beth has kids

    I went to the sbt website that turbo tax uses . They are the ones that process tt refunds. That website says it is expecting my return of Feb 2 2016. WMR still only has one bar accepted not approved.



    Thanks @mike, I checked the wheres my refund website too and it hasn’t been accepted yet.



    I filed on 1/15 and check WMR today around noon. It updated to one bar and topic 152 but TT still says pending?? Can anyone help me out? If there’s one bar, does that mean it is accepted?



    Grr! @ Christy0111, that’s another person who filed after I did and got theirs accepted before mine.



    I got accepted on the 11th and have a customer number on SBGT with a DD by 02/01/2016, i only have one bar on where’s my refund




    HRB website still shows mine as pending but IRS website was updated aprox 11:00 am today with one bar. My experience with HRB website has been slow in the past. Check the IRS website.



    I filed with H&R on 1/8/16, accepted today and just got one bar about 5 minutes ago. Good luck to everyone! Fingers crossed for an issue free tax season!



    I called liberty and some people were approved on today already they’re gonna be approving them all day


    loving my babies

    @tasha mine says the same thing on tt but i think its juat letting you know that’s where itll be deposited



    @tasha mines said it was deposited into my bank account




    Mine says deposited as well. It’s more of a placeholder.. doesn’t mean it’s actually been deposited. Keep track on the irs website for a more accurate timeline.



    @tasha I do

    @shawn I have a customer number but I used TT last year could that be why?



    Has anyone else looked on my tax time line through turbo tax and hit more information button and seen the message your refund has been deposited into your bank account



    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date is 2/1/2016. Check the status of your refund by visiting http://www.irs.gov/refunds.
    When we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions

    So we’ll see what that means. I don’t have any bars at all.. it says it is processing with a Topic 152



    filed on Jan/13/2016
    accepted on Jan/14/2016
    still waiting to be approved Jan/19/2016
    Filed with TurboTax



    @tina, that’s why I’m questioning mine. If its a first in first out sort of thing, then why is mine that was filed on the 7th still pending today, the opening day, and some ones filed on the 14th has been accepted?



    This may help
    The Intuit Electronic Filing Center begins accepting and holding (“stockpiling”) 2015 tax returns that are final and able to be e-filed.
    The IRS starts processing stockpiled returns on January 19 (a few are processed up to a week earlier for testing purposes).
    January 15, 2016

    Due date for fourth installment of 2015 estimated tax payments.
    January 19, 2016

    The IRS starts processing previously stockpiled returns on a first-in, first-out basis.
    The IRS will run a small number of stockpiled returns through their systems up to a week before this date for testing purposes.
    If yours is one of them, please note that your tax refund (if any) will not be processed until after January 19.



    Filed my bf’s on 1/11 through HRB, his was accepted on 1/12 and has a message saying DD by 2/2. (21 days kinda generic).

    I filed mine own 1/18 with TT and mine is still pending.



    Anyone else who filed with tt get a note saying their refund has been deposited into their bank account I have only had 2 other people say they have the same message but I’m still at one bar on wmr



    I would def wait if nothing happens call hr



    Thanks @Rebekah! I was only concerned because when I filed early it said it put you “in line” basically for being accepted when they opened up, aside from those who got early acceptance.



    @shawn Just checked and I do have a customer number with nothing pending not sure if it means anything I think they change things every year just to mess with us



    ? last year if you were being processed by SBTG you would have a customer number and if you do not have an amount pending yet you would not have a customer number (the customer number was the electronic transfer number. Does everyone have a customer number? Just a question. (we all want to break the code lol)



    @k just give it time of you aren’t accepted at the end of the day I would call h and r block



    filed with 1/13 with TT Accepted 1/14



    HR block as well.



    @k who did you file with?



    Because I also filed with HR Block-? (sorry for being annoying) hah



    I wonder why if I filed on the 7th it has not been accepted but Mike filed on the 14th and his was accepted today? Should I be worried?



    Filed HnR Block 1/14 accepted today. 1 bar topic 152 on WMR



    I filed on the 11th, got rejected for a typo on a SS number on the 13th, re-filed with corrections within an hour of getting the message from Liberty Tax, was accepted on the 14th. L.T.’s message system yet, but their message updates come in between 10am and noon. I was told, it would be 7 -10 from when it was accepted from their bank JTH Financial, and Liberty Tax as well. It’s been 5 days and no changes on the IRS refund site. Also, no change even with L.T. messages., will keep people updated though.



    I filed 1/19/2016 right at midnight just wondering if anyone has been accepted that filed today



    With not 28th lol sorry auto correct



    I got accepted on 1/11 I filed the 1/7 and still one bar. I filed 28th turbo so it still says 0% people have received their refund so I’m pretty sure no one has been approved yet. ): I know the excitement of it all but we just gotta be patient(: it’ll be here before we know it!(:



    I filed mine on the 7th and it has not yet been accepted.



    @Desiree, that’s what I presumed. It to be a generic date. Thanks



    Ok, I apologize. I’m waiting like everyone else. Sorry for the deaths and financial hardships.



    Filed on January 8 and got accepted January 14! Hopefully any day now! :)



    To those talking about the DDD on https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com/login.aspx , everybody’s DDD on there is just the generic 21 days after your return was accepted. Hopefully, we will all get them sooner than that date!


    Amanda Schratt

    I filed on Jan 14, and I’m still showing pending on turbo tax. Is this going on with anyone else?



    @Dennis well i understand the people who needs the money for bills sometimes the situation during the year it could be so complicated and the money is not enough to pay everything!!! I’m a mother of 3 kids and my husband is the only one working and it gets super hard at times!! what he works is not enough well i can’t work cause of health issues of course I’m not posting it here but please stop being negative and tell other people what to do with there $$$ cause u dont know what there going through! !!



    @dennis if you’re not worried about when you get your refund, then why are you on here watching what everyone posts. You want yours just as bad as everyone else.



    Hi, Sandy

    I believe that site is for tax prepares that use their bank service (such as Turbo Tax); such as I think the deposit goes from IRS to the Tax prepares’ bank (like if you paid a fee to do your taxes and you opted to pay with your refund, TT takes their share), and then it goes to your bank account. No delay, just I think that’s the process (a guess from my experience :)

    If you filed directly with the IRS, I think the IRS will deposit directly to you (and so not sure they use SBTPG).

    So there’s 1. IRS deposits to you (did your own taxes, mailed or e-filed on your own?)
    2. You paid a tax preparer and opted to pay with your refund: it goes to their bank (with no or a business day delay), and then DD to your bank. (No RAL).
    3. You do one of those insanely expensive Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL) at an HR Block or Liberty Tax in an office and get your money ahead of other, but only because these or similiar companies are giving you money beforehand based on what they filed for you (and charging a big fee to ‘prepare’ your taxes and lend you the money before the IRS actually sends it).

    Not a tax expert. Just mom of two teens that has been filing taxes for years and used all of the above at one point the last 17 years, lol, and has been my experience so far (can be different for others). Hope this helps a little.



    @Dennis….Why are ppl so obnoxious. I always need money and work very hard and look forward to my refund I EARNED IT!!!



    Not sure of it helps anyone but I saw a chart that states that people who got accepted on or before the 11th are estimated to get there returns by 1-29. Not sure how accurate this is but that’s what I’m looking at on the chart.I was going to upload a screen shot but I don’t see a place on here to upload it just type.but as it sits my return is still on the first bar on the where is my refund.



    @dennis, Wtf are you??? You need to mind your business and go focused on youeself. You never know what could happen within a year. Well as for me let’s see, loss of job, family members dying meaning you have to spend more. You come on here trying to be god. Leave the negative comments at home. Your an adult who is negative.



    Hello well i filed 1/13 accepted 1/14 and until today it showed me my 1st bar so i hope i see the 2nd bar soon!!!



    @ Dennis you don’t know what people’s situations are and why they need the money. I don’t need it but I surely like knowing when it’s coming and look forward to this forum every year.



    filed 11
    accepted 14
    one bar on wmr irs.gov

    and so the wait begins



    Here we go again. Same people who already know the process still trying to get there refund early. Like I say every year to you people…..budget your money throughout the year and you wouldn’t need your refund for bills.



    Hi, DARA. I did… it shows my info at SBTPG site :) (I posted in my long post below).

    Hi, SANDY; I think it updates (at least the Accept bars) on Wednesdays.
    I had filed Thurs 1/7, and TT said accepted on Mon 1/11, but did not show bar on WMR until Wed 1/13.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you for tomorrow :).




    Deanna- it did not happen to me, but to someone else.. That person switched the status from Single to Head of Household. Good Luck!



    You can only use the below website if you paid to prepare your tax return is that correct?




    Gave me the feb 4th date



    Dara-TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date is 2/1/2016. Check the status of your refund by visiting http://WWW.IRS.GOV/REFUNDS.
    When we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.



    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date is 2/4/2016. Check the status of your refund by visiting http://WWW.IRS.GOV/REFUNDS.
    When we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.

    This Is what mines say when I check that other site for turbo I filed on the 13th and the accepted mine on the 14th . I still have one bar on turbo and the date between jan 19 Feb 8th.



    Filed Saturday the 16th. Just now got accepted today @ 10:28am. Yayyy to progress



    Reanna- I will try again, I saw this happened to you, did you finally get to see your info?



    I just went to https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com/login.aspx and so far my DDD is 2/1, still on the first bar on IRS site. Accepted on the 11th



    Deanna- also make sure your status on how you filed is correct as well




    What time did WMR update for you? Did you just check it once this morning and it was updated, or did you check several times before you got the second bar?



    I filled the 1/12/16 and Turbo Tax said I got accepted on 1/14/16. When I try to go the IRS website to check my refund, it is not letting me look, something about they cannot find me, I am putting the right amount. Is this happening to anyone else?



    Dara- I tried. It does not allow you to see anything. It told me they can not find my account.



    Can someone who used TT go to (https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com/login.aspx) and let us know what your DD is? Thanks



    Has anybody who wasn’t accepted early been accepted today yet? I haven’t seen any acceptances today yet.



    Thanks guys for the TPG/SBTPG info and the https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com ! (Bank that TT uses to make deposits, correct?).

    Here’s an Update:
    Thurs, 1/7/16 filed w TT
    Mon, 1/11/16 TT email that was accepted
    Wed, 1/13/16 WMR IRS updates w 1st bar saying accepted (Wed update?)

    Mon, 1/18/16 Checked https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com and entered my info (SSN, Status, Amount), no info came up, but it was a holiday of course.

    Tues, 1/19/16 Checked https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com today and entered my info (SSN, Status, Refund Amount). This time my info came up! Shows refund not received but says:
    “TPG has not received your federal tax refund. Your expected IRS funding date is 2/1/2016. Check the status of your refund by visiting http://WWW.IRS.GOV/REFUNDS. When we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions”.

    And it shows my refund amount further down; so seems process is coming along. :)
    I’m waiting for that second bar on WMR, but so far so good!
    Again, thanks for sharing the SBTPG link!



    I know some people filed around the time i did and they got accepted the 11th..an they have not been approved yet…so i don’t know i just know i really need the money…lol



    SHANNON did you get approved for State or Federal taxes?



    For those of you saying approved, will you plz post screenshot?



    IRS will not allow you to order transcripts online any more since everyone bombarded it last year, they got hacked and took away that option. I want to see screen shots of approvals yesterday was a holiday so I call bull too, why would people who are approved be wasting there time on here now. Tonight there will be updates and Friday updates if anyone gets approved please post a screen shot so everyone does not get there hopes up unless it is true… I am waiting accepted 1/11 at 1pm



    Levvy, Oh me toooo! lol, that’s why I’m trying not to get to excited.



    No I seriously pray I’m wrong and we all get approved today…I NEED it like really bad soooo yeah…



    Welcome Monica, congrats on getting a deposit date already :) You are one of the lucky ones. I was accepted on 1-11 also but still at one bar. Maybe tomorrow the rest of us will see some action.



    I just went to SBBT website to check and see if I could get a DDD from them. It said expected return DD of 2/1/16 (why mine so late, I dont know…I hope thats just a general date). I only have 1 bar at IRS. I filed w/TT on 1/6 got accepted on the 1/12. here is link to check thru SBBT for TT customers.




    Last year I was accepted on 1/20 and received my refund 1/28 so I’m guessing the 27th this year hopefully


    Monica L.

    Ok thanks Sandy.



    Levvy you might be right…site could be bugged or you all could be insane…..idk. Monica L. I could not see my transcript online either.



    Due to the hack of the IRS system last year you cannot order transcripts online right now, only mail.



    Maybe it’s because its only 8:43 my time…idk



    Still bar one for me. filed Jan 7, accepted Jan 11


    Monica L.

    Tried to order transcript online but do not see that feature. I have 2 bars as well but I want to see my transcript (only through mail option available)….Shannon could you order yours online. TT 1/11 DDD 1/22. updated today.



    There’s no way…I filed the 5th got accepted 1/11 and still one bar…Shannon either your site has a bug or we are all just insane. Maybe it’s true but I seriously doubt it… They only update once a day and usually overnight but maybe today the will do something different…only GOD knows how much most of us need this so if its true post a screenshot so we can all have hope



    I just checked mine and still sitting at one bar. Filed on the 9th and got accepted on the 11th. Filed with tax slayer.



    SHANNON can you screen shot your approval they only opened today , look for update tonight and Saturday …. I am a licensed tax professional waiting on my approval as well accepted 1/11



    I highly doubt Shannon has a DD date for Friday. I call Bull! They just opened today and Nothing has been approved yet, Accepted YES but NOT approved



    I was accepted early on 1/11 and check this morning and I’m still at 1 bar! Atleast I know I’m not the only one :( Hopefully there is a better update tomorrow. If so, our DDD will be jan 22 also, if not, we’re probably flagged lol.



    Still one bar for me. Ugh!!!



    Still one bar for me



    I filed on 1/7 and got accepted on 1/11
    A first there was one bar and when I checked towards the end of last week, there was no bar and it said it was being processed and I saw a 152 topic. Is that a good or bad thing? Any information would be SO appreciated. Did this happen with anyone else?



    Still one bar for me. I didn’t use the app either, I went on the IRS site… *SIGH*



    Does anyone else have 2 bars besides Shannon???



    Not getting hopes up, you know how this IRS tax thing works. Hopefully it won’t go back to 1 Bar status……..!



    Well not approved yet and it was accepted the 12 so hopefully tomorrow it will be approved really need this money



    Yayyyy, we’ll that means I should have mine today also. I had the same date as you



    IRS 2nd Bar, DDD January 22nd……………….yippy! TT Accepted 1/11.



    @tatiana Omg I feel like such an idiot lol. I forgot that I claimed head of household this year instead of single status! Okay! I feel so much better! Thank you so much. Fingers crossed it moves for everyone today! Good luck to us all




    You have to put the full amount before anything is taken out. I am praying today something happens for me. I need this money bad.



    @tatiana Yes, I am going on the IRS website and putting all of my info in. am I doing something wrong? am I putting in the refund amount wrong? should I be putting the refund amount that was given or the amount that was deducted from TurboTax like after the software that will be deducted from the refund?



    @Kayleen go to the irs website and use the where’s my refund. I got the same message until I went on the site. Also I was accepted on the 1/11 after filing on 1/7



    I use tt every year and this is the first time I have gotten the message that my refund has been deposited into my account. If this were a glitch then I think someone would have caught it by now. And last year I received my refund on a Saturday so this could be a very real possibility. The IRS is scripted to tell everyone the same generic message so I am still keeping my fingers crossed



    Hi guys I filed on 1/7 accepted on 1/11 but when I try to track it says that it cant be found or theres an error or whatever when I put my social in. it says I have to wait 24 hours until notified of it being approved. Turbo tax says refund due between the 19th-8th. Is anyone else having this problem? I didnt have it last year. It automatically showed the tracker. but no tracker as of yet. Thank you for your help!



    Tasha my information on TT says it was deposited to my bank as well. I’m just as confused as you are! Hopefully we get some movement tonight on the tracker..



    Tasha nope that has never happened. I’m not sure tt would make a mistake like that… So perhaps it’s pending. Last year I got Dd before pizza bars changed also watch sbbt status it generally has an transfer number but they don’t open until 9 so it’s all just dumb luck from here!



    TT has an error saying that ur refund was already deposited to ur account. It should say “will be” deposited.



    To everyone that was accepted on 1/11/2016 the tax refund cart says that the first refunds go out on the 29th and the ones that there taxes have been deposited on turbo tax mine says the same but the irs controls the info now not turbo tax so u won’t see a refund till 1/29/2016



    I talk to my tax company and they said nothing is happening until the irs office open. 1/19/16…9:00am so plz stop getting everyone worked up.



    I talk to mt tax company and they said nothing is happening until the irs office 1/19/16…9:00am so plz stop getting everyone worked up.



    Last Year I got my refund before the 3rd bar was on there I got it 7 days after my return was accepted



    Has anyone checked there refund status on irs and got 2nd bar that’s how your know you get your refund soon



    Shawn has that happened to you before or does that mean we will get it today sometime



    U log in u click on track refund then hit the back button and it should say how much you are getting back towards the bottom there is a tab that says more information u click on that then at the bottom it should say it



    If you click where it says more about my refund under the amount on my tax timeline tt



    Yeah tasha mine says the same thing but I don’t see anything in my account



    Ok Tasha I will keep you updated and I got lots of bills too lol



    Tasha, could you screencap where it says that?



    I hope so :) I was surprised to see that but hopefully u get yours as well soon I could use mine by tomorrow I have bills haha I will keep u posted and u do the same please



    No it doesn’t say anything for me but hopefully you do get yours tomorrow and I’m hoping I get mine this week too I was accepted on the 11th



    I checked and nothing and irs website still has me at the first bar but since today is a holiday I wonder if it will be there tomorrow does it say that for u on turbo tax when u click more information on your federal return



    Tasha did you check your bank account? Was your refund deposit in your bank ?
    Have you checked there where’s my refund?



    I got accepted on 1/14/16 and looked on turbo tax for more info on my federal and at the bottom it says my refund was deposited to my bank account has this happened to anyone else I’m so confused



    If any one gets approved and a dd let all of us know I can’t wait for my refund I need it bad lol bills



    I purposely did not use sbbt this year because they suck and I have never gotten my money from them before the date they said it would dd and like someone said they updated an hour before dd.. I really hope its not a 2 week wait.



    Jean- the answer to your question is yes someone else can use a dependent you have on you return if it has not been accepted yet. Whoever gets accepted first gets to carry the dependent. Not to say that they will not be audited.



    If you already filed, your just waiting for your return to be accepted. Can someone else trying to claim your dependant return be accepted?



    @sean Lol I try ;)

    Thank you for posting the link, my internet ninja prowess gets somewhat sketchy during these stressful refund times :)



    @mle305 good looking out. I got the same msg with a date of 2/4/16. Here is the link for those interested: https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com



    I got accepted on the12th so maybe mine will be approved tomorrow i have 3 small babies and light bill so high i need it asap to pay that hard being a single mother



    I was able to log onto the SBBT site with my refund information, and it states the following:

    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date is 2/1/2016. Check the status of your refund by visiting http://WWW.IRS.GOV/REFUNDS.
    When we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.

    I am also an early filer that was accepted on 1/11/16.

    I have a feeling we will see our refunds sooner than this date, as those of us who used SBBT the past several years remember how in the last few their site did not update until about an hour prior to forwarding our refund to our individual banks.



    Last year I got my refund within a week of my acceptance, I was hoping for my refund tomorrow, but with the holiday, I wont hold my breath also, my pizza tracker usually never updates untill after dd… I’ve never been accepted early I hope this doesn’t cause problems.



    I got accepted 1-11-2016 so that’s mean tomorrow I’m going to get approved

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