I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    @mamamia @capstun

    Yes, that does indicate some movement has taken place in the right direction. Let’s hope you will see a DDD within a week or so….

    GOOD LUCK…..

    Just stopped in to see if anyone gotten any good news….will check back later!

    Hope tomorrow will bring relief to many and to those who don’t get a DDD that filed on or before the 19th…CALL IRS ON TUESDAY MORNING AND DEMAND ANSWERS…



    I just wanted to say this because so many of you are still waiting and waiting and waiting and this isn’t right…I am so sorry you all are NOT getting direct answers but only the run around with the IRS…I am getting MAD myself and plan to take Action in Texas with my representatives …..hope all will do the same, or will we be doing this all over again in 2017.

    IRS is entrusted to keep your personal information protected, not only can this harm your money, it can put you and your family in danger because the hackers has your address, phone number, SS, date of birth to wreck havoc on your lives for many years to come…you will be flagged years after years because of this.

    Not to mentioned the financial and emotion distress and mental anguish they have caused you for the delay of your refund.

    How incompetence can IRS be? SMH



    Filed the 14th called Tuesday because it was 21st day and they said it was resequenced and to wait up to two weeks. Lost my bars with tax topic 152 on the 30 of Jan and ordered account trans still not able to order returns but had an address change this morning…so at least there is movement.





    If you do not see a DDD by Saturday or is able to order your return if its been 21 days, it is highly “possible” you may be one of the 101,000 that got hacked by the breached that happened over a month ago, but IRS just realized it on Feb 3rd..smh. Those of you of who filed after the 19th, this also may be causing your delay and all the reviews. Only IRS can tell you if that is the fact, I would ask that direct question when you call them to see if they will be truthful in telling you this is the reason you were “flagged”. At this point in the process only IRS or an Advocate can give you answers after the 21 days.

    Contact #800-829-0582 #652

    If you feel this may be happening to your return, when you call the IRS if you haven’t already done so, ask them to generate a hardship form so an advocate can assistance you in getting it release sooner than the 6-9 weeks they are telling everyone. They have 3 days to return your call. Most of the time they will ask you to fax proof of your hardship and there are some that will not ASK for anything….so be prepared.


    Class Action Lawsuit: IRS HAS BEEN BREACHED IN 2015 AND NOW…

    Do you know you can sue the IRS for if your information was breached? If you receive a letter from IRS informing you your information was breached, you may want to consider joining an existing class action lawsuit:




    Great advice you gave, ALL that are experiencing extreme delays, should do the following to address your ANGER and FRUSTRATION with the IRS.

    1. Contract the WHITE HOUSE


    2. Contact your local Congressman, House and Senator Representative and complained they will take action.

    3. Contact your local Office of Attorney General “Consumer Department” and file a compliant against IRS.

    4. Use any method you can to LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD!

    Redirect your angry and start a movement against the IRS, make a difference, force a change and demand ACTION….so this will NOT happen again in 2017.



    Ok so here’s my update…and a question…

    I have been trying to order my return transcript with my old address that they had in the system (since they didnt have my new one updated yet) but today i can use my new address to get in and order an account transcript but not my return transcript.

    What does this mean?
    They have updated my address or they are working now on my return and i should be able to order one soon?



    ugh still 1 bar topic 152 and no transcript :(



    @Melissa I think this is our issue. They put my name first because my husband is deployed so I filed using a POA, plus I have had to verify my identity the past 2 years! My 21 days will be next week! SO i dont know what to do if keep waiting or to call and see whats going on! I mean this is our first time e-filing. The past years we always filed on paper and we got our refund between october and november! because of my identity. Filing taxes its a traumatic experience for us every year …



    @Jaileen no still waiting



    1. IRS budget cut…(accused of targeting “Conservatives”)
    2. Crappy customer service…(personel moved to work on “Obamacare”
    3. 11/15, Bill signed, to go after people who owed small amounts via IRS and or Collection Companies…
    4. Technology Old, “1980’s / Hackers
    5. “Government works for “U,” You don’t work for the Government…
    6. Call your Senator, he/she works for “U”…



    Anyone from NJ get back their state refund yet?



    Alert your Senator and the media, they might be aware of the proble…



    I filed on 2/2 and it was Recieved/Accepted hours later that day (2/2.)

    1 bar and the general TT 152. Apparantly I filed one day before the nightmare on 2/3 and yes it seems everyone to file after that is getting their refunds in days ???? The other day when TurboTax still has the percentages it said that 45% of people who filed/accepted 2/2 had gotten their taxes already. Last year I got mine in 4 days! BUT the year before I hasn’t had any progress on WMR and I got a letter in the year saying I was randomly selected in the systems for a review!! Didn’t have to give them any additional info since nothing flagged it. It was completely random! Didn’t get it till early June!! This year I think due to the hack obviously, now people are needing to verify themselves way more than ever. It’s nuts! Hopefully bars start moving coming back, & issuing those DDD’s!!!




    I’m so sorry. I’m an optimist and I naturally look to the positive side of things and with so many people in the same boat, it gives me hope that we are all just in the same batch that got delayed for some reason and we will get our money soon. Please keep me updated if you get yours!! I’ll do the same!



    @kerri hoping I get a nice one as well and they resolve this asap I have copy of my return and I’m getting a letter from my sons doctor about his meds I should be getting that call Tuesday. Praying for us both!!



    @Gabriel yea I spoke with someone at the IRS they told me that my return was selected for random review…… I never recieved a letter, wmr never updated with a message or anything so I called a tax advocate a really nice one ( thank god) that did not ask me for proof hardship just told me to fax over my my w-2 so she could have them release my refund my refund had been processed they are just holding my money smh!!!!! I’ve been able to order my return transcripts scince 2/5 and I still do not have a DDD…..




    I am in the same exact boat as you. I filled 1/29/16 and got approved the same day. Got a ddd of 2/10/16. My refund was sent as of yesterday but there is nothing in my bank account as well. I have a 6 month old son and in need of this money. Single parent as well. I am getting my refund sent to my netspend premier card and used turbotax to file. Turbotax goes through sbtpg.com to take out the amount owed for filing. You can check the website listed to see if anything is posted on their end. I have tried calling them, and they have nothing posted on their end. Called turbotax and they said go through sbtpg. Called IRS and there is nothing they can do unless it hasn’t arrived by 16th. They say just keep waiting and that it will come. I too can’t stop checking my account and all other refund accounts to see if anything changes. Good luck to everyone. Hope everyone gets their money soon!




    I’m going through the same thing. Mine has nothing but my husbands is at one bar etc. I called and had to verify my identity. Is your name the first name on the return? Mine was and that’s what they told me was wrong with ours. 9 weeks they said:(



    Hello everyone…. We filed Married-Filing Joint Return . When I check WMR with my SS i get the message that my refund IS STILL being processed No bars… but if I check with my husband SS it shows me the first bar ( its being processed ) . I filed on 1/29 accepted the 1/29 with H&R…. Can I still have some hope that we are going to get a DDD?




    Sorry did not notice that … Im in the same boat but when call they say everything is fine but then that is not really a good answer just vague. I hope we see some update soon. Return trans still not available and I dont want to call anymore they say thing to everyone. have spoken to anyone there at the IRIS??



    @Gabriel no I did not recieve my DDD. Look at my previous post to @carmen….. I filed 1/14.



    Everyone, pls listen! Like all of you, I’m frustrated as well. I filed on TT 1-28-16 and got accepted the same day. I’m still on one bar. It makes no since to call the IRS 5x a day or order transcripts especially if you haven’t waited the 21 day period.



    Thanks so much for answers to my questions! I received a DDD of 2/10. Still have no refund. Called the treasury this morning, a rude girl told me she didn’t see my money from her end but they can’t see what the IRS does. Not much help. Basically, just told me they haven’t received authorization from IRS yet. Now my bars updated last night to REFUND SENT so now I’m even more confused. I finally broke down and called the IRS this afternoon. She was VERY nice and helpful and looked into it for me and said she sees no issues. She said it’s been sent, and had me verify my account info to make sure no errors. No errors on banking info. She said it could take 48 business hours from the time they released it (which was yesterday) and to keep checking bank. If I don’t have it by the 16th, call them back and they will issue a trace on the refund. I asked her if there could be any issues with my return and she said no, it’s done processing and the refund has been sent out. I hope so. I really hope so. So I’m obsessingly watching my bank account and freaking out. I need to let go and let it be. Ugh. I’m so freaked! Single mom to 2 young boys who’s husband walked out a few months ago…..this money is NEEDED!! Anyone else have a DDD of 2/10 with no money yet? I have no offsets or back taxes or anything like that.



    i keep calling on checking online for return transcripts and never available …. I was able to order account transcripts like almost 2 weeks ago but never return ….. does anyone know if the IRIS is to run another major update from today on… Something concrete would me nice



    You got a due date ??? If so thats great. My bars have been gone since 1/31 have called and spoken to many agents but all say the same thing keep waiting because there is nothing wrong with return . Im already on my 23rd day this is really frustrating wish things would update or least say what is going on… Hurry up and wait



    @Gabriel I don’t know anyone who has gotten a due date for 2/12/16 so idk what is going on!!!!!




    Thanks for all your help. You have been really helpful. There’s a lot many negative ppl that continue to bash you and all you’ve ever done was try to help. I’m still stuck on one bar and still not able to order return transcript. I will be calling on Tuesday to see what’s going on if I don’t get an update by this weekend. My 21 days will be Saturday. I’m still patiently waiting. I been following this thread since the beginning. To everyone that received an update congrats and I hope the rest of us see something soon. Let continue to be helpful to one another. I know most of us are frustrated but hopefully things will start getting better soon.



    dont understand what is going on with the refund seems like they released refunds and my bars disappeared same time that others already received their refund yet I have no updates and all the agents I have spoken with say nothing is wrong just keep waiting. Are they even updating anymore I have yet to hear anyone say they have received an update or that they were given a true reason why refund has not been updated… anyone have any new answers????????????????????????



    Hello @carmen this is an update for you I just got off the phone with my TA I suppose I got a nice one because she didn’t ask for a letter of hardship thank god!!!!! She just told me to fax over a copy of my w2 and she would fax it over to them to have my return expedited, she said that I shouldn’t have to wait any longer than March 30th worse case sanario but I should get it sooner than that!!!!! I’m gonna try and fax that info today before she leaves her office!!!!! Girl we are in this together!!!!! And I pray to God that something happens soon!!!!!for the both of us!!



    This is the biggest bs run around. Accepted on the 11th. With TT. NOT A SINGLE update since the 30th. I talked to 9 different IRS reps and I have yet to get the same answer twice.



    I filed on the 17th of January I am still waiting on my tax refund i called and spoke to a rep and they gave me a number to call to verify my account and they said they didn’t see anything wrong with my account or anything. So i called the number that they have gave me and they told me thanks for the information and you will have to wait up to 8 weeks but it should be sooner than that and when i looked on where is my refund it is now saying refund is being process my bars disappeared weeks ago and i still can not order my transcript and i still have no ddd i have no offsets of anything like that im just patiently waiting for mine. Idk what is really going on this year but this is the first time something like this has happened to me but i wish everyone luck and hope to hear something or see something about our refunds



    Still cant order return transcripts WMR no bars generic topic 152 since 1/31 been told by Iris nothing wrong on my returns no flags only owed taxes from 2013 dont understand what the hold up is.. It shouldnt take so long to take the owed taxes



    @kerri yup its just horrible this year..Hopefully we will see our money really soon!!



    I verified my friggin identity on 2/2. Waiting to see how long this takes to get my DDD. I’m curious to see if the people who filed on or after 2/2 and don’t have to do the identity verification get theirs first. Will be interesting.



    @carmen Yea I’ve been at mine for the past 2 so I’m not understanding what they need to verify either….I’m mean damn they have the w-2 for what more could you want? All the same info I haven’t moved or anything so wtfnis the hold up! I wish we could speak directly to the people that are causing our money to be placed on a hold… Bet they wouldn’t have any excuse….. They just want to make ppl suffer



    Hello I sent my tax returnn1-30 via turbo tax accepted same day. Irs accepted 2-2 and still at 1 bar and tax topic 152. Cant order transcripts yet. It still says processing. Should i get a DDD shortly???



    amen to that @carmen



    @kerri im with you its just stupid bs this year what could they possibly verify i been at the same damn job for 7 years come on know.


    Toya from MS

    @texasgirl I filed and was accepted Jan 15th had i bar and tax topic 152 until last Friday going into Saturday when bar disappeared still have 152. Was able to order a return transcript Tuesday after 12noon i filed married jointly and husband does have offset from us dept of justice so this might be holding us up. I havent called irs because i dont want to be flagged or told im under review so im just waiting to see if i get a update Saturday



    good day all! sill waiting to see an update on my end but like to see that others have moved along in progress l….gives me hope :)

    do not like seeing @texasgirl under attack……she is only trying to help we are all in the same boat here and no body asked you to enter into this chat if you do not like it leave otherwise it would seem you have no more of a life than you accused us of having….

    so any updates for those waiting if so congrats ……im still in the no transcript boat but crossing my fingers I will see some sort of movement after tonight.



    @ Carmen if I could kick the persons ass who is holding my return I would bc this is complete BS…… They make sure they get that money every week ….. Smmfh I’m so mad idk what to do….. Uhhhhhh!!!!!!



    so the TA said i will be getting a call on 2/17 they opened my case i have to show financial hardship and i told them how i needed to pay for my sons meds which is true and his medicaid was cut off so once they call me on tuesday i will have more insight as to whats going to happen. But he did say i was under review and it was for income verification.



    @themrs & @janay

    FYI….I’m speaking for myself but others may have other issues IDK bout that but I do know that so far @texasgirl has provided accurate information and updates for this week. Like I said before others may issues that may be idling progression. Here’s my story – I filed on Jan 12th and was accepted on Jan 13th. I lost bars on Jan 31st with Tax Topic 152 stating “your return is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available.” I was only able to order my account transcript until Friday, Feb 5th when I was able to order my return transcript. Like @texasgirl stated that if I was I able to order that then it was done my return was processing and I will be receiving an update that weekend or the upcoming week. Well, Saturday morning I woke up with bars and a DDD of Wednesday, 2/10/16. And when I woke yesterday morning I want to F$#K UP some commas!!!
    So, with that being said @texasgirl is not providing false hope or inaccurate information; it’s the IRS and there is no standardize, play by play procedure on how they operate. So, please stop being negative and have patience.

    Thank you!



    Just to let yall know texasgirl is only trying to help she can only give you advice if you chiise to listen to it or not thats your choice but no need for bashing her I will let you know how my situation went to give yall some hope. Filed 1/15 accepted on the 20 th irs never took it till the 23 rd mine bar stayed on proccessing for more than a week called the irs no answers called a tax advocate and they looked into my account and told me i was resequenced another week. 3 days after i was told that i got a dd of 2/10 so its just depending on them dont stress you will all get your refunds!



    Filed 21st
    Accepted 22nd
    Ordered transcripts 2/5
    It has Been 21 days today.

    So I decided to give the IRS a call for the first time. And now I know what’s set my return back this long. Rep wasn’t an Ass hole like I’ve been hearing everyone else say they talk to. Now back to the reason my return is being held. He supposedly stating that my return was miscalculated. To be specific my EIC (EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT) . As a result my return will be reduced to much more less than what it’d been. This is complete BS though. Idk what’s up with that. I feel like the IRS is doing everything possible to screw ppl out of their money this year. I give up already. They said because of that I have to wait 6 additional weeks. I still have an offset I have to pay and the IRS is only going to make it harder by reducing my refund.



    Just curious has anyone received a DDD of 2/12. i was curious to know if they only deposit on monday and wednesday or what?

    Of course I still havent received a DDD and i filed early and was told additional weeks to process smh



    @themrs @ JANAY

    Just an FYI…[email protected] is correct about updates this week, i am a 19er filer. I received an update with a DDD of 2/17. So why dont you both lay off!



    My husband has had to deal with back cs. It only takes up to a week extra usually. Everyone is different tho. That is just our experience.



    @texasgirl If you have more than three W2s dependents and 1098t will the processing take up to 21 days




    Accepted 1/20. My bars were gone with topic 152 on 2/7.. so I called today they said I had to verify called them that done they said up to 9 weeks. She said someone else used my ssi # and filed.. she put me back in to be finished processing. . I got no letter or other code.. think it’s bs.. I called Monday No one said anything like that.

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