I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    Sarah Voss

    There are no IRS processing centers in Washington DC! They’re are 5 processing centers. They are located in Austin, tx, Covington, ky, Fresno, CA, Kansas city, mo and Ogden, it. If you Google where are IRS processing centers located at its the first link that comes up and in straight from IRS.gov. I filed on 1/5/16 and was accepted on 1/11/16. Still only one bar for me too.



    @refund wanter

    Your comment about metabank is too funny lmao ????



    Please google *where is the irs located* and I think that will pretty much answer your question. The main headquarters is located in Washington D.C however, they do have many branch’s located throughout the U.S.



    @Dave the IRS Is not closed The IRS doesn’t have a building in Washington D.C


    Dave K

    I called the IRS, because I filed on 1/20 and still no orange bar on the WMR page. The government is closed for snow is what I heard and I believe it we got hit pretty hard. I’m still getting the normal “wait 24 hour” thing is this normal if they haven’t seen it yet because there closed? I’m just worried a bit because I never had no orange bar for this long, please help



    @tiffany Shuler If you don’t owe your tax preparer any fees that are coming from your refund, you’re not going to show up in their system.



    @melissa, Santa Barbara Bank is not the bank the IRS uses. That’s the bank Turbo Tax/H&R Block uses. TaxAct uses Republic bank. The deposits only go to those banks if you are having them take your fees out from your refund instead of paying it upfront. If you paid your fees, the IRS is going to send the money straight to you.

    You can Google whatever tax software you use and “bank” and the proper one will come up.



    I see alot of you posting about Santa Barbra band and such is that a universal bank for the irs or somthing and do you have a web site for such banks you could share.



    I got filed 1/6/16 got accepted 1/11/16 still on first bar and I filed with liberty tax


    Refund wanter

    @ tiffany go try republic bank then click on taxpayer………. that’s how I found mine. ;)


    Refund wanter

    @anthony and @Greg thx greg appreciate it bro yes state through alabama shows nothing at all…………. now @anthony dude I found it my account is at republic bank……… but says has not received funds for it but shows all my information so I know it’s through them……….. :( my God I hope for a update soon I can’t sleep at all………….. really need this. My god is able please God make a update soon…….. ??


    Tiffany Shuler

    What happens if it said they couldn’t find your information for the Santa Barbara Bank. Could it be another bank



    @Bethanne if you are on SBBT site from a computer just hit the print screen button then come here and right click paste.



    Would someone correct me if I am wrong on this—> Some refunds are deposited by Santa Barbara and some are from Republic Bank and Trust?



    I have tried to upload a screen shot from Santa Barbara bank it won’t let me. Accepted on the 12th expected Feb 2nd but remember this is the average 21 day wait time they post. Last year I was accepted early and I received my refund on 1/29 at 5pm. I had a no hold credit union so my funds were available immediately. I now have American Express Serve… they also have a no hold credit. So… I’m assuming it’s the same as last year. Word is Government is shut down because of snow… if LeAnn received an update on direct deposit people are either working or it was done electronically.



    Sorry Refund wanter your having problems with these STUPID TAXES im in Alabama also and this state takes its time on everything



    It said expected 2/1 but they will start doing dd on 1/29


    Refund wanter

    @anthony. Ok thanks man going to check it out now!!! ?? I let ya know in a few if that helps. Did it show yours bro????



    Go to Santa Barbara bank web site it says for tax payers


    Refund wanter

    Dam I wish u could too Lmao I have no idea how either………… Dammit. Thx Anthony for helping bro.


    Refund wanter

    Ha ha metabank by dam spell check said meatball……



    Yes it should because it goes trough them if I knew how to add a pic here I would put the screen shot I took


    Refund wanter

    @anthony will it tell me since I used jackson hewitt???? My bank I thought is meatball through them………???????????? :)



    I looked at Santa Barbra banks web site and it will tell u when they expect your return


    Refund wanter

    Well leanna seems too me too be only American that got her refund today so I’m not buying it till I see others……… not starting a argument in here or anything just must see a screenshot too believe it……



    I didn’t say I got mine I asked Leanna if she got hers


    Refund wanter

    Sorry anthony. I meant @ leanna………. Sry again. ;)


    Refund wanter

    Ok so now I’m freaking out. It doesn’t say I’m under review for state but doesn’t even show anything at all for me……… still………….. ok so now Anthony States he has got a refund…….. can u please give us a screenshot? Not saying ur lying but just too show us all so we could breath a bit. :( dk what too do bout my state though……. makes no sense too me. Never ever had this problem with state………….



    Leanna you got your refund already



    Federal Return
    Accepted January 12, 2016
    $4,033 Refund

    Your refund was deposited to:
    staley credit union



    @Refund wanter- nevermind, after just checking my state refund status again it says it is being manually reviewed. Great, my states refund is being audited for the 2nd year in a row. Last year when they audited it all they wanted was a copy of my w2, then deposited my refund before I even had a chance to sent it to them. Unfortunately now that just adds another 10 weeks to the wait time to get my state refund. I’m hoping that it does not affect my federal refund processing time at all. Here’s to hoping



    @Refund wanter- I’m in oregon. I can’t figure out why I would be having this issue. Makes no sense to me.



    Kaylee… Yes I know they give a time frame of 21 days but that is rather vague the way it works. It seems about 90% of the people on here think the 21 days started they day they had their early acceptance. It starts when they opened on the 19th. If the IRS made that clear that it the 21 days started on 1/19/16 then they would have far less calls.

    I use to do Quality Assurance for an insurance carrier in a call center that’s “on your side”. Believe me if they provided more information then things would go much smoother. It does cause inefficiencies.

    It’s the same every year. I this is my 3 year off following these message boards and it never changes. The IRS plays coy with sharing information. It’s almost like they enjoy it.



    @atb043 They do give you a timeline. It’s 21 days from the date they accepted it.


    Refund wanter

    Simone what state are you in??????? Having trouble with state also. I’m in alabama and mine doing same……….. :(


    Refund wanter

    Maybe we all will see a update tommorow night late. :) it would make me feel alot better if I saw some movement for others just knowing that soon should be mine coming up. ;) well I guess all we can do is wait. Just don’t understand why my state won’t at least say received………….


    Refund wanter

    Hey all. Filed 1/11 accepted 1/13 for federal. Still at one bar. But here’s my situation…….. my alabama state still says the I’d and the amount docent match and not found like they haven’t received it…….. but I’ve seen at least 7 others in alabama that has a ddd already……… I just don’t understand………….. anyone have any suggestions what I can do. I want through jackson hewitt. Federal processing but state has never heard of me???????



    Can anybody answer this for me? I filed on the 7th, federal was accepted on the 11th and state on the 12th. But when I check my state refund status the website tells me they haven’t received a return that matches my info and to check back in a few days. Am I doing it wrong? I input my ssn my refund amount and my filing status all correctly but still get that same message. How is it that I got notification on the 12th that it was acceoted, but yet the department of revenue for my state says that haven’t received anything that matches my info. Is there any other way to check the status of my state refund other than the dor website? I filed with turbotax and was accepted in the early filer batch, but nothing has been approved as of yet.



    Last year the WMR didn’t update until after I received my refund.

    Last year I check for my transcript everyday and when it became a available I new I was approved and deciphered my DDD from the codes on page with the help from this form.

    Please let us know if your transcript for your latest refund becomes available. If I remember correctly it one partial page but it will be for the current return.



    Filed with TT on 1/20/16 Accepted 45 minutes later. I looked at a time line calculator that I used last year that was spot on, that stated I’d get my DD on Feb 4 (or 5 I can’t remember now!) Though you don’t know ever if you will be lucky enough to have issues. My advise is don’t plan anything with the money that requires a set date for payment. Like others who have mentioned, if you are like me and this money is wonderful to receive because you are living pay check to pay check. Please use it wisely. Get what you need or may need for the next year that you may not have the $$ for. For us we will be replacing my kids beds since they are very old and almost falling apart, and fixing our car. Hope to have enough to stock up on some basic household things as well – Cheers and good luck everyone!



    What drives me nuts is the IRS is their lack of information and vagueness of the information they do provide. All they need to do is state “your return has been received and will be processed in the next …. days.” on the WMR site.

    Also why can’t they have a daily or real time monitor on their website that shows number of received returns, approved returns, held returns, direct deposits made, and etc.

    I’m sure it would significantly reduce calls to their centers and free up people to get them processed quicker.


    Michele Ramirez

    I checked to see if I could order transcripts for 2015 tax year and it said not available for this year so that means mine has’t been processed yet I am guessing and I filed on the 11th and was accepted on the 13th and only have 1 bar for accepted



    @misssu2u Oh yes it is. Whats even more frustrating, we don’t get to say : Oh sorry, there is going to be a delay in our tax payments. They just take it. While I do agree that a little more info on their website would be nice, I’m not sure about the whole ” giving a DD date”. This might just lead to some people loosing their mind if stuff doesn’t work.

    Either way, waiting sucks, and no I don’t depend on the check, I just put it in my kids college fund, but i pay my taxes on time , so does my husband, so I like to get back what I should get back.

    Tax time is like the Lottery. Kills every ounce of patience you might have had. :-)



    @ann…thank you I know it’s just a waiting game it’s just so nerve wrecking because of all of the review crap that went on in 2013

    So we wait:)



    So here is what I found out. Anyone, and that means anyone who has filed before the 19th and got accepted, really didn’t get processed then. All the early filer returns are in the line just like if you had filed on the 19th. Yes, you were accepted, but that in terms only means your return was error free, no mismatches in SSN , numbers add up, blah blah all that good stuff. Now, Jan 19th comes and the IRS started processing.

    All the early ones where just laying there until then. Nobody did anything with them besides the initial error check. So you might as well could have filed Jan 19th. Wouldn’t do any difference.

    If you count , let’s say the 11th as acceptance day, then yes, its been a long time, BUT actually, everyones ” Official” Acceptance Day was the 19th.

    So the IRS started working on them processing the first, yes the early filer batch, on the 19th.

    In Terms that means people that filed before or on Jan 19th will get their refund on the 29th. Then the next weeks batch and so on and so on.

    It’s frustrating , I know, but thats how it works.



    I filed on the 4th got accepted on the 11yh and received my state refund in mail yesterday



    I should have mentioned, I only have a savings account. No checking. They won’t approve me for a debit card either. Because I owe a bank like $130 from years ago. I plan on buying from a private dealer. From a site such as Craigslist. I only have. But, my dad had an inheritance and gave me almost 5000 and I went in and withdrew about 4500 and they looked at me like I was nuts. They gave me the money. And my refund won’t be nearly as much as that. I just wonder if they are allowed to give a high amoun? I don’t like leaving my money in the bank lol.



    I know that it must be a true headache for the irs to deal with all of crazy impatience…im at the top of that list, so im not pointing fingers or calling names there. But honestly, it would be a lot smoother if I could just see accepted…approved… refund coming by x date. Thats all! If the tracker would actually update! people wouldnt check it a million times a day!



    I was accepted on the 14th still 1 bar on wmr this is just crazy last year I filed on the 20th and my DVD was the 31st not sure what’s going on this year. I have heard they update on Wednesday now Sunday anybody have any in site on when it actually updates?



    I seen someone say that they move the bar on Sunday is that true? I got accepted on the 14th but still the bar hasn’t moved



    What’s going on with the IRS this year?



    What’s up with the IRS this year delaying the approvals like that



    Ok, I filed on 1/19/16, my federal and state were accepted the same day. As of 1/22/16 my state (wi) has been processed and completed. I received a ddd of 1/27/16. I have received federal and state on the same day many times in past years. As of right now I am still at one bar on wmr. I am waiting on a very big return, I hope it updates soon but all we can do is wait. Good luck everyone



    My Fiancee filefd with HRBlock online, Wednesday 1/20/16 and it was accepted by IRS yesterdau the 22nd. So, it looks like they may not have a glitch this year.I filed my taxes with TaxAct on 1/7/16 and it was accepted on 1/11/16. I don’t think there’s any specific rhyme or reason to it really. Last year I filed with TaxACT it was ccepted within half an hour I had my refund within 8 days. Last year my fiance had filed with H&R Block like he did this year but he didn’t get his refund until the exact 21 days and it wasn’t accepted on time and hrblock sent message sayi
    g there was an errpr which turned oit to be their system Because a lot of people waited a long time for their taxes that they filed with H&R Block last year.



    For everyone asking about your return I looked on Santa Barbra banks website under tax payer and answered the questions and I was accepted on1/11 said I would have my refund by 2/01 so u might want to check that out



    Or you could just get a cashiers check.




    You can write a check for as much as you want providing that you have sufficient funds in your account. Dealers have a limit on how much they can take from you via a debit card.



    Thank you Desiree for a detailed explanations.



    Dear babes
    I used my refund last year to buy a car all u have to do is go to the car lot and use your debt card and pay for it



    Can anyone tell me from experience, how much money can on withdraw from a credit union account at once? I am hoping to buy a “new” used car and need my entire refund. I just wonder if they can give it to me? Anyone with any information on that? Also, I filled on 1/7/16 was accepted on 1/12/16 and was told dd should be credited to my account on 1/29/16.


    Linda Evans

    I filed my taxes with Tax Brain on the 8th and got accepted on 1/13/2016. From the past 3 years the IRS will move your bar on a Sunday morning around 8:00 am. Anybody that file before the 19th will get their’s 1 week ahead of the other’s that filed on the 19th. So when I say that your bar will move on Sunday. So we got two more days, unless your’s go up for review it can take longer.



    I filed the 21st will I get my refund the 29th?



    I hope that the snow storm they are having doesn’t delay the process. They declared a state of emergency in DC and are expecting up to 3 feet of snow!



    To “Calmdown”, to answer your questions, first, no-because you got accepted doesn’t mean you’ll be approved. It basically just means that they received your refund, and it matches what their system has for you (I.e. Your social security number and basic info like that is correct.) Now, about the way they are processed. And let me clarify that this is not fact, just what I’ve put together from what I’ve learned… I’ve heard several people state that everything is done electronically through the computer, unless there is an issue. But, somewhere in the last week, I read something while digging through IRS publications and their website that the computer accepts them and a person manually goes through to approve them. Based on the various things I’ve read, I think it is a little of both. I think it electronically gets checked to make sure everything adds up, the numbers are correct and make sense, and that it matches that person’s income and assets and that the person doesn’t have any offsets or anything that would delay their refund. This would speed things up. Then, I believe a person does whatever the final stage would be to push it through approval. I’m not saying I’m right about that, that’s just what I’ve put together from everything I’ve read.



    @Calmdown accepted does not automatically mean accepted.



    Just a quick question. Does IRS process all returns by computer or they are manually process by humans? Also, once you get accepted, does it automatically means you will be approved. I filled with TaxAct on the 19th and got accepted about 3hrs later.



    So, for everyone that was accepted on 1/11/2016, that was just a testing phase, therefore if you have received your refund within the 7-10 days always, it does not start from this day it starts from the day that the IRS started processing returns which was 1/19/2016. For everyone whom was accepted on or before 1/19/2016, you all will be receiving your refunds 1/29/2016. Remain calm please, assumptions kill. Don’t need anymore stress waiting for refunds :)



    Just filed today, also with H&R Block, and it got accepted a little after 30 minutes of me filing. Now THAT was FAST. Last year, it took a few days for that to happen. Of course, we shall see how the next 2 bars move along. lol!

    Wishing everyone a speedy refund this year! :)



    Does anyone have the second bar on where’s my refund.

    I also seen someone say we should get a direct deposit on the 29th if we were accepted on the 11th. Where did you find this?

    Just curious. I don’t remember the site or the process taking this long. May seem longer to me since I did an early file this year.
    Just curious.




    I have filed with H&R Block last 4 years and never had issues. I filed with them on 1/18 and was accepted the same day. Just FYI.



    @Amie I was accepted on the 12th as well.



    I am still at 1 bar. I was accepted on the 12th.



    Is there anybody out here that has moved to the approved bar on the WMR site? I am not here for the foolish troll crap.



    I just read that everyone that was accepted from 1/11 to 1/19 will get there dd on 1/29 I hope that helps y’all




    Ricks a troll.

    He’s such a great person, that he spends hours/minutes/whatever on here ‘disciplining’ everyone as if they were his child. He seems to very much enjoy putting other people down or teach other people lessons or giving his opinion about other people’s situations/lifestyles/decisions or his light on other people’s hardships or life happenings (people who have not requested a lesson from him nor have come to this forum to receive ‘life lessons’). He feels a NEED to let others know ‘this or that’.

    He must be having fun.

    Tend to your child, Ricks, or your own business (this site is for people who want info on their status, hence “Igotmyrend.com”. If you received the info you needed/wanted from this site, typically you would exit it, but you come back for more and more ‘teaching of others’.

    Tend to your more important business of living your own life, and get off the site if you please.

    Have a nice day.



    i use netspend, its nice since we get it two days early. still stuck on one bar. i use taxact.com use to use turbotax. just waiting now on ddd. filed before the 19th


    Turbo Taxer

    @Nara Green Dot.



    Awww shut up Daisy



    If you’re a Netspend user could you please tell me what bank TT goes through to deposit your refund IF YOU PAID UP FRONT AND NO FEES WERE TAKEN FROM YOUR RETURN….

    Thank you :)



    I think this is the 2nd or third year I’ve come to this forum and I have noticed every year that H&R Block people always have issues! I only filed with them once, about 6 years ago and they messed up my taxes so bad I didn’t get my refund till April!

    In the future I wouldn’t file with them if I were you. They are all about quantity and not quality.



    I just read that everyone that was accepted from 1/11 to 1/19 will get there dd on 1/29 I hope that helps y’all



    I’ve never seen such hate among ppl…. it seems like you all on here are assholes … everyone is waiting on there money.. no one here is better than the next person weather you be a crack head to a begger…. this is why the world is the way it is today.. we teach our kids to still act like kids when they grow up..



    Im just in awe right now….to see such blatant disrespect among each other. I just don’t get what anyone gains from that. We are all diff….all have been dealt a diff hand in this life. We all handle things in our own way…that doesnt make anyone better than anyone else. i have lived poor, rich, middle class, it dont matter how much you make…..that does not make you who you are as a person. I hate to see that this what my family is sacrificing so much for…….so damn sad.

    accepted 1/11/16
    wmr still on processing
    used turbotax


    Patiently Waiting

    Apparently HRBLOCK has a glitch in their system this year. I filed 1/19/16 and my return has not been accepted by the IRS. It’s still pending. I just called HRB and they informed me that the irs has a 96hr delay in accepting returns.This is not true. Because I just used another tax software for a family member and they were accepted within 2hrs. I mentioned this to the rep when calling: there are no alerts on your site nor your blog and mentioned that no other tax software is experiencing this issue.I was immediately transferred to a supervisor. I was offered a refund for the software I purchased and I suppose to receive a call from their support with 24-48hrs.




    This is hilarious @ricks for someone who doesn’t need the money it’s funny you have more comments on here than anyone meaning either you don’t have a life or you really want to know whats the status of your refund also and instead of admitting like everyone else on here that you actually need it you try to talk about everybody just to make yourself feel better because of the miserable hate filled low life that you live/ dude grow up and get the hell off the forum and allow us that admit that we need our money that the broke ass government has taken for a whole year and gained interest off off peace please!

    btw go lurk on Facebook its much more interesting that harassing hard working people that want their money asshole!




    DC shutting down shouldnt affect taxes. Their processing centers arnt in dc just the main office. It might affect people that have to be manually reviewed but to my knowledge most peoples returns are processed via computer automatically unless flagged for review and those processing centers arnt located in the are of the blizzard. So it shouldnt make any delays but I could be wrong.



    I used the free online file from H&R block on the 1/19/2016 I still have not been accepted. My boyfriend filed last and his was accepted within 30 mins of him submitting it. Does anyone know why its taking longer for some and not others?



    Hey All,

    DC shuts down at noon today because of the blizzard coming in and good possibility will be closed Monday. So good chance things will be delayed.



    @ricks why exactly are u in this forum if u didn’t need your taxes…clearly u need it cuz you’re here. ???



    The ballers on here saying that u dont need the refund an blah blah if thats the case why are u even on this discussion?! you wouldnt wven be lookong for answers if u disnt care.. so let us poor (working) people worry abt our money an u continue to be fine.



    I filed yesterday evening, it hasn’t been accepted yet, any chance it will be this morning?



    I’m live in a predominantly poor area so I get that people want and need their money, but why all the nastiness towards each other?

    Every year I watch tax return money flow into our community like a breaking dam. I’m sure that some of the money is put to good use, but the majority of it is wasted. This is the one time of year where someone living in poverty could make a significant change in their lives if they wanted to. Stay away from the restaurants, bars, malls and stores. Prioritize and make a plan for this money. Use it wisely and your quality of life will improve.

    Have a little fun, but do a lot of thinking too! God Bless and hope you get your money soon.



    IRS taking their time to process our shit this year nothing happened yet



    Guys, just forget about ricks. If he actually had the ability to spawn kids, he’s not doing a great job as a father, teaching his kid how to be hateful to others. I’m certain he relies on all of us for his everyday needs, unless he’s growing his own food out in the wilderness somewhere. Just ignore him, and move on.
    It’s your money. you have the right to know where it is.


    Rosemary Denson

    I just found an updated pay scedule!! YAY!!
    IRS accepted on or after

    IRS accepted on or before Tax Refund Direct Deposit Tax Refund Check Sent

    1/11/16 testing phase 1/19/16 1/29/16 1/30/16

    Basically… for the most part… If your return was accepted before 1/19 direct deposit will be on 1/29 I’m not sure how long it will take for those that went thru that SBBT bank. Hopefully next day.. this is great news!!!



    TT filed 1/12
    Accepted 1/14

    One bar WMR…didn’t update overnight. Holding out hope for 1/29. Realistically expecting 02/05



    Oh my….. Wow. I seem to have missed a heck of a show!

    Hi everyone ?. Another tax season in the forums! I didn’t file early this year ?.



    Just FYI big black, your income does not dictate whether or not you receive a refund. It’s based on your exemptions/dependents, and if you itemize, many other things beyond my expertise that control how much tax you pay vs how much you owe. I made 113K last year, I paid 12 grand in federal income tax and I’m getting back 8 grand so not really sure what your saying.



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    **FILERS AND ACCEPTED ON 01/11/16**
    If anyone filed and/or accepted on 01/11 please go to the thread for … Early Filers 01/11/16 …and post updates. This site is very useful to track our $$ but with so many commenting and now arguing….it’s hard to stay up-to-date with any changes without having to scrolls through all the sh*t talk. So if ya’ll wana help each other out who filed on 01/11 or were accepted that day…let’s all comment under that thread bc 99% chance we will all start to see a change arpund the same time. Here’s my info:
    *Filed 01/11 accepted same day.
    *Jackson Hewitt amd I will go through TPG for deductions before I recieve my deposit. TPG says they have not recieved my refund yet but does show amount I am due and the fees that will be deducted.
    *WMR: Stuck at 1st bar for over a week now
    *EZ1040 not itemizing.
    *The transcript theory is TRUE-mines not avaliable yet
    *Last year I never got more than 2 bars on WMR and my ddd was for a Friday and I recived it at 3:30am 2 days prior.
    *ACH Transfer work this way, just like payroll. I process payroll for my company: If there is to be a DD made to you scheduled for a certain day…the ach wire MUST be submitted to the recieving bank at a minimum of 2 days in advance of the scheduled date. This gives the banks time to clear the check into your account…and collect interest off of it while its in their possession. Depending on who you bank with will impact when the funds are released. A regular bank will hold your money until the scheduled deposit date. A prepaid card such as ..Rush, AmEx Serve, Netspend, etc…do NOT hold your funds and release them as soon as they recieve them…hence the advertising for *2 days early. So u have a 98% chance that if you get a date that your money is transferred 2 days prior to that for processing. I use Rush for my DD at work. I submit them by 1pm on Wednesday for a scheduled deposit on Fridays. But since I am not with a “traditional” bank, once rush recieves my ach wire they relaease it. Same day that I submitted at 11pm Wednesday nights. This will help to give u a time table on when to really expect it.Hope this helps someone and come see me in the 01/11/16 thread!!! Happy Taxmas!!!



    Probably won’t know anything till after 3 am. Keep checking periodically over the next 3 days. I’m almost positive we will see them next Friday by the latest. Some state refunds are being delayed by several weeks due to fraud.



    Any new information????



    @jerry LMAO that last post had me rollin ^^



    @ricks, some of us just want to know when it may arrive. Maybe we had serious health problem, I’ve spent several months in the hospital due to a JOB related injury. Even with losing money my bills ARE paid. I do not call IRS, I have checked WMR one time. I do want to send my son in the military a bigger than usual care package. He deserves it, while you are teaching your son responsibility mine is using lessons I taught him while protecting our country.

    You should be teaching your son how to be kind to others too. I don’t see how teaching him it is cool to be rude will help him in life even if he does pay his bills. Something may happen when he can’t, you need to think about how you will react should that happen.



    I received my state refund yesterday (Indiana) and am still waiting on my WMR bar to move to bar two…. Patience is a virtue



    My bars have disappeared and now I have a generic message stating:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

    Topic: 152

    I filed on 1/11 and got accepted on 1/14



    LMAO @ ” I’m from Texas, why don’t you come say it to my face”. Thanks for the laugh there Ricko!



    @rick….just shut up. You don’t know anything about anyone here. I work hard all year and this is the one time a year my kiddos get a little extra….a trip to the movies and a nice new something….fingers crossed for an update peeps! Its coming soon$$!!



    I’m an unfit parent because I teach my kids not to live paycheck to paycheck? Or depend on someone/something that might or might not come through? We have different defination.of of unfit parenting. My kids never want for anything. They know the value of a penny. A 10 year old kid has saved his money for a trip to California because he wants to go bad. Sp he saved what he needed plus extra money so he can splurge on whatever he wants. Learn the true definition of parenting. I’m teaching mine to be ideal citizens of this fucked up country that I love.



    Oh man how did you find out I didn’t work. Gosh now my kids are gonna hate me. Guess I need to collect food stamps and live on the government for a while. God I hate myself now.



    Unfit parent smh bye rick but anyway people who actually care a person I know who works for the IRS said they should be updating wmr in the next 3 days so check starting at 3am tomorrow and at the same time each day if you want until



    Rick you don’t work your on disability.I know you jacka_s



    All i want to know is where are our mods they used to take care of idiots like ricks



    So after a lot of research online I have come to the conclusion that anyone who was accepted before the 19th will more than likely get their refunds on the 29th or before.
    I’m guessing we might see some approvals this weekend and maybe even tomorrow at the earliest.



    Why would I leave. This is teaching my kids what happens when your a failure at life. My 10 year old son is asking why do they need the money so bad? Lol a 10 year old. He said you don’t have your priorities in line



    It all boils down to the question we have asked any person who has joined and had a negative comment…why are you here??? If you Dnt care leave its very simple



    It’s interesting to see people arguing on here. If you don’t agree why are you on here? If you don’t like what someone says ignore them. They are not forcing you to comment back to them or argue with them. It’s okay to have a different opinion then someone else, jut move on. I’m just saying.



    @levy lol get out of here. I don’t think you understand the loaning system. Just because you loan someone money you think they are going to pay you back? You are a typical idiot. Let me borrow $100.00 your upset because I can wait all year without my refund? Or is it because I’m a man and pay all my bills on time and don’t need the refund check. All this check to me is a savings. They can have the check until I retire. It would not phase me at all. Be a man/woman whatever you are and handle your business like an adult



    Ugh I hate that I even had to go there but dude really if you have nothing positive to say or at least contribute to what we are all trying to accomplish just excuse yourself….



    @ricks why are you even on here if you Dnt care…go back to the miserable shit hole you call a life and leave us alone ….curiosity isn’t desperate… People simply want to know an approximate date…if you loan a friend or associate money don’t you want a specific date you will get it back?! So a complete stranger has no time at all…impatient maybe because it was borrowed and we want it back… You are rude and clearly really bored smh



    Everyone’s situation is different Rick!! So hush!

    And fuck paying back trillions in dollars.. The government doesn’t care about us. I want my money back every year.



    anyone having a problem getting a transcript I filed w my new address so earlier at 1pm I tried to order a transcript I put in my new address and it said it didn’t match so I put in my old address from last yr and it matched so I tried again now w my old address and new address it says it didn’t match whats up w that the lady at irs customer service said when my return is finished processing I will be able to order a transcript with my new address and that my address would be updated



    It is being desperate when your checking your refund status every 2 minutes. I don’t understand how you can depend on this once a year check. That is crazy to me
    I wish the system would move away from the refund system entirely and start paying back that 19 trillion dollar debt that we are in. Some of you are worried about the little shit in life.



    I see everyone saying deposits are made on Friday however last year I got my refund on Sunday at 10:30PM. And I filed on the 31st of January and received my money on 02/08/2015 9 days later. Hopefully this year I will get it by the 29th the latest since I filed early. As far as I know no one in any state has got there federal tax return approved. We should start see DDD by the 26th the latest. Hopefully before that but highly unlikely from what ive been hearing and reading that makes sense. Please stop saying that people are desperate, its their money and they should have it.



    We filed with H & R Block. Our federal was accepted 1/14/16. Our VT state return was accepted the same day. Our state’s website says they received our return. It also says allow 6 – 8 weeks for processing ! Last year, a lot of VT state people got tagged for fraud and had to wait for their money. Some people I heard waited until July. We got our VT state refund back in 6 days via DD, last year, though. The site never updated and just said allow 6 – 8 weeks for processing. But, this year, there is a thing on the VT web site saying some people wont get their state refund until after Feb 29 because of increased fraud. Last year, we got our federal back in 2 weeks and the where’s my refund site never went to 3 bars. This year, it still just shows one bar. So, I don’t know.



    Sorry meant to say 2016



    I filled my refund through Turbo Tax on 1/10/11. Received the “Refund Accepted” email on 1/11/11, with the early batch. I have been checking the WMR website everyday since the 11th and nothing has changed, still on the first bar. I know that the official 2016 refund processing was to begin on the 19th and that even if you were accepted on the first batch that your tax info would not be processed till first day of of tax open season. I am also curious as to when I will receive my DD and have been researching online as much as possible. This is what I found on the IRS website.

    I think that maybe during the bellow noted times when the WMR website is not available updates are being made. So maybe checking the website after those times would be better than checking every hour on the hours. :) YUP thats me, I am just so anxious. I just hope that it is approved before anything then everything else should fall in place.

    Good Luck to everyone I will keep praying that we all get our refunds on a timely manner.

    When is Where’s My Refund Available?

    Where’s My Refund? is available almost all of the time. However, our system is not available every Monday, early, from 12:00 am (Midnight) to 3:00 am Eastern Time.
    Our Change of Address and Refund Trace features are not available during the following times (Eastern Time):

    Sunday 12:00 am (Midnight) to 7:00 pm
    Monday 12:00 am (Midnight) to 6:00 am
    Tuesday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Wednesday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Thursday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Friday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    Saturday 3:30 am to 6:00 am
    and 9:00 pm to Midnight

    Also, occasionally our system may be unavailable on Sundays between 1:00 am and 7:00 am Eastern Time.

    Page Last Reviewed or Updated: 03-Dec-2015



    Ok So early filers If you filed before the 19th It was received but it didn’t not start processing until the 19th. Once they knew everything was running smoothly they stopped the system until them. Now this nice gentlemen told me he can’t say when they will start approving them due to recorded calls and what they are trained to tell us. But in other words he said just keep a look out for the next 4 business days.
    Basically Fuck it till Next Week.



    Ok So early filers If you filed before the 19th It was received but it didn’t not start processing until the 19th. Once they knew everything was running smoothly they stopped the system until them. Now this nice gentlemen told me he can’t say when they will start approving them due to recorded calls and what they are trained to tell us. But in other words he said just keep a look out for the next 4 business days.
    Basically Fuck it till Next Week. LMAO



    It actually updates every day or so they say : ) This year when I was received it showed up on WMR right away and last year it was at least a day. On the IRS web site it says:

    Where’s My Refund? is available almost all of the time. However, our system is not available every Monday, early, from 12:00 am (Midnight) to 3:00 am Eastern Time.


    is the link. Last year I got my refund before it went to bar 3 so I guess who knows this year. I am planning on by the 2/5 and if I get it before great. It is normally 10 days from going into the IRS to my account except for 2 years ago when the IRS tagged everyone for fraud and I was delayed 2 weeks behind the next batch.



    Okay my question:
    If they only update on “Wednesday” Then why was I accepted on 1/11/16 at 3:30 PM est and was able to see it on WMR site?

    I hate waiting but oh well have no choice lol…..fingers crossed someone gets an update soon!!



    I just watched this video and it says that they only update the WMR site on Wed so it looks like for those of us who are showing only one bar there will be no update till next week https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/General-Tax-Tips/Video–What-Days-of-the-Week-Does-the-IRS-Deposit-Tax-Refunds-/INF20323.html



    Filed 1/14/2016 with tax act
    Accepted same day as early filer test batch
    One bar on where’s my refund.

    If it’s works out the same as last year I filed 1/8/15 and was accepted 1/14/15 as early file test batch. Didn’t get any updates last year until 1/26/15 a Wednesday and was supposed to be issued 1/28/15 but received it two days early on that Wednesday 1/26/15 when it updated



    The SBBT site says mine will be deposited Feb 4th, mine was accepted the 14th. I have not counted days but think that’s about 21 days so it’s a generic guess. They always project later so people don’t blow up their phones if it doesn’t hit at midnight the projected day.



    I check TPG and it shows the amount I’m receiving, and states this:

    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date is 2/9/2016. Check the status of your refund by visiting http://WWW.IRS.GOV/REFUNDS.
    When we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.



    @Melissa- mine hasn’t been accepted yet either. I also filed with HRblock.



    MY information won’t show up on the sbbt site it’s saying it doesn’t have an account for me is that normal or not



    Just checked on Santa Barbara tax products and the amount I am to receive does show up. This morning it would not allow me on the site do to updating. So it is getting close!



    No one, regardless of when they accepted your return, began processing before the 19th. They test the efile system early with whatever returns are in the queue and that is what they have done for years.



    We filled on the 8th and was accepted on the 12th. ON TT it says should be here between Jan 19th and Feb 8th. I just looked on WMR and it still is at one bar. :(



    @jasmine if we were accepted before the 19th shouldn’t we already see a second bar tho??? I got accepted on the 11th and I’m still at one bar!!! Give me some relief please



    For those asking about TPG login failure. The site is back up. I just tried to login and it finally took me to the page. No refund in it yet though. UGH



    Accepted 1/12 for Fed still 1 bar on WMR. State was just accepted today 1/21. Last year I received my State and Fed the same day



    If you read that article it says that, “there have been reports of delay FOR YOU STATE REFUND and that there have been NO reports of the IRS having delays with FEDERAL refunds; all federal refunds should be issues within 21 days.”



    He’s not lying there are several articles regarding state taxes being delayed. Here is one




    I guess we all gonna have to make signs and stand outside the irs headquarters and scream . ITS MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW. but i spoke with my bank and they confused about whats going on. But if anyone bars changes please keep us posted


    Miranda Ferguson

    Not sure where you heard that, but I can’t find any article about any delays. Don’t listen to him.



    Irs. reporting delays with new system



    No update on my federal return but I have a ddd for my state 1-26-16 and I have always got my state and federal at the same time but who knows maybe this years different would be nice to get it all the 26th Lol



    hello, anyone having issues with why the following banks haven’t been credited should get back to me via text ord email (585) 502-8656

    sbbt, usaa,boa,chase,federal credit union, and any local banks.



    @miranda… I am glad I am not the only one getting that message started yesterday and when call I get a different recording than the day before. I wonder if that means maybe they are getting info about our taxes…

    @hersheyamazon if this site had a like button I would like your status :)!!



    To those of you who’s worrying about why we are talking about the irs giving us OUR MONEY PLEASE CLOSE YOUR EYES AND BACK THE HELL OFF
    (You must need your money too hell you on this site) THERE’S NO I IN TEAM 《••••••••



    In 2014 I filed early and my taxes were flagged for audit, not sure if it was being I was an early filer or what, BUT I enlisted the assistance of a tax advocate and with in a week my taxes were released to me. What pissed me off about the process was how the IRS sent me vague letters, instead of asking for what they wanted up front, a copy of my ID, SS Card, Check Stubs and W-2s.

    ****For those that are anxious about getting your refund back, YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE, it’s YOUR money that you have loaned to the government INTEREST FREE- 365 DAYS!!!! IJS****
    >>>>>>But it is absurd to depend on a particular date for a refund posting to your bank account and planning important things around that, sh!t happens, after all it is the GOVERNMENT<<<<<<

    FFWD to 2015, I Filed , no problems, I received my refund with in the normal 2 weeks.

    Present Day 2016, I filed on January 19th 2016 around 9 am and was accepted about 6 hours later that same day of course.

    I want my refund with in those 21 days, because if I owed they would want their money and if I didn’t pay by the date I anticipated, they would certainly come after me, charge me with interest, liens etc… so PAY UP IRS LOL.


    Miranda Ferguson

    Does anyone know what is going on with TPG error when logging in?? Arg.



    People can do and ask whatever they want. So what if they check WMR all day every day.. Who cares if they ask the same question over and over..

    Don’t want to read as about it? Well you should know what to do..

    No wonder kids kill themselves for online bullying.. You “adults” don’t know how to act either

    This post is suppose to be positive.. But some feel they have to name call and threaten people… GROW UP!!!!



    I filed my tax return on the 15th and got accepted on the 19th. I know refund will be arrived in my bank before Feb. 5th…. You don’t have to keep checking on “Where’s my refund?” all day everyday. Let them work on everybody’s tax returns too. Be Patient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I filed with H&R Block January 19, 2016. I received a text that my return was completed but nothing more after that. When I check my status on the H&R Block site, it states “when the IRS begins receiving returns, you will be notified.” I thought the IRS started accepting the 19th so that’s why I filed. Thoughts?



    I filed on the 7th, on the afternoon of the 19th I got a notice that it was rejected because I had transposed a social security number. I immediately fixed it and refiled it on the 19th. It has still not been accepted? Any ideas as to why?



    Hey Rich I mean Dr Phil shut the fukk up for a change ur just piece of shit and everyone here knows it stop talking like Dr Phil dummy



    Okay so i just called the irs the lady has explained it like this she said that all early filers and got accepted nothing happend to your returns until the 19th she also said let it allow the 21 days after acceptance if not received then call. But i already knew about the 21 day thing.. So there it is if you filed early and have not approved yet your still getting proccessed oh an she said no one has got approved yet so its a waiting game



    About this MONEY DEPOSITED ERROR… IRS wrote a statement along with turbo tax say that the message should read has not been instead of has been. They say it’s a critical error and they are finding a solution to fix it. Yall can Google IRS MAKES MONEY DEPOSIT ERROR…



    So this is what I have to say. All of you complaining about getting your money and wheres my money must be stupid. 1st off it has not been 21 days. 2nd if you rely on this check or direct deposit to complete bills then you are a true idiot. You have made it a solid year without this check. This is not something you should worry about every single day. Your day will come and I guarantee you that you will get your money in due time. Nobody in the United states has been approved and you can see that through turbo tax. Quit believing all these idiots that say they have been approved for federal. Not a single person has been. Calling the irs will not help ad they will say it has not been 21 days. Be patient. That’s my great advice to yall



    I filed 1/8/16….irs started the 19th of January…I got accept ed and approved and today is the 21St…but I am currently awaiting a ddd…irs .gov is not always accurate…I used Jackson Hewitt’s number and website



    Hey Rich the fact you are on here Looking like the rest of us tells me you need it as much as the next guy. You always have that on guy who’s just a little better than the next but is on here looking.



    Hello so you still dont have a second bar well the irs as i work there just opened up the 19th it can take up to a week for your returns to be approved. So just because you filed early doesnt mean you were approved when we opened. Yes you were accepted early but all returns were just sitting there. We still had to manually go through them and approve them. Everyone that filed before the 19th should see the dd on the the 29th unless the computers crash. Like they have in the past and it backs us up a week. So dont worry nothing is wrong with your returns if there was it would have got ejected when you filed. Hope this helps



    you put in the ammount before the fees dont put the amount that is after turbo tax charge put the higher amount



    People the irs didn’t even open till jan 19th and the 20th was the first day of accepting. I filed the 19th and nothing yet, my gf filed yesterday and was acc;epted in 25 minutes. If your one of them people that post there concerns year after year maby a couple months before you should try saving money or hell even just pay your bills on time. Everyone should know by now, you get it when you get it. And when will you learn blowing up the IRS hotline isn’t going to get your refund faster. LOL advice to all those impatient filers.



    omg so I see nobody got an update mine is still on first bar also



    Well still no ddd, been 6 days since acceptance. I keep seeing people say they update between 3 and 6 in the morning, but what time zone?



    This is crazy! Where is our update!



    WMR is currently down…maybe DD coming soon




    Has anyone in California received their state refund or and info on the timeline.

    I also was accepted on 1/11/16 and have 1 bar stating “recieved”




    Mine was accepted on the 12th as well. I looked online and it said that it was probably with the test batches and dd would be on January 29th. The official processing date for the irs was the 19th I believe, so even if it was accepted early, refunds probably didnt start processing until after that. So possibly the early accepted returns would all be dd by the 29th but if u werent accepted before the 19th I think it would be the 5th of February. TT has an error saying that ur refund was dd to ur account but if u search the question why its telling u ur funds have already been deposited, it tells u that there was a wording error and that it should say “will be”. Im still at 1 bar, so I hoping it changes soon. Check ur accounts a little bit earlier than the 29th tho, becuz some banks dont hold the funds and it might be there maybe a couple of days early…hope this helps!!!



    Customers have reported an issue where clicking “More about my refund” on the Tax Timeline after filing your return will show your direct deposit information with the description “Your refund was deposited to” indicating the refund was previously deposited. This is a typo and should read will be deposited.


    We’re aware of this issue and are working to correct it. You can see information about your refund status by clicking Track my refund on the Tax Timeline. Please click here to subscribe to this article and receive email notifications when any updates or changes to this issue occur.


    Miss Fox

    If it helps, for one who ever received the message from tt that the refund has been deposited maybe you should call tt and ask if it’s an error or not. Also if you call your bank they can check to see if a deposit is set to come through to your account usually 2 days in advance. Hope this helps



    I am just curious–my status bar has completely disappeared, but I still have the tax topic 152 there. But no refund amount. It just says that it is still processing and I will receive a date once it is finished. Has this happened to anyone in the past. Should I be worried? Or is this because I filled early on the 7th with TT? Any help would be appreciated. I keep getting conflicting answers. Some say it may be up for review, or that the site might be lagging and I need to clear cookies and such…



    Turbo is saying that the money is depost into your account that’s not what their intending it means that this the bank account info where your refund will be sent to, you won’t have any DDD in your bank until IRS approves it.



    My TT tax timeline has said “amount paid” to my bank since I was accepted. I think their wording could be improved because nothing has been paid. Right under it it clearly says 0% of taxpayers have received their refund.



    Carol- nobody is complaining, we are all just trying to figure out if we might get our money early. Although they did open on yesterday, it still states that you should get your refund within 21 days of it being accepted. Most of ours was accepted on the 11th so anything is possible. Its already been 9 days for us.


    Carol B

    Why are people already complaining about not having a DDD? It doesn’t matter what day you e-filed, the IRS didn’t even start processing returns until yesterday.



    anyone think well get a ddd tonight I got accepted 1/12 NO ddd yet



    Is the bank site server crash a good thing maybe?



    My state was deposited today (Indiana). Also, Marlena Castro- TT doesn’t update state. It tells you it’s accepted but if you read the fine print it says to check your states DOR for updates



    Yes, everyone is getting that message. I call and they didn’t know about the error and the guy said he will let IT know about the problem, Check back tomorrow



    Is anyone else getting a error message from sbbt


    Queen Nana

    Should i be worried that i was accepted on jan 11th and have no bars on wheres my refund.



    my state on TT still says pending but when i checked my state… here
    what it says.

    Tax year:
    Social security number:
    IT-201, IT-203, IT-205, IT-214, NYC-208
    Requested refund amount ($):

    Refund Status

    Your return is in the final stages of processing. Once your refund is approved, the issue date will be available.



    Anybody receive state DDD…thanks.



    I mean 2 candy bars. ha ha you people are crazy. I made so much money last year I owe taxes…..! i probably contributed to your refund! Naw just kidding. Waiting like everyone else for my refund. But it should be next week for any DDD.



    Lmao like the name @troll



    I got 2 bars!!! Used TT accepted 1/11, ddd 1/29……….


    Joshua Sox

    also i never really check my tax refund, i normally check my account as normal to find more money in it than i thought. last year had dd of like 2/3 or 2/5 from the 21 day generic timeline cant remember exactly, but i got it in january. so i would expect if your audit likelihood is low, and you took the standard deduction instead of itemizing you would receive your return faster those that itemized. also in the past the irs processes returns by the last 4 of your social so 0010 would be processed before 9100, if precedence holds true. not first in first out, which probably would explain why some of you who filed earlier than others still havent gotten approved yet while others filing later have. just my two cents. ive been preparing taxes electronically for 15 years.



    Last year I filed and was accepted on Jan 23rd received direct deposit Jan 30 ..5 business days later!! This year I filed on the 16th was accepted the 19th with one bar..if it goes like last year I’m thinking DD will be Jan 26 or Jan 29! Honestly pretty sure all DD will start the 26th and 29th..no need to check the bars all the time..and be locked out for the day..give it till the 26th!! Last year I got my DD before the last bar even updated..they are working on them be patience ..it’s coming ?


    Joshua Sox

    for those of you wondering how to do a screenshot on a windows pc its very easy. hold windows key and press the prt scr button, voila. screenshot. so no excuses to those lying trolls. you can find the screenshot via pictures\screenshots in your quick access. also the prt scr button is usually at the top right of the keyboard next to scroll lock.



    I forgot to add that I got my refund 10 days after I filed and was accepted on the same day last year. So if that holds to be the same this year the 29th should be the first batch of DDs. I am planning on the 2/5 but I will take the happy surprise of 1/29.



    I’ll post my status so other people know we’re the same and maybe feel better : ) I filed with TT on 1/19, I was accepted the same day two hours later. WMR this year updated right away to show one bar, if I recall every other year you had to wait for the one bar to even show. It is still just sitting there at one bar. The IRS says that WMR will update every day but if it is like my experience from last year it won’t update until next week and then you should see a DD date. If you filed before the 19th and are still waiting to be accepted you might be waiting on who you filed with to send the batch of returns over. I know every year people who filed before the starting date have this happen every year and the name of who is stuck changes but seems to happen every year. I myself always wait until the day filing opens to file mine. I was in that batch a couple of years ago who had their returns delayed for 6 weeks because of the IRS fraud kick in on their error. I was like forget you IRS you can’t use me for your test runs and have mine be the one to find your bugs and delay me again. : ) But if everything goes the same as last week people won’t see the bar moving until most likely this weekend/Monday and then you will start to see real DD dates flooding.



    I filed on the 11th accepted on the 12th. I am still at one bar also. I used TT.



    Michele is my wife, leave her alone! or i will sue you and collect your tax refund.



    My NYS return changed to “received” today. I don’t remember that ever happening this early.

    Still waiting on approval for Federal. I filed and it was accepted on the 14th. I filed early the past couple years but both years still didn’t get my refund until the beginning of February.

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