I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    LMBO…..now that is too funny…love your sense of humor, its better to laugh than cry about it ….nothing else anyone can do…it is totally out of our control as to when it will finally get here….crackin up…:-).

    Thanks for the smile and giggles….hehehehehhhehehehe….

    Hope it made a few laugh/and soon many will really have something to be happy about this weekend…:-).


    Biff Tannen


    Great news! WMR just updated for me! Here’s what it says

    “We have received your return and it is currently in the bottom drawer of the guy we keep chained in the basement of our outsourced Siberian location. We are certain it was used two days ago as a plate for his microwaved pizza so please expect a significant delay as printer supplies as well as Wi-Fi signal are difficult to come by in Gulag areas. Check back mid summer, as he is due to take his annual trip to Wally World and must be completed to do so.”

    -a refund date will be…..well let’s face it hahahah.




    I dont have no offsets and i have a local ta. The last irs rep i talked to told me that im under review and to give them 60 days finish the review. She also said that its no letter being sent out or generated. I feel like the ta dont wanna do there job to see what the error really is. The irs rep also to me that they can release my refund anytime and to keep checking wmr. I just really want this to be over



    @texasgirl or anyone
    I have called the 1877 number for a tax advocate for over a week for them to transfer me to the intake line I am then on hold for over and hour then disconnected this has happened 10 if not more time. When ui call back they say the can’t done anything but transfer me again. Called the local office lefts messages but no return calls. Any ideas!




    Here is a link that addresses this topic, it might give you some insight on how long that will take…I heard it was taking less than two weeks…let’s hope it won’t be (3) weeks..cross your fingers :-)…this is a common error a lot of people make. If you could have caught it at your bank they could have corrected before rejecting it and sending it back…sorry for your delay :-(





    You got a DDD, that was never posted…but yet they said they sent it; now you are under review and waiting on a letter….uhmmmmmmmmm

    This being going on since 1/19 and the advocate is saying they don’t know what is wrong…

    Could it be back taxes maybe…

    Call another advocate local one or statewide and see if you are told something different…

    Maybe you should visit your local office…or try calling and talking to a supervisor ok…800-829-0582 #652

    Call this 1-877-777-4778 or click on your state to get a local advocate.


    Check to see if you owe anything…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline

    Do any of these issues apply to you?



    Since it been more than 21 days; they should know something….I am really baffled.

    I thought I heard it all…smh.

    Good luck…really!



    Well last time i call the irs they told me they may send a letter to verify my employer info not to call back after the 2/16 when my 21 days would it be done my nys was selected for audit i send all the info they requested so i call both fed and state to check about my status on both the state told me they still processing and i need it to wait aleast 90 days for an answer and i call the fed and now they saying my bank router number was wrong when they send it to bank and they would mail me a cgeck to my house if that even possible dont understand how long i have to wait she said another 3 weeks some can help me understand so confused




    Hey i filed on 1/19 got a date for ddd 2/10 only to not get it. I called the irs and the rep told me that it was sent and that i should wait and if it didn’t post to call back. Well i called back and was told something different that time. Call again only to b told i was under review and i would receive a letter in 2weeks. They couldn’t tell me why i was under review. I got a ta thinking it was gonna help because i have a hardship and they tell me that my refund on hold and they dont know why. They told me to fax my unemployment and my school verification just in case but they cant do nothing for me right now. To wait until irs send me a letter and then contact them to move forward. Im so pissed right now and definitely in the blind oh and i was able to order both transcripts




    They re sequenced you on the 19th which was two weeks ago. 05 = Thursday (today)….you are “weekly” only process once a week….that will be after midnight tonight – early Friday morning from 3am – 6am….for Saturday update….

    So it looks like you should most definitely see a DDD Saturday morning if not sooner…

    Keep checking the WMR or your bank account ok.

    Keep me posted…

    Look at the calendar – start with Jan 4-8 count each week until you get to the 7th week which will be Feb 15-19. Since you are processed on Thursday – it was actually the 18th…count 2 week from that date and that will be March 3rd, is the date you should see as your DDD…Saturday…

    Which will be (2) weeks from 2-18…..




    Wow, what a journey you have are traveling, It is sad that they are telling you so many different things, surprise tho an advocate did that….they usually are right on point. Guess you can’t put too much faith in the system…

    Hope your are nearing the end of this rocky road….and will see a DDD tomorrow….rather than next weekend…

    Who knows…IRS is keeping a lot of you all guessing as to “WHEN” they are really going to release these refunds…smh.

    Good luck….let’s think positive and hope for the best :-)



    @texasgirl… But that is today and i havent had any update i lost my bars weeks ago and id verified on 2/17 i ordered my return transcript on 2/19 and got it today with that 20160705 cycle date ????




    Good job….you did everything right in getting movement on your return….and it seem to be working just find for you :-).

    Yep, this year it will take a lot of patience and determination to force IRS to release refunds…

    I just pray next year is NOT this difficult for all of us…smh.




    Girl, I would NOT wait that long, tell him to get an advocate to speed it up, since he went thru this already last year in 2014, there should not be any real issues for them to verify….

    Even if he don’t have a hardship, some don’t even ask, and they will actually look into it and let you guys know exactly what it is they are reviewing….

    He may only need to send them a Letter of Income from his employer and that’s it, to get it released within 2 weeks tops…

    Worth a try right? Tell you sister as well…





    Sorry to hear about your dog, hope he/she is doing well after the surgery.

    Let’s hope it isn’t (3) weeks, and you get a surprise Saturday, or worse case, next Saturday….anything is possible….

    Good luck…ok hang in there…




    20160705 – Year (2016); 07 (# of weeks so far in this year); 05 = The day you are processed on = Thursday, you are a weekly filer.

    So, that mean 02-19-2016 they processed your return, and you should have a DDD of -2-25-16 for next week. Maybe sooner…

    Good luck…



    @Neicole In NC

    This is the information that must be included in the letter.

    1. Date

    2. Income you reported on your return – Box 1 (wages, tips other comp).

    3. Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your return – Box 2 Federal Income tax withheld.

    4. Name and Contact number of the person completing the Letter – for them to call and verify the legitimacy of the letter by your employer…


    That’s it…



    Soo i got my return transcrpt today…. I didnt order the account transcript soi dont see any codes… But my cycle posted date us 20160705 what does that mean?


    Neicole In NC!!!!!!

    I need to send my TA an employer verification letter, however, my hr dept. does not seem to know what needs to be included. I explained it needed to have my income and withholdings for the year of 2015, however, she seems to not be familiar with it. Can someone explain exactly how it should be worded?



    Well, I called the IRS today to check on my return andvto make sure that my ID verification went through for sure. Well it did. Unfortunately I don’t think my return will be updated this week because the lady said she couldn’t give me a date because it’s still processing. She said it will probably take 3 weeks. It’s bad enough that I’m weekly. Agh!! I had to use all of my state refund on surgery for my dog so i could use this money.



    fed up
    I filed on 1/27 and was accepted within an hour. My bars disappeared and i got tax codes 152 and 9001. I was patient till the 10th when i should of received refund. Called and ID verified and also got a TA that day who gave me a case number. I was told the same ole Bs everyone else is getting.

    TA called me on the 17th and hinted that i may have a return this week or at least a DDD. I was able to order return trans. on the 19th. The account trans the week before and she was surprised on the account order. so then why would she hint i may be near the end of waiting? she had me fax in my hardship proof by the 19th. she didnt ask for anything else.

    Got the account transcript and it reads no return filed!!!

    TA- called me today and said that now i was on hold for income verification and that filing early had caused my return to go through before the employer verification arrived at the IRS therefore my return was put in limbo. I suspect this has happened to alot of january filers. She said my income ver. had been sitting with the IRS since 2/11 and ive just been sitting on hold . she sent request over today to have it released and said they have 72 hours to work my return and she will call me on the 3/2. and then will call me again on 3/ 9! when i should have my refund. UGH.

    She also said that if i hadnt been proactive it may have been months and months before i had seen a refund. I ve been stalking here and i just wanted to add my story , maybe it will help someone that needs their return like i do.



    My poor boyfriend works so hard & 12 hour days sometimes so today on his 23rd day after filing I finally got him with me for an hour to make that dreaded call to the IRS =/ And dum dum dummmmm! 30-60 day review! Ughh! But to be honest I knew it! To be honest I’d rather it have been solely that he just needed to verify because it seems as though those who complete their verification get their refunds back within weeks after. But just knowing these reviews DO take months because he already just went through this in 2014! What gets me is that his was so legit! Like when he filed on TURBOTAX they even linked him to the actual IRS website to obtain his Pin .. And even his two employers last year had their shit together because when he typed in their employer ID’s all of his info off of his W2 just filled in automatically for him! It was so great all we had to do was look over it to make damn sure it matched up 100%. And mind you when I filed mine it NEVER ONCE asked for my pin AND when I put in my employer Id it didn’t fill mine in by itself .. Oh no I had to do it the lazy way and type in all that ishh myself haha. But now I’m not regretting that because I got mine back in FIVE days!! Lol .. They on some bullshit this year for real! But I’ll tell you what I can guarantee like I’ve been saying from day one and like Texasgirl mentioned earlier is that seeing as how he filed only ONE day before the IRS got hacked I just knew that he was gonna have problems! But I was thinking more of just Id verifying to know his information didn’t get stolen. Bleeeeghhhh! And now we wait =/ Thank the lord we both have full time job and are financially ok but don’t get me wrong just like everybody else we just want what is ours and to not be screwed over by our own government!



    Tax advocate told me my error was fixed. It should go from the transcript department to the processing department and be released Friday. He is making me a case number and providing me with my new advocate’s office information to make sure it happens swiftly with no more surprise hold ups….

    I’ll post if and when my refund is released.



    1/20 accepted

    1/28 Bars disappeared from WMR…tax topic 152

    2/20 called the IRS and was told by the first associate there was an error. I filed with turbo tax. She stated it is was in the error department and they would hold on to it until they felt like it was safe to release it. I may or may not get a letter in the mail.

    I called another agent an hour later. She stated that my return had a 10 day hold. And then an additional 6 week hold and I may get a letter in the mail and I should wait and see what happens.

    2/21 I called tax advocate and was told there was a 6 week hold due to ID verification and there was nothing I could do but wait the up to 6 weeks it would take to process.

    2/24 I called another tax advocate and was told there was a 2 week hold due to an error and that it was resolved on 2/23. My return was being resubmitted for processing as of 2/25 and it may take up to two weeks.

    I am on hold now trying to file for a hardship so they can expedite my processing.

    I was never able to and still cannot order my return transcripts.
    I was able to log in using my old address yesterday and today I cannot so it seems there is progress happening, but now I am just confused. The second tax advocate told me there was never a note on my account stating that I needed to verify so even one of the advocates was dishonest :(




    Update I called the error Dept that was listed on my late letter. I spoke to the nicest guy who assured me he has an open case file under my reference number. They have my info and it was still open.
    Then my acct advocate called me back and stated she called and actually they did approve the paperwork and my refund is back in processing.
    Just a word to the wise…talk only to your advocate cause the reps don’t have updates like they do. If u don’t have an advocate call the error Dept on your letter.
    Thanking God and my Tax advocate.




    No that is just a script they are told to say 9 weeks…you should see it within 2 weeks..

    Good luck…




    I don’t know where she is getting that from?

    Tax advocate email directly to IRS and IRS has exactly 1 week to respond back to them.



    Hello everyone I was accepted 1/19 I waited until 2/23
    To in respect of the 2 week delay. The the IRS gave me the verification number, I tried to idverify.irs.gov @first.
    Today I called and was instructed I successfully passed my review and there will be a 9 week wait. Which she explained that the reps instructions to say 9 weeks have any waited the whole nine weeks.



    So as a precaution I called the IRS spoke to a rep to seek the status of my return after having been told by my Tax advocate that she sent them on Monday. Rep States she sees no response from advocate and even if they did it would take 45 days to open it. Wth
    Called and left message for advocate. No response yet apparently even with a tax advocate nothing is guaranteed. Smh.



    Hey everyone, and thanks Texasgirl for replying back.
    Just got off the phone with the IRS. I just asked, so any updates as of yet? She looks into my account, and comes back in 5 minutes, and says nothing new, same as when you called the other day. Nothing. So then I said, Oh ok, just thought a update would be show, as wmr is changed a bit, now saying received and being processed. And she is like, oh ok, then you never know, you may be on your way to getting your refund. So she probably did not even look at anything. Some agents will and some just tell you anything. I was like ok blah blah blah. Will check back. IRS Suck ass. lol




    That is a good sign, try ordering via phone…and up to Friday midnight….I bet you will be able to do so…and that will mean they have completed processing your return….

    Looking favorable for you :-).

    Take care…




    I really hope you be in the weekend update, but if not, don’t be discourage since you recently faxed your form, you may have missed this cut but may make the next weekend one…let’s hope it is this weekend…I am pulling for you :-)


    It won’t hurt contacting and advocate to find out what is holding your refund …..just to be sure.

    @amanda, @ Melissa @angie @tls @bubbles @gabriel

    You all look promising for this weekend, so hang in there ok, just (2) more days before we will know for sure…

    Keep the faith…most of you are seeing some small movement in the right direction…something good is happening and you all are getting closer to the end, I see bright light at the end of the tunnel….with big letters DDD…shining in huge letters :-).

    Good luck…..

    Break time over….have a good day!

    Bye all



    So after being told 6-8 weeks and still unable to order my return transcript I was able to order my account transcript however, what I received was a letter telling me they could not complete my request. So I called the number on the letter and said that it was not ready the agent put me on hold and came back and said that he was able to order my return transcripts but my return was still being processed. Not sure if this a good sign or not. At this point I don’t know what to actually think.



    @Bubbles @Patient,

    Thank you, I am so looking forward to my trip….yes it is a lot of water but I love it….so serene…:-).


    If you were told your credit has been issues that mean you should see a DDD this Saturday…..:-).


    I am going to try to address everyone in this one post, cause I don’t have much time to address each individually…multi-tasking…lol.

    1. Most of if not all should definitely see a DDD Saturday. If you can’t wait until then before you take further action…

    2. Then please feel free to contact IRS again up until Friday to see if you can get them to answer your questions.

    800-829-0582 #652
    800-829-0922 IRS – Customer Service
    (800) 829-0582 ext 352

    3. If you get no where with IRS, then please contact your local advocate, they will at least tell you what the issues are:


    4. If you owe any offsets other than back taxes; or need to verify via phone if the system isn’t updating quickly..call these numbers…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline

    5. I know we have been very hard on the IRS, but maybe we should give them a little slack, after reading this article, maybe they are trying to make sure the fraudster are NOT getting your refund and they are taking all precautions to do so. Also, your employer can take some of the blame for the delays in submitting your W-2 directly to the IRS in a promptly manner.

    This is why IRS is holding many returns, because they have yet to received the W-2 to match against your employer. Fraudster were creating fake ones…and IRS had no way of knowing if they were indeed legit or NOT…safeguards were put in place to prevent this from happening year after year etc.,

    Verification ID Theft, Feb 3rd IRS was breached and over 101,000 taxpayers info was stolen. This is the cause of the increase in verification…I think we can blame the hackers/fraudster for this delay…smh.

    Insurance FORM….yes this is causing many delays as well because many did not know they had to send in this form with their return, so they lost a lot of valuable time finding out way late in the process…blame this on IRS for not saying anything sooner to prevent weeks of delay…smh.

    Under Reviews – IRS randomly select a few every year to review, the letter will tell you -you don’t have to do anything, but if you don’t you will wait for weeks, those who has been proactive are seeing theirs release sooner than later…good job.

    Math Errors – Those can be blame on the taxpayers who did not check the figures thoroughly before submitting which cause their delay…ahhhhhhhhh :-(

    Amended Returns – Never submit this until after your original has been completed. IRS usually find the error and correct it themselves or reject the return in whole and send letter to amend…if you do so before IRS get a chance to complete the process….your amended return will not even be looked at until the end of the tax year which could take up to 16 weeks. Unless you are very lucky and get an advocate to help assist…

    So, my point, there is a lot of blame to go around. Lesson Learned for many of us and next year we all are going to be more educated and knowledgable of the IRS process and be on top of our game to ensure 2017 tax year will NOT be a duplicate of 2015 and 2016…right? :-).

    Here is a link that will explain some of the delays and comments from others that are dealing with the same issues you are….also last but not least you can google your questions as well and you will find other forums where others have the exact same issues that have gotten responses from advocates and IRS that may help bring some insight on what you can expect …


    Sorry for the lengthy post; hope this information will guide you and help you get thru the next couple of days until Saturday update…

    Good luck to you all and I pray many of you will be happy campers this weekend….

    Chat with you all later….


    Amanda H

    Mine changed from saying your tax return is being processed and a refund date will be provided when avail, to now it says we received your return and its being processed, so I called and they said its b/c I am under review and it could be up to 11 weeks, smh yesterday I called and was told a credit had been issued, I am not sure what that mean, but whatever im sick of the irs.



    I did the same thing. Lol I got exited just seeing a small change on wmr site. Saying received your tax return and being processed




    Well mine finally changed a little! It now says we RECEIVED and is being processed. still can’t order transcripts with our new address but hopefully that will happen soon. I got overly excited when I saw that… But the no transcripts brought me back down to reality lol.



    I meant it now says on there, We received your tax return and being processed. Does not say, still being processed and a ddd will be given when available. Did my id verify on the 18th last week.



    Hey Texasgirl, I wanted to know, is it a good thing that finally from saying on WMF, Your refund is being process, a DDD will be given when available. to now it just says. Your refund is being processed. But still no bars. And when I type in my husbands information on there. Still says the same as mines use to say.



    Not sure if this is good or not, but I woke up to see a DD from the state of Ohio. I had thought that Ohio gave my refund to the IRS because I owed from last year. I was told that Ohio is one of those states that checks to make sure your federal taxes are up to date and if not then they send it to the government. I dont know if i should take it as a good sign when it comes to my federal or if Ohio messed up.



    Ugh I’m so fed up right now. I filed on 1/23. Bars went away on the 10th. Call IRS on the 13th and was told my return wasn’t received until the 3rd which was a lie. Rep said call back 22 days from the 3rd. I called back on the 17th was told I should receive a letter and it was sent on the 9th which was a lie. I went to my local IRS office because I couldn’t order return transcript just to get them to tell me what this letter was for. Find out I needed to wait til I receive the letter and it’s for form 1095-A and form 8962. I filled all that paperwork out. Finally received the letter on the 20th. The letter was dated for the 17th. I went back to the IRS office and turned in all the required paperwork hoping that will put a rush on the processing. Still no change. I called the IRS again this morning and the lady said I need to wait a while for it to show up in their system and to keep checking WMR. She said it takes 6-8 weeks for processing. This has been the worse tax year ever. The IRS is on major BS. Do I need to get a tax advocate? I need my money.


    Amanda H

    Filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/19, id verify on 2/5 ordered return trans on 2/19, still no ddd, I was told I was in review a week ago, called yesterday and was told my credit had been issued, whatever that means.



    No updates for me either. I can’t eat or sleep! Irs said letter went out last week. One lady told me I should know something by 2/29. I HOPE. I PRAY HOURLY! I think early filers flooded system and we got pushed back 2 weeks which is now! Good luck to all of us early filers!



    good morning no updates on wmr field on 1/19 bars dissapeared on 1/31 was able order return transcirpts on 2/12 .. WMR still processing return a date will provided . Called IRs said letter CP05 went out dont need to do anything just wait and keep checking WMR. She stated the IRS is reviewing my numbers. I pray thsi weekend get and update. She did that this can all be over before even the letter gets to me that is just a time frame they have to give us . So just pray its over soon …,. Any suggestions ?



    update…..still no transcripts, still no update, filed 1/13/2016…accepted 1/14…………..starting to wonder if i need to try and call a ta….




    Ok thx you and enjoy your cruise. It sounds fun. Im scared of all the water but need a vaca myself. I thank you for all of your help. It has made this process so much easier even though i just started wrting, ive been reading. I pray all works out for everyone this weekend. Have a gn all.



    @ Bubbles
    I have a cp05 letter sent out to what’s the number to the advocate



    Did anyone else get cp05 letter dated February 29? It’s not even the 29th yet.




    ENJOY your cruise! I’ve been on 7 and they are AWESOME!! You deserve to go after helping everyone on here.

    I am so ready to give up! I haven’t slept much! I was told for 2 weeks no flags, no codes, no letters. A women told me I would know something by 2/22. Called yesterday. Told letter sent out.

    Broke down and called advocate today. He told me letter went out last week CPO5. Haven’t gotten it yet! Said he has no idea why the “review” but said to call back if nothing by 3/1.

    Another spokesperson from IRS told me my return wasnt accepted until 1/25, but advocate told me today it was accepted 1/19. Also told me refund just sitting there!




    Good night All…..will check in with you all sometimes tomorrow if time permits…if not, will after 6pm.

    Have a peaceful and restful sleep.

    I know God has you all in His good grace, so keep the faith, and stay strong…it won’t be much longer…ok.

    Take care!




    Well I am soooooooo glad, that I will be here to celebrate that happy moment with you this weekend, better not be next; no way. I got my eye, legs, toes, fingers and a real CROSS, crossed praying that many if not all will make the update…hehehehehehhehe :-).


    Yep, I have plans for my refund, actually I am leaving on the 6th out of Galveston for a 7-day cruise, won’t be back until the 13th, then will stay in Houston visiting family and friends, back in Austin on the 16th, then back to work on the 20th…ugh :-(

    Ok guys don’t let me down I only have this week and next to cheer you on…then I will be MIA until the 16th…well that is if we don’t sink or get held hostage for ransom, they going to shoot me first because I am going to tell them all my money is being held up with the IRS for identity theft…lmbo.

    Pray for all of us, if something bad do happen you guys will see it on the World News…and I promise, after i put on my life jacket and before the water reaches over my head, I will sign on and try to answer as many questions before I go under…I promised you all I will not let you down; loyal is my middle name….hehehehehhehehheheheh….just kidding!

    Ok, now you all have to get that DDD by the March 5th :-).



    Thank you. At least a glîmMer of hope…..hugs….*two stepping yeeehaaaaaaaaw.

    Thanks you been an angel. Hopefully the tax advocate was expediting mine cause I wasn’t sure. Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

    My prayers are for all of us to get what’s owed us. Says God curses those that withhold their workers pay




    Check out this link, it will tell you by state the delays, and why so many are not receiving their refunds on time…you are not alone…read the comments…

    Smh…This is regarding 2016 tax year…




    @Hi neighbor :-).

    Tamara you are a weekly, Thursdays the Master File updates for you guys…so anytime Friday mornings between 3am – 6am…until Saturday morning you should see your DDD…

    So keep watching starting Friday morning into Saturday. I would also keep an eye on your bank account as well. Sometimes you will see a pending deposit before the WMR even updates…some has reported that….

    This should be your weekend girlfriend :-).




    02 = Monday. Not sure if IRS is still on schedule this year, most DDD or for Wednesday deposit…but who knows maybe on a Monday….so it is highly likely you will see a DDD this weekend…maybe sooner.

    IMF Daily Processing

    IMF processing will be daily except on weekends. Some transactions post to IMF on a daily basis as opposed to during the weekly cycle.

    IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

    01 = Friday

    02 = Monday

    03 = Tuesday

    04 = Wednesday

    05 = Thursday



    Hello all!!

    My update:
    I called and spoke to a nice lady at the IRS today. She told me my information was processed on 2/18. There was a week hold on it from 2/18 then it would be released for payout. My week hold is up 2/26. She also stated that they update nightly. So from that im hoping for a change on wmr by sat.

    On side note, i looked at my transcript from last year and the last two numbers were 02. Does that mean i will see my deposit on a friday again?




    First a big howdy from another Texas resident. I want to thank you for your support in this season. I hope your blessings are plentiful.
    I do still have a question. I know from last year’s return that I am cycle 05 I know they update on different days than dailys do you know those days? Thanks hon.



    @Fed up

    You summed it up beautifully….IRS is not letting anything get pass them this year…and you are correct. Until the employer submit their W-2 for IRS to compare against…no return will be released….many employers did just that, but it was only voluntary not mandatory that they do so.

    They actually have until March 31st to submit to Social Security Administration, then they update their system, then send over to IRS around June/July that is why so many fraudster were successfully in submitting fake returns…IRS had nothing to compare it against.

    Legislation is now being considered to demand employers submit them same time employees get theirs..which should have be done day 1…smh.

    It is best you be proactive this year if you want your refund to keep moving thru the process. Advocates will speed it up within 1-2 weeks if you lucky to get one to assign you a case #.

    You could be in the batch for this weekend. I highly recommend anyone who don’t get one this weekend. To call immediately Monday morning….or if you really is feeling something isn’t right…go ahead and call NOW. Those who just recently were able to order “transcript” on the 19th up to today, you all should see DDD this weekend…or something is wrong…and it may be another week delay.

    Call 800-829-0582 #652 or find your local advocate.


    Thanks for sharing your story, I am sure it will help others that is still waiting and seeking answers…

    Good luck….


    fed up

    fed up
    I filed on 1/27 and was accepted within an hour. My bars disappeared and i got tax codes 152 and 9001. I was patient till the 10th when i should of received refund. Called and ID verified and also got a TA that day who gave me a case number. I was told the same ole Bs everyone else is getting.

    TA called me on the 17th and hinted that i may have a return this week or at least a DDD. I was able to order return trans. on the 19th. The account trans i ordered the week before and she was surprised that i could order account transcript. so then why would she hint i may be near the end of waiting? she had me fax in my hardship proof by the 19th. she didnt ask for anything else.

    Got the account transcript and it reads no return filed!!!

    TA- called me today and said that now i was on hold for income verification and that filing early had caused my return to go through before the employer verification arrived at the IRS therefore my return was put in limbo. I suspect this has happened to alot of january filers. She said my income ver. had been sitting with the IRS since 2/11 and ive just been sitting on hold . she sent request over today to have it released and said they have 72 hours to work my return and she will call me on the 3/2. and then will call me again on 3/ 9! when i should have my refund. UGH.

    She also said that if i hadnt been proactive it may have been months and months before i had seen a refund. I ve been stalking here and i just wanted to add my story , maybe it will help someone that needs their return like i do.



    @Biff @FLraiseD

    You two are so kind for the nice compliments, I thank you very much. I sincerely do enjoy helping others, it is my nature to do so. I am an Aquarius and one of our traits; is helping others.

    Although I do have a busy schedule, but every chance I get, I try to stop and see if anyone has any questions to support them in anyway I can. I went thru this last year and I know it is hard and frustrating to say the least.

    I am the truly blessed one because I have met some very nice people on here, such as you two and so many others…we are all in this together and we have to lift each other up when we are facing adversities… sometimes just a smile or kind word can brighten someone day…:-).

    I vowed I would stay until everyone on here has gotten their DDD… my word is bond.

    I care about all of you and really truly want to see you all end this journey with IRS as I did on 2-10…

    FLraiseD, tell you BF to give it until Saturday, if nothing, start calling Monday…really concerned about your sister tho…did she find out anything new today?

    Hang tough, and all will work out in the end…:-)

    Love you guys!



    @Jamilah @jamie

    Yep, I hear you that is YOUR money, so get that pen and paper ready to make the wish list, because a LOT of you will be going shopping….this weekend. Yippppppppeeeeee!

    We are throwing a BIG DDD Party this weekend, starting at 12am – 6am Saturday morning…when they big news hit the WMR….lmbo.

    Anyone who don’t get a DDD, you won’t be forgotten, we will throw another party March 5th just for YOU. Now if anyone is still left waiting on a DDD after that date….I will be so heartbroken for you :-(….

    March is the beginning for all those to PAY UP…who will owe IRS, all those due money should have already gotten their…by March 5th….so you better have that refund by then…or we going to have to start a real MOVEMENT up in here…lol.


    Weekly are updated on early Friday morning after midnight, usually between 3am – 6am are updates times…so good luck you should in that group, so buy a new dress for the party ok :-).


    Biff Tannen

    Filed 2/2
    Accepted 2/2
    Both Transcripts Ordered 2/20
    Lost Bars 2/21

    Nada since and the anxiety is kicking my butt :(


    Biff Tannen

    @I’m right there with you on that, I’ve been reading and reading and reading and she is really helpful and giving. This is my first post ever and it’s not even about my missing refund but a compliment @ texasgirl for really showing heart :)



    And Texasgirl,

    I just wanted to say that the way you take time out of YOUR days to come on here solely to help others & ease their minds a little just goes to show what a genuinely decent & sweet person you are! <3 <3 And I really admire you, a complete stranger, for that! ????❤️ I hope you enjoyed your refund && did some nice things for yourself or your family if you have a hubby/wifey/lil ones or what have you lol (: (:



    Yepp.. No overnight update for my bf :( But I barely saw anybody say that they got any updates last night/this morning. Will tonight’s update be a bigger one? Was gonna call today but he has to work late so we will give it one more day then just call and find out the bad news already and get it it’s with lol. Hope everybody is hanging in there & keeping their heads up <3 I know Saturday is a big day but that’ll be his 25th day.. And with no letters or anything we just need to know what’s taking so long. I believe ordering your trans usually does follow quickly with a DDD IF and ONLY if everything is ok with your return! Good luck y’all xo



    I know from last year I was an 05. Weekly. So when will i process or when do weekly refunds process?



    Fⓘⓛⓔⓓ ⓞⓝ 01/19/2015 ⓐⓒⓒⓔⓟⓣ ⓔⓓ ⓞⓝ 01/21/2015 ⓛⓞⓢⓣ ⓑⓐⓡⓢ 01/30/2015 ⓘⓓⓥⓔⓡⓕⓘⓨⓔⓓ ⓞⓝ 02/10/2015 ⓣⓡⓘⓔⓓ ⓞⓡⓓⓔⓡⓘⓝⓖ ⓡⓔⓣⓤⓡⓝ ⓣⓡⓐⓝⓢⓒⓡⓘⓟⓣ ⓞⓝ ⓤⓢⓘⓝⓢ ⓚⓔⓟⓣ ⓖⓔⓣⓣⓘⓝⓖ TRANSCRIPT UNAVAILABLE UNTILL TODAY 02/24/2015 I WAS ABLE TO ODER NOW LETS WAIT



    “It’s my money and I need it now!” Lol

    I hope we all see a DDD this weekend :)




    That is the date IRS scheduled to complete and release your refund…so it is a good chance you will see a DDD this Saturday….

    Let’s hope they release it…

    Good luck…




    Let’s hope she is wrong and it won’t be an extra week. I hope it is this weekend…this is one time I am praying they are lying…smh. They lie so much…right :-(.

    It does sound like you are just about at the end of this journey with the IRS…..wow it has really been a rocky road this year for many….I am pulling for you girlfriend.

    I can’t wait until Saturday morning to see who all won the lottery…with a DDD…lol. Will be very sad for those who don’t :-(

    Chat with you later….about to get off work.

    Good luck tho…



    @Calm down,

    Yep, it should only be two weeks or less…could see a DDD this weekend….once you consented they probably hit the release button for this weekend updates…good luck.


    Yes, that is a good sign. Now if you don’t see your DDD this Saturday that could turn into a bad sign and I would call IRS on Monday to see if anything is holding up the refund. Usually within (3) days from ordering it, the system updates a DDD…most people found out when they didn’t get one…they had issues and hold put on their refund…so let’s hope in your case it is good news :-).


    Amanda H


    So I just spoke with the IRS again! She said they have issued a credit already im just waiting on a date, what does this mean and when I asked will I get a date this week she said no probly next week



    @Shea @amanda,

    I am thinking that if you have a deduction coming out of your refund the letters going out are just to inform you why your refund was changed, but I don’t think it will stop you from getting the DDD this weekend.

    Let’s hope it won’t delay you until next week because of them sending notification…it sound like it was just a math error and not an offset or back taxes…

    They correct math errors rather quickly and release..

    All we can do is wait and see what happens…keep those fingers crossed..I am. :-)



    @Losing my mind…

    Now that was too funny….we are going to try to see if we can help you find it…hehehehehhehee…

    No, you should be good, IRS tell people anything to piss them off even more…don’t be surprise if you have your refund next week and a DDD this Saturday…

    Worse case scenario…next weekend tops.

    Good luck…:-)




    Is the bank sending it to you, or are they sending it back to IRS to redirect via mail. If it goes to IRS it could take more than a couple of days…so let’s hope the bank is forwarding it.

    Good luck…but hey it’s in the mail right :-).



    @gabriel, @Bubbles

    I think you both are in this next batch Saturday morning, I agree with you it has been way to long and two weeks has come and gone…so let’s cross our fingers this is YOUR time…so prepare to do that Happy Dance…ok :-).


    If you got your account or return transcript in the mail and the cycle code ends in a 05 you are a weekly…


    Tall boy

    Republic bank tried direct deposit my refund…bank rejected it…go figure…anyway republic bank website says check has been mailed to address provided…so I’m thinking in get it in couple days??? Or is that just what they say…anyone know


    Losing my mind

    Losing my mind
    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Order account transcripts 2/5
    Return transcripts 2/22
    What feels like 85 calls to the IRS. I have been told 1. No problems, we need two additional weeks to process. 2. No letters, no need to do anything or ID verify (did it anyway, no need) 3. There is an error, we fixed it, money will be released in a week (I knew of a possible error, but couldn’t figure it out) 4. We fixed the error, we will send you a letter MARCH 9, and if you don’t respond questioning the error, we will release your funds MARCH 14!!! 5. Well yes, your money was to be released already, but anything can happen while processing, and it will be released MARCH 14!!! ( so wait….if anything can happen, what happens when that date comes and goes??? You hold it AGAIN????) I got attitude from Mrs. Lee at the IRS, and basically told, I don’t work there, so I will never understand it.

    Called the tax advocate, told that I don’t qualify, because I’m not homeless…yet! Call back when I’m homeless. BEYOND FRUSTRATED!!!! I should not have to be in dire straights to get MY MONEY back. No EIC, no offsets and no education credits. Same health insurance I’ve had for 10 years.

    Does ANYONE have any ideas or advice???


    Amanda H


    So I just spoke with the IRS again! She said they have issued a credit already im just waiting on a date, what does this mean?



    Quick question, I ordered my return transcript last Friday but I was told this morning that a letter was sent out for me about a hold on my refund. She told me that my refund was deducted by certain amount and that she would release the hold on my refund if I consent to accept the refund amount they resulted to which I did and she remove the hold immediately. She told me that I should get my refund within 2 weeks. I am just curious if it will actually take two weeks.



    I was told today that I have a cp05 letter going out but nothing wrong with tax return in she say it just tells me why the irs was reviewing my tax return that’s all do.you think I will see a ddd soon



    So as of today I am able to order return transcript is this a sign???



    I am hoping they do push that button for both of us Bubbles its been a long road and need this to pay some bills .




    I got a hold of an advocate. Very nice man! He stated refund finished just sitting there. No codes, nothing. Did say a cpo5 letter went out last week. Told me if nothing by March 1 to call back. Let’s hope they push that button to release my refund NOW!!



    still no update WMR states still processing refund date will be provided when available . I spoke with agent yesterday said just being reviewed letter did go out but it just states that refund is being reviewed and there is nothing I need to do just wait. I believe this has to do with the offset but its been almost 2 weeks since I ordered my returns. The agent did state that they are told to tell us 11 weeks but it should be sooner they are just behind. I dont have to ID verify or income verify no codes on my return. any suggestions ?



    @Bubbles. I also was an early filer accepted 1/19 and ID verified on 2/9. Received return transcript 2/22 with a cycle posted date of 20160605. Which was Feb 11th. It is now the 24th and no DDD. Also on account transcript I have a 570 freeze code with a date of 2/29/2016. Does anyone have any info on this?


    Amanda H

    How do I know if im a daily or weekly



    Gm all!!

    I did not get an update this morning it still states” your refund is still being processed and a refund date will be given when available” i still have my tt 152. So hopefully this weekend i get good news. Fingers crossed….



    tls923-If your a weekly & verified last week ,i think you should up date fri.night & see DDD on wmr sat morning.At least that’s how it worked for me.Good luck :)



    Yes I have a advocate she said IRS contacted her today,she’s sending me a form in the mail I need to income verify.


    Amanda H

    filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/19 did id verify on 2/5, ordered return trans on 2/19, called on 2/22 and was told I was under review, still no ddd.




    That mean that they process your return only on Thursday, so don’t give up hope, you could be in the Saturday updates for DDD….

    If not it won’t be until next Thursday update…

    Let’s hope it is this one coming up ok…

    Think positive ok…

    Good bye….




    Got to go, but will try to check in when I get a break/lunch. Hope if you are seeking answers this morning with your advocate or IRS you finally get them…

    Keep the faith and stay strong ok….

    Chat with you all later…:-)

    Have a blessed morning…



    I think I have just given up on this whole thing. I had to verify my identity last week and I was hoping I see something today but still says refund is still processing. I know I shouldn’t expect it a result this early but tired of waiting especially since they’ve already gotten my state return because I had owed from last year. Agh!! I think the only thing I know is that I am weekly, whatever that means.




    Yes, it is rare to have bars disappear so quickly. Congrats to you wow that was fast…yeah.

    Base on what you said, she may have been flag for some issue,. She can try calling an advocate to see if they can tell her what they see is the hold. They may not assign her a case, since it so early, but hey it is worth a shot right, tell your sister good luck.

    Your boyfriend, the bars usually disappear within few days of reaching the 21 days because IRS is no longer sure that can meet their deadline…that is one reason, the other is that are updating and he should see a DDD this Saturday…let’s hope it is the latter…if he doesn’t tell him to start calling IRS again on Monday, but I think he is good tho.

    Don’t be discourage if you did not see a DDD this morning ok, that usually happens on Saturday, rare for Wednesday updates…but a few are…not many.

    Good luck….




    No, they won’t take W-2’s, I was told mines could be fake, only thing they would accept was a letter from my job on their Letter Head with contact info to verify…

    You got an advocate on your side….so all good right, you should see a DDD by this Saturday as well…yeah :-)


    Do you have an advocate to help speed up the process? If they haven’t finished your original and you submitted an amendment that offset the original and usually IRS don’t even look at amendments until after April 15 deadlines. This year IRS isn’t letting any errors get past them, they are flagging or correcting them themselves. You best bet right now is to call and see if you can send the information to an advocate to speed things up….if not, I am afraid it could take up to 6-8 weeks to even get to it. Well try calling IRS and informing them what you did and see what they are saying…ok. I hope I a wrong on this one and some way IRS will track it down and see that you were only trying to fix whatever error was made. good luck, let me know how it turns out…

    In the past years most did not amend until after they received their original refund….that isn;t the way it is working anymore…doing the amend only confuse them more…:-)

    800-829-0582 #652





    Not many updates on Wednesday, so don’t be discourage ok, Saturday morning is the update you should be looking to get the DDD…so hang in there.


    Able to order your transcript means your return has been completed, if you did not get a DDD shortly thereafter, that means yes they are holding your refund for some issue. If it is only for an offset, then that usually takes only two weeks to resolve, and you are at that timeline now, so I really think you should see a DDD this Saturday, if not for any odd reason, I would be on the phone with an advocate to speed things up.

    If the offset is anything other than back taxes then keep checking the offset line as soon as that updates you know you will see a DDD Saturday…good luck.

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline


    Congratulations….my my my…..you got double paid today uh?….lucky girl you…:-). Now do that Happy Dance and hit those stores…lol.



    Good morning @texasgirl
    Do you know how long it take to receive an amended tax return?


    waiting game

    @texasgirl I was able to order both my account and return transcripts and my question is does that mean I will recieve my tax return and there just holding for the offset I owe. Or getting your return transscript doesn’t really mean anything. Oh yeah I filed on 2/4 and ordered both my transcripts on the 19. Please help me out on this. I’m in a real bad situation right now with bills of course. Thank you.



    No update.



    @texasgirl HEYYY well i woke up tooo a HUGE surprise this morning!!!! Just wanted too lef you know. BLOWING REFUND DUST TOO ALL ;$ ;$ ;)



    Contacted my tax advocate and had to fax my last two paystubs in for income verification my w-2s werent enough…wth?! After receiving my stubs,refund should be released within three days.
    Fingers crossed







    @texasgirl Can I ask your opinion on my situation? I filed on 2/16, ordered my transcripts only 3 days later on the 19ty and got a DDD for the 24th which I got Sunday night at like 9! I always get mine real quick .. Last year I got mine in 4 days! I get it so quick that even though I had my money on my netspend card Sunday night I didn’t even get my card till today ???????????? So crazy but I’m lucky I do know this! Anyways the question I have is for my BF’s return. He filed in 2/2 and was accepted the same night. He had only one bar and his TT 152 up until the 9-12 update on Saturday night where he lost his only bar and got the whole “refund is still processing a date will be provided when available” message but it kept his TT 152. Now my sister lost her bars the same night AND we work together so we both filed the same day as we got our W-2s in the 16th. She has the same message just the only difference is that she lost her TT 152 while my bf kept his. I’ve asked a few times what the difference between keeping your DD tax topic and losing it and nobody seems to know except for the fact that at work today we sat there and called the IRS to find out why she lost her bars so quickly cause at least he lost his close to his 21 days which was today! From what I’ve seen is if you lose then early after filing its never good. The first rep wouldn’t even look into her info so we called back and had it on speaker except this time I took over the call cause I know what to say lol. Anyways I got a nice woman who put us on hold and looked into her account. Turns out there was a problem and they said she was in “review” but for unknown reasons. She said it looks as though she had ID theft in the past which is untrue! She said she didn’t see any letters mailed out (although it’s only been one week since filing) no “bad tax codes,” and no specific reason as to why she may have been pulled for review. They just wanted to manually check into it a little more I guess. She said they could eventually send a letter out but all in all she gave the regular 6-8 week line. That whole conversation is exactly the same shpew of bullshit they’ve been feeding everyone. Down to the T!!! Also even though they lost their bars on the same night he can order his transcripts and she still as of today can not. Back to my boyfriends I’m trying to stay positive and think that because he was able to order his transcripts on Monday morning for the first time in weeks we’ve been trying and how the IRS doesn’t really do DDD updates Monday or Tuesday that honestly if you get a DDD usually the day after ordering your trans his “next [email protected] would technically be tonight’s update, Wednesday morning? Is that correct? I’m really hoping the pattern I’ve been seeing about losing bars early WITH TT 152 and not being able to order trans definitely means there’s something wrong and him being able to and losing bars close to his 21 mark and keeping his TT is a good sign! I’ll update tomorrow for anybody curious about it too cause if he doesn’t get a DDD over night tonight then he will be calling first thing in the morning cause it’ll be day 22 for him! Praying for a DDD!!! Also he was “randomly selected” for a review in 2014 and didn’t get his till MAY!!! That was a nightmare omg! So what are the chances he could be reviewed AGAIN only two years later .. All I can do is hope it comes through tonight or raise hell tomorrow!!



    @melissa yes they do make DDD for Tuesday/Wednesday and Wednesday/Thursday morning but the catch is its a very small FEW and those are daily accounts if IRS still on same schedule for day VS wkly!!!




    Do they do updates Tuesday night into Wednesday morning? Or Wednesday into Thursday? I hoping my transcripts update this week for a ddd on Saturday. I’m not counting on it though lol




    Try the new amount and see what the WMR tells you.

    If it says the amount you enter does not match your return amount then it is not updated yet.

    It may not change at all and you still will see a pending deposit before it updates…but it will be a good sign if it recognizes the new amount vs the old.

    Try checking via phone as well. Check the offset line as well.

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline




    Yes, it is possible to see an update on Wesdnesday for a Friday deposit. If that is the case, you will wake up to a pending deposit in your account…

    Check your bank in the morning, if nothing, then most likely it will be Saturday, but anything is possible because IRS can manually deposit refunds without going thru huge batches…

    Keep me posted ok…



    Thanks for the input. I hoped because she asked for them to process this week I would see some movement this week. But I guess thats not the case. I amended my return and have a new total. Its abot 500 less than before. So when checking the wmr do i use new total or old one?




    OK i will definitely make sure I look for the update if not i will be calling for sure on Monday. Do you think i can see anything tomorrow at all??? It is just a hope..




    No that is a really good sign to be able to order your “return”, because if you don’t see a DDD within (3-5) days like this Saturday, then that just mean you are flag for some reason and need to call IRS immediately and not wait to find out weeks later what is required to get that hold off…

    Several people did get a DDD shortly after they were able to order it but they did not have any pending issues….

    It took awhile before many of us realize “WHY” they wasn’t seeing their DDD…until they started calling and guess what they all was told “why”….

    It was definitely a lesson learned this year for us all….IRS completed the processing of returns, but held the money….until they got what the needed…smh. But didn’t tell anyone anything….ugh. We had to figure it out ourselves what the delays were…

    Don’t be discourage if you don’t see an update on Wed ok, because it appears the majority of DDD are updated on Saturday morning, with the exception of a few that may be updated between now and Saturday…

    Good luck…:-) Everyone!




    Yep, code – 20160605 is the week of Feb 8-12th.

    So, I don’t see any reason you won’t get it Saturday. Since that will be exactly two weeks late…

    26 days in the hospital…wow; I really hate you have to wait this long; Have you reached out to an advocate yet?

    Hang in there ok.




    So my tax transcript (the first one I ordered and got over this past weekend) had a cycle date of 20160605, but no codes! Isn’t that past? I was able to order another one this past Sunday. Still haven’t gotten it!

    I’m so aggravated! Since having another mouth to feed (my grandson) on just my disability income from work is tough! Husband was in hospital for 26 days for stem cell transplant for NHL! They can hurry this along now!




    Thx. I hope so cause thats is what the lady told me 2/18. I wasny able to order anything all this time until yesterday (2/22). Ive been reading that it has also back fired being able to order so i know it is a 50/50 chance. But i hope i get a update on tomorrow. Lord knows i need it. This is the first time ive weny through this. Smh



    @john I never sent it I was told not to until I spoke to my rep. But she had me fax it to her so she can send it to the IRS and make it go faster.



    Hey what did your ta say when she saw that you sent your amended return




    LOL, too funny, one can pop up if need be….I am cracking up…love your philosophy….lol.




    See, I told you, it all depends on who you get…some ask and some don’t..IRS have good rep and bad reps…advocate are the same….smh.

    Isn’t the odd….just like calling the cable co, if one don’t tell you what you want to hear, just hang up call right back and you will get someone entirely different who will tell you EXACTLY what you wanted to know in the first place….smh.

    Some worker’s really don’t like their job and are rude as hell….


    Don’t take NO for an answer keep calling back until someone helps you….but let’s just hope it will be over this weekend for many…ugh :-(



    We tried at one point to get help from our TA in Florida but one lady was so rude and kind of did passive threats because we’re not under hardship or homeless she wouldn’t help us. Then another FL office never even called back. It’s like trying to get someone to help is like pulling teeth. Can’t tell me why I’m under review … Probably my healthcare from obamacare



    @Elizabeth738 Get on the phone with a Tax Advocate pronto!! Do not wait for that letter. Even my Tax rep told me today send her everything so we are ahead of the game.



    @texasgirl @ Dom @ Minn
    So my husband called tonight and they said were under review :( not sure why though . He told us a letter is going to come out March 7th and will be mailed within 5-10 days after that. So like no answers for another month omg going a little crazy here yikes !!!
    I hope to God we are not those who got our socials stolen.



    @texasgirl Yea he is shook about giving me a income letter….smh.. Another thing my rep told me was this year the IRS is NOT having it that is why so many people are being reviewed and that caused a major backlog of returns so she told me your not alone. She said she was faxing it all to them today and tell them to expedite my refund process bc of a hardship the crazy thing is she didnt ask me for proof of a hardship…Maybe she is going to bat for me….lol I really do not have a hardship AT THE MOMENT but hey one could pop up if need be….lol. I just want this nightmare to be over sooon!!




    You know what I bet that is what the letter is about, just informing you why your refund was less than reported….if you get that every year….that’s probably all it is….nothing serious!

    I am pretty sure everyone that has an adjustment is notified by letter what it was for and for you to have a record of the deduction…guess they don’t know you already know this :-).




    Well FINALLY….you got some answers; although it may take another (4) weeks but hey…..no more guessing games uh? Sorry for the long delay tho…but your boss caused all this drama for you….smh. I bet he won’t even say he “sorry” he too scared the IRS is coming after him…..yikes. You got screwed twice by him and IRS….:-(


    You notice now everyone that is waiting for a DDD is because of the Insurance Form….when last week mostly everyone was talking about ID verification and “under” review”…it’s like IRS pick a “specialty” topic….to flag returns per week…smh.

    Let’s all start a MOVEMENT….against the IRS…hehehehheheehe….



    @Minnesnowta :-).

    Like your name…hehehehheheheh…how do you all live in cold states brrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..come to Texas, we have (2) seasons; HOT and HOTTER….lmbo.

    Yeah, Minn I think a lot of you will see a DDD this Saturday. Candance, Amanda, Elizabeth and Needanswers…

    Once you submitted the FORM it usually takes only (2) weeks processing time…and that should be this weekend. Yes, minn is correct they update (2) times a week (Wed/Sat)…so good luck you guys….

    @Brook, @tamara @Patientlybutterfly…

    Give it two weeks from the date they said they updated your information…if you lucky you could get it as well this weekend, if not for sure next ….hang in there…

    Need and Brook, you filled on my birthday :-).



    Guys its being said that the 3-5 10 day refund turnaround ends this year and to expect longer wait times like 30 to 35 days just because of the hack and identity theft Why are they just sitting on our refunds and delaying the mailing of our letters just to keep us calling and say there no holds when clearly it is and no erras when clearly I did and now no letter until March 7th but wait that’s just the day it will be mailed. It takes about 8 days to receive my account transcripts in the mail and I’ve ordered them once a week to see if there were changes nope all zeros Its been over a month!



    Filed 1/23
    Accptd 1/23
    2/11 1095a 8962 request
    Found out about it during phone call. Reached out for tax advocate 2/13 who finally called the 18th. Faxed everything 2/18
    Conversation today: just barely sent it yesterday to where it needs to go but expedited it asking it be processed this week. But like e file it may take 7 to 10 days but she will call me with any updates but not before 3/11…..anyone as confused as me?



    It’s been 33 days requested my return transcript last Saturday no bars just tax topic 152 updates are Wednesdays and Saturdays with a few dailies in-between Best wishes to us all for an update IRS just loves to do the unexpected to the unexpecting citizens I’m not expecting anything so come on IRS do the unexpected! Like give me an update lol kidding well no um not!



    @ bubbles I’m also expecting a letter from IRS in March for adjusted return they reduced my return the letter will explain that I called and called at least 1 once a week sometime 2 lol You will eventually get someone to tell you what they see. BTW its to the point where them Reps are just jotting down anything in our note files it starting to take other reps and agents 5 to 10 mins to read all the notes left by other reps and you just know there lying.



    **reading** sorry



    Hi i have been ready this forum for awhile. I am in the samr boat.
    Filed 1/10
    Accepted 1/12
    Lost bars but kept everything else 1/29
    Received letter 1/30
    Mailed 1095a and 8962 form 2/1.
    Called 2/16 the rep said they had received my information and to give it 6 weeks
    Called back on 2/18 the rep said that all my information was enter and she sae my 8962 form and i was back in processing should be a week to two weeks.
    Ordered both account and refund transcripts 2/22.

    I hoping this means im getting my refund soon. I really need it.



    Does anyone know what days the IRS updates their website ? Like I hear that it’s every night over night and then I hear on weds and Saturdays . Kinda confused thanks :)



    @texasgirl You have noticed also that the IRS is giving extreme dates of 6,8,9 even 11 to 16 weeks out when none of it is true seems to be a 1-2 week turnaround maybe 3-4 weekd worse case but who knows I called myself and I was fortunate to get a nice guy who backed up what the other nice guy said last week he said my letter was to be mailed March 7th and I had math errors for the estimated tax payments he said that they tell them NOT to give out estimated date’s but (that’s all they seem to be doing) he also stated that I should get my money before the mailing of the letter he said SHOULD but not guaranteed most do he stated I’m also still resequencing I was able to pull my return tranny last Friday so idk maybe this Saturday




    I filed my taxes Jan 25th, and just got the letter today stating I needed to send in form 8962 along with the 1095-a. I faxed it in yesterday before I received the letter and did not attach a newly calculated page 2 of my 1040. The man from the IRS said they can possibly process it without it and suggested I wait and see what I hear from them.

    How much longer do you think I have to get my refund?


    Amanda H

    @Need answers

    Yes I have to remind them every time I call I have already done the id verification, smh, but finally on 2/20 my wmr update from your tax return is being processed and a refund date will be provided when avail, to we have received your tax return and its being processed. That was a Saturday, so Monday I called and was told its finished processing but now its been pulled for review. I just don’t know, every time I call I get a diff answer.



    I’m about to lose my mind…. So I’ve been told my refund is on hold for income verification and that I should be getting a CP05 Notice.. I googled it and it’s a random letter that doesn’t tell you anything more than what you already know which is your refund is on hold…I have received my transcript and I swear y’all I’ve been more than patient… I filed on the 11. Please somone provide some insight on what the heck is going on. Many thanks in advance!!!


    Need answers

    @ Amanda
    Really? Then I still have a long wait I guess. Just get tired of always hearing, you need to do your Id verification when they look into my account, lol. So I can not wait until I finally hear, yes its now processing.


    Amanda H

    @Need answers

    when I did my id verify on 2/5 it took them almost 2 weeks to start finally processing my return again.


    Need answers


    If you have a little advice and answers for me. Will be thankful. I was accepted the 25th and had to do a id verify last Thursday the 18th. I have called today and yesterday to the irs the number with the extension 652. And they keep telling me no update and telling me to do the id verify. I told them I have done so already. And they say, ok. so you now have to wait 9 weeks until they get an update to update my account. So the id verification, did tell me last week that its done and my case is closed and to wait the 9 weeks. But should there be some sort of update, at lease seeing when I call in to the IRS. That they see my case has been closed?



    @texasgirl Well FINALLY my Ta rep Mrs White called me. She was very nice and explained to me the reason I am held up is bc the IRS cannot see my income posted yet but alot of postings are behind she said that as soon as my income posts and they can see it they will most likely release my funds. She said she sees that I said I amended my return so I faxed that to her 2 of my earnings statements and everything she needed. She stated that the IRS might still want a letter of verification from my employer I told her I dont know how easy it will be to get that letter she said I understand alot of people cannot get these letters. She said I am looking at about 4 weeks for the whole process. But she will push for the IRS to expedite my refund. She did state being there is an amendment that it has to re process and that usually takes 16 weeks but with her involved she is hoping only 4 weeks….SO the wait begins.



    Filed – 1/11
    Accepted – 1/14
    Lost bars and NO TAX TOPIC – 1/31
    Called IRS – 2/9 (my 21 days after the ‘accepted’ date of 1/19 according to IRS)
    They couldn’t tell me why I had not received my refund, as there was no request for ID verification, no offsets, and no other errors codes. He told me 6-8 weeks delay. I told him that was ridiculous, but oh well…

    Went on vacation….

    Checked Monday morning, 2/22 and my Where’s My Refund has finally updated to “Refund Approved” with a date of 2/24 for my direct deposit.

    I will never file in the first batch again!!

    Hope everyone else has good news as well….




    Could this “letter” be the letter the IRS sends us every year stating the offset to VA was paid with part of our return??




    Well be sure you tell the advocate so they can flag that amendment or go ahead and use it to fix the problem…this way they can be on the alert to check the mail for it…

    It just may work out ok for you, if IRS track it down and processes it…instead of holding your refund.

    Keep us posted; if it seemed that sending it may have helped not hurt the process…thanks!

    Good luck…




    I think it is a stall tactic myself. If nothing happens on Saturday or before….maybe it is time for you to visit your local office.

    What is the advocate saying? Anything?….

    I hope they are just saying anything to get you off the phone, because they know you will see an update soon and they just not saying…I notice they seem to be telling everyone 6, 8, 11 weeks etc., then people are saying only a week or two later they got their refund…smh.

    Check back with you all later…lunch almost over :-).




    Aww man. I sent my amended return last week because i did`nt hear from my TA until a day after and she just faxed my information to them today and the mail man just dropped off my amended return to the irs today.




    You are very welcome, before you make a trip call again and then call your local advocate if you get nowhere then yes I would make that trip…

    800-829-0582 #652





    Actually that may be a good sign, that something is happening and they are moving in the right direction.

    Try to call them…hope this number is still answering within 10-20 minutes…

    800-829-0582 #652




    They are just giving you a (2) weeks window, they are still processing your return. Don’t be surprise if you still get a DDD this Saturday or next the worse case scenario.

    It seems like they are giving themselves the two weeks to wrap it up and release your refund…

    You should be ok…




    No don’t do an amendment, let your advocate fix it by sending the information to them to forward to IRS, if you do, you will start all over in the process and they will STOP the original return.




    Hey will it be hard for my TA to fix a error on my return for me if i sent in a amended return



    So I was assigned a TA and she called me this morning and said “there are no codes, no letters, and just says system error” she said that she sent a request to the IRS to see what if any information is needed. She also said that she checked and rechecked my return and did not find any errors and that she will call me back on March 9th with an update. Wait, what??!! In two weeks?? I’m sooooo over this process I filed 1/29 lost all bars and tax topic on the 14th (my 21 days was up on the 19th) and have that generic tax message (a refund date will be provide…yada, yada,yada)and all refund information is till listed on the left hand side.



    Anyone else having issues with WMR website? Every time I put my information. Says sorry WMR is unavailable right now.




    Just called IRS again. Rep stated letter going out in March. No codes, nothing. Told me WMR will still update. Why would they wait till march to send a letter out??? Is this a stall tactic?? I ordered2nd transcript Sunday. I’m freaking!!!




    I’m in the same boat as you :( same situation but i had to ID verify twice. no idea whats the hold up. feels like they are finding an excuses to hold us up, they don’t even bother lying too some people, they just tell them straight up that nothings wrong but they are still not getting their money.


    Good morning! quick question. I was able to order my account transcript with my old address before i did my ID verification, when i tried to order my return trans it says there was none for 2015. Although I think i failed the ID verification the lady said it would take 9 weeks to process my return. But the issue now is that i cant order any transcript from my old or new address?!

    should i call to get my transcript or fax them the form? if i should call whats the direct number? Do i have to wait and talk to a person or is automated system?



    I did receive a letter in the mail on 2/19 not the one I wanted but It was about my transcripts and it basically told me to call a 800 and order them which they aren’t even available. She told me only 2014 was available. I called and talked to some one today they said my letter wouldn’t be sent out until 2/29.
    But on 2/16 when I called to see what was going on with my refund they told me a letter was already sent out just wait on it .
    I have been waiting patiently
    I’m going to go to my local IRS office .
    Also thank you I have been following this post since Jan and I must say you have been very helpful to every one.




    Hey neighbor state, yeah let’s party! I am going to get out my dancing shoes….and practice my two-step and the electric slide…lmbo….I just saw your post before I was about to sign off….too funny! Those are the only (2) dances I know…hehehehhehehhe….just kidding!

    Keep me posted….ok :-).




    First of all thank your husband for serving our country. Did you make the most money last year or your husband? Usually IRS will enter that person name as the “primary” taxpayer even tho you may have put YOUR name first…maybe this is why you are able to pull up info under his name and not yours…this use to be the procedure when I worked at IRS, not sure if that is still the case…

    If you were able to order your “transcript” and they said your case is close as of 2/18, it usually takes about (2) weeks to put you back in que, so you should see a DDD this Saturday not 4 weeks…good luck.


    Don’t get discourage ok, give it to this Saturday and let’s see what happens ok, if nothing then visit your local office and demand some answers….ok.

    Got to go back to work….

    Chat with you all later….good luck and stay strong we all are going to eventually get to that finish line and end this journey of uncertainty dealing with the IRS…

    Bye all…



    @texasgirl HEYYY SISTA GIRL!!! I finally got myself some much needed rest lmao, now it’s raining here in Oklahoma and im luvin my day off just hoping and praying my bank account show in the amount of 9,XXX ROTFL and when so im coming too T-twn for you haha…WE GONE TURN UP THE CITY….TURN UP TURN UP!!!




    No you are no pest at all, I understand your concerns and I would be just as worried, as I was last year when mines were held up for over a month…this has been trying on many this year…but we will get thru it ok…

    Yes, the offset should be taken out before they release your refund and soon as you notice that when you call the offset line a DDD should follow right after…There is still hope that you will make the Saturday DDD update…so keep checking the offset line up to Friday….around 12am early Saturday morning until 6am….updates will occur.

    You just may have been put back (2) weeks in que, but this time you should be in the next batch…if not…then I would also go to my local office and demand some answers…what are they needing to take off your hold…smh.

    Stay strong bubbles, this weekend better be your time.



    @Hardworking middle class

    You are very welcome…uhmmmmmm I am beginning to think you may really know me…lmbo :-).


    LOL – yes it did indeed but hey no worries. Guess what I just happened to brought my crystal ball in my purse to work with me this morning, I am physic cause I knew you were going to ask me this exact question…hehehehhehehhe. (yikes)
    Yes, I truly do think you will see a DDD this weekend, and you better because if you don’t I am out of a JOB…as a physic my part-time job…:-).


    Nooooooooooooo, never give up my homie…lol. I think it is time to make that visit to your local office and demand some answers….just don’t take any sharp items with you ok…don’t want to see you on the news…ok.




    Sorry I’m such a pest! Cycle dates shows 20160605 on transcript I got this past Saturday. I ordered another one on Sunday morning. STILL NO DDD as of today. We have an offset from the VA of about $300. Still says a current offset on the treasury offset line today. Will this update first? I’m get skeptical anything will ever come! Have a friend who file 2/10 and got her $13k back in 8 days! She has 4 kids and her husband worked very little this past year due to a back injury.




    I am so sorry to hear about your roof. We can’t wait to see what happens this weekend this is serious.

    Here is the plan, call back this morning, see what another IRS Rep will tell you, ask for her supervisor if necessary. If that fails, call an advocate, last but not least, it is time to visit your local office and demand answers….

    Contact an advocate ok. I am really pushing for you getting a DDD this Saturday. Keep the faith…and keep searching for answers this week. I will keep you in my prayers…good luck ok.


    Since you were able to order your transcript on 2/12 I notice it is taking about (2) weeks after being put back in que to get a DDD, if that holds true, you should see one this Saturday…so hang in there…


    I would be very surprise if you don’t see a DDD by this Saturday update. Good luck…


    I think it means you are being updated for a Saturday DDD. Let’s keep our fingers cross for everyone :-).


    Yep, I agree it has been the slowest and most painful year for many, like it was last year….when will IRS get their act together…smh. It has been the weirdest as well, this is the first year I have noticed they are completing returns, then flagging….before they release the funds. They use to flag and hold until it was completed…talk about incompetent…wow.


    You are very welcome also. You may want to call your local advocate to seek answers as well, if all fails I would make a visit to my local IRS office, if you think you should wait until this weekend and see if you get a DDD first before you take additional action you may consider that as well. Keep me posted would like to know what you find out ok.



    Well I called the irs yesterday again because I didn’t trust that much what they told me last week , the lady confirmed what the first representative told me, plus a little bit more of information:

    Filed and accepted 1/29
    Irs said that they received on 2/1
    told me that my Case was closed on 2/18
    Cant request transcript til this moment, no bars, no code just the general message of still being processed… but she didn’t see any errors or letters. Just few attempts under my “name and ss” because this year I’m the first tax payer (husband deployed) plus i changed my name in the ss last year, but it was successful under my husband info. I guess they did our return manually, have to wait 4- 9 weeks.


    Amanda H

    So I just spoke to the IRS again and a man told me they are just reviewing my return before they issue a refund, there are no errors or codes and I should see something around April, smh really! I filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/19 verify id on 2/5 and ordered return trans on 2/19, still nothing, I am getting very discouraged.



    Filed and accepted on 01/31/16, 1 bar on WMR up until Saturday. As of Saturday I now have no bars and it states that my return is still being processed. I was finally able to order account and return transcripts, but no DDD date yet.

    Does anyone know what this means?


    Very Concerned

    Hello @texasgirl,

    I got my transcripts and it has a processing date of 02/22/2016. I don’t have any freeze codes. You think it’s a ddd in my near future? Lol that sounded a little psychic reading ish!!



    I still cant order transcripts via phone with new address. So ill call the irs today and tell them i need to order my transcripts for school. Thank you for all your advice and help.



    @texasgirl SOOOOOOOOO… I called the TA intake yesterday bc I still have not heard from whoever was assigned my case and they told me “oh you have a case worker already her name is Mrs. White” Well that is nice to know so why has she not contacted me at all… They had no answer for why she has not contacted they gave me her # to call her….lmao WTF!!!! I asked should I just send in my ammended return they said NO bc your going to put a stop to your refund processing….. HUH? I thought I was on hold for a review? This is becoming more and more of a mess. I cannot get a straight answer not even from a TA…. It might sound crazy but I am about to give up and say F***K IT!!! It’s obvious the government needs the $$ more then I do… They are just doing everything possible to keep people from getting their refunds bc somewhere in this mess they KNOW the F**KED UP…



    So I called the irs today in the lady told me that I was done processing in that they was looking at my tax return in I asked her was I being audit in she said no that they sent me out a letter on the 9th in that I should wait 30 days from the 9th to get it I asked her what was it for she didn’t know she said that it just show what the irs was doing in looking at what do you think please give me some good advice I really need my money our roof fell in tonight in we have to move please help



    I did my identity verification on 2/4, I’m still waiting also. Everytime I call the irs they tell me that they see no errors on my return but that I have to wait the 9 weeks from 2/4….what a crock, for one I passed my identity verification and was told I was being put back in que, others who verified after me have recieved their DDD, so they are full of it. I have been stuck with no bars and no codes since 1/30. I also ordered my return transcript on 2/12 and am still waiting to recieve it, I went ahead and ordered it again 2 days ago..I’m very curious why I haven’t recieved mine yet. But I’ll keep an update on here when and if I hear anything or any changes to wmr.


    Thanks Texas girl can’t wait to see all that sexiness when I get that refund lol



    OK thanks




    Update for today:

    I spoke with an IRS rep today and she told me that my return is still processing.. and its going through a verification process which can possibly take 6-8 weeks from the 16th of this month. (Has anyone else gone through this?) She said that it could be something so simple as verifying if the bank account on my return is actually my bank account but she could not tell me exactly what it was. . They still do not have any record of any letters being sent out, no off sets and she said it was something the IRS could verify themselves. SO I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully this nightmare will be over soon.



    Hey I’m in the same boat as everyone else..filed on 1/21/2016 lost my bars and tax topic around the 2nd or so..spoke with the IRS yesterday and was told ” we experienced a systemic error and to expect a deposit on the 25th” I pressed the lady to confirm that I am not in audit or under review she kindly replied “No” ..this has to be the slowest year for refunds!




    570 can mean a lot of different things, under the Freeze. It could just mean additional information is required. If your advocate is saying there is nothing wrong, maybe they already resolved it…

    Here is a couple of links that might give you some insight…


    https://www.irs.gov/irm/part21/irm_21-005-006r-cont01.html (10-01-2015)
    -R Freeze



    My advocate said nothing was wrong with my return, but on my letter today I have code 570! Does that mean a freeze on my refund?




    LMBO…..IRS should be ashamed of themselves, saying anything to get you off the phone, they know it don’t take nothing but a few minutes to update that info…government workers…lol.

    Hey, next time you get someone on the phone and they say something that stupid ask for their “supervisor”, but then again they are probably just an incompetent as the workers…:-). Since they trained them to lie…wow.

    I am praying you be in the next update…cause they have given you nothing but the runarounds…actually they are only (2) weeks behind…not months!




    I sure hope so!!! This is ridiculous. Changing my info doesn’t take 9 weeks. I literally asked… So what takes the 9 weeks?!?! To press back space and enter my new address or is it my last name? She had no answers. Clearly If someone can file right now and receive money before you change my last name… That’s a serious problem lol




    I don’t know why she is saying (4) weeks, and yes what code is she referring to hopefully code 846 refund issued….isn’t that strange first they said 11, now they saying 4, bet it is 2 weeks or less :-).

    Hopefully they are just saying that, but you will be in this weekend update…I will wait and see what happens Saturday, if nothing call back on Monday…

    Unless you can get them to tell you something by Friday. Have you ask an advocate yet?




    That is the day they expect to complete your return and issue a DDD….if you provided everything they need, then you should see a DDD this weekend…

    Now that date can change if for some reason they need additional information or they feel like they are not able to meet their own deadline…

    It don’t seem like nothing else is holding you up so I think you will be in the next update Saturday, if you don’t see anything sooner than that…




    No way, I wouldn’t wait for a letter…that will only delay you even further…

    Strange since you were able to order them on 2/9…have you received them in the mail yet?

    Call them back until someone give you an answer..

    800-829-0582 #652

    If you can’t get any answers on the phone, visit your local office and also call and advocate and see what they tell you…they have access to IRS system…they usually tell you the truth…





    That is not true, if you faxed the info over to the tax advocate and she sent it to IRS, count (1) week from the day the advocate said it was faxed, if IRS is behind then it may take (2) weeks.

    Advocate are there to rush the process and they will NOT allow IRS to hold your refund…no more than March 2nd.

    So you are still good…don’t listen to IRS…they are liars.




    You are ok, that always give (2) weeks to finish processing. That just mean you should have a DDD for this Saturday and should see your deposit by March 3rd.

    It look like you will get updated this weekend….

    Nothing to worry about; you faxed what they needed and they put your back in que for processing…

    Still check your bank up to Friday…you never know. I bet you will be able to order your return any day now…that will be first indication of movement…



    @Hardworking Middleclass…

    Now how did you know I was “sexy”…lmbo…hehehehheheheh…

    Try this number…
    800-829-0582 #652

    Keep trying to get someone on the phone, if not, then all you can do is wait and see if you are updated by this weekend…most DDD are being updated on Saturdays…

    So let’s hope you will be in that batch..:-)..I am cause I am expecting a dinner date…:-)



    I seriously think I’m going to lose my mind soon. Filed 1/26. Accepted right away. Bars went missing 4 days later. Verified on the 8th.. Got a TA on the 11th. She had me fax our info over so she could send it to the IRS to speed up the return to prove who we were. She’s calling me back on the 2nd of march. I still can’t order anything under my new address. So I went ahead and called the IRS and they still have my old name and old address in the system. She’s now telling me it will be 9 weeks from the 19th when they looked at my info. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I asked why in the world are people who verified over the phone the same time as me or days after getting a deposit already? This is insane. She said if we don’t get it by April 2nd to call back and that’s it. I’ve had it.



    1/26 Filed w. Turbo
    1/26 Accepted (TB)
    1/28 Accepted (IRS)
    1/26-2/11 1 Bar , refund amount , and tax topic 152
    2/12 All bars disappeared with a your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.
    2/9 Order Both Transcripts
    2/16 21days (TB)
    2/18 21days (IRS) i
    Called and talked to someone they said a notice would be sent out didn’t say why and would explain to me nothing about it but said I should wait 45 days from when I receive the notice.
    I’m just stuck
    Anybody else in the same boat?



    After still not being able to order return transcripts as of today i called the irs today and the agent tells me this…..we did receive your faxed info on 2/11/2016. Your 21 days is now set at March 3rd. Just continue to wait she tells me.

    So after on filing 1/13/2016 accepted 1/14/2016…according to irs, not accepted till the 20th got 12c letter in mail on 2/1/2016 and faxed in all info they needed on same day 2/1/2016.

    Any advice at this point?


    @ms Texas girl can you please give a little help sexy texie my returns as accepted 25 days and I did an id verification online about 8 days ago but when I call 8008291040 it just tells me it’s still being processed and hangs up cans order return transcripts yet should I just wait for an update or do you know of another number I can call to talk to a piece of shit agent ? ????



    update to my status:

    filed/accepted 1/23
    ordered return transcript 2/4
    was told freeze for income verification 2/8
    faxed form 911 to get tax advocate 2/8
    Tax advocate called me 2/11
    Faxed required info 2/11

    Called TA today to ask for update and was told it has been assigned at IRS and they have until March 1-2 to respond to her if not earlier. I will know at that time if they need additional information or if they are able to process. I thought it would have been resolved by now since I faxed info on 2/11 but the TA told me they were backed up because of all of the verifications they are having to do.



    Hey @texas girl
    I received a letter & my acct transcripts today & I have a processing date of 2/29! Do you know if that’s when they’ll start processing my return again or is that a DDD?


    Amanda H


    ok after the last post I just called again and told the lady what was said and she said she can see that my return is further along than anyone elses she has looked at and she sees a code but don’t know if a letter will be sent out or not, but also said I should have my return within 4 weeks. So if you see a code why would you say I should have my return within 4 weeks.




    Try ordering under your new address via phone and see what it tell you. If you can’t call IRS and tell them you need your “return” transcript for school and you are unable to order online…if they say they can do it and will be mailing then your return is complete. Also, ask IRS to see if they have you new address updated in their file yet…if they can see it, then that just mean the Get Transcript system is not updated yet.

    If you scroll down, you will see a link I provided and one of the topics were about “unpostable” returns and how long they had to process it…it was from the IRS Manuel….see if you can find that post…it was yesterday…

    I think you are good tho and should be a DDD any day now, up to Saturday, yes that is good news if they told you by the 23rd….

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline

    Good luck, let me know what you are told…




    You are still looking good for a DDD this week, don’t worry ok. Nothing is updated on Monday’s. So give it until Saturday, if not sooner, and I bet you are going to get your DDD this week for sure….check that bank as well, you may be surprise before Friday.


    Wow, did they tell you why it is being further reviewed? I don’t think that is true, and I know for a fact it will NOT take 11 more weeks, they are just told to say that…don’t be surprise if you don’t see a DDD this Saturday as well…

    Now, if you don’t I would be really concerned and will be calling an advocate to see what they are saying, or another REP at IRS is telling you….call back and see if someone else will tell you something different, just ask for a transcript for school and get them to look into why you are still pending…they should tell you something…not just you being reviewed …..for what? Income verification….come on…they are bs’ing with you….don’t give up, demand they give you more than that….go to your local office if you don’t see a DDD by Saturday or sooner ok…keep me updated.




    That is great news, see IRS is telling people so many different things that aren’t true…you just proved it. Thanks for sharing this with all….it will give them hope as well that they too will see a DDD soon.’

    @Ms. Marie,

    Awesome, that is the best news ever for you uh? Yeahhhhhh you should see a DDD, hey keep checking that bank account ok, it may be pending before you even see the WMR update…

    Get those shoes out and get ready to do the Happy Dance…hehehehhehehhehe….so happy for you. Congrats.




    Ordered another transcript yesterday. Still no DDD today!!


    Amanda H


    I was just told my return was finished processing and it was put on hold for further review and it could be up to 11 weeks, please help me out here.


    Amanda H


    I was just told my return was finished processing and it was put on hold for further review and it could be up to 11 weeks, please help me out here.


    Ms Marie


    Thank you God i had got some good news this morning when I called the IRS the rep was very nice and took out time to check my refund information and she had told me that my is back in process and I should get a update this week I was happy to hear that cause that let me know that I’m just a step away from getting approve with a DDD soon …


    Amanda H

    Filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/19 id verify on 2/5 and order return trans on 2/19 and still no ddd.



    I got a ddd a week after I did my verification
    Filed 1/20/16 accepted 1 / 22 / 16 I’d verfication 2 / 12 / 16 updated to approved refund with a ddd of 2/24/16 on 2/20/16



    Filed 25th TT
    Accepted 27th
    Bars disappeared 30th no tax topic
    Called irs numerous times said it was unpostable would take 6-8 weeks

    Called a tax advocate on my 22nd day
    They gave me a case number and another number to call if i dont hear anything by the 23rd. Does this sound like goodnews? Oh i can order a account tax transcript under my old address but not new wth?…lol

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