I got accepted already for early filers.

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    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol

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    So after all this time, I finally got a nice irs agent and he looked into my account. He said that it’s not showing under review anymore and is processing. I hope he’s right. I still have my 1121 code on WMR, but he said it should update in a few days. I guess it’s just hoping my get a ddd this weekend. I’m kinda relieved because it’s been since 23 January. I’ll keep yall updated


    Amanda H


    But if it was just a diff in income wouldn’t they just fix it, or will they make me do the amendment?







    Question…what does it mean when the Where’s My Refund says “‘Refund date will be provided when available”? I had thought I read something about that somewhere but either my eyes are too tired from working 12 hours today and is not seeing it or have accidently miss the post about it. The reason why I am asking is that it now says that instead of the your return is being processed or whatever it typically says when you lose your bars. I need a margarita or a beer or both.



    Really upset again cause im checking wmr to see any changes since last i call on 2/25 when they told me suppostly that it was a bank reject and i was going to get a mail check well i decided to call today to know was going on to find out know im getting a letter code 4464c but no need to do nothing into they decide if their is any info need it can you believe this people lying one day is all good the next couple days is so other bullshit and now i hadbto wait into aleast 60 more days to find out id they are release my fed.refund wow this year is been the worst thank god for my job cause if my life depended it on this money.. who knows now i have to give them into 4/14 hillarious the irs this year



    I think after reading some comments on here, I think i should call tomorrow to see if there has been any progress. Mine was accepted on 1/28 and my ID was verified on 2/19 and return transcripts were early last week. I think enough time has passed.



    @TonyC….I am keeping my fingers crossed for you :-).

    @upset mama,

    I think you will get a DDD this weekend for a deposit on March 9th…..a day earlier than the 10th. If you have already fix any issues then you should be good.

    Keep that faith girl and all will work out for you….:-)




    That does sound weird, usually it is a Wednesday, but I notice there can be 2 deposit in a week…Wed/Friday….everything is weird about IRS this year…lol.


    Most people are saying that usually within 1-2 weeks after being verified they got their DDD/refund….so you may see a DDD this weekend…good luck.




    20160805 – the week of Feb 22-26. I notice they seem to release about two weeks from the date they scheduled to complete your return.

    That should about right you may see a DDD this weekend for March 9th deposit or March 12th. Worse case scenario would be the following week March 17th…the latest I think…

    Looking good right now….good luck, keep me posted ok.

    Keep checking the offset line to see what the take the money out…that will also be an indication when you refund will be released…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline




    Congratulations, and you are very welcome, thank God your journey is over, but so sad it is still going for many….see you next year :-).

    @amanda @stressedout,

    Wow, I don’t know why it took IRS or and advocate to finally tell you guys that the reported wages were way off and now you need to amend your return to fix the error…smh.

    Hopefully you can do the amendment and send to your advocate to submit so it won’t take an additional 8-12 weeks…IRS don’t even look at amendments until the filing season is over…April 15.

    Amanda you look like you are going to either have to amend as well or get a Letter of Verification to resolve your issue.


    Glad you were able to get an advocate all you can do now is wait…

    @jamie @waiting

    I don’t think it will take that much longer for them to release your refunds…hopefully you both will be in this weekend update…I am really pulling for more of you to finally get that DDD…soon. Good luck…



    Hey all! Called my bank and its pending deposit for tomorrow! I filed 1/26 and was accepted 15 mins later. Bars went away on the 30th. I waited to call till the 8th on a Monday and was told to verify by phone which I did. I called back the next day for an advocate and claimed a hardship. Surprisingly I got one by Friday. Even though it was still so early. After I verified I guess they still didn’t believe who I was which the advocate said. She had me send our socials, ids, marriage certificate, and a letter from both jobs with our income. I was told the case should be closed by April 14th. Well I got my ddd finally on the 27th for 3/2. I’m sure I would of been waiting a lot longer for it if I didn’t get an advocate. So if you can ask for one!!! I hope you all get yours soon!

    And @texasgirl thank you so much for all your help! This forum kept me going for the last couple weeks. I wouldn’t of ever thought to get an advocate if it wasn’t for you! So thanks again!!!:) till next year!



    bc turbo tax duplicated a W2


    Amanda H


    so why do you have to file an amended return?




    My advocate called :) and told me the truth :(

    My return has NEVER been touched since it was accepted January 20th. 3 IRS reps and 3 advocates all told me untrue information. All lies that kept me waiting to do something I could’ve done 4 weeks ago. They all told me to just wait 6 weeks, verify your ID, you’ll get a letter (never received one). If I hadn’t requested an advocate I would have been waiting until next year.

    The error they stated was corrected was never fixed and i was not resubmiited for processing like I was told (by an advocate).

    I have to file an amended return with a 1040X.

    My job did not report my earnings so I have to also get a letter that verifies my income.

    this is week 7 and my amount returned will drastically change and there is no guarantee that any of this will even go through in a timely manner once it’s completed.



    This is year two for me so hopefully next year is my last year for this craziness! But for now I will just keep praying to get thru this year!



    Hey everyone, Just got my refund in my bank. So hoping you all get yours soon as well. Best wishes, see you all next year!!! :}



    Just got a call from my tax advocate which is from ny not pa where I am From which was a little weird but I will take whomever will help me! Told he don’t need anything from me at this time and that we will call me back when he gets a ddd! Idk what to think now guess I just wait at this point!


    Amanda H


    I spoke with the intake line and was told an advocate will call me by march 4th and I was given a case number



    quick question, so when the TPG TAXPAYER Website says, your money has been funded. do you get it the same day in your bank account,, or takes that one day? suppose to get my dd by the 2nd says.



    Filed 1/13
    Accepted 1/14
    Lost tax topic and bars 1/30
    Called and did identity verification 2/4
    Was told I was put back in que 2/4
    Was finally able to order return transcript 2/12
    …still waiting
    I’ve called the irs a few times demanding answers and have been told that there is nothing wrong, they are just processing and to wait the 9 weeks. (BS because ppl who id verified AFTER me have already received their money.
    So for the heck of it, I called the irs yesterday, was told the same thing, that my return is still being processed..I then told the irs rep that others have received their return before me, and that there has to be a reason they are hanging onto my return, that I would like to know so I can address it if they need something from me..the rude rep told me that “every return is different and that I have to wait the full 9 weeks”…..oh BS..I’m so tired of these lying people.



    finally an update:

    1-23: filed/accepted
    2-8: called IRS to check status, told my refund was on hold
    2-8: requested Tax Advocate
    2-11: told I was under review for income verification; faxed info same day
    2-13: lost bars, but kept tt 152
    2-22: called TA for update, was told case assigned and actively being worked. IRS had until March 1-2 to respond if not before
    3-1: TA called and advised refund is being released, but could take 3 weeks to issue refund

    I did receive a CP05 letter, but can’t remember what date I received it

    Hopefully it will not take the full 3 weeks.



    Did u talk to the intake line or a tax advocate?
    I talked to the intake line yesterday and got a case number but said a tax advocate will call me 3/3/16
    Which is crazy BC my first call to leave a message for a tax advocate was 2/16 then again last Thursday and never got a call back idk at this point!


    Amanda H


    I verify my id on 2/5 and it was closed on 2/10 but they put a hold on my refund b/c I am under review b/c my income reported between me and my employer was $1000 diff, so its on hold still, I had to call a tax advocate today. Some people got theirs within a week or two just depending on the situation.



    @ texasgirl…..All, I have a copy of my account transcript today and it has cyclecode 20160805. I spoke with an agent today and was told that although my return was received on 2/6, it did not begin processing until 2/12 and my 21 days will not be up until 3/4. She also said that the as of date on the transcript is the date that if no other errors or holds are present …3/14 is when I should receive it by. I do have an offset but I’m hoping it doesn’t take two more weeks and I get a big surprise Saturday with a ddd for at least next week.



    So I have cycle code 05 so that would make me a “weekly” updater, but I always receive my refunds on a Friday. Does that make sense?



    @ anyone or Texasgirl

    How long after you verify your identity before you get your refund. I verified on 02/23/16.




    Got a callback from the TA today, right on cue.

    Apparently they have now completed my review and I should get a DDD on Friday. Fingers crossed. I need this money for my removal next week.


    Amanda H


    so finally got an advocate to file a case number for me for a hardship, they said my return was being held for my wages I reported and the company reported was a little over a thousand dollars diff. She said they may make me file an amended return (for whatever reason). what do you think?


    Upset mama with a toddler

    @texasgirl I still have not received any information or update on my return. Called IRS today and the lady told me that my return is still processing and to give it a few more weeks. So this sucks. I was told that they should be done by March 10 but that is not concrete. This is a total nightmare. I feel like I’m not gonna get my money


    Amanda H

    im on the phone with a tax advocate now and am being told my wages reported from me and my employer is a little over a $1000 diff so that’s why im under review and I may have to file a amended return, and even tho I have a hardship they cannot do anything



    Tax Return Accepted By IRS before 11:00 am between… Direct Deposit Sent* Paper Check Mailed*
    Jan 19, 2016 (first day IRS accepts returns) and Jan 29, 2016 Feb 5, 2016 Feb 6, 2016
    Jan 30 and Feb 05, 2016 Feb 12, 2016 Feb 13, 2016
    Feb 06 and Feb 12, 2016 Feb 19, 2016 Feb 20, 2016
    Feb 13 and Feb 19, 2016 Feb 26, 2016 Feb 27 , 2016
    Feb 20 and Feb 26, 2016 Mar 4, 2016 Mar 5, 2016
    Feb 27 and Mar 04, 2016 Mar 11, 2016 Mar 12, 2016
    Mar 05 and Mar 11, 2016 Mar 18, 2016 Mar 19, 2016
    Mar 12 and Mar 18, 2016 Mar 25, 2016 Mar 26, 2016
    Mar 19 and Mar 25, 2016 Apr 1, 2016 Apr 2, 2016
    Mar 26 and Apr 01, 2016 Apr 8, 2016 Apr 09, 2016
    Apr 02 and Apr 08, 2016 Apr 15, 2016 Apr 16, 2016
    Apr 09 and Apr 15, 2016 Apr 22, 2016 Apr 23, 2016
    Apr 16 and Apr 22, 2016 Apr 29, 2016 Apr 30, 2016
    Apr 23 and Apr 29, 2016 May 6, 2016 May 7, 2016
    Apr 30 and May 06, 2016 May 13, 2016 May 14, 2016
    May 07 and May 13, 2016 May 20, 2016 May 21, 2016
    May 14 and May 20, 2016 May 27, 2016 May 28, 2016
    May 21 and May 27, 2016 Jun 3, 2016 Jun 4, 2016
    May 28 and Jun 03, 2016 Jun 10, 2016 Jun 11, 2016
    Jun 04 and Jun 10, 2016 Jun 17, 2016 Jun 18, 2016
    Jun 11 and Jun 17, 2016 Jun 24, 2016 Jun 25, 2016
    Jun 18 and Jun 24, 2016 Jul 1, 2016 Jul 2, 2016
    Jun 25 and Jul 01, 2016 Jul 8, 2016 Jul 9, 2016
    Jul 02 and Jul 08, 2016 Jul 15, 2016 Jul 16, 2016
    Jul 09 and Jul 15, 2016 Jul 22, 2016 Jul 23, 2016
    Jul 16 and Jul 22, 2016 Jul 29, 2016 Jul 30, 2016
    Jul 23 and Jul 29, 2016 Aug 5, 2016 Aug 6, 2016
    Jul 30 and Aug 05, 2016 Aug 12, 2016 Aug 13, 2016
    Aug 06 and Aug 12, 2016 Aug 19, 2016 Aug 20, 2016
    Aug 13 and Aug 19, 2016 Aug 26, 2016 Aug 27, 2016
    Aug 20 and Aug 26, 2016 Sep 2, 2016 Sep 3, 2016
    Aug 27 and Sep 02, 2016 Sep 9, 2016 Sep 10, 2016
    Sep 03 and Sep 09, 2016 Sep 16, 2016 Sep 17, 2016
    Sep 10 and Sep 16, 2016 Sep 23, 2016 Sep 24, 2016
    Sep 17 and Sep 23, 2016 Sep 30, 2016 Oct 1, 2016
    Sep 24 and Sep 30, 2016 Oct 7, 2016 Oct 8, 2016 (STILL NO DD)THEY KEEP MAKING EXCUSES



    Is it anyway i can get a TA without a hardship anyone know pleaseeeeee helllpppppp


    Amanda H

    So I am getting a cp05 letter through the mail I was on hold for 2 hours yesterday for a tax advocate when I finally hung up, smh I called 3 times, its hard to get thru to them.



    Last but not least….

    IRS – contributed to other reasons not in our control.



    Wouldn’t it be nice, if we only knew the IRS thought process, system and scheduling of refunds psychology…unfortunately we don’t ugh :-(

    I would Just continue to:

    1. Call IRS (demand answers)
    2. Advocate Assistance (if possible)
    3. Visit your local office

    Maybe one of these contributed to the delay?

    1. Math error
    2. Insurance Form
    3. Offsets
    4. Back taxes ( any letters)
    5. Major changes this year
    6. Entry errors

    Hang in there, I know this is a very frustrating process, but please don’t get discourage or give up hope.

    Goodnight ALL




    LMBO – I hear ya, hey you can do what I do sometimes, change your voice to sound deep like a man, they can’t prove you are NOT him, if you know all the answers to the questions…right. Get one over on them…..hehehehehhehehehhehehee…some guys do have soft spoken voices ….right?…lol.

    I have no doubt you will see this thru till the end. Hopefully he will get it sooner than later…geishadoll….post about seeing the message change to “receive your return…..seem to be right on point that things are moving in the right direction…

    See, team work on here, a lot of people have a lot to contribute by telling their timeline till their DDD….awesome supporting groups here….all need a big KUDOS :-).

    I am so ready to start packing on get out of here on Sunday…it is my 3rd cruise so I know it is going to be a blast, that is if we don’t sink or anything…ugh :-( or run into a storm…smh. I can only pray pray pray…lol.




    Well, I do owe back taxes from 2014 and I’ve been paying on them every month. Next month my payment is supposed to get taken out of my paycheck automatically but that may not even get started. Part of me thinks they were waiting on my payment for February, which I did pay, before doing anything. I wont get much back once they take the refund but the little bit will help. Thanks for your help.




    Aw thanks Hun for breaking that down for me! It’s so confusing. Guess we just ride it out for now! Going to try to convince him to call back one more time tomorrow maybe and see if they sent any letters or have any new updates for him. It sucks because he hates talking to those people and never asks the right questions lol. I wish I could just make the phone calls for him cause I know how to talk to those people & would at least id probably get an answer out of them! Lmao (: (: Have fun on your vacae girl! <3




    Because IRS did things backward this year, they finished processing refunds, then held it because they found issues, like back taxes, debt owed or didn’t have W-2 from employer to verify it was legit…before they sent out the refund.

    You do know that IRS can go back (3) years to collect any over payment that they may have paid out before they had received all the information from employers of wages you may have not reported that particular year…after the 3rd year that can’t collect. They wait to collect on the 3rd year for a reason, the earn 3 years of interest on the amount due….even tho they knew this shortly after the tax year ended but waited to gain more money from you….smart of them uh?…smh.

    So, they are going back to 2013 to snatch your money this year…..next year they will be looking at the 2014 return to see if you didn’t claim all income/wages….so forth and so forth…ugh.

    This is why so many people are finding out they have back taxes owed…

    States are doing the same, they are submitting a hold on your return to make sure IRS collect their debts as well…this is one of the reason they are giving people the run around…they have a motive for doing this…




    The cycle code 20160705 – Feb 15 – 19 which is the 7 week of the year. His bars disappears on the 20th, because IRS knew that they would not complete his return by the 18th his cycle date.

    Yes (05) does mean he is a weekly filer – they are processed on Thursdays and updated early Friday mornings for a DDD usually updated on the WMR on Saturday…you may see a pending deposit on that day as well…

    For example – If no movement this Thursday night for early morning of the 4th, then it could be another whole week before the next update…

    Is his message still saying ” we are still processing your return and a DDD will be available…” if so, when you see this message change to “we have received your refund and is processing….” that mean something is about to happen soon…

    Remittance: The sum of money that is being sent to him… If it says -0- that means still processing. No money has been sent out as of yet…

    Exemption – Is the number of dependent he claimed, if it was just himself…it would reflect 1…

    Yes, you should see a negative amount, because IRS will be making a payment to HIM; so therefore it will be considered an Accounts Payable which is a liability account against the IRS funds…

    Accounts Payable = money going out (credit) indicates an amount that is owed…

    Accounts Receivable = money coming in (debit) indicates an amount being paid..

    Hope this helps…



    This tax season has been insane. I so want to call the IRS and check on things but since I am weekly they probably won’t tell me anything. Then again, they won’t tell you anything anyhow. They need to start telling people what is going on because the tax season is almost over. I still don’t understand how I was able to order return transcripts but still be considered in the processing phase.




    You are very welcome, please keep me updated ok.

    Hang in there…



    Can anyone help me understand this transcript? This is for my boyfriend mind you be F&A 2/2 .. He lost his bars on 2/20 but that following Monday on 2/22 I was finally able to order his transcripts. So, on his return trans it says “Cycle posted” 20160705. I know 05 is a “weekly updater” so that means he’d only get ddds on like Wednesday or Saturday’s right?? Does the 07 mean anything or is it just the 05 that’s important? Is there anything else I’m supposed to be looking for? Where it states his “refund or amount owed it shows the amount his refund is this year but it’s -$_____ Is it supposed to be negative and then your refund amount?? The received date is April 15th which I assume is normal cause that’s the last day the IRS tries to get returns out before they have to pay interest .. But is that bad meaning he’s really looking at not getting it till April?? I know he’s in review AGAIN but Jesus Christ why!!! Also we know that turbotax had added the wrong address on his taxes. I typed in the RIGHT address obviously and there’s no auto correct on my work desktop which we filed on so I’m assuming it was at the hands off turbotax for inputting it wrong .. But I don’t think the incorrect spelling of the address should hold him up seeing as how the IRS transcripts made it here just fine lol. Also where it says “remittance” it’s says $0.00 and exemption number is 1. What is the exemption number and remittance all about??



    @texas girl …..thanks ill do that, I call her tomorrow and see what else she needs , when I filed I filed with turbo tax and they said they did not need me to upload my W2 cause their system was able to retrieve it, so I did not upload my W2 not sure if that can be the reason, but my coworker did it the same way as me and she received her refund, ill call tomorrow both irs and tax advocate see what they say…thanks for ur help




    Well finally it seem like you will get your DDD by this weekend…yeahhhhhhhhhhh I been pulling for you. So glad your journey is about to end with the IRS incompetency…smh. Get ready to do that Happy Dance ok…

    Keep me posted….


    Congratulations, whew wasn’t it a rocky road to that DDD…lol.




    You should be demanding answers, if you don’t see an update by Saturday, I would continue calling IRS for answers, or try to get an advocate to tell you whats the hold up…

    You can also visit your local office if all fails….

    Hope you are able to get answers soon.

    Good luck…




    I think the advocate are backlog in calling people back with updates…I would try leaving messages or call IRS and see if they can confirm they have indeed got the information that requested and ask when will your refund be released…

    800-829-0582 #652

    Not much else you can do but go visit your local office…if you want to make sure you are not delayed much longer…

    Good luck




    Uhmmmmmmm, I was told they would NOT accept my W-2 that I had to give them a Income Verification Letter form my employer and it had to be on a company letterhead…

    IRS already have your W-2 that is the problem, they don’t have your employer’s yet….so that need something to verify it is legit….

    I would scroll down to see my post where I gave the info that is required in that letter…and see if my employer would generate it for you and fax over to your advocate or take it to your local office.

    I would call the advocate back and ask her why she is saying to fax over W-2 when it is already in questioned…

    Also, ask her why is she stating it will take (3) weeks to get back to you….it is suppose to take (1) week for IRS to respond back to them…..unless they are overwhelmed themselves and backlog in returning calls with status up date….I would also call IRS again and see what they are saying….something isn’t adding up….

    800-829-0582 #652

    Good luck…




    Refund Approved
    Scheduled: 3/2

    Thank god, hang in there people trust me your chance to get off the IRS fun ride will be soon. Until next year see ya



    Ok, I filed on 1/27. Contacted advocate 2/10. Was told letter c12 was mailed out 2/10. Was told I needed to send in proof of income, 8812, signed tax return, and schedule c. Bars went missing 2/19. Received letter 2/19 also. Letter stated I needed to complete self employment tax or give a reason why I shouldn’t have to pay. Sent letter and proof of hardship to advocate. I have yet to talk to my advocate yet. She still staying send all the other info but hasn’t said anything about the letter. What am I suppose to do at this point?



    hi I filed on 02/03/16 got accepted same day, now on 02/22 called irs and was told I was under review, they couldn’t tell me the reason just to call back in 2 weeks or I will receive a letter through the mail.. SO on 02/22/16 contacted and advocate they called me back on Wednesday and told me to fax in my W2 since they are holding my taxes because of income for verification, any one know how long before I get my taxes back, the advocate told me she will call me back on 03/24 ..



    Was anyone told there was a systemic error nationally and to expect return processing starting the 25th? I filed on the 20th of January..No letters, Was told nothing to worry about.. Could it be an audit?



    This tax season i must say has been the worst of all,

    I filed 1/15
    accepted 1/19
    ordered transcripts 2/4
    lost bars an tt 2/6
    spoke with IRS on 2/8 was told i was under review i needed to wait 45-60 days, got a tax advocate on 2/11 never heard from him called him almost everyday till i received a letter from him on 2/18 stating he had been trying to reach me and it was unsuccessful and how he is working on my case and he would get to me by 2/29 with any new updates. I called him today left him a message practically pleading to please give me a call that i just wanted to be sure that i didnt need to send anything to the IRS and this is whats slowing my process. Finally and hour after that he called me and stated that the IRS had released the hold on my refund and it went in for posting and he is just monitoring this stage and i should see something really soon. He said to keep checking and if nothing happens he will give me a call on Monday to let me know where we are at but he said dont worry there is nothing else holding your refund its just a matter of them releasing for dd.

    He also stated that this year there is an overwhelming demand for tax advocate help and this is why he had not got back to me sooner because hes overwhelmed with so many cases that were assigned to him.

    This is just nuts…I just Thank God my wait is almost over

    @texasgirl any word on how long this posting stage will take can i see something with this weekends update. I am a weekly?




    The date the advocate faxed over your information, IRS supposedly have exactly (1) week to respond back to the advocate to let them know if all is ok….then the following week your refund should be released in the next batch or maybe individually….I say a total of (2) weeks or sooner…

    Good luck….hope you resolved all the issues that kept your refund pending…

    Looking good for you a March 9th…DDD or early pending deposit…:-)



    @amanda @Cd,

    I agree I don’t understand why IRS is not effectively communicating with taxpayers this year, leaving man to speculate or right out try to guess what is holding up their refund….definitely sending mix messages….smh.

    These lengthy delays could have be avoided right at the 21 days mark…

    Amanda, not sure why they did not tell you either, but the good news for you is that you have fix the issue and now is being processed, I think you will be in the next update…

    If you don’t already have an advocate scheduled to call you, it don’t seem like you need to get one. If you do have one I would ask them to get a second opinion or to ensure IRS will be releasing your refund in the next update, it won’t hurt, since IRS being lying to so many this year, keeping people in limbo…smh.

    Cd I am so glad you finally got answers today and know what the problem that is holding your refund up…good job and finally moving forward…

    Wish you both all the best and hope you will see a DDD for March 9th, I still would keep an eye on my bank account up to Friday….you never with the IRS…right “-)




    Please help! I filled early and have been waiting forever. Same basic story as everyone else. I called on the 18th, they said just keep waiting blah blah. I called again today and they said I was verified on the 18th…. which I didn’t even know happened. But they said now it is just being processed and to wait the 6 – 9 weeks which is the time frame they are told to give us. What do you think? Why did I not know I had to verify or that they verified me that day when I called… I’m confused… and stressed.



    I guess I won’t be so annoyed if they would have just told me what I needed to do all the times I have called! He said it’s my ID that’s the problem! And that they may need my id and as card faxed to them but the tax advocate will tell me what to do. Why not just say this to people not lie and say nothing is wrong! If I need to go to the office np just say that! The irs complains about all the phone calls but if they could just tell the truth they wouldn’t have so many calls!




    Hey how long does it takes for the TA to get an update on your refund after they fax the required information that they asked for


    Amanda H


    so now that i know whats holding it up do i really need a tax advocate?




    It seem like IRS is going way back for a lot of people and finding back taxes, or the states or submitting debt owed to them to IRS, they are not letting many slide this year….

    Since that was the only hold up and you sent back the form, you can still be in this upcoming Saturday release…for a DDD March 9th, let’s hope so, if not, then you know for sure you will make the next back for the 17th or sooner….

    Hey, keep an eye on your bank account anyways this week, it could be release in time for this week deposit…I have heard a few got surprises….it could be released manually and not put back in a batch/que…..IRS can process individually refunds.

    So good luck ….

    Got to go…will check back in later…

    Have a good day




    I think this is why many of you that still haven’t gotten one, is definitely because of some identity theft and that you guys were one of those whose information got breached, which a letter is going out today to 700,000 so pray you DO NOT received one of them….because every year you have to go thru this process unless IRS assigned special PIN numbers to skip a lot of steps in the identity process….

    This is what the letter should state:

    Dear Taxpayer:

    We received your income tax return and are in the process of conducting a thorough review of your return information. This review is part of an ongoing program the IRS conducts to ensure the accuracy of return information.

    Your return was selected because we are reviewing one or more of the following:

    1. Income you reported on your return
    2. Income tax withholding amounts you reported on your return.
    3. Claims for tax credits you made on your return.
    4. Business income you reported on your return.

    If any of these items apply to you GET PROOF READY NOW….this is what the advocate is going to request from you.

    Income Verification Letter:

    1. Income you reported on your return (W-2) Box 1.

    2. Income tax withholding amounts (W-2) Box 2.

    3. Dependents SS/Birth Certificate; proof they lived in the home (Report Card/Shot records). I was not ask for this information and was told not to send unless she ask for it.



    Good Luck to…feel so bad you all are going thru this for so long…don’t give up hope you still can still a DDD for March 9th….


    Amanda H


    ok so i just spoke with a tax advocate and was told the reason i am being held up is due to a bal from 2013 and they were waiting on my signature i sent back so once they get that paper i mailed in what will happen and how long will it take for them to take their money and release mine?




    Awesome, so happy for you; now do that HAPPY DANCE :-). Hurry up and spend that money, our economy is depending on you too keep up afloat….hehehehehhehehe….




    Finally got assigned to a tax advocate but won’t hear from them until 3/3/16! This guy told me that even thru I did I’d verify they still can’t prove who I am! He said that someone tried to file a return using my ss number at one time that’s why I had to do ID verify to begin with WHICH IS A DOWN OUT LIE bc I have to do id verify bc I worked for upmc and my where checked stealing employees info! He said the advocate could tell me what else I need to do but I could still take 6 more weeks WT……




    Have you tried asking IRS to generate you a HARDSHIP form and they will send it to an advocate on your behalf, if that doesn’t work, go to your local office and see what the hold up is…it could be something very simple that you can fix while there to get your return release….never just wait on a letter, not good at all…..you will only delay yourself more…

    I would still keep calling my local and statewide advocate number until someone speak to me…it does take up to 3 days for someone to return the call…

    Good luck….it just seem like a lot of you are at the mercy of the IRS…smh




    Got my DDD on Saturday like you said :) Thanx for the support and hope




    That may have been the only thing holding you up, so now that you have completed it, I wouldn’t be surprise if you see a pending deposit this week in your account, if not, an update on Saturday with a DDD for March 9th.

    It usually don’t take the whole (2) weeks after ID verification, if that was the only thing pending…

    Good luck…




    Well you are getting real close to that DDD because 20160806 = Feb 22-26 they schedule to complete your return. Next update possible for you will be Thursday 3rd, which happens around 12am – 6am…now if you haven’t been able to order your return, Friday morning you would bee for a DDD Saturday morning the 5th, with a DDD scheduled for March 9th.

    Good luck…I think your journey may soon be over…keep me posted…ok.


    Tysha Price

    Well my store!!!

    Submitted 1-19
    Approved 1-21
    Says refund sent to bank 2-10
    All bars dropped with error code 1121 on 2-13
    Called IRD 2-13 was told it would be 60 days because I was chosen for a random review. Letter was suppose to be mailed. Nothin in my mail yet.
    Ordered my transcript on 2-15 haven’t gotten that yet!
    Called the IRS this morning and I’m being told I have to verify myself! And I should of been told that last time! But I wasn’t!! I’m so so so annoyed!!



    I can’t get a tax advocate to call me back still waiting for an intake to get one for over a week! Was told today to many cases and not enough help! I do have a hardship now and can’t get the help I need or any answers about why my taxes are held up!


    Amanda H


    So i filed on 1/18 accepted on 1/19 did id verify on 2/5, ordered return trans on 2/19, called on 2/22 was told a credit had been issued, and called again on 2/24 and was told under review, So I called the IRS this morning and was told a letter was being sent out that I do not need to do anything but they need to verify my income. What do i need to do i can call my local tax advocate but i do not have proof of hardship even though come April 1st i will not have anywhere to live.



    At this point I would take any information about my return bc the iris gives me nothing when I call. No codes no letters at all to this point.


    GT 5Oh

    I finally got a DDD of 3/2

    Filed 1/15 via HRB
    Accepted 1/19
    Bars disappeared 2/1
    Rec’d ID verify letter on 2/15.
    Verified ID online on 2/15 but, for whatever reason, there was no progress after that.
    I called on 2/22 and was told ID verify didn’t take and to verify via phone.
    Was able to order return transcripts on 2/26.
    Had a DDD of 3/2 the morning of the 27th.

    P.S. – Mine was hung up with no bars or TT and gave me the “Blah blah processing…refund date will be provided blah blah”. Once ID verify was properly done, the message changed the next day to “We have received your return and we are processing it”. I was given the 9 week speech but it only took a few days for return transcripts and DDD.


    Amanda H

    So I called the IRS this morning and was told a letter was being sent out that I do not need to do anything but they need to verify my income.


    impatiently waiting


    So I called the IRS since the wmr did not match what the agent told me last Friday. Lo and behold no money is coming that agent just told me that to get me off the phone!!! I am more than livid. I have a CP05 letter scheduled to be mailed on 3/7 and they have 60 days from the date of that letter to resolve whatever the hell they want. Then I may get my money and was specifically told not to mail or fax anything until I received notice to do so. I also tried another TA and was told no help without major hardship….again!!! WTeverlovingF is going on?! The IRS is a waste and I cannot believe the s**t we are going through this year to get OUR money. I am half tempted to get a cash paying job and say f**k paying taxes…..Oh I am so done calling and even trying to deal with these thieves anymore.



    Forgot to mention I ordered my return transcripts Feb 13th



    So I’ve been following and posting updates…I think maybe two so far…So… I filed o. The 14th of Jan….lost bars on the 31st with tax topic 152….still processing message…After my 21 days was up I called them and asked them what was up…she says she looked at my forms and saw nothing was wrong and told me I’ve been resequenced in the que and to wait two weeks….So I call back this morning cuz its been over two weeks and now they say I am under review which is a 60 day deal…



    @texasgirl. Thanks so much for answering. I’ve been watching and reading since I filed on 2/5 and was comfortable after seeing how you’ve helped so many, that you know what you’re talking about. Thanks for helping me and so many others.

    I have a copy of my return transcript and it has a cycle date of 20160805 so I know that I’m a weekly filer. When would be the next possible up date?



    i dont understand i did the id verify thing and everyone else is getting their ddd wth….




    Hope I ships cross path, if so, I will be sure to wave at you…lmbo.

    I sure hope you have good news and yes after all this stress, you and everyone on here deserve to take a trip….because this year has been a TRIP…smh.

    I would love to see everyone that I been following have a DDD by Saturday before I sail off into the deep blue sea :-).

    For those who are still waiting, hang in there, I know it is easier said than done, but keep the faith; your turn is coming soon….I will keep you all in my prayers that you will get good news this week…and maybe a shock to find your refund pending in your bank account before the WMR even update. Now that would be awesome….good luck all.

    Have a good night…





    Cycle code 20160505 this is the date IRS was suppose to complete your refund which is Feb 1-5, the 05 mean you are a weekly filer which updates on Thursdays. Since that didn’t happen, your return was flagged for some issue. The reason they have the date of April 15, 2016 is because they have until that date to complete or pay your interest. That is the deadline for ALL taxpayers to file their return or be penalized….not a good sign at all…

    All you can do at this point is to continue to contact IRS until someone give you some answers, if they won’t try an advocate, if all fails you may want to visit your local office and demand answers.

    800-829-0582 #652


    Double check to make sure you have no offset….now you know if they found any back taxes it will not show up on the offset line….only IRS will be able to tell you if that is the reason…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline

    Did the message on the WMR change as stated below?


    That message of ” your tax is still processing and a refund date will be given when available”….or whatever it says, doesn’t mean that actually. Your refund is just sitting until someone can get to it.

    Pay attention to the dates the reps give you; those dates are actually the dates of when they actually began processing your return. and when the message changes to ” we have received your tax return and it is being processed”… that’s when they actually begin processing your returns.

    Could be many things holding it up this year….like your employer haven’t provided the W-2 directly to IRS and the need a Letter verifying income; FORM 1095A if that applies to you; back taxes/debt owed; identity verification…

    1-800-830-5084 – IDENTITY LINE

    Did you have any changes from last year tax return?

    Good luck, but don’t give up trying to find answers ok.




    Since you were able to order your return just recently, you could have a DDD any day this week up to Saturday. A lot of people may still pending deposit before the WMR updates…so keep an eye on your bank ok….let’s hope if you don’t see anything sooner, you will Saturday, that is usually the big update when most post…good luck.

    @samantha, Congratulations on finally getting your DDD…:-)




    It look like they just starting processing your return when the message changed, like you were put back in que. That is a good sign, did you read geishadoll said, I think she is right on point…it look like you may see a DDD this week or by the weekend…the WMR may not change at all, so check your back account for a pending deposit…good luck, keep me updated ok.


    That message of ” your tax is still processing and a refund date will be given when available”….or whatever it says, doesn’t mean that actually. Your refund is just sitting until someone can get to it.

    Pay attention to the dates the reps give you; those dates are actually the dates of when they actually began processing your return. and when the message changes to ” we have received your tax return and it is being processed”… that’s when they actually begin processing your returns.


    Samantha Ayets

    Accepted on 1/19. 1/31 lost bars. Didn’t bother calling the IRS, too agitating. Figured I would hear from them eventually. Received a letter in the mail on 2/18 advising I needed to ID Verify. Verified over the phone on 2/22. I was told by the IRS agent 9 weeks, probably sooner, and not to worry about checking WMR because it’s past my 21 days and it probably won’t update. Checked WMR this morning anyway, as I know a few people who have gotten late updates. Bars are back, refund approved, DDD 3/2.



    @texasgirl I filed on 2/5…accepted on 2/6….ordered account transcript 2/12. Wmr changed to your return is still processing date provided when available on 2/22. Called 2/25 to order account transcript and the agent said it was still processing. I think she assumed I meant return transcript since I said it was for school. I said thanks and told her that i would try again next week and she said that i should call back two weeks from the time i was expecting to receive my refund. I was able to order return transcript the next day 2/26. When would you guesstimate me receiving a DDD? Also I filed with taxact with fees taken out and republic bank has sent some DEP PRENOTE CREDIT for $0.0 on two occasions. Once on 2/9 and again on 2/23. What are your thoughts?




    I ordered my transcript twice. The first time was 5 Feb and I just got it last week with no codes or anything on it. Since I didn’t think it went thru, I ordered it again on the 13th and actually got that one before the one I ordered on the 5th. They both were the same. No codes or anything. It had my cycle date 20160505 and processing date 15 April 2016. I’m confused. My refund amount was a -$8, $$$ and amount owed/due is -$8, $$$. I don’t have any offsets or anything so my amount is legit. I’m just worried that it will take forever to come and everybody seems to be getting updates except me. Irs is not telling me nothing either


    amanda h

    I was accepted on 1/19 did I’d verify on 2/5 ordered return trans on 2/19 on 2/20 wmr changed to we have received your tax return and it’s being processed, so I called and was told I’m under review and called 3 different days last week and all reps told me I was under review and the last one told me to wait 60 days



    @texasgirl I hope your right that when you get back from your cruise I will be leaving on mine…lol The cruise of tax refund by the sea…LOL



    To ALL

    From my experience, It seems as though I had to wait 30 days from the date of what was supposed to be my original DDD date. On the SBTG (Santa Barbara Tax Group) site; they were expecting my refund to be deposited on 2/2/16. I just found out on WMR my date is 3/2/16. See what I mean?

    SO if you’re told you do not have any offsets, there’s nothing you need to verify, and the reps just give you absurd waiting times, Try counting up the days from your supposed DDD date. The reps are only telling people what they are told to say because the irs is behind. Some people that are stressing themselves about i.d. verification does not even have to do that.

    Also, I honestly think that although I filed on the 11th of January and stated that it didn’t count until the 19th; They actually did not begin processing my return until the 16th. That message of ” your tax is still processing and a refund date will be given when available”….or whatever it says, doesn’t mean that actually. Your refund is just sitting until someone can get to it.

    Pay attention to the dates the reps give you; those dates are actually the dates of when they actually began processing your return. and when the message changes to ” we have received your tax return and it is being processed”… that’s when they actually begin processing your returns.

    It’s a shame that we just couldn’t be told the truth from the beginning, SMH



    ALL if IRS is saying they will send you a CP05 Letter, I found some links that may give you some additional insight as to what to expect or what you can do to speed it up…hope this helps …







    You are very welcome, I went thru this nightmare last year and it was no fun at all…so I truly do feel everyone’s paint and wish it on no one…IRS cause a lot of the delays with the breach and system glitches as well…unfortunately next year will be no different…so brace yourself and pray you will not be flagged again…

    Do not wait until April 14 ok, be very proactive in demanding answers ok….

    Bug the heck out of IRS all next week until they tell you something…ok.

    800-829-0582 #652

    All advocate does not ask for hardship, keep calling them as well until one of them give you answers…call both local and statewide…


    Keep checking these numbers as well…sometimes the WMR never updates after you been under a review…mines didn’t last year after I got my refund…only because an advocate helped me…I was told the same thing…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline


    You already verified your identity?

    1-800-830-5084 Id verification #

    It may be harder to get thru so call all these numbers:

    Customer Service 800-829-0922 IRS

    1 (800) 829-0582 ext 352

    Really if you still don’t get answers’ go visit your local office until they tell you what is wrong…use this trick to get them to look up your status….say you need your transcript for school and is unable to order it; ask if they can help assist you with this…if they say they order it and it will be in the mail…then your return is completed…and then ask what is the HOLD up…

    Keep me posted ok….I am really hoping you at least get some answers as to why the long delay….

    It just may be that you need to verify your income or maybe they needed the FORM 1095A if you went thru the Market place….



    @sewmomma and ALL…

    Who got their DDD this past weekend, Congratulations!!!!

    Now you can all relax and prepare for next year. IRS has already predicted a high volume of fraudulent tax return will be expected and over 700,000 letters will be going out on Monday to all those who actually had their info breached…

    So, next year it will be a mess again….just be careful not to file too early, because if IRS does not have your employer W-2, your return will just sit in a holding status until they can…

    Have you all heard the saying…LAST WILL BE FIRST – FIRST WILL BE LAST…..IN THE BIBLE…something to PONDER…:-).




    I will try calling them first thing in the morning i still have tt152 & my amount no bars just says your return is still being processed and a date will be provided when available when i call the irs they told me that i would no longer update and they said it was nothing i had to do but just wait and if i didnt receive it by April 14 give them a call im really irritated by this i been following this forums since i filed i just never commented but i i really appreciate all the help you do try to give and i thank you for taking time out just to give us information and give us hope



    @Upset Moma with a toddler :-).

    I don’t think you are going to be upset much longer, based on what you post 20160705 = week of 2016 = Year (07) = week of Feb 15-19 which mean that is when IRS scheduled to complete your return (05) mean you are a weekly filer. Your return is only updated on Thursday which you will see a change early Friday morning between 12am – 6am…for a DDD on Saturday morning.

    1. Weekly returns post on Thursday for processing on Friday… Wmr on Saturday for ddd of Wednesday… Weekly returns will not process until Friday….
    2. Daily vs Weekly… Cycles 01 02 03 04 are daily cycles. 05 is the only weekly cycle!

    It appear you were able to order your transcript on 2-19, it usually take (2) weeks to resequence you back in que, so it is looking very favorable you seeing a DDD this week…keep your eye on your bank account all week ok…

    Good luck….




    I knew the account transcript would be blank, because they wasn’t finished yet. If you just ordered your return, then you should be in this week update for a March 9 DDD.


    LMBO – you wish 570 meant your area code…would be nice tho uh? YEP THAT IS A BIG “FREEZE” CODE….but you know what is going on..so you all good :-). By the time I get back from my cruise, you will be posting you got your DDD..yeahhhhhhhhh :-).


    Thank you very much for you kind words, glad I was able to help in some small way while you went thru this long journey…as so many others are still going thru…hope to see you again next year….was nice meeting you. Take care my friend….:-)




    Yep, I agree with you, there is no reason they should be reviewing his return again this year. All you can do at this point is continue to call the IRS or an advocate for answers. Why they aren’t telling you anything is weird….wth is that all about. Or they crazy, that is their JOB to tell taxpayers what is wrong with their return….if I was you I would get a Letter from your employer Income Verification and fax it or take it to your local office….usually that is what it is pending for. If his employer did send his W-2 directly to them…then I don’t know what the heck is going on…smh. Good luck in getting answers….

    @tray, yes it is possible you can see a pending deposit this week in your account before you see the WMR update. When were you able to order your return transcript?



    Cdm if you were able to order your transcript on the 19th, I think you are good for a DDD this week. It usually take (2) weeks after you are resequenced and that will be this upcoming week. Keep checking your bank account…or call until someone tell you something…may have to go in person to your local office.


    It sound like you need to call the IRS again as well, but this time tell them to generate you a HARDSHIP FORM on your behalf for an advocate to contact you…Also, try calling one as well. If all fails visit your local office ok…and demand answers.

    @impatiently waiting…

    I think you will see a update this week, if the rep said 3/1 they do update on Tuesday for possible Wednesday/Friday deposits….keep your fingers crossed, I truly do think you will be getting some good news sooner than you think.

    Hang in there all…



    @geishadoll_39 @waiting game, @kristy

    Congratulations, wow what a journey this year has been for many….so glad you finally got relief from all the waiting and not knowing….so happy for you guys…yeahhhhhhhhh


    It you the message change to being processed, you should see some movement this week up to Saturday. If you are still a little concerned, keep trying to call this number until you get a live rep ok….good luck keep me posted ok.

    800-829-0582 #652



    @impatiently waiting

    mine says the same thing!
    haven been trying to get a TA since 2/16/16 but no one calls me back and keep getting disconnected from the intake line!
    Irs will not give me any info at all! WT



    I F/A on 1/19 and im still waiting my refund was told i was under review amd that i should recieve a CPO5 letted in the mail but it wouldnt be sent off till 2/22 . i was not able to order transcripts or nothing i just need some information someone pleassssseeeee hellllllppppp


    impatiently waiting

    @ cd

    It just still says processing and date will be provided when available. still has tt152 and all original info. The IRS rep told me I should get my money on 3/1 and the wmr has not changed status since 1/25!



    @impatiently waiting

    can you tell me what your wmr bar says at this point!
    i filed 1/22/16 accepted 1/22/16
    id verify 2/11/16
    no codes or letters gotten at all
    return transcript 2/19/2016
    still no ddd
    mine still says still processing


    impatiently waiting


    I hear ya I filed 1/19 and was accepted the same day. Never received a letter and was able to order transcripts on 2/12. Called and no one could tell me what was being reviewed. Never received a code either. I called again Friday and was told to look for dd on 3/1/16 or call back, however, my wmr has not changed. I am hoping the rep was honest or I may lose my mind.



    Oh and congrats to all of those who finally got a DDD! Especially those who have been waiting for almost a month and who have been through hell and back with the IRS this year! Now you guys can relax and hope it actually gets sent! =D Good luck all!



    I just don’t understand if we are under review wouldn’t we see the 1121 code on WMR instead of just no bars and the generic return is still processing message?? Gonna call the IRS back tomorrow to see if we can get a definite answer as to what’s being reviewed because I agree how can they review him twice in a period of 3 years!!! Especially when nothing is ever wrong!!! No letters either it’s like now it’s getting rediculous and I want a real answer! If not going to call a TA and see what they can see from their end =/ Now I am totally frustrated with it



    Does anyone still have the 1121 code and received their refund. I filed my return 1/23 and now it’s Ben over 30 days. Every time I call the irs, they just say I’m under review and wait 60 days. I verified on 12 Feb and still no update. I just want my money. I see everyone getting updates except me. I don’t want to keep calling them, but is it possible I can get the money and never see WMR update? Frustrated




    Thank you for all your help..you has give.us hope.and more.info than the irs itself..you has been helpful to all in here and i appreciated it that you take your time to read from all of us and respond and give us hope and make us be at ease aleast i feel like that when i read your comments that saids good thing about u as a human being and even tho i dont know.. Thanks for all your help in here and i would pray for you a good hearted person that it can take time to answer and reassure…too give advise and comfort to others god bless your soul


    Upset Mama with a Toodler

    @texas girl

    Hello, I normally don’t write anything on this site and just read all the information but I can’t any longer. I just don’t know what to dour in regards to my situation. Here is how it went,
    January 23 exiled my taxes
    January 24 accepted by the irs
    January 30 WMR changed to: no information can be found on your refund status. Please allow 4 weeks for mailed returns. Topic 152
    Please call 8008290582 extra 362 and use reference code 9001. I called the following Monday and the lady told me that I have to do id verify. Couldn’t do it then cause I was at work and didn’t have my paperwork. Tried to do it online but it kept saying it was unavailable
    2-5 I called the number again and while I was on hold, decided to try the website once more and completed everything and got the successful completion statement along with it could take 6-8 weeks to process. So I waited a week. The following Saturday 2-13 checked WMR and there was no change. I saw people were stating that the irs was open so I called. The lady in id verify told me that I needed to do that and when I explained that I just did it a week ago shemail stated that there was no record of it so I needed to do that with her over the phone which I did successfully. She told me it would take 9 weeks. I notice people were talking about they could order return transcripts and the following week got ddd. I could order my return transcript on 2-19 so I was getting very hopeful. That Saturday though there was still no update on WMR. So I called again the following Tuesday and spoke to 2 different people. One was telling me that there was some other freeze on my account but she didn’t know what it was and that I would receive a letter within 30 days. So I called a tax advocate who told me that they were not helping anybody that didn’t have a hardship. She transfers me back to the irs but it’s the advance accounts dept. She looks at everything and tells me that everything is good and that I will just have to wait the 9 weeks. So I called back wednesday and this lady tells me that I should receI’ve a letter or my refund by 3-10.
    I got my transcript today and it haseems cycle posted as 20160705. I NEED HELP. I AM AT A POINT WHERE I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO



    I got my account transcript today. I had ordered them on 2/8. Took long enough to get. Interesting how the transcript has no information on it. I’m not sure if that was because i had to verify my identity or not. Since i was able to order my return transcript on Friday if that too will be will missing information and just have zeroes on it.



    @texasgirl I been here just watching and have nothing to say but just waiting….lol I did receive my accoutn transcript today it has that damn 570 code …I forgot what does the 570 code mean? bc my area code is 570 I was hoping it mean my $$ was near me LMAO!!!



    Yes you are right. Im going to wait till the end of January to file to make sure i reaceive all forms if they send one i do not have the insurance this year but applied through the health market and says only medicaid. So i should have and exemption. But anyways. See yall next year. I pray all who didnt see an update today you see it next week. Its been a long ride. Talk to ya later



    Finally DDD of 3/2.

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    DDD of 3/2 due to an offset with the VA



    It’s finally over!!!

    Filed: January 11, 2016

    Accepted: January 11, 2016

    Bars Disappeared: January 29, 2016

    I was told I was re-sequenced and I did not have to verify anything. I was also told I was under review and I would need to give the irs at least until the 22nd of February. SO I called back before that date and it changed to having to wait 6-8 weeks from the 16th of February.

    On last Saturday my WMR changed to “we have received your return and it is being processed. This Saturday I woke up to a DDD of March 2nd.

    I’m hoping this helps someone to understand how this thing is going this year. I’m just truly glad it’s over. Thanks @texasgirl for the encouragement!

    So I actually.


    waiting game

    @texasgirl I got my second bar with a ddd of 3/2. I’m so happy right now. I can finally pay off a whole lotta bills. Thanks for all your help. And I pray everyone else gets there return very very soon. See you all next year.



    I filed 1/19/2016 I had one bar at first but now I just get a processing message. Couldn’t get in touch with a live rep yet. And still haven’t received anything



    Good News Finally!

    Accepted 1/29
    Lost bars and tt on 2/13
    Found out owed federal offset and was told anywhere from 1-3 week delay. On Thursday irs said 2 week delay starting 2/29, but could be sooner.
    This morning got a ddd of 3/2.




    If you are one of the ones who did NOT see a DDD this weekend and was told nothing is holding your return up; then I don’t see any reason you will not be in the next batch which could be anytime between Monday – Saturday. Please keep checking the WMR throughout the weekend and via phone….to see if it updates. IRS claims it does 24/7 at least once a day…if that is indeed true…you may still update…for a DDD next week.

    All I can say if YOU do not see a DDD by next weekend on March 5th with a DDD for March 9th and you have done everything possible to follow up on why….then it is now totally up to the IRS to release your MONEY…and up to YOU to do everything possible to DEMAND answers…until you get them. That means doing the following:

    1. Keep calling IRS
    2. Get an advocate to assist – if you don’t have a hardship just ask if they can tell you what they see in IRS system… All advocates don’t ask for proof. You may get lucky…
    3. Visit your local office

    If you filed on or before January 31st and still waiting; then we all know there is a problem that need to be addressed; or they should have sent a letter or see a letter stating the reason…

    Because of the breach IRS is holding a lot of refunds until the can confirm you are YOU, or they have NOT received your W-2 from your employer and all they need is your stubs/Letter from your employer on their Letter Head with a contact name and number and information on your W-2. That will get your refund released….or you need to verify your ID.

    It may be something as simple as you did not Send in the Insurance Form 1095A with your return…

    These seem like the most common reason I have read that is causing many delays…

    Wish you all the best, and I am really pulling for you guys to end this journey with IRS by March 5th…I will be here until then doing everything I can to help support you thru this.

    You all are in my prayers…hang in there and keep the faith.

    Next year….it will start all over again, because IRS is sending out letter starting on Feb 29th to all those who information was actually breached, it turned out to be more than 700,000 in all…and they predicting a high volume of fraudulent taxes next year….so think twice about filing too early…without them receiving a W-2 from your employer, you refund will just sit in hold until they do…..no advantage in filing early.



    @Patient Butterfly @Calmdown @chelle @ALL

    Congratulations on all those who received the good news this morning….yeahhhhhhhhhhh so happy for you guys…

    Patient, you are very welcome and thank you for the kind words; let’s just hope next year we are all prepared and ready to deal with the IRS much earlier than later; first sign there is trouble brewing…when we don’t see that DDD shortly after ordering our Return transcript…red flag.

    @tls @Jaime

    Don’t be too discourage, there is still hope that you can see a DDD between now and next Saturday…keep an eye on your bank account…you may get a surprise sooner rather than later….keep the faith.


    It will not take (3) weeks to get your return, it usually is within a week or 10 days….in the past the postman will hold IRS refund until Saturday delivery due to theft around this time of year…they do it for protection, because most people are home and can check their mail right away, than those who may be a work…..so keep an eye on your mailbox on weekends for sure, if not this one, maybe next weekend. It is possible they will still put it in your box during weekdays as well….all depends on your mail carrier…at least it is in the MAIL…so they say….I hope that is true…:-).

    Good luck all…



    @impatiently waiting,

    Hey, you still can see your money next week. There is another update, and you could get a DDD for Friday deposits. The main one is on Saturday, but a few small ones are done between now and then….so don’t be too discourage just yet.

    Keep and eye on your bank account all next week, sometimes WMR does not update and it still can update throughout the weekend…Tuesday/Wednesday is another update…

    You may not know this but IRS do release refund “manually” not always in a batch…individually as well.

    So, you just may see your refund by Friday…worse case, Saturday again…maybe only one more week delay…ugh :-(




    Great name by the way….I would be too…lol. Waiting this long for answers got to be stressful and frustrating to say the least…geez :-(

    First, 20160605 = Cycle code which means that is the day IRS planned to complete your return which would be Feb 1-5.

    Some issue must have flag the return for further review, because you did not see a DDD shortly after you were able to order your return on 2/10. If you were resequenced you would have seen one this weekend…it usually take (2) weeks after being put back in que…still did not happen for you.

    The date on your transcript April 15th – that is date EVERYONE have to file their tax return…but some have until April 18th this year due to a holiday…but that is the standard day, after that day, you have to pay interest for being late…

    All signs point to you are under review.

    It is critical for you at this time to contact an advocate to provide whatever it is they are holding your refund…it may be for ID verification, Income verification etc.,

    I don’t understand why they aren’t telling you anything or you haven’t received a letter as of yet.

    Try verifying your ID and see what it says:

    1-800-830-5084 – IDENTITY LINE

    Check to see if you have any offset:

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline

    Keep calling the IRS until someone tells you something: Ask them to generate you a HARDSHIP FORM for an advocate to contact you.

    800-829-0582 #652

    Try calling both a local and statewide advocate;


    If all fails, then visit your local office to demand answers. It is clear they are holding for some “reason” until you can make them tell you what that is….all you can do is sit and wait and wait and wait….not good at all.

    Keep me posted ok….and good luck really I wish you the best;


    Impatiently waiting

    So the agent told me last night I should receive my money next week but no update on wmr. I am a little discouraged.



    Good Morning ALL,

    Hey Dom

    Where you been MIA…lol. Miss you! Well I know your situation, you aren’t expecting a DDD for maybe a couple of more weeks or so…..ugh :-(.

    Well make sure you give me an update on March 5th, because I won’t be able to post again until the 16th.

    I hope when I come back; all those still waiting will have good news by that time…

    Hang in there ok…




    I have been following this post since Jan 24 but never asked any questions but I can’t find out what the delay is I filled 1/6/16 and was accepted 1/19/16 my bars disappeared on 2/5/16 and was able to order return transcript on 2/10/16 I have a code of 20160605 and have called the IRS several time and every time I’m told it’s only a additional review and nothing wrong was really hoping for a update today what should I do next and also I have a received date on transcript for April 15 2016 what dose this mean please help I just need answers



    Gm all!!

    I woke up to great news. I got extra money and a ddd of 3/2. I am so happy. Prayer changes things. I actually got a credit back from the healthcare premium. Surprised me. Now to wait till Wed. I hope everyone else has good news today also.


    thank you for all your help and insight. It really made this process smoother. Enjoy your cruise. im going to plan me a vacation soon.



    Got a ddd for 3/2… The waiting is over!!!



    I’ve been going through, what feels like circles, with trying to sort everything out. I’m just hoping this helps someone.

    I filed 02/04
    Accept 02/04.
    Bar disappeared 02/12 w/ Tax topic 153 and ref. number 9001.
    Received no letters.
    Saw this forum and called in.
    Verification 2/22.
    Called 02/23 and 02/24. Irs said it was going to be a 6 week wait.

    Considered calling a TA for advice. But low and behold, waited for the big Saturday update, and DDD posted today, 02/27, for 03/02.

    I’ve heard about DD not making into bank accounts even though it gives a DDD. So now I wait.

    Hope this years nightmare is over. Good luck to everyone.



    Sorry about the spelling im just fed up with this irs workers giving people hopes and dreams about their money..like do your jobs and start sending peoples money already lole what it is so hard when is been probally same info every year aleast thats my case…



    Well i check the status of both fed and statevagain yesterday they state said we receive your respond from the audit give them 90 days today in the morning state said they dont have any info on my refund to aloud the 24 hour after i efiled dont understand i got accepted on 1/26 had a fed deposit date for 2/10 didnt get it all they told mw to wait into 2/16 to call back i did they rold me i was been review but no letter was send yet thye need it to verified employer well call again on 2/25 both fed and state..fed tells me the bank rejected my funds and u was getting a mail check give them 3 more weeksl…i just dont understand why they are acting so confused like rhey dint even know what they doing irs been doing this for years to people what it is so hard to give us our money like really now my nys isnt even there …



    Still no DDD this morning! Filed 1/13 accepted 1/14, id verified 2/4, have been told with every call that there are NO problems, to just wait my 9 weeks..this is such bull shlt



    Woke up this morning and discovered that the IRS lady from yesterday was telling the truth. I am still processing even though I was able to order return transcripts. Nothing makes sense this year. So it’s another week of waiting since I’m a weekky.



    @texasgirl … What up!! SO I been quiet bc there is not much for me to do but WAIT!!….lol I sent everything in to my TA the ammended return, my earnings statements for December my dog…my cat…my tires for my car…I sent everything and have not heard back yet so I will WAIT…..lol She did say an ammended return would take almost 4 weeks going thru her if I did not go thru her then 16 weeks. I also made sure my moron boss sent in the new w2s and w2c. So I WAIT!!!….lol what up with you?




    It takes the original amount. It doesnt acknowledge the amended yet. Ugh i hope its not a waiting game i really need my money.



    I am on my way out, so I will check on you all in the morning…hope a lot of you on my list see a DDD in the morning.

    Good luck…

    Have a good night ALL




    Oh ok, then by all means give it a little more time, maybe a couple of more weeks. You never know you just might get that DDD…tomorrow or next weekend :-).




    If you were able to order both transcript on the 22, then yes your original was completed.

    When you check the WMR, which amount allows you to pull up your status….the amended or original amount?

    See which one ok….it is possible that you may get the original amount then they send you the other one at a later date…

    Or they may stop the original from being release and correct it to send you the entire amount due.

    Curious to see which amount the WMR takes…it is still possible you will get a DDD tomorrow, if not, then it will be a wait and see….game all over again…ugh :-(



    I ordered both transcripts on 2/22.

    I had a w-2 come in late and I took it to hr block to see what I should do and they said to file an amended return. When I called earlier this week. The lady said that they saw they had received the amended return but my original was done and the amended would not have any affect on me getting it. Now today this guy says that it may be held up for the amended since they finished my processing on 2/19 and received the amended from what he saw on 2/16. so im really confused.



    At least I ain’t the only one that’s been told that!




    I was able to order my return transcripts but was told today that I am not done processing. The lady looked over my account and it was still processing. I don’t understand how I can order return transcripts but still be processing.


    I am not going to call a tax advocate because, as much as I want this done, I am not in dire need of money and I think I can hold on a little longer. LOL!!




    Now that is odd. Try ordering them again and see what message you get….

    It is done, you should call back and ask why haven’t they released your refund…what is the hold up…

    Maybe nothing, you may see a DDD this weekend…IRS says anything…if they haven’t closed yet call again…see what the next rep says…

    Try ordering via phone as well…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline



    So filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Id verify 2/11
    Ordered return transcripts 2/19
    Got the letter in the mail to call them for transcripts can’t order online so called the guy said he put the note in but that my returned isn’t finished processing??? If I could order them the 19th how r they not processed!



    @impatiently waiting,

    2/12, well they were done processing you over two weeks ago, so it sound like your refund should be released any day now…so next week does sound reasonable…you sound like you are good to go…great!

    You are so very welcome; glad I could help and support you guys as you go thru this stressful year dealing with IRS :-).




    When were you able to order your “return”? If it was within 2 weeks then it has been processed….

    Why was an amended done? Yikes, oh my, let’s hope IRS does not STOP the original from being released because you should NEVER do an amendment return until the original has completed being processed…they don’t even start looking at those until after the April 15th deadline, which could take up to another 8-12 weeks…

    Uhmmmmmm you can wait and see if you get any update tomorrow or see a pending deposit by Monday, if not, then I would contact an advocate and explain to see if they can push the original thru and void out the amendment…or ask IRS if they could do that…to prevent any further delays…

    Good luck…


    impatiently waiting

    I ordered my return transcript back on 2/12 btw


    impatiently waiting


    I hope he was too. Fingers crossed and I will keep you updated. You have been so much help thank you!




    Try ordering your return transcript, if you are able to do so, then they have completed processing your return and you may be in tomorrow update, if not next Saturday for March 9th deposit.

    Once you can actual order the return, that is the 1st indication that you are done…and they are putting you back in que for the next batch…

    So, that is great news! Maybe your employer did send the W-2 after all…

    It is so hard to tell because you get so many different answers from different reps…smh.

    I hope this one is truthful….


    impatiently waiting

    @ texasgirl

    OK so I called back the IRS again and seemed to get a rep that actually looked at my account and did not just give me the same ol review script. I was on hold 3 times for 5-7 minutes and he asked more more than the regular questions to verify my account.

    He said there was a delay in processing and I should see my refund by next week. Would they just say that to stop me from calling or is it actually coming?



    Hello all!!


    So i spoke to an IRS agent today. He tells me that my hold was release on 2/19 but it will take another three weeks to process my return and that even though i ordered my refund transcript that means nothing. Is this correct? Also my amended refund that hrblock did they are showing in the system but he doesnt know if it will delay my original refund his manager said it wouldnt but they are not sure. Im upset right now. Please help.



    Yes he said I was processed in the other day the lady asked her manager at the irs should I receive a ddd before the letter on the 9th in she said yes in when I told him he said this well if you already know this stuff then why are you assume when I’m gone tell you the samething she said I do not have anything wrong with my return in that I don’t have any offsets are owe I checked he was just rude in didn’t want to help me at all but what do you think in plus I called back in the next rep told me I should see something soon but nothing is wrong in that I don’t have any deduction I told her he said that in she said that’s not true what do you think




    Google the corporate name to find another number for them. Also, you can call your Secretary of State office and they will look up the Business entity and provide you all the names listed for that business, title and phone number.

    Let them know what happens and they can advise you on how to locate them or they may be able to track them down for you…also you Employment Commission Agency, because they had to pay wages to them…and who knows maybe none of the agencies know they skipped out without giving W-2…

    IRS can help generate a W-2 on your behalf…


    Read this link…you can complete FORM 4852…

    Contact the IRS If you do not receive your W-2 by February 14th, contact the IRS for assistance at 800-829-1040. When you call, you must provide your name, address, city and state, including zip code, Social Security number, phone number and have the following information:

    Employer’s name, address, city and state, including zip code and phone number
    Dates of employment
    An estimate of the wages you earned, the federal income tax withheld, and when you worked for that employer during 2010. The estimate should be based on year-to-date information from your final pay stub or leave-and-earnings statement, if possible.



    @impatiently waiting…

    All is not lost, go to your local office and take all your paycheck stubs, any bank account deposits if you had direct deposit.

    IRS should be able to track them down, as well as calling your State Representatives and Office of Attorney General Consumer Division….someone will be able to find them…

    But in the mean time….you stubs should be suffice…

    Visit your local office…

    Also, try calling the statewide line and your local advocate, you may get a different advocate that would at least hear your story or do not ask for a hardship …some don’t…just like IRS keep calling until someone talk to you…

    Also, keep calling IRS and ask them to generate a HARDSHIP FORM….you may get lucky and get a very nice person to help you…..

    Don’t give up….please you can still get your MONEY…it is owed to you…ok.


    Customer Service 800-829-0922 IRS

    1 (800) 829-0582 ext 352

    800-829-0582 #652




    Get an Income Verification Letter and fax to your advocate and it should only be 1-2 weeks.

    Good luck…


    impatiently waiting


    So no advocate will even talk to me unless I can prove financial crisis, I can’t because I am not in financial crisis. The IRS can tell me nothing still.

    If my employer did not give the info and I cannot recover their financial records since the ADP they use says they no longer have a contract with them and my ex-employer says they did not mail w2s and this was the only way to get them. All I have is a printout of my earning.

    I am at a loss and give up. Maybe next year I will be able to file. If they cant verify that particular employer what happens?

    Also I can no longer reach them as they have gone completely off grid no phone number nothing :(




    Glad you finally know what the issue is, but It may not take no more than 1-2 more week delay once you go into the office…even sooner maybe…

    Sorry you have to wait a little longer, but eventually you will see the light at the end of the tunnel…and big DDD in NEON…:-).

    Good Luck..


    Congratulations, so glad to hear your journey has ended and you already got that MONEY…

    See everyone don’t wait until tomorrow…check those bank accounts NOW…:-)




    Did he say it was finished processing? I am beginning to wonder if you need to provide anything to speed up the process in case you do not get a DDD tomorrow…

    Check out these links maybe it will give you some insight…I would call back and see if someone else tell me different before they close today…






    After all this time i finally found out i have to do identity verification but i have to go into the office. Here go another couple weeks i gotta wait but im happy i know the problem now



    I checked the offset line I don’t owe anything he didn’t want to even help me he say it’s a cp05 letter but I don’t owe he was rude to



    Been watching and reading these forums for 5 weeks almost. Just wanted to say my 5 week journey with the IRS is now over.

    Filed and accepted 1/23

    Lost bars and lost tt153 on 1/30

    Verified ID online on 2/11 after receiving letter

    Then nothing until yesterday my wmr message changed to “we have received your retrn…”

    Was able to order account and return transcripts this morning at my new address!

    Just checked my credit union account online and lo and behold after 5 weeks my return was direct deposited. My credit union doesn’t hold deposits at all. It has a 3/02 deposit date attached to it but I have the full amount accessible.

    What a long and stressful time frame. I never called the IRS because let’s face it they lie. Hopefully lots of you all get a DDD in the morning!



    So I have been gone for a week guys. But I have finally heard from my advocate and was advised that my former employer AT&T did not send in my w-2 to them so I have to do income verification. Such a joy. So just faxed my check stubs from AT&T. He said can be 4 weeks. Really so why are u helping me then if it’s going to take another 4 weeks mind u I filed 1/12 and accepted the same day. So it’s been well over 4 weeks almost 6 weeks now. I’m done with this tax season. Hopefully everyone that is waiting have a better outcome than me. Good luck everyone.



    @amanda, @eric @tlc

    Eric try after midnight to order your return…

    Have you all call an advocate yet?

    Anything possible, you may still see a DDD tomorrow.

    Good luck…



    Still no update and still can not order return transcripts. Filed on 1/13/2016, accepted 1/14/2016…12c letter on 2/1/2016 faxed info on same day. Claim they received info on 2/11/2016. What is taking so damn long? Is it time to get a hold of a ta?


    Amanda H


    me too I just give up its been 39 days for me



    Just got off the phone with the IRS and no update for me this weekend. According to the lady that I talked to my return is still processing. I had thought that if you were able to order return transcripts that your return was done processing, but this lady said it still was processing and to give it 5 weeks. I know I’ve read comments from people saying that they were able to order return transcripts but still have no DD weeks later. I know the only code she found was the one to verify my identity and that was closed on 2/19.

    She said you know you owe from last year and I said yes and she said any refund you get will be reduced because of this and I told her that I knew that too.

    Agh!!! I am just gonna toss my hands in the air and forget about this.


    Amanda H


    yes I ordered my return trans on 2/19, and I also asked for a sup twice and she said there is not one available, she also said I see you called twice today and once earlier this week. smh




    A deduction? Must been an error on your return, or offset. Not sure if you owed back taxes..you return may be less than what you calculated…if he would have said “credit” then everything was good…I would try to call back and talk to someone else and ask what was the “deduction” and when will you see a DDD…good luck ok

    Check the offset line and see. When were you able to order your transcript? If it has been a couple of weeks or recently you may be in the group for Saturday…if they are just now making that adjustment and putting you back in que, then it is possible you will get an update next week…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline




    I am not buying that crap IRS is telling you, that sound odd to me….I hope they are just lying to you and know that you may see a DDD tomorrow as well…

    Have you asked an advocate what they are seeing in the system? If possible try to reach out and get some more answers before they close today….you were able to order your return what a couple of weeks ago…ask for a supervisor and see what they say…I just feel like you are going to get a DDD tomorrow. If not for whatever reason, you should by next Saturday…

    If nothing happens Saturday, I would plan to visit my local office in person to demand answers, this is so crazy….

    Ahhhhhhhhh, I am going to be really sad for you if you don’t get one….smh.

    I am praying for good news soon for you…don’t give up.



    I just called the irs the man was asking me alot of questions about last year in my daughter info in I answered it then he said I verified you in told me that they were doing a deduction in that I was done processing what do you think



    @Ms. Marie

    Woohoooooooooo, I am so happy for you girlfriend…finally, finally finally…..tears of joy and relief this journey will be over on 3-2….awesome :-).

    @angie, @tamara @melissa @Gt 5OH @hector @sam @itsmymoney2 @kenneth @tls923

    I think everyone in this group that was able to order your return a week or so ago….may be in the update Saturday…

    So, I am going to say Congrats to you ALL….now this is the good news I been waiting to here from MANY of YOU….whew what a blessing to see an end to this long journey….yeahhhhhhhhh, Happy Dance PARTY tomorrow morning…hehehehehehehehe.. You all has been waiting for so long….what a blessing to you all.

    @Crystol @amanda any others who are not sure you will be seeing a DDD tomorrow, hang in there, you just may be surprised…keep the faith ok

    Don’t be discourage, don’t give up, hey you two just may be in that batch of updates as well, nothing is signalling you won’t be….and if NOT for any reason, you most likely will be in the next Saturday updates for DDD March 9th….but I am pulling you both to be surprise tomorrow morning with many others that got the good news confirmed this morning…

    Just wanted check in and see if anyone was updated this morning, and I see a lot of you were :-). I feel as relieved as you are….lol.

    Thanks for sharing the good news, made my day…I am smiling from ear to ear….cause I am soooooooooo happy for all you guys….and still holding on hope for those who are not sure just yet, if their journey will last another week…:-(.

    Good luck….and will chat with you all later tonight.

    Bye all…


    Amanda H


    Please help, how can the IRS tell me a credit has already been issued and I am just waiting on a ddd2 days ago now I am being told im back in review?


    Amanda H

    has anyone been told they were in review and then got a ddd? if so how long in between?



    @kenneth, Yes so nice. I can relax over the weekend. lol :)



    I’m happy for you! in’st that nice for the Friday night!



    Hey everyone!! Just got off the phone with the IRS. She did not even want to check my status. She said you know you have to wait 9 weeks. And I said yes, but I am allowed to call as its been way pass 21 days. So I said can you please check if any updates. She was like ok… lol So she comes back and says yes you have a DDD FOR MARCH 2ND!!! I said see!! she was like ok mam, have nice day lol SO FINALLY!!!



    Happy for you guys who have got new positive news! tax season very much over for me (still waiting for my DDD on 3-1). For those who still not getting new update, please stay positive, your turn will be next, that’s your hard-earn money, no one can take away!
    Best of luck to all,


    Ms Marie





    Not sure if this is a good sign or not but I was able to order my return transcripts just now. I still don’t have any bars and I still have the return being process message on the IRS2Go app.n



    This has been the best day my TA called today. Been processed and approved. DDD 3/2. Come on Wednesday!!!!!



    My TA just called. It’s official direct deposit date is for March 2nd!!! Woohooo!!!!!



    Hey guys, What’s up ?
    So I filed 1/22 Lost bars around 2/1
    I lost hope shortly after that because it usually doesn’t take that long. Last week I found out I had to verify my ID, did that and today ALL hope has come back. I’ve been trying to order my return transcript, and today that Finally happened. I don’t post in here, I usually read but I thought I’d share that with you guys .. DONT GIVE UP ! KEEP THE POSITIVE ENERGY



    I e-filed 1/22/16, verified my identity online 2/16/16, got a tax advocate 2/18/16, and heard from my tax advocate today that my DDD is 3/2/2016.



    Ok recieved my return transcript two weeks ago. Filed accepted on jan 11th ofcourse 19th accordkng to irs. Told it was because my last name changed them told it cuz both last nmes had wood in them then told myreturn did not match what my employer sent in then told ro do amended return then told no do not do amend retirn here it is feb 26 th what do i do. I am tired of getting the run around and i can not fet an advocate. Beyond pissed trying to get a straight answer is like pulling teeth. And they wonder why we sont trust tjem let alone are pissed


    GT 5Oh

    Progress, finally!

    Filed 1/15 HRB
    Accepted 1/19
    Bars disappeared 2/1
    Rec’d Letter for ID Verify, called and did it on 2/15
    Finally able to order return transcripts today.

    Let’s hope for a DDD tomorrow!!!


    Amanda H

    I ordered my return transcripts a week ago so I hope for a ddd tomorrow



    I was able to order my transcript finally as well. So Its a movement finally!! :)



    I can finally order my transcript for my new address for this year!!! *Happy dance*
    maybe a DDD by tomorrow? fingers crossed




    I have called the offset line and was told that i had nontax debt on file. Which makes sense since i owe on past federal taxes from last year. I had thought that the state makes sure one is caught up n on their federal in order to get their state refund but maybe Ohio didn’t do that this year. Who knows? Thus tax season has been crazy.



    I forgot to add (2) more reasons for the delays:

    1. If you have any changes from your previous tax year, such as, new address, new dependent, new name change, new job, higher or lower income/wage, larger charity donations, actually anything that “Changed” from last year to the next year, you will get pulled for manual review and that usually causes your return to be 1-4 weeks delayed.

    2. If you owe any back taxes or offsets….also will cause delays.

    3. IRS system crashes/glitches…

    4. Didn’t think about this one until “waiting” brought it up, Employer goes out of business…smh.

    5. Report high deductions/mileages if you are self employed or own your own business.

    I am sure I can continue to add to this list…but this is just a few for now to help you better prepare for next year and what to avoid if you don’t want to be “flagged” again..

    Have to go…..hope you all have a good day. Will try to check back in later…bye


    I am going to try to address everyone in this one post, cause I don’t have much time to address each individually…multi-tasking…lol.

    1. Most of if not all should definitely see a DDD Saturday. If you can’t wait until then before you take further action…

    2. Then please feel free to contact IRS again up until Friday to see if you can get them to answer your questions.

    800-829-0582 #652
    800-829-0922 IRS – Customer Service
    (800) 829-0582 ext 352

    3. If you get no where with IRS, then please contact your local advocate, they will at least tell you what the issues are:


    4. If you owe any offsets other than back taxes; or need to verify via phone if the system isn’t updating quickly..call these numbers…

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline

    5. I know we have been very hard on the IRS, but maybe we should give them a little slack, after reading this article, maybe they are trying to make sure the fraudster are NOT getting your refund and they are taking all precautions to do so. Also, your employer can take some of the blame for the delays in submitting your W-2 directly to the IRS in a promptly manner.

    This is why IRS is holding many returns, because they have yet to received the W-2 to match against your employer. Fraudster were creating fake ones…and IRS had no way of knowing if they were indeed legit or NOT…safeguards were put in place to prevent this from happening year after year etc.,

    Verification ID Theft, Feb 3rd IRS was breached and over 101,000 taxpayers info was stolen. This is the cause of the increase in verification…I think we can blame the hackers/fraudster for this delay…smh.

    Insurance FORM….yes this is causing many delays as well because many did not know they had to send in this form with their return, so they lost a lot of valuable time finding out way late in the process…blame this on IRS for not saying anything sooner to prevent weeks of delay…smh.

    Under Reviews – IRS randomly select a few every year to review, the letter will tell you -you don’t have to do anything, but if you don’t you will wait for weeks, those who has been proactive are seeing theirs release sooner than later…good job.

    Math Errors – Those can be blame on the taxpayers who did not check the figures thoroughly before submitting which cause their delay…ahhhhhhhhh :-(

    Amended Returns – Never submit this until after your original has been completed. IRS usually find the error and correct it themselves or reject the return in whole and send letter to amend…if you do so before IRS get a chance to complete the process….your amended return will not even be looked at until the end of the tax year which could take up to 8-12 weeks. Unless you are very lucky and get an advocate to help assist…

    As you can see; there is a lot of blame to go around.

    Lesson Learned for many of us and next year we all are going to be more educated and knowledgeable of the IRS process and be on top of our game to ensure 2017 tax year will NOT be a duplicate of 2015 and 2016…right? :-).

    Here is a link that will explain some of the delays and comments from others that are dealing with the same issues you are….also last but not least you can google your questions as well and you will find other forums where others have the exact same issues that have gotten responses from advocates and IRS that may help bring some insight on what you can expect …


    Sorry for the lengthy post; hope this information will guide you and help you get thru the next couple of days until Saturday update…

    Good luck to you all and I pray many of you will be happy campers this weekend….

    Chat with you all later….



    @impatiently waiting

    Wow, you are in a really bad position with your employer packing up and leaving without a trace….especially if they never sent in the W-2 for IRS to match and verify your income.

    If they never do, you won’t have any proof of anything nor can provide them an INCOME VERIFICATION LETTER….you will be at the mercy of IRS to investigate and verify on your behalf and yes that could take months…

    Unless you a proactive and do everything to resolve it sooner.

    I would call IRS again, see what the next Rep will say, then ask them to generate a HARDSHIP FORM on your behalf for an advocate to contact you…then I would contact one myself.

    800-829-0582 #652

    Here is a link that has a topic regarding “What if my employer goes out of business” “What if I need legal representation but can’t afford to pay for it”.


    See if any of these topics will give you additional insight.

    Please keep me updated ok….maybe I will find some other resources that will help you get this resolved sooner than later….

    Good luck…ok




    Congratulations I think you are one day closer to seeing a DDD this Saturday morning for next week deposit…yeahhhhhhhh…. so happy for you.

    Ready for that HAPPY DANCE :-)




    So sorry to hear what is going on with you, really bad situation you are in right now….

    By all means contact your local or a statewide advocate immediately, in the mean time while you wait contact the IRS and ask the to generate a HARDSHIP FORM on your behalf for an advocate to contact you back. Click on your state for the local one…800-829-0582 #652


    Yes, as long as you can prove you live at the house and it is being auction, that is a hardship…

    I pray that things work out for you and your roommate, these are really trying time for many…hang in there ok.

    Good luck…


    impatiently waiting


    So I have been following this thread for some time. Here is my situation, I filed on 1/19 was accepted the same day. Lost Bars 1/25 never lost tt152 it is still there have ordered both transcripts as of 2/12. Nothing was sent. Called and was told under review and no letter no codes. They said it could be anything from income verification to EITC claim. I told them everything was pretty much in line with last year and the rep said that it is a new year and last year is irrelevant. I have called three times and have been told wait
    60 days and no changes on wmr. Is it possible that they just hold it because it is a larger refund and never tell you why? My employer went out of business and I cannot get a hold of them for anything. I am concerned they packed up and did not follow through on their end with the irs.



    I can order my return transcript now!! Ddd probably tomorrow morning! I think the wait is almost over.



    I have a ?? about gettin aTax advocate all of my bills are in my roommates name like the electric and water so even if we have final notices their not in my name ??? But also we found out a couple months ago that the house we have been renting is being forclosed n our so called landlord never told us!!! That’s a whole different situation I have to deal with on top of my tax money.. I opened a letter saying a court date is next Monday and right after that their gonna put it up for auction so I was going to use my refund money to move but now it looks like that probly wont even come in time to use it to move !!! If thats the address I put for my taxes can I show a tax advocate lady the court papers saying this house is gonna get sold and us gettin evicted will they take that or does stuff need to be in my name for somebody to help me get my tax $



    Well now my address was updated on my transcripts!! Can’t order either one but it’s updated! Hopefully tomorrow things change. 2 good things in one day has me a little hopeful!




    Well great something good happen for you, while going thru a difficult time with your dog, so glad to hear she is getting back to her old self again.

    Did you double check to see if the state sent notice to IRS to offset that debt, since they missed it? Just a thought. Could be the reason it was delayed…

    Check it out just to be sure ok…it is rare to get anything past the State when you owe them…you got really lucky :-).

    800-304-3107 IRS Offset Hotline
    800-829-1954 IRS Refund Status Hotline
    800-908-9946 Transcript Request Hotline




    Now that is a dang shame. The problem is when you call, you don’t know who you are talking to or where they are located. They should give us phone number strictly to State’s Call Center we live in…to answer calls.

    I would keep calling all day tomorrow until I get answers; this just shouldn’t be this hard and IRS is making it so difficult to communicate effectively…

    Will the year ever ends….? geez



    @texasgirl….thanks. My dog had breast cancer and had tumor removed but she appears to be back to her oldself. I am hoping my return gets updated soon. I’m just tired of waiting though it wasva surprised to get my refund from the state even though i still owed from last year. This year has really gotten off on a bang.



    Yeah it’s day 34 for me!
    Called the iris today the guy was well not so sharp I asked what is going on with my return and he gave me my adjusted gross income from 2014! I asked why are you telling me this and he said u need it to file this year! I asked to speak to someone that knows what they are talking about! He told me that there isnt a supervisor right now!




    If it has been over 21 days, you can call the IRS and ask for them to submit a HARDSHIP FORM on your behalf for an advocate to contact you…they will do that only if you have reached your 21 days…this should help and you should get a call back within (3) days….call back about an hour later and ask the next rep, do they see where that has been requested in the system. Just do make sure that Rep did their job…good luck.

    800-829-0582 #652



    Lol thanks, I needed that!




    These advocates sound like they are working with the IRS instead of FOR THE PEOPLE….

    Try to contact another advocate and see what they see….uhmmmmm I just hope you will see your DDD this weekend; geez, talk about a lot of incompetent folks…running this institution call the IRS…

    Hang in there….I am really pulling for you guys.

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