Ddd of 2/10 post if u receive your deposit early

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    So to all of us the finally got a date I’m interested to see when you receive your money.I will post when I get mine. Anxiously awaiting mine for vehicle repair! To anyone still waiting I hope it comes soon!

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    Filed 1/17
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10

    Check sbtpg and it shows that my refund has been sent for direct deposit as of today. Does anyone who has a netspend card know if it could possibly still come today or will it be tomorrow?



    Filed 1/27/16 . got accepted on 2/1/16 how long be4 i get money if i used JH ? DDD 2/10/16 just wondering plus its being deposited on wmnc



    Just checked my bank account and my Federal was just deposited! I bank with SEFCU and my DDD was for 2/10.

    Filed and accepted through TurboTax on 1/14
    Fees taken from refund
    Bars disappeared around 1/30
    DDD on Saturday morning 2/6
    SBBT updated for me this morning
    Deposit came this afternoon (when my bank does their 2nd round of credits and debits for the day)

    Btw I am still at two bars on WMR. Also, IRS told me last week my account was sent to error processing department and I would not see my refund until next week if I was lucky. I have a feeling they were not being honest!

    Good luck to all who are still waiting! I am apparently being audited by NYS…so I will be sticking around for a bit.







    I called my card.



    @jj did u call or check online??



    Thanks for the info



    If you read closely on WMR…it states your refund will be sent to your bank by 2/10 and if your refund is not credited to your account by 2/15 check with your bank to see if it has been received. This does not mean your deposit will be there on the 10th. It may but then again it may not.



    I will definitely be using Turbo Tax again next year to file, it was very simple, hassle free and inexpensive. This was my first time filing my on return so with all the confusion and delay I was frustrated as hell thinking I did something wrong on my end…. What I won’t be doing next year is filing opening day!!!! Fuck no I’ll wait 2-3 days after and I most certainly will be paying my fees upfront i refuse to deal with sbtpg again next year… Because the message I received on WRM is I should receive a deposit by 2/10 it didn’t say they’ll be sending it out on 2/10 therefore Sbtpg is full of shit! They been had the damn deposit Monday morning…. Someone said they’re probably collecting interest and I wouldn’t be surprised….



    HR Block emerald card users, check your card. Just checked mine and says I will have my money tomorrow.



    I post this morning around 615am pacific time. It is now 1230pm and still nothing posted on my Netspend account. So I think it will be around 4pm-10pm pacific time if not tomorrow morning. I am hoping later on today so I know for sure I got my money and not have to worry if it went through or not tomorrow. It has nothing to do with needing it so bad, I too have a full time job that pays me very well. However knowing some people in the past that got only partial of their refunds and other amounts that were much less than they expected – it’s for a peace of mind knowing I got my money that was approved for without any surprises.

    Anyways good luck every one and don’t let that idiotic jay dumbass ruin your day.




    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    DD 2/9



    Your welcome @lene.



    hrb dont use sbbt or republic they use bofi and there is no way to check with them, talked to a emerald card rep last night said money would be on there tomorrrow. Said fee didnt matter if it was going on their card but he also said he did not see getting money early he said it would be on the 10. Said 3to5 day delay can only happen if they take their fees then have to send the rest to another bank then the delay is on when that bank process. Hrb bank does not hold funds and people using emerald card will get their money on their ddd and not before unless the treasury dont release funds and thats out of their hands but he said he has not seen any reason why they would do that. Said card members have had good luck getting funds on their ddd this year which is why we are not seeing emerald card users mad after their ddd because they got the money and are off shopping. But he really shot down any talk of a early dd he more or less said it was not going to happen



    @LahLah Thank you!!



    Hello everyone I just got off the phone with sbtpg and they said they will release funds 3pm their time which is 5 pm my time (central). I have same day deposit set up at my bank so I am hoping to get mine this evening. Hopes this helps. Also, I have ddd 2/10



    FYI I had a 02/10 DD date I recieved partial of my refund as I deposited into two accounts with me and my wife. I recieved my Bancorp refund portion but not my chase. Bancorp is affiliated with Paypal and Netspend I recieved that portion on Monday. I did pay my fees up front as well thought and have had my Bacorp card for several years now. I am expecting my remaining amount tomorrow due to paying the fees up front and in the past when I havent I got it usually on the day after or or the following day. So good luck everyone and I hope nothing goes wrong. I have been there before.



    @ JAE

    I have a state job and get paid monthly number one. You have to realize everyone in here has worked for their money. You don’t know anyone’s situation or know them personally to get nasty. FYI if there was no false advertising on behalf of the tax software products, maybe we would not be looking for our taxes before the DDD. I have a bank account, yet the offer from netspend was 2 days earlier and that was a good deal. So I got excited and got the card under false advertisements of 2 days earlier. So basically we are only going by what was told to us. When you run a company you can’t promise and not deliver.



    I know they say refund will be deposited by the 10th I’m just wondering if the bank that JH gets the fees taken from will release it the same day since the Irs hasn’t sent it out today ?



    I’ve used tt for the past couple of years and have had the fees taken out of my refund. My bank never shows an incoming deposit from them either because they wire the money the day of your deposit.



    Do we check SBBT for all deposits or for HRB is it through them?




    I’m not sure where you are reading but know your facts. The WMR sites states you will receive BY 2/10 so yes people could receive their refunds anytime before that.




    Thank you. I just couldn’t remember how HRB does it with their card. I have the app and it’s set up to text me. Hopefully I wake up with 9k on it




    That is because you are using your cell phone. I had the same issue. When I checked from my computer is showed all the info. Still not pending in my bank yet tho…. :/



    Same thing. Sbbt says its sent, shows routing number and acct number but Chase does not report any pending deposits. Chase claims instant processing upon receipt when it comes to tax returns, so it has to sbbt screwing up.



    FILED WITH H&R BLOCK: 01/22/2016
    DDD OF 02/10/2016





    SBTPG received funds, took out fees and sent the ACH to my bank. I spoke with my bank and they said they do not ever place a hold on direct deposits and it should be available immediately. That being said, they do not see anything pending but that is most likely because of how banks deal with transactions in batches. I would expect the money to be in my account by tomorrow morning. It has sucked waiting so long but I think we are all nearing the conclusion of this beating of a tax season! Congrats to all of those finally getting their money and hang in there to all those still waiting for theirs.

    Filed with TT (have for the last 7 years). The IRS has taken their sweet time this season. I don’t blame TT for any of this, nor do I place blame on the IRS as they have a daunting job to do. It just would be nice for the IRS to be a bit more forthcoming with their information.



    Sbtpg shows my fees were taken out and how much has been sent to me but it does not show my direct deposit info such as routing or account number why is that? Is it bc it hasn’t fully been sent or because I’m on my mobile device??



    The whole H&R Block 3-5 days thing isn’t some set in stone time frame, it’s just the leeway they give for how long it might take to show up in your bank. It all depends on your bank.



    I have a DDD of 2/10, but nothing pending in my bank. I am in the central location, it’s 12:33 pm here. Anyone receive anything yet? My bank (USAA) will always post a pending deposit to my account the day before, so if there is nothing pending, they have not received it yet.



    Used Efile.com EPS shows they received my refund and deducted fees and my ACH is scheduled. Hopefully I will wake up with money in the bank tomorrow.



    I called santa barbara bank they received my return from the irs. They have taken out filing costs and sent money to my dd. I use green dot card. The lady staTed it could take 1-2 business days for it to post. So most likely it will be there later today or tomorrow. Anyone with green dot cards please let us know if u recieve your return… hope this helps


    Morgan V

    JAE try not to act to much like a douche. People are on here for an array of reasons. Mainly because they want to know who receives their refund early and what they can expect hence the question for the thread. If you’re not concerned about that and you are patiently waiting until 2/10 then do that and get off of the fees. P.S. everyone on here has a JOB that’s how they are getting a refund it is their money and can stress or ask as many questions as they like about it!



    @bonnie hrb does not go thru sbbt or republic so dont waste your time, what u can do is download the emerald card app from google play store. Setup the app and you can check to see if your pending a dd there. My wife called last night worried about the 3 to 5 day rumors and he said if your money is going on their card we would have it on the 10, the 3 to 5 days only happens with some banks when they transfer, he also said it was unlikely to get it before the 10th but said over and over that if he was us he would pretty much feel 100 sure our money would be on the card sometime tommorrow.



    sooo if SBBT shows your direct deposit info that means the bank have it ? because i just looked and mine doesn’t show my info but I am also checking from my phone




    Are you a ridiculous troll or what? Do you actually think people get refunds without paying taxes?



    I filed 2/2 was accepted on 2/2 and received a DD of 2/10..checked SSBT website and they have taken out their fees..it shows my bank account information and that it was released to them..checked my account at 11:17 MST and it isnt there yet.

    @jay – you are just as concerned about where your money is at or else you would NOT be on here commenting..you took the time out to search for the key words that brought you here. I worked ALL year..& I still wanted my money like YESTERDAY..& FYI my bank release money as soon as they receive it..I get my checks 2 days early..so thank u..and continue checking for your money as we all are..!! ((inset 2 iphone emojis with the tongue sticking out))



    First let me say Thanks to whoever create this post because it has definitely kept me sane. As of right now Netspend has received my Direct Deposit from SBBT. When I logged into SBBT it showed the ACH Number and DAN (Direct Account Number) however it is not reflecting in my Account Balance with Netspend as of yet.



    Used Efile.com and EPS took out fees this morning then deposited into NetSpend account.



    Filed: 1/19/16
    Accepted: 1/19/16
    Approved: 2/6/16
    DDD: 2/10/16

    2/9/16 sbbt has received refund and taken tt fees. Remained has been sent to your bank for direct deposit. Im with PNC. Does anyone know if ill have it today, midnite, or tom morning?




    Liberty tax is horrible!!! I have done my own ever since i started working and i do DD and usually takes 7-10 days for the whole process, well one yr about two years ago I used liberty because i was in desperate need of money asap and they offered the loan as u stated. Although it said no credit check etc i too was denied and then turned around and over charged me for doing them…..NEVER AGAIN. when they did receive my refund they cut me a check that day, they dont hold anything.



    What you people are not understanding is that if it says Feb 10, then that means Feb 10, not Fed 9 at 2:30 in the afternoon. Chill out, you will get your money. The quicker you have it, the quicker you spend it anyways. And if you need it that bad, then you should probably go get a job so you don’t have to depend on tax time.



    Sbtg shows my money has been sent but doesn’t show my dd info such as routing and acct like everyone else, is that normal?



    i filed on the 29th
    accepted on 3rd
    ddd of 2-10
    i called my bank and they have no pending deposits for me. ive checked the sbtpg (or whatever it was lol) and the republic bank and neither recognize me .Anyone else having same or similar issues???



    Finally republic updated my info and I see my money pending into my navy fed account!



    Hello All,

    Filed 1/30
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10

    I had my fee’s deducted from my refund and it went through SBTPG. Checked website, fee’s have been deducted and its showing refund was sent today. I have Bank of America rep stated once they receive funds it will be available immediately. Hope this helps!



    Hi @amanda

    I called 866.581.1040 then I hit option 1 put all my info in then hit option 9 then option2 then 0. Then I got someone. hopefully this helps



    About HR Block…Correct me if I’m wrong, but the way I’m understanding this all is if u filed through HR Block and opted to have your fees taken out the IRS is sending you money to BofI instead of republic or sbptg. I’m assuming this is why neither republic or sbptg act like I have no account with them. And apparently BofI isn’t as quick at processing and getting things done as the others or we would have received our money. Nothing is showing for anyone using HR Block bc the crappy bank they are using hasn’t done what the others have. Assuming we will be getting our money on 2/10/16. At least I’m hoping so!! Very disappointed with HR block this year bc of BofI.



    Anyone that went through Republic Bank, you won’t see your money until tomorrow morning. Majority of banks as well will not release until the date the depositor gives which is tomorrow 02/10. It’s almost here guys, I’m in the same boat.



    Sbbt updated for me too. My netspend card never updates until around 2pm eastern. I have Wells Fargo this year so tomorrow morning it will be there.



    @natalie – You should be fine with your deposit going to your greed dot card as far as the names go. I have used a green dot card for years and have always filed jointly. My husband’s name is not on my account and I’ve never had a problem with a deposit.



    I bank with Wells Fargo and I spoke with them today funds won’t be released til the ddd 2/10 Also it will be between the hours 3am-6am just like my regular payroll despoits only 17 more hrs to go ???



    filed 01/21
    accepted 01/21
    approved 02/06
    ddd 02/10

    02/09 ssbt states the my funds have been transferred, nothing pending on netspend. i called sbbt, they stated that they sent it, once my bank accepts it, it will get t a trace # (listed under notes on ssbt website) until then, my money is in midair..



    I’ve filed with HRB for the past 6 years. We usually use our bank account for our refund. This year we did the emerald card. I have a DDD for 2/10. As of 9:38 CA time I checked Santa Barbara bank and nothing. What the heck? Anyone having issues like this?



    Walmart money card (Green Dot) here as well with DDD 2/10. No fees from TT and still no deposit.



    I have the Walmart money card but it goes through Green dot. I checked SBBT and they already sent the money to my card but nothing shows up. I’m assuming it’ll be there tomorrow morning. I’m just worried since I read in other forums that if filing jointly, both names need to be on the card otherwise greendot will reject the funds. I hope not I don’t want to go through the trouble to get my refund.



    I filed on 1/14 with TT
    Accepted 1/19
    DDD of 2/10 (tomorrow)

    I didn’t owe and fees and have Green Dot. I used direct deposit, and have been waiting for what seems like forever. Is anyone else using Green Dot? I’ve never had an issue with them before, but with things pilling up I’m getting really nervous about it coming on time.




    How did you get a rep on the phone for republic bank? The website says they sent my direct deposit to my bank but still nothing :(



    Ok, I just posted here, literally a few minutes ago about checking SBTPG and it saying my refund has been received but not yet sent….

    Well, just checked again, for the heck of it, and….TADA!!!

    It shows :

    TPG has issued money to you! See Payment Details below for more information.

    It shows my DD info, routing and account numbers, and refund amount after the fees have been taken out.

    Although, I just checked my bank account, and there is no pending deposit? SO I will just keep checking my bank. I go through a local credit union….

    I will also keep everyone posted, as to when I receive the funds, hopefully TODAY, if not, I will post when I do get the refund, and when its available through my bank.




    Okay, to ease with a little bit of the mass confusion here are a couple of points, and I also spoke with H&R Block specifically via Twitter:

    -if you filed with H&R Block (in person) and elected to have fees deducted, they use BofI which is an account set up for the fees to be deducted, the excess refund amount is then immediately deposited into an external account, depending on your method. Direct deposits into a prepaid account generally post faster than traditional checking accounts, this is where that 3-5 day window would come I to play, to allow your bank time to process the ACH transfer.

    -if you filed online and had fees deducted from your refund there should not be an additional delay

    -if you DDD date is 2/10 you should expect your refund by the close of business on 2/10, if it takes longer and the refund is sent, call your bank, not the IRS or H&R Block, since you’re causing them an extra headache and they didn’t do anything wrong.

    -If your refund is delayed due to the IRS, call the IRS.



    I went on the website listed here, SBTPG, and it shows my funds have been received by TPG, it shows the amount that will be taken out for TT and DD bank fees.

    Then below, it shows amount I have received, as $0.00

    So I can only assume that since I have no DD pending at my bank, I think that SBTPG will show that my funds have been sent, once my bank says there’s a deposit pending.

    We will see…. it would be GREAT if I got it today, I’ve been having a lot of car problems, but if I have to wait till tomorrow, that’s ok. Either way it’s a HUGE payday!!!!

    Good Luck to everybody!

    Oh, and btw, I filed and was accepted on 01-26 and was approved by IRS on 02-06 and a DDD of 02-10.



    Good day,
    Republic bank states through their automated system that they have deducted my fees however I still see that there is no refund received on their website. Republic bank rep says that there will be an update at 4pm today. I am receiving a check from my preparer. So we’ll see. Hopefully this is true



    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    SBBT has money..fees taken out..says (online) my part was sent to me
    No Money in Account.!
    Called SBBT money is sent but post dated for tomorrow 2/10. Thts why its not in my account. Lady said my bank will have it tomorrow morning then i jus have to wait for my bank to clear it which could be immediately or up to 4 days depending on who i bank with.

    Hopefully this helps some of you all.



    So my ddd is 2/10
    I’ve check Republic State Bank and Santa Barbara and neither of them recognize my information what do you guys think????



    Anyone get their DD on the amex bluebird yet? Sbtp is saying my refund was issued but it hasn’t showed up on my card yet. First year having it DD to the bluebird, hoping it will show up asap.
    Anyone know how long it usually takes to post?



    filed 1/29
    accepted 1/29
    approved 2/6
    DD 2/10
    Sbtpg received 2/9… Not in bank account yet


    this guy

    i filed 2-2-16 accepted 2-2-16 and have DDD of 2-10-16
    SBBT got the money took there part and said reset was sent to me
    i have a netspend card and still no pending deposits

    anyone know if i will get my money today ??



    Rechecked republic bank and trust and they’ve now received my refund, but still not in bank account yet. Below is my earlier post..

    I filed and was accepted via taxact on 1/20. Received ddd of 2/10. I’ve also checked the sbtpg website and it doesn’t recognize me. From previous posts I learned there’s another bank the irs uses: republic bank and trust. Checked there and it recognizes me and notes the fees that will be deducted from my refund (filing/ processing fees), but still no refund amount. Those who chose to pay the filing fee and have it deducted from their refund should check one (both, if you’re not sure which)..



    and they sent out my refund and still no pending?



    santa barbara has received my refund but theres no pending deposit on my netspend card do you know if they issue it today?



    I have USAA and Santa Barbara has my money and its scheduled to deposit into my acct tomorrow, 2/10 but USAA stated they hold deposits for 3 business days. Anyone with USAA have this problem???



    does everyone money go though the sbbgt bank?


    Jonathan E.

    USAA bank states that they refresh over night. SBBT has the funds but it will probably not update at your bank until the reset over night.



    Santa Barbara already released and took out my fees when I checked at 9:20 am EST- nothing in my rushcard yet. Thought once the funds are released, the prepaid cards get it immediately?


    The Masked IRS Agent

    Due to a record number of early filers you can all expect your refund to take the full 21 days or in some cases exceed, while the IRS understands your Concern it would be wise to not count your eggs before they hatched. The IRS cannot control the number of refunds and when they are submitted. The 21 day service window exists to cover for technical issues that have occurred.



    @jess yeah mine either l. I haven’t received anything either. My sbtpg did update though



    I had my IRS Return go into two different banks I received my first deposit this morning into my fidelity account which came in a day early. My Wells Fargo account will probably show a deposit of tomorrow on the actual due date. I’ve bank with wells for many years and have part of my payroll direct deposit into that account. They always deposits my direct deposits day of my payday never early.


    Wisconsin Mom of 3

    Filed with HRBLOCK on 1/16 (fees to be paid with return)
    IRS received on 1/20
    I never bothered with transcripts
    WMR updated to two bars this past weekend with DDD of 2/10 into personal checking.
    Just called US Bank and rep said she’s unable to view any pending deposits, and even if she could, they won’t release until date scheduled…no matter how much I try to persuade them.

    Boo. :(



    H&r block is making me mad as hell With this! I’ve always gotten my money same time every year for the last 5 years wtf is going on??? Somebody? ? I will not be getting the emerald card ever again this is the first time this ever happened and the damn last! I REALLY NEED MY MONEY! I wanna cry :'(



    Sbtpg updated at 8am today, I have money network just called them they don’t show it pending yet



    I just checked SBTPG and they said they have issued my money to me!!! They took their funds out already. I am now wondering what time it will come through. Hopefully this afternoon of evening?



    i’m hrb and nothing yet… any minute now would be awesome



    AMANDA I HVE not receive no deposit yet but irs HVE sent my my refund to REPUBLIC BANK I FILE WITH TAXACT ON
    File 1/31
    Accept 1/31
    DDD 2/10.



    Turbotax w/fees, Walmart Money Card,
    DR 2/28, DA 2/29 DDD 2/10

    I checked Santa Barbara bank and they have my money, took out the fees now I’m waiting for it go hit my DD. I hope I get it today. Checked 9:48am, EST



    I checked SBBT whatever site this morning fees were deducted and have been sent to my bank , i am using my my NETSPEND card , anyone knows around what time I will be receiving my refund ?



    Filed and Accepted on 01/29
    DDD 02/10 Bank: USAA
    Paid fees ahead of time with debit card, still nothing from USAA



    Has anyone received a direct deposit from republic bank yet



    Sbbt has updated they recieved my refund this morning. They have taken my fees out an it says it has been sent to my bank my Ddd is 2/10 tommorow will I get my deposite today? Anybody got any answers..?



    Good Morning

    Republic Bank automated system says it took my fees but the system still does not have a refund for me yet. Congrats to all who did receive. hold on for those who didn’t.



    i go threw wells fargo and did my taxes on taxslayer what bank would it go threw n when will we get are return



    Filed 1/30 Turbo Tax
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    Just checked SBTPG and they have received my refund and deducted fees.
    I have Chase bank so I usually do not see my refund until about midnight pacific time.
    Good Luck to All Taxpayers waiting for there Money !!!



    FINALLY!!!!!Republic bank finally took their fees and just updated after checkin around the clock for 2 days. Wmr still at 2 bars n not updated but republic said they sent it to my bank. Santander. Ddd given was 2/10. Used taxact.



    I filed 2/2 through taxact accepted the same day and received a ddd of 2/10 on 2/6. Republic updated for me this morning and they have taken there fees out and sent the deposit to my netspend checking account. Hopefully it comes through by about 4pm cst as that is the time I’m used to getting my deposits. I believe they’re updating a lot this morning so those who haven’t updated just keep checking as they update all day.



    I had just checked that SBTPG website right now @ 6:15am Pacific time (CA) AND it states that TPG had issued money to me. It shows me exactly how much was taken out and exactly how is paid to me.

    I am using the netspend for this year’s refund and my DD is 2/10. At this very moment there’s nothing on my account. So I am hoping that I get it posted or actually deposited in my account later on today.

    I had also checked WMR prior to checking the SBTPG website and the WMR did NOT update to sent yet. So I am not sure how reliable WMR is after you’ve been approved with a DD.

    Good luck everyone! I usually check the website around 3am-7am Pacific time and then around 3pm-9pm to just see.



    Filed with Tt 2/2/16 accepted same day
    Sbtpg:received money and issued 2/09/2016
    Fees and offset taken out and has sent to Rushcard..from CA btw it’s 6:18 am here



    Fyi. I paid my fees up front so it was going straight to my card. Anyone who doesn’t believe I got it yesterday can suck a fart. Because today I have 350$ worth of parts ordered for my crusty vehicle. Back light bill paid AND another 100 gallons of oil in advance of the cold snap coming this weekend to maine. On another note this is the first year I have ever gotten my dd. Before my ddd. Be patient I’m sure of you don’t have it today you will tomorrow.



    I filed on 1 30 got accepted on 2 6 and ddd of 2 10 and as of this morning 815am central time sbbt has received my funds deducted my money and sent it to netspend. I usually get deposits around 345pm central time for some reason will update once I get message from netspend. I usually use them for faster deposit but to no avail this year



    Get guys. Filed and accepted 1/22, updated 02/06 with 2/10 DDD dat . Filed thru TT with funds out of refund. As of now SBBT DOES NOT have my funds. I called the customer service # spoke with a supervisor and was told that it takes 1-2 business days after the IRS releases the funds (if you see sbbt has your money today, you’ll probably more than likely get the money tomorrow) and was also told that the site updates in real time and your money can be received by SBBT anytime of the day. Good luck to those who can see there mone . Hang in there with me to the ppl still waiting for updates and movement



    i went through liberty tax , approved 2/6 ddd 2/10 i was hearing that liberty taxes bank will hold your refund? that true? i have dd through sefcu and as of this morning nothing yet. can anyone help that filed through liberty tax ,, btw i was charged $364 in fees!!!! i will not use them again! they also said i was approved for the 750 loan so accepted the fees only to get a call from them 2 days later saying i was denied now! scam,



    So if it says we issued your funds when should I recieve my deposit?



    I have a Wal-Mart Money Card, DDD 2/10, no refund deposit as of this morning…. Anyone with WMMC received their refund?



    DDD 2/10/16 its in stpg as if 9am est hope all works out for everyone see ya next year



    Do anyone have the number to sbtpg to speak to a rep. Ddd 2/10 and their website shows no funds received. I see a lot of ppl stating their time zone. So, I’m central if that helps any.



    Smh…just called Liberty tax and asked about this while sbbt and Republic bank site and they don’t know anything about this! I hope someone on here can tell me something in regards to this. Anyone? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?



    @ Jenn

    Thanks for much for the info. I used the free version of it and got my ddd of 2/10. I am assuming it will be deposited tomorrow. I just seen everyone posting about other sites and I was getting confused. Haha


    2/1 club

    sbbt is telling me i don’t have an account or something like that? i’ve been approved with a ddd of 2/11.

    needless to say, i’m thoroughly confused at this point.



    Does anyone bank Thur regions and has a ddd of 2\10 and received there refund yet?



    My SBBT shows mine has been received, how do I know when or if they released it to my bank?



    Hr block emerald card? Anyone? Any news at all…? Hr block doesn’t update crap. My DD date is tomorrow and irs has approved but no release of funds. Seriously, come on. When they want your money, they will take it right over the phone but guessing game with your refund.



    SBBT Link to check status is https://www.sbtpg.com/ then go under tax payer :) Hope the result makes your day better !!!!




    Filed with FreeTaxUSA
    Filed and accepted: 1/29
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10 (which is tomorrow)

    However, we received our refund this morning!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! Omg the wait was BEYOND torture!!!! We bank with Woodforest and receive direct deposits a day early. I hope everyone with a DDD of 2/10 receives theirs today as well. WMR still at 2 bars Lol….Smh…. Till next year!



    What is the web address for sbbt? First year using turbo tax and received my netspend card a few days ago. Please and thank you



    What url address are you using to check the sbbt status? Im getting a blue box saying refund not recieved.



    what is the web address for sbbt? first year using turbo tax and just recieved netspend card 3 days ago. please and thank you

    ddd of 2-10



    Nevermind. SSBT will show the fees paid when you log in. I refreshed the page, and my payment had gone through. :D Nervewracking.



    Filed on turbo tax on 2/02 accepted the same day. Got a DDD of 2/10. Second bar. Got state money refund back today.. Banking with chase. Just thought ill put it out there ☺ :).



    I have this werid generic message on sbbt saying that IRS has passed my original date of the 9th to please call them ect ect. But I have 2 bars on wmr and a ddd of the 10th! Is this normal?



    Where do you see if they’ve taken the fees out? I filed 1/13, accepted 1/14, approved a few days ago for 2/19, but so far SBBT has nothing. :'(



    Files with Turbo Tax on 1/28
    Accepted an hour later.
    DDD 2/10
    Bank with usaa, had fees taken out with sbbt
    Sbbt has my money right now!



    go chck sbbt!! 30 min ago they had nothing, now says they issued my money to me! now the real question is when does it hit my account? i logged into my wells fargo app soon as i seen that and it wasnt there ir oending. anyone know how long it takes once they say they sent it to u??? this waiitng game is irritati g, tax seqson always feels like this is when my bills and money issues are outta control and i look forward to being able to breathe a bit once i can catch up



    SBBT has released funds to my bank as well. Expect to see it credited first thing tomorrow morning :)

    If you used turbo tax and paid (not the free edition) for it then you have fees. If you paid for the fees up front it will go directly to your bank. If you had them take it out of your return then your return will go to Santa Barbara bank and then be released to your bank.



    I also used Liberty tax in Ohio. I tried going to the Republic Bank taxpayers site and it says it cannot find my info?? I’m pretty sure that’s who Liberty goes through because that’s what all my paper work States. Does anyone have any info about this?



    My SBBT just updated!! Does anyone know how long it takes before they send it to your bank, or since it’s on SBBT does that mean it’s already been sent?



    How would you know if you had fees taken out? I used Turbotax and dont know how this works. First timer. DDD 2/10… WelssFargo bank.. should I expect it to be tomorrw?



    @ jess let me know anything gets sent to you, Sbt has not updated for me.yet ugh idk what is going on . Starting.to get aggrevated.



    I got a ddd of 2/10 also. Still at 2 bars on wmr. I used liberty tax in Ohio. Do they have a bank that gets the money first then they send it to my bank? Any help?



    Never mind sbbt site just updated!!!!! Yayyyy Good luck guys.



    Money is in sbbt y’all!! Merry taxmas!!



    I filed 01/28 was approved 02/03 with DDD 02/10. There’s only 2 bars at irs website and sbbt still says not received :( . I really hope DDD is tomorrow! Desperate here….



    filed 1/29 and accepted
    Got my DDD of 2/10 with the rest of the crew
    Republic bank has my deposit and has sent it to my bank, unfortunately my bank won’t release until midnight (bbt)
    But if you use tax act republic bank, go chekc



    Filed and excepted 1/30 used TT with fees taken out, ddd 2/10
    WMR and SBBT shows nothing and nothing pending In my AMFFCU account. I wasn’t expecting it early (was kinda hoping ) but I did at least thing SBBT would have received it by now!



    Sbtpg just updated! They took my fees out already. They are sending it to my bank 2/9 with a DDD of 2/10.

    Juat checked then 30 mins ago and it was not there. NOW IT’S UPDATED! Go check yours out.


    Bank: usaa



    Filed on the 2/02/2016 and approved on the same date. DDD is 3/10/2016. Nevertheless, it has not posted to my Walmart money card account as of yet. Walmart never release my money early (payroll, tax refunds or school disbursements). I have a Netspend card, but didn’t think to use it! I will next year, though!!! I want my money and I want it now (Lol)



    No deposit yet on netspend sbbt still hasn’t received anything from the IRS its 6:15am here hoping something happens today!



    Amex Bluebird**
    I always get my DD with work in this card and get paid a day early. btw



    Did you all that bank with USAA have fees taken out? I still haven’t received anything. Also does the time zone matter?



    I field 1/31 and accepted 1/31 (via TT)
    On 2/4 I got a DD of 2/8
    I still haven’t gotten my refund yet but WMR says it was sent. Since I’m getting it via Alex Bluebird, I have no way of seeing if it’s at least pending.



    As of 6:30 my refund was in my account.

    Filed:1:25 with Turbo Tax
    Accepted same day
    WMR updated 2/6 with ddd of 2/10
    Received refund 2/9
    Bank: USAA
    No fees taken out.

    Not surprised as deposits are usually always available a day before with USAA. They do not hold deposits.

    Have a great day and hope you guys receive your DD soon.



    I’ve received my refund and I filed with turbo tax but did not have fees taken out. Hoping this helps some!



    Good Morning Everyone,
    No worries! I don’t think many of us received our refund early yet, but I don’t think it’s a bad sign. The IRS is only scheduled to send them to our bank on the day of 2/10/2016 so there after we have to wait on our bank to clear them. So chances are we should be getting it tomorrow or Thursday for sure. But the IRS only promise is to have the refunds issued tomorrow. We will all have them tomorrow



    I filed and was accepted via taxact on 1/20. Received ddd of 2/10. I’ve also checked the sbtpg website and it doesn’t recognize me. From previous posts I learned there’s another bank the irs uses: republic bank and trust. Checked there and it recognizes me and notes the fees that will be deducted from my refund (filing/ processing fees), but still no refund amount. Those who chose to pay the filing fee and have it deducted from their refund should check one (both, if you’re not sure which)..



    Hr block is pissing me off as well. DD is tomorrow and I always get it early. Emerald card makes it quicker they said, yes , quicker than mailing it they meant. This is getting old… Anyone see or get anything on emerald card yet anywhere?



    I had mine split between two accounts, USAA and TD Bank. USAA hit this morning at 6 AM, TD Bank has not hit and does not show in pending. Just goes to show you that all the banks are different. I got a DDD of 2/10.

    Also, SBBT people, I feel your pain. This same situation happened to me one year when I had to have the fees taken out of my refund. They muck everything up. My experience with them was that my DDD was the day it was sent to them, then add a day or two for them to get it to you. After that one time, i’ve never used them again for that reason.



    Trust me when I say this. They deposited ours to our credit union 2/2 and it sat with a pending date of 2/5 the rest of that week, and wasn’t available in our account until 4:36am. they didn’t let a spare minute go by releasing it. If they said 2/10, then it’s 2/10. It was tough seeing it sit there all week in our pending deposits. The state taxes came first… That NEVER happens. Massachusetts is a crap state, very greedy.



    has anyone actually contacted sbbtg other than just ranting on here?



    I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who filed with TT and a DDD of 2/10 who has not received their money yet. SBTPG still says that it hasn’t received my refund as of 4:30am central time. If what I read on here yesterday is correct then the IRS released refunds at Midnight and 2pm….so I am hoping for this afternoon!



    @mary SBBTG is Santa Barbara Tax Group that takes out fees if you had any for filing and you used your federal refund to pay them, they take out those fees and then send your dd out.


    Whats the deal




    I jave the same message from sbtpg. Does this mean we have to verify identity? Planning on moving with this refund next week. Arggg



    What is sbbtg



    Did anyone get a deposit in a regular credit union account for DDD of 2/10



    For those who have recieved dd already, did any go through turbo tax and have fees amnd have to go through SBBTG? If so does the website say SBBTG had recieved your refund?



    I’m assuming those of you posting you’ve gotten your deposit didn’t have turbo tax fees taken out of the return…



    I bank with USAA, DD just went through! gl all! :)



    filed& accepted 1/22
    approved w/ DDD on 2/6 for 2/10
    2/9 sometime between 3am&5am my refund was deposited to my Woodforest account!!



    @Lyndsey what bank u use



    filed 1/22
    accepted 1/22
    approved 2/6 with ddd of 2/10
    filed with turbo tax and sbbtg fees.
    no wmr update and havent recieved refund SBBTG.
    Hoping its here by afternoon.



    My refund was in my checking account as of 4:30am est. DDD of 2/10. Good luck, everyone!



    My ddd is the 10th and nothing. I bank with wells fargo. I am in a desperate situation right now and I swear it seems like the IRS knows that and is messing with me lol. I have never waited this long. Filed on 1/14



    I can say one thing is for sure, if its not in there tomorrow morning, I am going to rage so hard on these idiots. I swear to the IRS gods. No point in even calling TT they are all so incompetent. Just pisses me off even more talking to them, they say “hold on a minute let me look that up.” … 5 minutes later “uhh just wait a couple more days.” ARHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG



    I’m assuming that there will be an update when they open at 6am pacific. But not sure. From what I see from the 2/3 these it posted to sbbt the day before. But no clue what timeframe LOL.



    Sicfreak you have to realize there are people sitting at home filling this website with false information and jacking off while they watch comments rage. I honestly don’t believe too many people have recieved much more than troll semen.



    Could be, but then again there’s others with the 2/10 ddd that are going through sbbt that sbbt got their funds. It’s just strange. It’s been a horrible tax year… I’m waiting to file next year.



    So this is why I think we are getting this message on sbtpg. most of us filled on the 19th so our 21 day period would have ended on the 9th. Sbtpg knows when we should receive our refunds. Since the irs scheduled ddd for the 10th this is why we are getting this message because our 21 day period has passed and the irs are paying us a day past our 21 day period. Once sbtpg receives our refund they will update our status to received and it will show the amount we are planning to receive.



    I got the same message sicfreak. This is bull shit.



    Go figure, just checked tpg and this is what I get now

    TPG has not received your federal tax refund.
    Your expected IRS funding date of 2/9/2016 has passed, and the IRS has delayed the processing of your tax return. Check the status of your refund by calling the IRS at 800.829.1040. If we receive your refund, it will be processed according to your original instructions.




    Filed and accepted on 1/29 (used freetaxusa)
    Approved: 2/6
    DDD of 2/10

    Called my bank (Woodforest), around 8:20 last night and
    they said that my refund was there and I would have access to by 8am tomorrow (which will be Tuesday and also a couple hours from now Lol) I’m not gonna rest until I l I actually see it in my account though. Will update in few if it’s there! Woodforest normally deposits a day early, my hubhy’s paycheck is always in there on Thursday,a day before he actually gets paid. We love Woodforest, absolutely no complaints. :)



    Go figure. Looks like I won’t be getting a deposit again today. I looked at 2/3 ddd threads and the majority of them got theirs early. At least sbbt had already had their funds by now. It’s after 2am Central time and nothing. Maybe sbbt will update by 5am



    I am mountain time 1 hr ahead of Pacific. Patiently waiting because never see deposits to my green dot card till 1am aka midnight Pacific. Will see.



    I haven’t received my state or my federal on my green dot money card just called green dot for them to tell me that it might be 2 Weeks until my money will be on my card and my state was sent out to them on the 4th..uggggh Never again! Now my federal is expected to be dd feb 10 I wish there was away to stop this dd from coming through I rather have a check then not to know when these people are going to give me my money.



    @steve are you in Central time zone?

    I checked sbbt and still nothing… Ugh, I really need diapers for my middle child, was hopeful it would show up today since it didn’t yesterday.



    Keep in mind like other’s have said, You won’t receive it until the actual date of the 10th. So just because you haven’t got it yet doesn’t mean its not coming, it is. But some banks don’t actually receive it or post it until the DDD. Do I need mine now just as bad as everyone else? Yes. Possibly even more so. But I already know mine won’t hit the bank until Wednesday and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it other than wait.



    I checked the Santa barber site here taxpayer.sbtpg.com/login.aspx

    Says they got mine so possibly Tuesday aka few hours from now

    Ddd 2-10
    Turbo tax with fees from refund.


    just me


    I used tax act and republic to pay fees as well…..as if right now nothing :(

    You can call 866-581-1040 and it will
    Tell you if republic has received it to take out yours fees. Its all automated…. As if tonight republic has not seen it. So sad




    Still haven’t gotten my deposit yet. And unless ADP charges me I shouldn’t be getting any fees taken out. I did my own taxes.




    Still nothing yet. And I don’t think I need to pay any sort of fees…. what fees are you referring to? I did my own taxes so unless ADP charges me I won’t be incurring any fees.



    Suncoast credit union ddd 2/10 nothing yett ughhhhhhh wth! Anyone know when should i expect it??



    Has anyone received a direct deposit from republic bank (filed with tax act and had fees takin from refund)??? Please let me know… :/



    Ddd of 2/10 2016 no release yet through its. Went through TurboTax had fees take out of Fed tax. Hopefully tomorrow somethin shows up



    DDD 2/10 NO PENDING DEPOSITS…FILED with LIBERTY TAX…REFUND going to my personal BANK ACCOUNT. do anyone know what BANK LIBERTY use to take out TAX PREP FEES???



    I checked the sbbt website and it says mine hasnt been rcvd. I used eztaxreturn and my ddd is 2/10 I used the same bank and service last year and received my refund a day r two early



    I bank with a small bank in my state. From my experience mine has never hit the bank early, always on the DDD . That’s most likely because the bank is so small so nothing comes in early for me. I always hope though!



    I also have a DDD of 2/10 and just got an email from my bank 48 minutes ago saying an electronic deposit of the amount I was expecting from my tax return was just made to my checking account. I bank with Target Credit Union. Heres hoping everyone waiting gets a deposit tonight or tomorrow!



    I have used SBBT for a few years now and this is how it has gone for me the last few years. The day before your ddd your return hits their bank, they take their fees and send it on immediately to your bank. Depending on when your bank credits it is when you get it. My bank USAA will credit it at the morning update so between 12-6am on 2/10 it will be in my bank account available to use. So based on that, tomorrow morning is when SBBT will show they received the return and set it to your bank/card. Hope that helps.



    I checked the sbbt website and it says mine hasnt been rcvd. I used turbo tax and my ddd is 2/10 and I filed my tax on the 1/23/2016. still waiting….. ughhh stressful ! I used card.com…..



    I checked the sbbt website and it says mine hasnt been rcvd. I used turbo tax and my ddd is 2/10 https://taxpayer.sbtpg.com/login.aspx



    I have chime too I used Liberty hoping for tomorrow



    Filed with: H&R Block

    So I have the Chime card. Usually, any direct deposit is received UP to 2 days earlier than expected post date. I contacted support for chime and they said they don’t hold anything. Went the money is sent, it is posted. I always get my deposits the day before DDD. Is it possible, even though I filed through h&r block (which I will never do again) and didnt pay fees up front, to get my money tomorrow? Has anyone else used the chime card this tax season and already received their money?



    I paid my fees while filing. WMR still only shows 2 bars. They asked me three personal questions to verify identity like stuff that shows in credit profile and also to verify deposit amount. I never checked SBBT



    Good evening @ Dinah

    I hope they were honest because I’ve been on the phone with Republic bank 5 times today and they didn’t want to tell me anything. Did they say what time the deposits will post?



    im excited like a kid on christmas eve! i wanna go to bed so i can wake up already



    Does anyone know if Bank of America release funds early…I have a DDD of 2/10 as well



    what happened to the people that said they got deposits with fees taken out ?? now i dont know if i should give up til the morning or keep watching…



    I filed through hr block online . Approved for ddd 2/10… my credit union doesn’t hold deposits… so is it possible I could get in the morning???



    @aimee did have your fees taken out or did you pay up front?



    @kev what do u mean answer questions????



    @Kev Did Netspend show a pending deposit? Did you have fees taken out or paid upfront? Also did you ever check SBBT what was the status if so? Sorry for all the questions!



    @scott did you SBBTPG info update prior to getting your deposit. And are you stating TT fees paid upfront or that you had them deducted from Fed Ret?



    Filed Jan 19 with H&R. Accepted Jan 22. WMR stayed on one bar til this past Saturday 2/6 and I now have a DDD of 2/10 but today 2/8 my credit union acct shows the deposit pending. Will it post tomorrow? I don’t know! But damn that was fast, IRS! Thank you!



    Just a heads up….

    If you have netspend you can call them verify a few ????? And they will release funds for you.. I just did it

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