Cycle 20180404 processing date 2/12/2018

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    Anyone else have the same cycle and processing date with EITC and CTC.
    This is the first year filing with the credits, anyone speculate on DDD?

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    @Diamondprettyladi what do you mean return released 02/17?

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    Accepted: 1/30
    Processed: 2/12
    Return transcript code as of 2/15:20180404
    Record of Account Transcript: Code 846 Return released 2/17
    Refund deposit date: 2/22

    Hope this helps…it’s been real….

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    Good morning and Happy Friday everyone! I have the 846 code for 2/22/18 on my account transcript. It has been a long wait but super happy it is over lol.

    Happy Tax Season!

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    I was accepted on 1/22
    Path a few days later.
    First ordered transcripts came blank. Second came this past week completely filled out.
    Cycle 20180404
    Processing date 2/12/18
    Last year I received my refund on 2/17/17

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    Same here… Cycle 20180404, Processing date of 2/12/18.

    It’s the 14th and no 846 yet.

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    My cycle code is 20180403 and my processing date is 2/12 as well. Im HOPING monday the 12th there will be ddd update…fingers crossed.

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    I have EIC and I’m showing a cycle of 20180404 and a processing date of 02/12/18 on my transcripts. No code 846 yet though. Hoping this means they process my return on 02/12/18 and I get my deposit on 02/16/18.

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    Dee Massachusetts

    I have the same cycle code. with EIC. We shall see.

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    @cantwait I filed on 1/19/18. I filed close to this time last year and received my refund on 2/22/17. Hopefully it will be around the same time this year.

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    I have the same cycle and processing date. Just a waiting game at this point.

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    @spicecd when did you file?

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    I think our DDD will be 2/21/18.

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    Unless you have code “846”, then I think the cycle code is irrelevant since it hasn’t been “approved” yet. This is per the IGMR transcripts FAQ “The most important code that will signify your refund has been approved is “846” (refund release). If your account transcript has the “846” code then you can also use the cycle code to determine your direct deposit date (DDD)”. As of today, I have code “150” with a cycle date of 20180403.

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