Bars gone…'received and processing''

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    Anyone else getting this message?

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    They are saying I need to call some number to verify my identity. Does anyone know that number. I really need it, I need my money asap

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    I called the IRS today because it had been longer than 21 days since i e-filed. The rep told me I had a hold because of a debt to the dept of revenue and my income needed to verified because my employer never reported our wages. Still no bars and no luck.

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    Me too! Return accepted on Feb. 3. I have been stuck in “received and processing” for about 10 days. I can order a transcript–but no refund date provided and it says my return was received March 3, 2014?! The same date is provided under processed.

    When I called, they said my account required further review, but there are no flags. Add a week to the 21 days (Which they claim started on the 5th).

    This is ridiculous. I have never had this happen. We got out state return a week ago….

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    Same message been there for almost 2 weeks iits been 16 days today idk what’s going on but I need my money

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    I filed on 1/29 and TT said I was accepted on 1/30, I have been on the no bars showing only processing for about a week and 3 days now, at first it didn’t have my refund amount, then early this week that popped up. I called the IRS yesterday and spoke with a person who said my return wasn’t actually accepted until the 14th and to only rely on that date. She told me to wait 21 days from that day to call again if it has not gone through by then. So now Im looking at approximately waiting until march 7 for my return. So anyone else stuck there is hope, I think they are just really behind and aren’t admitting it.

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    I filed on 1/31 and have had this status for over 2 weeks now!!! Everyone else I know that has filed received their returns within 10 days! ;(

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    i got a worse problem never had bars wmr says

    come back after 24 hours of being accepted filed on the 4th of feb and accepted on the 4th its now the 19th heard thers supposed to be an update like wth someone help me out

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    Same thing over here. I wish we could receive an answer on what this means fast

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    Does this mean I’m in review? I woke up to no info in wmr but able to order account transcript and return.I called and the automated system said “still in processing, date will be given when available”

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    i got this message since 2/16. i still can’t order my return transcript. when i got my account transcript it was totally blank. so i ordered another one after i saw my wmr status w/no bar. so now i’m still waiting on my 2nd acct transcript since i can’t order my return transcript.

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    Had that happen a couple of days ago… And was able to order a Transcript at that time as well. It hasn’t changed since, but I have heard some saying they received a DD very shortly after.

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    In the same boat…

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    It’s happening to almost everyone. It’s been almost 21 days since they started processing. It makes no sense to have the 21 day message when its been over 21 days

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    same thing here just happened…

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