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    Hi all!

    I know I know, I just filed I do not expect my refund until the week of 2/21. This is just a topic for us hey it may even come early!

    Filed: 2/1/16
    Accepted: 2/1/16
    The waiting game begins!

    What about you all?!?! My fellow 2/1ers? :)

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    Wow that’s crazy that you filed Monday and are getting your return Friday!!

    Still on one bar but wmr is down….hopefully when it comes back up I’ll have an update!



    Filed on 2/1 accepted on 2/1 my DDD is 2/8

    Oddly though my brother filed on 1/29 and has the same DDD of 2/8

    Even more odd is my other friend filed on 1/28 and still has no DDD

    all info is the same on all 3 from last year, no changes in anything but the 1/28 filer has no DDD… strange



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1 (like within minutes)

    Used TT , hoping for 2 bars soon



    I hope all us 2/1s are as lucky lol. Congrats and enjoy your money!!!



    I filed and was accepted 2/1. Wmr only has one bar. About 3 o clock this afternoon got a netspend email… my money is there!!! Haven’t even gotten my card yet! I’ve always had my refund within a week or so but 2 days?!?! And just in time before the irs system crashed! So 2/1 filers and accepted with netspend watch out it could be coming



    gf filed 1/29 got a ddd this morning for 2-5 i filed 2-1 accepted right after both used TA and we’re in PA.



    @welder uhhhhhhh im good lol

    @Ash Congrats! I hope we get it soon.



    Finally! For a minute I thought there was no one on here but the early filers. They have lots of useful information and ways to track things down. But it will be great to wait with people on the same timing. So here’s hoping for a quick wait and money for us all.
    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    WMR- one bar topic 152
    state-CO- not yet received

    Here we go!



    a bed let’s break it in…lmao



    Well I’m not expecting to have a DDD already. Just hopefully by next week or the following week would be great.



    Yeah gl. I filed 5 days before most you and still dont have DDD yet




    Same here! Filed and accepted on 2/1. Not approved yet on WMR with Tax Topic 152(which is just because I’m doing direct deposit). I hope things go smoothly because I am 31 weeks pregnant with twins and we would really like to get the last items we need for the nursery before they arrive which will be early to mid March. Best of luck to everyone! ?



    What are your plans for the $$$ mine are to reinstate my license (lol) literally driving illegally smh, but I have to work right?!?!

    Pay some bills (and get caught up).

    Down payment on a new apartment- and stuff for said place.

    A bed!

    I just really want to be really good about what I spend it on.



    Brittany- sorry you’re getting audited!

    j9small sorry about your offset!



    Hi All!!!


    My state return is now showing as received!

    My Federal is still on one bar, tax topic 152.



    Hello 2/1 filers! I also filed and accepted on 2/1! The countdown begins!



    Filed and accepted on 2/1/16.

    GUESSING the DDD will be on/about 2/11/16.

    HOPING for something better though.



    I’m being audited for year 2014 not this year. Was told the audited wouldn’t affect 2015 return! We shall see



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1

    I’m waiting patiently this year or trying lol. Although who couldn’t use the money right!! This year will be interesting for me as I’m currently being audited due to my ex claiming my child. So I am on pins & needles! We shall see!! I have one bar on wmr. Keep us posted!!



    Hi all federal still the same (accepted tt), (received irs) but last night (or this morning) I got an email stating my state return was accepted. I live in Ohio, but when I checked their site they said they hadn’t received my return. I know the state one runs slower though so I’m not worried.

    Filed: 2/1
    Accepted: 2/2, Tax topic 152
    Accepted (state): 2/3



    I have tax topic 152 on wmr. Never had that before, wonder why its there now



    Filed 2/1 accepted same day. Wmr has me updated as return recieved. The waiting game begins



    I started filing late yesterday evening, Monday Feb-1, but didn’t get it done until shortly after midnight. Here’s the update I received today:

    Your federal tax return is complete. It was e-filed on 02/02/2016 at 12:13 AM and accepted by IRS on 02/02/2016 at 9:55 AM.

    I was able to see it WMR as well, with the Topic 152 note.



    Same. I am expecting an offset so will see if that delays me.



    Same here! Last Year i applied on the 31st and got my money on the 20th of Feb. As long as it comes by my birthday :) 23rd Feb!



    Same as you, Filed 2/1 and accepted on 2/1 :)



    Hey!! I’ve been had my taxes finished I was just waiting till today to submit it. I didn’t want to be all caught up in the crazy like last year lol. So here’s to a 21 day wait!!


    Same here

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