1/25 accepted-anyone with a ddd?

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    Filed 1/24 w TT, accepted 1/25. No eic/Actc. Has anyone else that got accepted 1/25 show ddd?

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    Transcript says 846 issued on 2/22/18

    Cycle code is 2080704

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    Hi All,

    Just check everyone taxes that I have done this year and there has been an update showing there amounts and back to processing. I would say that some may see surprise deposits between today and Tuesday, as last year I had my refund before WMR updated my DDD…..

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    I just spoke with the irs filed on 01/25 with TT and this jerk told me that the actual day any started processing was the 29th and that TT and all these other firms are lying to the taxpayers…can you believe that????? I’m calling my local rep to ask them sounds like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning ugh lol

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    @Aksha no problem you’re welcome & I hope so .

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    Thank your for your responses. I am still sitting on the PATH as well. Hoping that we get updates between tonight or Saturday.

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    I still have no bars with the processing message.
    This is the first year this has ever happened to me.

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    @Aksha no I’m still at the your return is being processed. I have yet to see the Path message ugh! I hope to see a update soon my bars are still missing.

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    Has anyone received their refund this morning, asking because I had a coworker that has net spend to say she got her refund this morning however the WMR is still showing the PATH message? This happened to me last year I received my funds and the message didn’t update until the next week.

    She stated that she had both EIC/ACTC

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    Ok, lets keep our fingers crossed that we get a DDD by tomorrow or Saturday.

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    @Aksha sorry didn’t mean to @ the other persons name still trying to figure this responding thing out

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    @Aksha someone said our 21 days doesn’t start til the 15th…I don’t understand when everyone else filed and has received their returns how is that ? Some claimed one or the other credit so I don’t believe that’s true at all. I’m going to wait a day or so and see if I get any update I’ll definitely keep u posted and please do the same

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    Accepted 1/25 as well, filed with both credits.. Still showing PATH message. I think we will not update until tomorrow or Sat with next week DDD’s.. Last year I received my refund on the 17th before WMR updated and I think that will happen again. If you call the IRS, please let us know what they say as today is the 15th and there should be some updates for some folks.

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    Hi Everyone I’m a newbie here I filed 1/25 accepted same day. Lost bars and amount for a week or so but yesterday morning I checked my amount came back and I still had tt152 my 21 days will be 2/15 Does anyone know when I will see a update ? Filed actc and eic any advice would be greatly appreciated should I give irs a call ?? Seeing the your return is still being processed notice. I ordered my transcripts haven’t received them in mail yet. How can I get someone to fax them from the Irs using FaxBurner ?

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    Amounts stills showing. No bars but this message this morning:

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

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    Need my money

    Nope Nothing😩😩😩

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    Has anyone WMR updated this morning?

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    hRBlock. Accepted on the 25th. Still at one bar.

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    did you have both credits Eic/Actc

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    Filed 1/24/18
    WMR update this morning to DDD 2/14/18

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    I woke up to this right now. Can anyone tell me if i’ll be getting updated soon or if i won’t be getting any refund this year.

    Refund Status Results
    Print your Refund Results for your records. Take the survey.

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.

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    Has anyone WMR updated this morning?

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    Hopefully we see updates between tomorrow and next week…DDD’s!!!!! :)

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    Hi All,

    Has anyone here with credits gotten a DDD ??????

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    Hi all,

    Path message showed up this morning.. however I am not able to view my transcripts online.. has anyone that was updated to PATH this morning with both credits has been able to view their transcripts today showing an actual DDD?

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    I just dont understand why it is taking so long to be approved. filed 1/25 accepted 1/25 still at 1 bar on WMR…

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    To check transcripts, go to IRS website, IRS.gov and type “transcripts” in the search bar. You will have to register which requires identity validation with the last 8 digits of a credit card or account number from mortgage/home loan/line of credit etc. Once you register and login look for 2017, the transcript you want is either the “Record of Account” or “Account Transcript”
    Scroll down and look for “code explanation of transaction”. The code # 846 indicates that your refund has been approved, gives the amount and the estimated direct deposit date. There may also be other codes which you can google the meaning. But you are looking for ” “846 refund issued” code.

    Hope this helps.

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    accepted 1/25 still one bar as of now. how do i check my transcript?

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    TurboTax, Fees Deducted from refund
    Filed 1/24
    Accepted 1/25
    Transcripts available online 2/1 @ 4:45 am CST
    IRS WMR 2 bars with DDD of 2/5
    SBTPG expected amount visible 2/1
    SBTPG Funds received amount/amount paid 2/2 approx 11:35 am CST
    SBTPG states “please allow 1/2 business days for this deposit to reach your account”
    Have Netspend account, no deposit yet as of 11:44 am CST

    Fingers crossed, that they will send and NetSpend will post today. I don’t want to wait till Monday!

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    I filed 1/25 and still one bar how do you get transcripts does it show Ddd

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    filed and accepted 1/25 WMR still at 1 bar but my transcript was available this AM with code 846 and refund issue date 2/7

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    Jessica Farrell

    Filed & Accepted on the 24th (originally thought the 25th), still at 1 bar. I checked transcripts this morning and Return was N/A but Account Transcipt was available but it was 0.00 and said no taxes filed? Not sure what that even means.. I’ve never gone this long without an update, it’s weird.

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    Filed on 1/25, accepted on 1/25, filed with schedule C and Business use of home thru Taxact, transcript now available to view on lin, shows DDD of 2/7 so my WMR should update over night tonight and I am a weekly.

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    accepted on 1/25 10:47am PST still at 1 bar

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    I have the EIC and received my funds on 01/30 at 6:30 p.m. PST.

    I used TT (fees were paid up front)
    Filed 01/18/2018
    Accepted by IRS 01/18/2018
    Approved on 01/22/2018 and given a DDD of 01/31

    FUNDS DROPPED 01/30!

    I double and triple checked to ensure I still qualified for EIC and I sure did! Last year, I didn’t get my return until 02/22.

    Nothing changed other than my wage and paying for the fees up front from last year.

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    Sorry for my late reply, I am at work and got busy.
    From what I understand you need to look at your last years transcript, and look at your cycle code. If it ends in a 05, you are weekly, which means WMR ONLY updates for you once a week on Friday nights/into Saturday morning. If the number you have ends in 01-04, then you are a daily, which means WMR updates any day and any time. There are really good videos out there that explain cycle codes and how they work.

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    Filed 24th accepted 25th been on 1 bar ever since, no updates for me😕 ive seen people who filed the 29th getting ddd for 2/5. I think im just stuck😕 H&R Block no credits

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    Not sure if I’m weekly or daily… however, I do have EIC and ACTC. I hope it updates soon, still at 1 bar. I ordered my transcripts last Thursday, but it hasn’t arrived in the mail as of yet. How do we find out if we are weekly or daily? Can we call the IRS and ask? LOL

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    Just a regular return. Are you a weekly or daily filer? If you are weekly you could update Friday night into Saturday.

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    Did you have EIC, CTC or ACTC or just a regular return?

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    Filed and accepted 1/25, was able to order my transcripts Tuesday night. DDD this morning of 2/5.

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    Did you have EIC, CTC or ACTC or just a regular return?

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    Accepted 1/25 2pm. Just checked irs status and shows ddd of 2/5.

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    Nope and still can’t view transcripts online.
    Not sure what happened. But seeing people accepted on 1/26 with DDD supposedly.

    I’m going to call today. Regardless of the 21 day thing. See if I can get through to someone.

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    Filed and accepted 1/25. Still sitting on one bar. Maybe our date is bad luck this year…

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    Hi All,

    Has anyone had any movement as far as an extra bar or a DDD?

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    DDD for today, 31st, so far its not showing in my account.

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    Did you just get a DDD or was that updated last night?

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    I got a DDD of 1/31 but nothing s

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    Filed 01/24 with TaxAct
    Accepted 01/25… still 1 bar.

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    alister crowley

    I filed on the 23rd, wasn’t accepted until the 25th but it wasn’t by 11am which i think was the cut off for the 31st ddd. But from what I’ve read tonight we should all get the approval and DDD of the 2nd tomorrow morning, lets keep our fingers crossed.

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