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What is the first day to file taxes in 2016?

The first day to file taxes is the first week of January 2016 in most cases. The IRS will begin processing and accepting returns on January 18, 2016.  This is the anticipated start date; however, many tax preparation companies have announced dates for 2016.  This IRS e-file open date is TBD, pending legislation on tax extenders.  Below are the dates for TurboTax, H&R Block, TaxAct and other big box tax preparation services.

First Day to File Taxes

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  • TurboTax Product Launch – 12/01
  • Start of Tax Season – 1/04
  • IRS e-file Open TBD – 1/20* tentative
  • Pre Peak I – 1/21-1/28*  
  • Tax Peak I – 1/29-1/31*          
  • Pre-Peak II – 4/05-4/12                
  • Tax Peak II – 4/13-4/18       
  • Tax Day – 4/18/16

*Tentative IRS e-file to be determined

H&R Block – TBD

TaxAct – TBD

Find out first at to get quick updates as the 2015 comes to a close.

Thinking about the first day to file taxes in 2016, even before the end of 2015, is common for many taxpayers.  Many people look forward to large tax refunds in 2016 and as the summer winds down, the thoughts of holidays start.  Wondering how they will get through the holidays on a strapped budget, easily leads to early filers beginning to ask “what is the first day I can file my tax return in 2016?”.  This might sound crazy to some people that don’t live paycheck to paycheck; but, a large tax refund is a much needed boost to income in the beginning of each year for many people.  And soon enough, big box tax preparers such as H&R Block or TurboTax will start sending emails to prior year customers with updated filing information along with their user ids in hopes they will file with them again.

We will watch and post updates when the IRS announces the opening of tax season, 2016 refund schedules, potential refund delay issues and other key dates.

Our IGMR prediction is that we will, as usual, be able to enter tax information into e-file provider systems online as early as the 1st week of January 2016 and soon thereafter even hit “submit”.  But remember, this just transmits your return to the IRS even if they haven’t begun to accept tax returns in 2016.  Doing this simply puts your return into a queue and it will not be processed until the IRS begins “accepting” tax return in 2016.