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  1. Tubby T

    @not sure what is going on…: hold ya head ima pray for u it’s coming@Nicolelm: what new site are u talking about

  2. ri ch

    got rejected, wife claimed kids was not allowed, I sent all proof, called irs an they said I may have to send my proof again, why ? This should have been an easy audit, proving I had the rights not dead beat mom.


    Hi everyone! Well I received my 4464c letter in the mail today. I called the IRS and this guy told me that I am under review and I would be receiving a cpo5a letter soon. My transcripts still have the 3/10 date on them and wmr is still showing my refund amount. Is this something that I should be worried about? Any insight would help pls and thanks

  4. sward

    @ConcernedNY: I have my refund amount showing on the side of WMR now, but two weeks ago it disappeared for a few days. Do you think this means i was being reviewed but am now processing again?

  5. green.erica

    @ConcernedNY: I’m sure it’s not!

    New question. My transcript has 1-date other than 4/15, that’s 3/10. Both 3/10 at the top interest and penalties. My friends has 1-line now and has updated to 3/17. Her 150 and 570 have remained 3/10. She’s weekly. What do you make of that? I’d ask on a coffee break but I’m having enough issues updating here.

  6. ConcernedNY

    @IamStillBroke: I am mainly referring to Wage & Tax Credit examinations or audits. Identity Theft is handled by by IVO (usually is considered criminal). The reps/agents aren’t even supposed to inform you if you are undergoing an Identity Theft review.

  7. IamStillBroke


    I wish I could feel that as ease about it but I have not received any letter whatsoever and TT had me a deposit date of 02/21/2014 which is long past now.

  8. ConcernedNY

    @Anonymous: You confused me with agencies because the IRS is an agency; a bureau of the Department of the Treasury. Also, until you receive a letter actually telling you that they are investigating a possible ID theft case, I wouldn’t necessarily believe it.

  9. IamStillBroke


    What type of review are you referring too and how are they different?

  10. IamStillBroke

    I have spoken with three different departments. Maybe agencies was the wrong term. I have spoken with the refund people, the accounts department and the Theft and Fraud department. All three tell me the same thing.

  11. Anonymous


    I have spoken with three different departments. Maybe agencies was the wrong term. I have spoken with the refund people, the accounts department and the Theft and Fraud department. All three tell me the same thing.

  12. ConcernedNY

    @IamStillBroke: ID Theft Review is not what I am referring to, that is handled way different than any other review that the IRS conducts. Also, what do you mean “three different agencies”?

  13. IamStillBroke


    My refund amount has always shown on the side bar of the WMR page. I have been told by three different agencies of the IRS that I am under ID Theft Review and will take an additional 6 to 8 weeks to process.

  14. beautifulNOREFUNDyet

    just logged in to get my account transcript and now my 2013 return transcript says 2013* .. why?! just earlier I was able to view it.

  15. IamStill Broke

    This tax refund fiasco, and generally the way the IRS is ran, is a prime example of why we should have small government with the least amount of anything ran, or touched, by government hands. This is why it is important to be informed and make good decisions when you vote and should be a prime reason why you should vote if you don’t usually vote. The government can’t wipe it’s own ass without screwing it up.

  16. Bacall118

    @ConcernedNY: Thanks for the info on the refund amount showing on WMR. All of my info still shows I just lost the pizza tracker bars and I have the generic message. At least your info sounds like good news. I needed some good news! :)

  17. ConcernedNY

    @AshleyJoy: After contacting the IRS today, I was advised that if the refund amount shows on the side of WMR you are not actually being reviewed.

  18. Carrie

    Havent been on in awhile but I thought I would tell you all the local news here in West Michigan did do a report last night about the increasing amount of identity thefts dealing with the IRS

  19. Bacall118

    @ConcernedNY: Sorry. Didn’t realize I wasn’t signed in. I have 3/10/14 next to both interest and penalty as well as that date next to me 570.

  20. first time

    if this is my first time and I did ********* 2 days ago how long does it take to get a respond it still says no return on transcript and wmr says refund is bring processed with no bars sine feb 4 please help

  21. allii

    AlexyssM on about 3 different forums, people have been saying they got this email. …you are not alone. But make some calls to customer service. ….im sure they will quite busy with assistance tomorrow with that topic.

  22. AshleyJoy

    Good evening all,

    I have been following this site for about a month now and let me first say you guys and gals are freakin AWESOME you have been my saving grace this tax season I have never experienced a delay. But my story is basically the same as everyone else’s. Filed ealy, lost bars, 570 code, and yesterday I recvd the 4464-c letter. I do have a qestion, I saw that there was a mention earlier of your refund amount showing on WMR. What’s the deal with that???

  23. jemar707

    they are still working on making changes to server… we will continue to see odd crap around here until then.

    again, ill take the tomatoes.

  24. NIA

    :-( STILL NOTHING! 43 Days and counting….. has some 1121’ers hav had better better luck than ME…. How’s everyone?

  25. AlexyssM

    Ok can someone please tell me why Im still waiting for my refund to be processed and have yet to hear from the IRS besides that Im being reviewed and at about 7pm today I received an email from Turbo Tax that says:

    When you filed your 2013 tax return, you chose to use the Refund Processing Service. This service allowed you to pay for the TurboTax services (listed below) by deducting these fees from your expected federal tax refund, instead of using a credit card.
    However, our records indicate that your refund, after adjustment, was insufficient to pay the amount of these fees. Although we have no way of knowing, the IRS may have adjusted your refund to satisfy existing debts including child support, back taxes, student loans and state taxes, among other reasons. Because you were not able to take advantage of the Refund Processing Service, you will not be charged the Refund Processing Service fee. Your remaining fees for TurboTax services sum to a balance of $xx.xx due to Intuit by 3/28/2014.
    So how the heck can they say that when I still havent received my refund and it was supposed to be a substancial amount so do they know something I dont or is this standard procedure when you have been waiting as long as I have?

  26. mspooh1

    I just want a savings this year for me and my children so we can take a few road trips wow is that too much to ask for , my kids havent been happy since their father passed 3 years ago, i told them this summer they could go where ever they like , DAMN U UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT

  27. not sure what is going on...

    Accepted 2/2. No codes…2013* still. Wmr no bars since 2/27 still shows refund and tt152. Received 4464c dated 2/25. Not sure if I should call or wait or what? Have read
    many posts with different results. BTW the 4464c was addressed to TAXPAYER. Gonna be evicted at end of month if money doesn’t hit for sure. Under a standing eviction notice. Not sure if I should call advocate. Just don’t know what to do. Off work from accident and losingmy mind. Advice?

  28. renae still waiting

    ok so I spoke with the person who prepared my taxes my 21 days is over when I check wmr it says iam still processing she informed me that iam being put thru an identity system and it might take up to 60days for them to verify they don’t need any paperwork or anything does any have a clue about whats going on

  29. mspooh1

    Hell im starting to think i may never see this refund smh its alllllll some b.s. i just watched 7 friends file after me and hell their refunds are already spent , blew money fast and im looking at them mad as HELL

  30. mommy2be

    Finally broke down and called IRS today and they are telling me the 6-8 weeks crap about identity theft. Smh I filed 1/31 and I still have to wait…. ughhh

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